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  1. Came here to give the referee a 1. Leaving disappointed.
  2. WiFoxes

    Football Manager 2018

    Not sure I'd let him near the U18s, personally.
  3. WiFoxes

    Football Manager 2018

    For those who are avid FM players, at this point am I better off waiting until November 2 to get FM19? Or worth it to pick up FM18 now?
  4. WiFoxes

    USA Foxes

    Too bad this one wasn't shown on the broadcast. We got one supporter in front of the flag sandwiched between shots of two full bars of Man U fans. Oh well, we're just little old Leicester.
  5. WiFoxes

    USA Foxes

    Co-sign. The stream was completely out for the Everton game last season for almost half the game. I emailed customer support and the response I got was (paraphrasing): "We're working on it. After it's done you can watch the replay anytime!" Gee, thanks.
  6. WiFoxes

    How did we do?

  7. WiFoxes

    What ever happened to..

    Anderson Perry
  8. WiFoxes

    If we lose Mahrez in Jan...

    Not anymore. Damn you.