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  1. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    If Shakespeare plays 442 against Liverpool on Saturday we'll get hammered. The 2 central midfield players are being asked to do to much. King/iborra and Ndidi will struggle. At half time against Liverpool in the cup I felt frustrated at shakeys inept tactics, i called it early last year for Ranieri's sacking(November), I'm not quite there with shakey but for me time is running out because he stubbornly sticks with 442 when quite clearly needs an extra man in midfield.
  2. Wilfred Ndidi

    Time to drop Wilf gives the ball away far to easily and can't get the team going forward with an interception then defence splitting pass, overrated on here, no where near as good as Kante.
  3. The Udders v City score prediction

    2-1 Huddersfield. 442 Subs at half time. Iborra, Huth bench. Dragovic not even on the bench. Mahrez plays but does'nt make anything happen.

    You've got got kiddo, mum always said I was a lovely looking baby.

    Everyone else's fault comment, I suppose FIFA's fault about Silva!

    I get what your trying to say there's a lot of people on hear that can't see further than their nose. Last season I called for Ranieri out in November I could something was wrong but I got lambasted for my view points. I don't expect many changes to the side at Huddersfield but I'm hoping against Liverpool in the cup shakey fields a strong side with nacho up front with Vardy, Gray and Iborra in and probably 343/532 formation.
  7. Why do we sign new players?

    Time will tell. A perfectly reasonable question given the managements track record on signings.
  8. Why do we sign new players?

    Will Iheanacho, Iborra, Silva and Dragovic get proper game time?
  9. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    Prediction 442 Same team as against Chelsea. Nacho on the bench. Dragovic not even on the bench. Gray on the bench. Subs at half time. Will lose 2-0 Zero creativity Silva debacle not sorted. Huth and Iborra not quite ready.
  10. Chelsea post match 1-2

    Exactly! Botched transfers! Bought or on loan players on the bench! Same old. Same old naff subs at half time almost admitting you got tactics and formation wrong before kick off.
  11. Chelsea Home Match Thread

  12. Chelsea Home Match Thread

    What do you suggest you tawttaste
  13. Chelsea Home Match Thread

    We are at fault we had 3 months to sign him! Waited for the DD money to come in, owners a billionaire? Don't make me laugh fcuk up big time with Silva deal.
  14. Chelsea Home Match Thread

    Absolutely fed up with half time changes almost admitting that shaky got the the original line up wrong! Vardy will definitely be off in the Jan transfer window. BOUGHT NACHO ANOTHER ONE TO SIT ON THE BENCH ALL SEASON! JAMES AND NDIDI NOT GOOD ENOUGH AGAINST TOP 8 TEAMS!