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  1. I don’t have a problem with him either. I hope he fulfils his potential with us but the media hype and England cap seems to have clouded peoples minds who don’t see him weekly. He’s a good player no doubt but he’s not at the level some people see him at.
  2. Loads of people I know think Gray is a lot better than he is. Maddison too, clearly has potential and talent but vastly over rated by people. Noticed it more as I’ve watched the last few TV games in the pub.
  3. He doesn’t need to come out and explain why he dropped Vardy (for example). Unless you want to hear a pack of lies. Assuming they don’t see eye to eye, Puel’s showing them who’s boss. I’m fairly impartial to the Puel in/our debate at the moment, but he’s obviously not willing to fall on the same sword as previous managers. We may not be winning games we should be, missing chances and not have the most experienced squad, but were talented. Look at the players who’s value has skyrocketed since he’s been in charge... Maguire, Chilwell, Barnes, Maddison, Ricardo. Even Benkovic who hasn’t played for us yet but signed under his tenure. The club is in a very healthy position due to this. E He’s managed to ship out some deadwood with more to leave in the summer. Once he gets a couple more players with the experience and quality we need coupled with the youngsters gaining experience, we’ll be a very good side. We’re relatively safe, albeit below where many of our fans think we should be. The future is bright and the plan is long term.
  4. Leeds Fox


    We have a few outgoings that will free plenty of wages up. Most won’t require big money replacements as the outgoing players are already on the fringes. Maguire could also be on his way out with Benkovic and Söyüncü already here as replacements, giving us a bigger transfer kitty.
  5. Leeds Fox

    Maguire future

    Those seem like fair enough things to say though. He doesn’t put all his eggs in one basket and doesn’t show us (IMO) any disrespect. It has to be tricky being put on the spot week after week by journalists who are looking for that one slip up.
  6. Do you understand the phrase ‘under the radar’?
  7. Leeds Fox

    Kasper article

    Reads like a GCSE coursework assignment.
  8. Leeds Fox

    So how do we solve a problem like the first 10 minutes?

    I think they struggle to actually play a passing game until they’re in full flow. It looks like they’re forcing it in the first 20 mins but after that it flows pretty nicely.
  9. It’s realistically about the same achievement as us staying up in the Great Escape season.
  10. Leeds Fox

    The run in

    We were unlucky not to take anything from the Man Utd game. With Evans looking like a permanent fixture in the starting 11 and the creativity of Tielemens (hopefully), we’ll be harder to beat and should be better going forward. Conceding early is a massive issue that needs addressing. We made it easy for Man Utd but it was a piece of brilliance from Rashford that beat us. Barring that we looked solid. Same for the Liverpool game. Let’s not worry about relegation just yet.
  11. Leeds Fox

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    I’m in no way ‘Puel Out’ but having no forwards on the bench deserves a slating. I wasn’t actually disagreeing with you I was just making the point that nothing would surprise me with him.
  12. Leeds Fox

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    I’m sure Puel has named stranger benches. Didn’t he have a bench with no strikers on the other week?
  13. Leeds Fox

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    Trying not to be too negative and I can see why he’s left him out. But the loan is short term, if he’s going to need bedding in, it seems a bit pointless.
  14. Leeds Fox

    Liverpool 1-1 Leicester - Post Match Thread

    I thought Mendy was tidy tonight on the whole. Composed on the ball, won his fair share. Opposed to Ndidi (who I do like), who consistently gave away possession.