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  1. Leeds Fox

    A new way of operating.

    I understand that Nacho, but if he’s had a meetings with the owners and put it to them that business needs to be done early to help us move in the right direction next season it could have had an affect on how others are being instructed to operate in their respective areas. Maybe the recruitment personnel have finally seen the error of their ways... but after this long it seems unlikely.
  2. Leeds Fox

    A new way of operating.

    So far it seems clear that we’ve approached this transfer window in a much better manner than we have in recent years. We seem to have identified areas we needed to strengthen, picked our targets and put in some serious groundwork to enable us to get the deals done early. For all of the bad press Puel has had on here for his performances, it certainly looks like he’s the driving force behind this. It could be because he knows he’s on a tight-rope as the new seasons begins or it could be that he’s seen us make a hash of it previously and isn’t willing to be a victim of other people’s incompetence. Either way, we’ve done excellent so far, bringing in who we want without being hijacked or had players second guess us as a club. It also leads me to think that we’re selling them a project (wages obviously play a big part but we won’t be the only team interested in our targets). There’ll be no hiding places for Puel next season, I think he’s building something special here... cue a sacking before Christmas.
  3. Leeds Fox

    James Maddison

    The way he picks up the ball in midfield, gets a yard of space and then breaks forward is really refreshing. I haven’t seen a player play in that way for Leicester for a long time and it’ll be brilliant to have a positive midfielder who can break the lines and create something through the middle. Looks to have some vision and can pick a pass too, which should compliment Vardy fantastically. Great window so far!
  4. Leeds Fox

    James Maddison

  5. Leeds Fox

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Everyone I was with screamed for a throw in our way seconds before we won that corner. We got a win we probably deserved, the positives to take from this one is that we can learn a lot and still took 3 points. Maguire was poor but he thrives taking it out from the centre not the left. Looked awkward and I don’t blame him for that. I watched the match with fans of every club... tried to explain how good Maguire is but he made me look a bit silly. 3 points that we might not have had in the bag. Loftus-Cheek, he did his own job and provided more attacking intent that Alli, Sterling and Lingard combined all in 10mins. Has to start the next game ahead of Hendo or Dier. Vardy on after 70mins would have done the trick too... they wouldn’t have handled the pace and Henderson has already restored to going long. I told a Spurs fan Kane is overrated, he asked why... I couldn’t answer the question. Not a skipper but he did his job. Well done Harry Kane. Edit: I am steaming!
  6. Leeds Fox

    Aleksandar Dragovic

    To be fair I don’t think he was saying they were the best combination, rather style of play.
  7. Leeds Fox

    Tunisia vs England - Monday 18th June 19:00

    Assuming Lingard is going to be playing narrow with Alli. That leaves us very light in the middle. Hopefully Tunisia don’t threaten too much because agaisnt a half decent team we’d be crucified with that line up.
  8. Leeds Fox

    Betting Thread

    Saudi Arabia at 17/2 is huge. 18/1 for Saudi -1. It could go either way but the odds are worth a gamble.
  9. Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea last 3 games. That’s a tough end to the season!
  10. Leeds Fox

    Thorgan Hazard

    Usually about a day after you open the packet. Unless you seal them with a peg... but what cheapskate does that?!
  11. Leeds Fox

    Betting Thread

    They both won didn’t they? Win anything decent?
  12. Leeds Fox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    How do you know that SP? Informed or educated guess?
  13. Leeds Fox

    Tunisia vs England - Monday 18th June 19:00

    In hindsight that’s a fair point. In the moment, had Maradona not handled it, Stilton was getting that ball. How was he to know that he was going to add a foot onto his height in a split second. Had Shilton taken his head off, the game might have had a different outcome, but a keeper can’t play the situation in that way. If he’d fouled him it would’ve looked unnecessary, given away a penalty and England could’ve been a man down and a goal down. Sure he could’ve taken everything fairly but after Hodge’s miskick the situation was over in a split second. Shilton had every right to go for the ball how he did. Anyway back on topic... I hope Alli can provide a bit of creative spark in midfield and link up with Kane like he had has done for Spurs. All in all I think it’ll be a drab affair with us trying (and struggling) to outplay even the poorer sides. Ultimately ending up with us using the flanks and feeding Kanes huge ugly head. It’ll win us the easier group games but the better teams won’t struggle with it.
  14. Leeds Fox

    Silly New Rules

    8. No more ridiculously pointless threads on FT.
  15. Leeds Fox

    How many on here aren't ITKs?

    I agree, the amount of hours I’ve spent in the transfer section looking for a genuine update on a target only to find pages and pages of absolute s****. No doubt some on here get a bit of info but until it’s signed even they players themselves don’t really know what’s going to happen.