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  1. I sometimes wonder whether Silva could fit into our team and be at the level we need, mostly looking at the level he’s proven himself at before. Then you look at us when we’re really playing well and it’s clear he’s nowhere near the level of our other options.
  2. Should’ve made that into two posts and you’d have got double the laughing reactions.
  3. Strong enough to produce sh!t from the mouth (or fingers in this case)
  4. There’s more to a game plan that using a single tactic. We knew we had to contain them in the opening stages and be resolute. We weren’t going to stick with that had we gone past the 30mins at 0-0. Man City went out to try and put us to bed early and we held them fairly comfortably. Once we settled in the game and weathered the early storm, we opened up and played football. Had we gone out from the off like that it could’ve been game over by half time. Plans evolve as games go by but I don’t think ours needed to today because we were in a position that we were still in the game and i
  5. Good post. Agreed he isn’t anywhere near Ricardo and Castange also looks a lot better than him. I think this is another ‘Mendy’ situation. We’re blessed with a couple of really top drawer full backs which makes anyone who isn’t quite as good look very average. Justin is good, I doubt he’ll ever be as good as Ricardo but not many players will. If he was at Newcastle or someone similar people would likely be saying we should be looking at him in January/Summer.
  6. Had the first half on the radio as I was driving. One of the commentators (can’t remember her name) said Barnes needs to convert his chances as you don’t get 4 or 5 a game in the PL. Which is generally a fair comment. The scary thing is, Barnes often gets a fair few chances per game. If he can find some confidence/composure/finishing-form/luck (whichever it may be), he could score a hat full over a season.
  7. I’m not going to try and explain that away. I’ve no idea what he thinks. I haven’t seen his character assassination of those other players so I can’t comment anyway. I could see the possible difference in perception between Ozil and Pogba. That was meant to be my point rather than defending Souness.
  8. Maybe it’s just that Sousness is ‘old-school’ and doesn’t like how Pogba is on social media etc. That’s a big difference between Ozil and Pogba. Might not be the case but it might be why he doesn’t like/respect him.
  9. I don’t think Rodgers will have much to do with what’s going on. He’ll have likely approved our transfer targets and it’ll be the recruitment team sorting it out from there. Playing clubs off against each other to force one of them to play their hand and sell.
  10. Agree. We’ve been blessed to have Kante and N’Didi in recent years. If we hadn’t had those two, I think a lot of Leicester fans would hold Mendy in higher regard. Personally I think he’s good. He’s had limited opportunities of a run in the side but he’s above average in most respects but looks a lesser player when you compare him to what we have to compare him to.
  11. Maybe in their 86th year on career mode when trying to emulate Roy Hodgson.
  12. I don’t even play FIFA but they should introduce the eagle celebration.
  13. I remember paying for Tinder Gold (purely to help me avoid people I didn’t want seeing me on there). I think it was about £7/month. Someone mentioned that the price went to about £25 over lockdown. That’s mental!
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