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  1. Who should we sign (asset strip) from relegated clubs

    I’m sure any that we’d take won’t be short of offers.
  2. Champions League 2017/18

    I really don’t want Liverpool to win it because some of their fans are unbearable and I work with quite a few. I think they might just do it though.
  3. I don’t get when people say ‘our game in hand is against whoever’. We just have to play the teams we haven’t played and we just have a game in hand, rather than it being against anyone in particular.
  4. Championship 2017/18

    And don’t we know it!
  5. Championship 2017/18

    Cheers, had a look at the table but not at the fixtures. Quite funny really after years of surviving in the PL showing no real ambition.
  6. Championship 2017/18

    So are Sunderland relegated officially or all but relegated?
  7. I thought you meant overall.
  8. Is that taking Mahrez penalties out of the equation too?
  9. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Brendan Rodgers maybe? Could be a long term appointment.
  10. Southampton pre match

    So it wasn’t Cambiasso who masterminded the great escape after all!
  11. Adrien Silva

    He’s come into the side at a point where Puel has quite openly said we’ll be changing our style of play. The majority are struggling with it, that doesn’t mean I don’t think Silva is struggling with that type of game but playing in an out of sorts team isn’t going to help him. Give him the players around him who can play that way and I think he’ll flourish. He’s had a huge setback which most likely affected him physically and mentally, as well as playing alongside a different partner each week. It’s easy to write a player off without looking at the factors involved, the same as it’s easy to say a player is good without any consistent evidence... but I think he’s shown enough to be given a good go at it for the rest of the season.
  12. Who should we sign (asset strip) from relegated clubs

    Hasn’t it been said that some Southampton players wouldn’t play for Puel?
  13. Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    Surely if he rested it and let it heal he would regain full fitness. He never really had a chance during 15/16 and we were short in midfield last season too. This season he’s been trying to get into the Chelsea team so again, he’s most likely just struggled through. A summers rest and he could well get it sorted.
  14. Jack Grealish

    I don’t think Grealish is as bad as people made out. He probably was a while ago but it seems he’s matured a lot over the past year. John Terry is a massive tw@t, we all know that but he doesn’t suffer fools in the dressing room, it seems Terry has taken a shine to Grealish and I couldn’t imagine that happening if Grealish still had the attitude many associate him with. With the right people around him (Vardy, Iborra, Maguire, Kasper). It seems he gets on well with Chilwell and Gray from their England Unders tours. Make of that what you will.
  15. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Exactly, Man City winning it after a Man Utd loss would have been massive for them. The pubs will have been packed with people watching it just like ours were. They’ve spent a fortune and have had it all but sealed for a while now but I’m sure it didn’t mean any less to them than it did to us.