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  1. Did they know Leicester were the team in Grey and not the one in Claret?
  2. Better and more enjoyable than bumbling your way through to final only to not turn up against Liverpool
  3. I wouldn’t even want to be in the mind of a Liverpool fan. They can think what they want
  4. If there is one way it IS NOT going to happen, that would be it. The FA can’t let us win the league again.
  5. They’ll all know that they’ve scraped a few results of late. They’re hoping that we don’t keep it to 8pts in the worry that they’ll drop points. They’re worried about themselves rather than us.
  6. Worth every penny too. If he brings us Champions League football, he’ll have paid for himself and more. Not to mention making the value of players like Soyuncu (and even Nacho now) go through the roof.
  7. I think you’re being ridiculous.
  8. Going to try and watch at work... if anyone doesn’t have a good stream, don’t PM me it. It won’t be appreciated.
  9. When teams play like this, we aren’t going to be able to play the football we’ve seen before. Beating them both shows that we can deal with it. The only thing that’ll change how teams set up against us is by getting an early goal.
  10. There’s a reason they’re in free fall though and it’s not going to be an easy fix. Their squad is so poor for Arsenal standards and they’ve got players like Ozil on stupid money. The next man going into that job is going to have to be the Arsenal version of our Puel.
  11. Our chances aren’t ‘falling to him’. He’s creating so many chances for himself. That’s a talent that players have or don’t have. It is difficult to coach finishing but it’s also massively linked with a players confidence. He’s shown he can finish playing for West Brom. He got off to a flying start and didn’t burden himself with needing goals. He’s young, talented and not the most confident lad at the minute. It’ll come. He’s not starting every game for any other reason that he’s a constant threat and Rodgers can see something in him that most of us can too. When he comes good (starts scoring, he’s already playing well), we’ll be saying Rodgers is the reason and was right to stick by him. Luckily for us and him, we’re not relying on his goals at the minute.
  12. The definition of ‘entitled’ right there. The reality is they just aren’t very good. The midfield and defence are bang average at best.
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