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  1. Ndidi to Liverpool

    De Bruyne plays for Man City, even as a DM he wouldn’t have those kind of stats. They hold too much possession. He could play anywhere and be top class. He’s not only good technically, he’s athletic, strong, clever... the list goes on.
  2. Ndidi to Liverpool

    Wouldn’t put it past Klopp to nullify him to suit his high tempo pressing game. I don’t think he will do that but I wouldn’t put it past him.
  3. Adidas

    Adidas originals? Are you expecting Vardy to come out in some Gazelle OGs wearing a kit from 1976?
  4. Thorgen Hazard

    Where did you get this information? Asking purely out of curiosity.
  5. That’s true about Leeds but I know they do about 1 game every 3 or 4 for £15 for an adult and £5 for a junior. They have a lot of links with junior football clubs and put these offers on quite a bit. I really dislike Leeds Utd, and yes they do charge OTT for a lot of games but they do give kids (and parents) who might not get the chance to go that opportunity on a decent amount of games. That offer isn’t limited to 1 adult and 1 junior either, there’s a huge allocation for these tickets for the selected games.
  6. Forum Valentines...

    Sold. You can tell me how much better Cattermole would have been in our side than Cambiasso I’m also assuming you’d go for the Rump rather than Porterhouse for your steak Col.
  7. Kasper Schmeichel

    Apoligies if I’m missing something, but the whole league gets a massive amount of money every season. The CL qualifiers get the CL money which is fair enough. This isn’t the reason most teams have average goalkeepers, you can only buy who’s available from the pool, and the best want to play for the best. We have wasted a lot of money on some bang average players, I wouldn’t say that money could have signed a top keeper because there aren’t many knocking around. Kasper isn’t the best but he’s by no means the worst. Playing for a mid-table club is going to make a goalkeepers job twice as difficult.
  8. Vardy breaks a new record

    That is a bunch of average teams, I hadn’t checked the run of games. For me, there’s no doubting his ability either. He’s brilliant and it’s fair to say he thrives playing against the big teams. This new ‘record’ or whatever just shows he’s the best (striker) of the rest, which I think we could all agree on anyway, and even the best players don’t turn up for the big games.
  9. Vardy breaks a new record

    No it isn’t at all. Not all of his goals were against ‘muck’. Scoring in 1 of 2 games, 6 times is nowhere near as good as scoring 11 in a row in the Premier League.
  10. What is the point of Matty James?

    I bet you’re one of those who says Silva needs time yet completely dismisses the fact James had a very serious injury and by the time he was fit again he’s it’s a much changed squad. Not forgetting the physiological struggles he’ll have faced. He’s a credit to himself and the club getting himself back playing again. I’m sure he wouldn’t have done it without the backing of numerous managers, team mates and LCFC staff.
  11. Like most people, I prefer standing at away games, but getting wound up because a bloke with 2 kids wants to sit down and watch the match? Even if they did stand the kids wouldn’t have been able to see over you anyway. To start a thread on here saying we all need to do one of the other Jesus wept.
  12. It certainly can. I suppose it depends if you’re enjoyable to watch, if you’re finishing 7/8/9th and playing good stuff I suppose it’s not so bad.
  13. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Just watched it back on YouTube and it wasn’t even a foul. It was a great tackle where Foden injured his ankle but no fault lies with Maguire. Foden actually played on after if remember correctly.
  14. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    This is one of the hardships of playing a continental style in the Premier League. The style attracts tackles and the players who suit it usually aren’t built for the robustness of English football. Take the piss out of West Brom (or similar) and someone’s going to nail you!