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  1. Leeds Fox

    Thanks Wes.

    I doubt they’d go out for a meal 2 games into a new season just because Wes Morgan is being phased out.
  2. Theyll run them close for the most deluded fans in the country... but that’s about it.
  3. I’m used to that. Leeds are always destined for promotion... until Christmas.
  4. Leeds Fox

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    I don’t think the author could have contradicted himself more if he tried.
  5. Leeds Fox

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    If Vardy makes the challenge in a safe and controlled manner, he doesn’t get to the ball first. He won the challenge through recklessness. He wasn’t in possession of the ball.
  6. Leeds Fox

    Mobile data at KP Stadium?

    I think some online betting sites/apps restrict gambling in the vicinity grounds. Might be wrong however I’ve had issues getting on at some ground when I’ve had adequate signal.
  7. Leeds Fox


    Of course it is. If £75k keeps him here then it’s enough and probably about right.
  8. Leeds Fox


    Quite right. We do need to match wages of the top clubs to keep our best players. You were saying Maguire shouldn’t be on those wages after a good season. However a £35k payrise (could be wrong there) costs Leicester under £2m a year. Trying to find another quality centre half is going to cost us a lot more and that player could easily turn out to be less than adequate. To get the proven players we’ll have to pay a large sum and they chances are they’ll be demanding a hefty wage too. Possibly equal to that of Maguires new deal.
  9. Leeds Fox

    Andy King

    Lets make a stupid remark to cover the cracks of an invalid argument.
  10. Leeds Fox


    Smalling has been there years and isn’t in high demand, his wages reflect that. Shaw was bought when he was very young, his wages will have been modest in comparison to most of the Man Utd squad but huge for a 19/20 year old when he signed his first contract there. He hasn’t done anything to earn a big pay rise. Poor comparisons.
  11. Haha, I never saw that. I wasn’t trying to say you were completely wrong but I usually dismiss most articles about football players personal lives as click-bait. Being ignorant to it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen I suppose
  12. The top PL players might get a lot of Paparazzi attention but not the majority. The average PL player doesn’t really receive much barring the odd fan getting a video on their phone and they don’t usually seem overly bothered by it, and why would they? Look at Maguire in Ibiza post World Cup. I can recall seeing a video of him heading a ball in a nightclub and that’s about it (I’m sure some of you will post some links from the rags). He’d just shone at the World Cup and was left to have a laugh and a drink in one of the most popular tourist resorts in Europe. That’s just one example. If they keep themselves out of controversy they keep themselves out of the headlines.
  13. Leeds Fox

    Danny Amartey

    Unfortunately I don’t think there is. I really do hope so though. He just seems a little below what we need, even as a squad player if we want to push on to challenge the top 7. I’m not saying we will be challenging but that’s clearly what the owners want.
  14. Leeds Fox

    Andy King

    I’m not trying to discredit or disagree with what you’re saying here because I do agree with your thoughts. However both Vardy and King have had the opportunity to move onto bigger clubs and wages (at the time) and decided to stay for one reason or another. Regardless of their reasons to stay, they would have been have been very well paid and have had long careers either way. I for one am glad that we still have someone who the fans can really relate to and feel a shared passion with in Vardy. Andy King, where do we start? He’s been with us from the bottom to the top. He’s probably very well respected by the players, management and owners, offering very valuable qualities to the club and is reliable when called upon. Nobody, not even Kingy himself thinks he’s going to pull up any trees but he’s part of our club and he’ll be welcomed by me for one until either him or the powers that be decide otherwise. Both legends in their own right and two players that I’ll never forget as an LCFC supporter. Maybe there’s bit of sentiment towards King that sways my opinion but why not? We’re not struggling to balance the books, he has a role however overpaid that role may be. Vardy has signed a new 4 year deal and long live the (Andy) King. We’ll see mercenaries come and go, we’ll complain about them and the recruitment team who signed them. Let’s enjoy having Andy King being part of our club. If he was really not wanted on the books he wouldn’t be here, trust the Thais and their henchmen.