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  1. I do enjoy the Championship, but the Friday evening games always seem a bit drab. Even if the games are entertaining, (to me) the atmosphere and coverage always seems well below par. It’s almost as if Sky actively try and make it seem like a lower league tie.
  2. Well if it was someone in the media who wrote it, it will have been a Liverpool fan.
  3. Who’s to say Justin isn’t the replacement for Ricardo and this guy will be back-up. That’d make more sense but like you, I hope it isn’t the case.
  4. Not if it’s borderline (so possibly not a clear and obvious error) but possibly the scenario didn’t occur as the referee originally thought.
  5. Sorry mate must have missed it. It seems a fairly obvious solution, however what they seem to be doing is keeping the big team bias while hiding behind VAR and the people making the calls in Stockley Park.
  6. Surely if the Ref on VAR sees that it ‘could’ be an error, they should advise that the referee takes another look at their original decision. No undermining of decision, less chance of a poor call and a more fair outcome.
  7. I don’t think you’ll be replacing Ricardo any time soon mate.
  8. That phrase has been the highlight of my weekend... Maybe that says more about me than anything else
  9. Did you go on Rebekah’s Instagram account by any chance?
  10. Fuch me, did Belgium foul San Marino every time they hadn’t possession? Can’t have been far off.
  11. Hope he does well. Just think back to that season and can’t explain how much joy the bloke gave us. Not just the win, but the whole season was a joy (a nerve wracking one I might add).
  12. Which goals? I know this isn’t the VAR thread but no guarantee they’d have stood with no VAR.
  13. He seems to be what Arsenal want Xhaka to be. Only Praet is far superior and can tackle without almost being sent off weekly. Seems to be what we expected of Silva, but he’s ready for PL football in terms of physicality and speed of thought.
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