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  1. Watching Barnes goal again. Kelechi standing just offside knowing the ball wasn’t coming to him might’ve played a part in the attack. Giving the defenders something to think about while Barnes made his run. Either that or didn’t have a clue what he was doing
  2. He is literally everywhere. Whether that’s his running or positioning (likely both) I don’t know. But he is ALWAYS there to nullify the threat, and I feel uneasy when he’s ahead of the play when the opposition have the ball because he’s that integral to our defensive solidarity. His technique to win the ball is second to none. He doesn’t tackle, he uses his body to win it and turn over play. Absolute monster in the air too. He must be horrible to play against. I know we missed him (Mendy filled in well) but until you see him play again it’s easy to forget how much we missed
  3. I haven’t met anyone from my way who wants them to do well; but maybe that’s because they’re from Leeds and just enjoy taking the p!as out of the Leeds fans. In the main though, I think people enjoy watching them because they’re a bit of a mad team and quite entertaining (in a sense that their games are open, not necessarily great to watch). I think people enjoy seeing them get spanked as much as they do seeing them win games. I personally see the Bielsa love in as boring now, which isn’t Bielsa’s fault. The notion amongst Leeds fans that the whole footballing world is a
  4. They were being 100% serious. They’re blinded, especially because he’s a local lad. I was saying yesterday, they have a team of Albrightons. Workers and not much else (that’s not a slight on Marc, I think he’s brilliant for us).
  5. I think bringing NES up and comparing it to someone else is unfair. He’s not broken any rules (as far as I’m aware), and he hasn’t complained. Someone just pointed out that he looks a shadow of himself and given the probably reason.
  6. I had a few Leeds fans tell me Phillips was better, towards the back end of last season
  7. We had 10pts after 18 games. The month is irrelevant as we started late this season. We finished 6pts clear so would’ve likely stayed up. Although as far as I can see we were never as far adrift of safety as Sheff Utd are (9pts). But we were 7pts from safety with less games to play.
  8. I really liked Ulloa, I can remember his goals very well but oddly... I can’t really remember anything else about his general play. Absolute hero for us at times for us and stepped up big time when called up.
  9. It’s a tricky situation for Rodgers. We took a massive nose-dive last season and missed out on Top 4. This isn’t too dissimilar to the way Liverpool crumbled when they could’ve won the league under him. Right now he has us at a point where we look good and we’re high up in the table. If we stay where we are and then drop off again, his stock could well fall in the eyes of potential suitors. If he gets us to a Champions League place, he will clearly attract attention (as well as us wanting to retain him). It’s a crucial point in his career and could be a real ‘mak
  10. Good ball but the defender had an absolute mare there. That should never have got through. Gambled though and decent finish from Albrighton.
  11. I’d personally want that Man City keeper who picked up a back-pass in the first couple of minutes of his debut But in all seriousness... a scenario like that is unlikely and I’d rather our up and coming young goalkeeper be out getting game time and Jakupovic be sat on his a**e earning £20k a week.
  12. Could we just be keeping him with KP so he can play, earn a good wage and hopefully become a coach when he stops playing? KP will have arranged this, maybe to keep him on the books out of respect for him being a club legend. I’m sure he’d have had an offer elsewhere.
  13. I don’t think the art of heading will have been ignored by our coaching staff. Defensive heading is completely different to attacking (as you said), but you’re generally up against a striker which makes it easier. You don’t require great accuracy to head a ball clear. The set up is completely different. When they’re attacking a corner, they’re likely to be marked by another centre half, who only needs to get a head on the ball in any direction, or do enough to stop a clear header on goal. That’s before you factor in the goalkeeper and the delivery. I think you’ve picked a p
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