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  1. Leeds Fox


    Is De Paul going for £30m? I know he looks absolutely class. Would be a steal.
  2. As well as being sh!t at football, I’m not a looker. No Love Island for me pal.
  3. Giving Youri a huge wage increase makes sense for us. Besides the fact that we get to keep hold of him. It’s likely we’re only going to be paying him whatever it is for one season. Also, the more we give him, the more likely he will be to sign for an extra 2 years rather than 1. It’ll raise his transfer fee too. Only the true huge clubs will be able to come in for him; and we can absolutely rinse them (knowing they can pay).
  4. Leeds Fox


    Which senior players? Genuine question.
  5. This is closer to BS than anything I said. 1. He’s under contract at LCFC, so everyone knows he’s our player. 2. What the club and Youri know is completely irrelevant to what he says to the media. He’s essentially just ignored the question (and rightly so). 3. Why say he’s a Leicester player if he actually doesn’t know if he will move or not? 4. He’s had more than one good season of football. 5. He’s a footballer, footballers are transferred. He’s always been respectful during he time at Leicester. He isn’t shitting on us. 6. He
  6. Making a comment either side of the fence would invoke further questions on the matter. He will just want to concentrate on the major football tournament that he’s in the middle of playing in I bet.
  7. I don’t necessarily think you’re wrong. I just feel the punishment could be steeper to deter it.
  8. Agree with all of the above bar cynical fouls. I don’t think that’s cheating. The rules could be changed to clamp down on it for sure.
  9. Nah it’s just some deadwood Puel didn’t manage to get rid of.
  10. It’s a good job WBA fans have nothing to do with the deal then.
  11. I think Maddison is hugely overrated, by himself and fans who don’t watch him week in, week out. Genuinely don’t have any issues with his attitude or personality at all. He’s what, 23? I’m a fair bit older and I’ve made worse mistakes than going to a party... I’m sure we all have if we’re brutally honest.
  12. If that’s true, how the FUCH has Perez’s agent wangled that.
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