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  1. It felt like winning the lottery. Nobody could believe it actually happened. I still can’t quite get my head round it.
  2. I didn’t mean to imply anything about your opinion mate. I‘m of the same view. Until it’s over, unless they make some huge mistakes from here on in, don’t think griping while have any benefit at all.
  3. We have to remember that we had a great opportunity to look at what had happened elsewhere and use this to make our decision.
  4. Finally found that Mahrez replacement? If there was any truth in this, do we think he has the ‘billy big bollox’ persona? I can’t see it myself. I’d trust Rodgers to keep him straight. Can’t see Vardy, Kasper et al tolerating it.
  5. Which is pretty much what I was saying in the penultimate paragraph of my original post. I was commenting on how the players might feel about the situation.
  6. I know that, it’s held and spent in the public’s interest. I think you’ve taken what I said out of context. I was commenting subjectively about how other people might view it.
  7. The tax paid by our working population is the Government’s money to fund national services. Like I said, it isn’t my view of the situation and if I was in their shoes I’d hope I along with my team-mates would do the right thing. I did state that I was playing devils advocate. Looking at how someone else might view the situation isn’t necessarily a bad thing to do. If we haven’t seen by now, plenty of footballers (along with their agents/representatives) are clearly very greedy and might not think it’s their place to save the Government millions of pounds.
  8. Some clubs could ask for the furlough, they’re within their rights to do so, however unscrupulous it is. Some might not, I hope we’re one of the ones who lead the way. Where it’ll really grate, is when/if (I’m sure it will because players will be out of contract etc) the transfer window opens. Clubs like Tottenham go and spend another £50-60m on a player as well offering massive wages. Some clubs will have taken the hit and may have to allow for that in the transfer market, albeit with their heads held high. Some businesses will have to sell assets to get through this hardship. Valuable assets are what almost every top football club has. So for me there’s no excuse to be using the Governments handouts, unless it’s essential to keep them afloat (that’s afloat, not mega-rich). I must admit, from a players point of view, by covering the whole club staffs wages, they aren’t helping the club or the staff, they’re helping our government. Granted, clubs could furlough staff and the club/players could pick up the 20% shortfall. I’d be surprised if, especially in regards to the foreign players who are paying our government the highest tax rate, were bothered about going out of their way to essentially save the country (one they’ll not have been living in very long) a fortune. Last paragraph could be argued against in many ways on a moral level. It’s not my way of thinking, rather playing devil’s advocate.
  9. If the matches didn’t count as league games, fans ‘could potentially’ demand refunds for tickets to games that had no meaning. The results have to stand regardless of what happens to the conclusion of the season.
  10. Yeah, I wasn’t saying you were wrong. Just that I thought he lived alone. I’d think he had more sense than to go anyway, but yeah if he was with his parents he’d be even less likely to go, fair point.
  11. I thought he lived on his own, maybe just self isolating with his parents so he’s not on his own?
  12. Let’s not slag our players off until the non-playing staff are asked to take a pay-cut. As far as we know, Top is happy to continue paying everyone.
  13. I hadn’t seen it earlier but yeah, without being too picky it sounds about right.
  14. I know that’s probably not true but it makes McCormack look like a tit if it is. Is he trying to relive his youth with the young lads?
  15. Exactly, it’s akin to noticing a fire in your house (because your kids have done something stupid/irresponsible), getting as much of your family out ASAP. Then ignoring it for a while and not calling the fire brigade until your neighbours houses have already started to burn down. Maybe you didn’t like them much so never mind. A bit of a far fetched analogy but it sums it up for me.
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