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  1. The one in the blue or the one in the red?
  2. I think we’re going to scrape it. Our form has been worse than poor but I think we’ll pick up 2 wins and 2 draws along the way. No idea where but the rot has to stop.
  3. The 15/16 team finished on more points than this side will. We’ve been very good at times this season but the 15/16 team were consistent. Was any performance as professional as that 3-1 against Man City? Maybe the 9-0 but So’ton weren’t Man City. 15/16 they showed some real bottle. This seasons team have in glimpses but really lost the plot for the majority of the bigger games. You could say this seasons team has individuals who have a higher ceiling. 15/16 we hit that ceiling collectively and had to look a fair way down to see our closest challengers.
  4. I disagree personally (from my experience, however everyone is clearly different). I’ve played amateur football and a slightly higher level too and there are people you either know personally as friends, ex-teammates or just people from the circuit. I wouldn’t be overly nice to the latter two but I’d always have a chat with mates who were opponents before kick off if I had the chance. Regardless of how you’ve acknowledged them, you still know who you’re going into a challenge with and you know you’re going to have a pint with them after. Either way, I’d never go in to hurt them regardless so would never change how I played against them, and they’d never do the same to me. I’ve had a broken tibia, humorous, dislocated shoulder and plenty more all from people I know or know of. Pull out of a challenge and I know that lost would be a lot longer. Anyway, back to Chilwell... whether we think he’s a limited footballer or not, I personally can’t question his effort. I’m not going to get pissed off about him smiling after a game. If we’d been tanked 5-0 then maybe. Some of these lads are very close mates, haven’t seen each other for months and might not get the chance to catch up for another few months.
  5. How come Maddison was missing from the squad. Wasn’t sure if anything concrete came out about it?
  6. So you want to drop Maddison because he’s actually doing something that you want Tielemans to do? Logically, that is fuching ridiculous.
  7. I thought he had offers but was looking for one that suited him.
  8. Please stand, King Checchini has entered the room.
  9. Just to confirm... I’m watching on SS Main Event and I can hear you all. Good work guys!
  10. I reckon it’ll be a 4-1-3-2 Mendy in between Gray and Maddison for the 3. Mendy could drop in with Ndidi should both Wing Backs be pushed on.
  11. Good analogy! I had a similar injury (separated collar bone from shoulder blade) and it felt a lot like that! 5 complete ligaments tears at once isn’t a feeling I’d hope to endure again.
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