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  1. I seriously hope they don’t go unbeaten all season!
  2. I think you mean LiVARpool. Who’s ever called them VARerpool?
  3. If he had this condition he wouldn’t be a professional footballer. He maybe lacking some confidence of late but he most certainly isn’t suffering from anything you’re suggesting.
  4. As an English CL side, looking to qualify again... those kind of wages will become far more common. You can’t attract or keep quality without paying the right wages.
  5. I know a few things have been said in jest... however we could sign him now for a summer transfer. Their chairman looks good, we get a decent deal... I also think the club would be savvy enough to pay Percy off if it meant an agreeable deal with the selling club. In no way am I saying that’s the case, but Percy not reporting it doesn’t mean anything.
  6. I didn’t realise McManaman was one of them. Mainly because I never thought I’d prefer to hear his voice over anyone else’s. It was the other bloke I was talking about.
  7. Who’re the commentators for the Man Utd v Wolves game? I’ve just had to mute my TV so I don’t have to listen to them. One of them has the most annoying accent I’ve heard in a long time (and I’m from Leeds).
  8. I see that you’re not talking exclusively about Drinkwater but here’s my view. I understand that footballers become accustomed to an extravagant lifestyle but that’s all out of choice. Plenty of better players earned less than that in the 90/00s and invested rather than wasted it. Clearly plenty did waste it too. I’m not saying DD should or shouldn’t have left for the money. Why wouldn’t he? But throwing figures around isn’t relevant because that’s purely on an individuals choice rather than need. Do you reckon a much younger Tielemans spends money like that? I bet he doesn’t, he’s probably more interested in not only securing his own future financially but also his children and even grandchildren’s too. If I was a footballer I’d probably waste a lot of money on unnecessary things too. Blowing an £80k a week (£40k-35k after tax and agent/management fees) wage would be pretty easy if you wanted to.
  9. Unfortunately for Drinkwater, it’s now 2020 and Pearson isn’t here to manage his ‘complex personality’.
  10. What were the stats in the end? I can’t find them online.
  11. What does the use of his hands have to do with anything?
  12. Gave you a rep purely on your brofile bicture. Less importantly, I agree with your comments.
  13. If he was a striker he’d have to get his hair cut. These marginal offsides can’t be taken lightly
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