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  1. Leeds Fox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    It’s absolutely not worth risking our reputation or the clubs relationship with the player to squeeze another million out of West Brom.
  2. Exactly this. When a footballer visits a poorly child and puts it on their social media, I think it’s more often than not for the kids benefit rather than their own. As a child in that situation, seeing yourself shown to the world with your idol, it must make such a hard life that little bit brighter.
  3. Football isn’t like any normal business though. Not from the playing/management side of it anyway.
  4. Leeds Fox

    Run a marathon... advice.

    They were my thoughts exactly. I’m sure I could do a half marathon after some training but a full one might be a step too far
  5. I’m wanting to run a marathon for charity, most likely next summer. I’ve never really been a huge fan of running but I’ve always wanted to do a marathon, or even a half. I play football a few times a week and have an okay level of fitness. I’m willing to train as much as needed but in general after about 7 miles my joints (knees and shoulders) ache. Any advice and tips would be much appreciated from some runners.
  6. Leeds Fox

    The Football Index

    I’m really intregued in this... how much did you put in to start off with? What’re the returns your seeing currently (should you take it)? @Heskey2011 same question to you too. Also, is it quite stable? Unless a player is coming towards the end of their careers and moves to the MLS, or has a very serious injury.
  7. Leeds Fox

    Betting Thread

    I’m sure there’s a thread... but Come On Leicester, one of the KP horses won at Leicester today. Went off as 2fav at 9/4.
  8. Leeds Fox

    Any other refugees from Bentley's Roof on here?

    It usually does.
  9. Leeds Fox

    Any other refugees from Bentley's Roof on here?

    What happened to that guy. I didn’t come on for a few months and he was gone!
  10. Why didn’t you wait for the Xmas rescheduling to be confirmed rather than risk it? Wouldn’t have been much more expensive today compared to when you booked them surely?
  11. Leeds Fox

    Maddison named in England squad

    I looked at a squad list last night, must have been for the last game.
  12. Leeds Fox

    Maddison named in England squad

    Is he not in the current squad?
  13. Leeds Fox

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Yeah but he’ll keep them up miraculously and in comes Ranieri over the summer and they’ll win the league...
  14. Leeds Fox

    Maddison named in England squad

    I wasn’t trying to discredit what you were saying, I hope it didn’t come across that way. All of the players (with the exception of Daniels) have a shout for being in the friendly squads, but I can see why they haven’t been picked. Wilson definitely deserves a call up over Welbeck, but it seems like a mentality of ‘once you’re part of the setup, you’re there to stay’. Which is completely wrong. I agree you’re point completely about the club you play for has an effect on selection. It happened with Spurs players a few years ago. Some have proved they’re good enough to be automatic picks (Kane), some fail to replicate their club form for the country (Alli) but are still dead certs for selection and some are bang average/overrated (Dier), again... always in the squad. It seems like it’s our turn to have players picked. It’s a good way to integrate young lads into the squad, they feel comfortable and it can also build a good togetherness in the squad, having a few tight-knit groups. However it’s clearly unfair on those that don’t get the chance when they deserve it. I don’t think Southgate has blindly picked our players over others, but if it’s close between say Maddison and Hughes (just for example), it seems someone like Maddison for us will get the nod over someone from another less represented/unfashionable club. Let’s not forget Leicester are trying to play a possession based system, which is what Southgate’s going for too, so that could be a factor. Edit - I’ve just seen that Gray is in the squad... surely we can do better than that.
  15. Leeds Fox

    Maddison named in England squad

    Lewis Cook graduated through the youth set-up and has even played for the Senior Team. He’s steady but I can’t see him bringing much to the squad that we don’t already have. He’s still only 21 himself but I don’t think he has the potential that Maddison does. Adam Smith has been involved with the Unders at different ages but never made it to the full squad. Again, is he really good enough or does he have the potential to improve the squad? Charlie Daniels is 30-odd. What’s the point bringing him into the squad? Chalobah and Hughes aren’t similar players whatsoever, so they’re probably chosen based on their style of play. I’d say Hughes and Maddison are more comparable (even though Hughes plays slightly deeper), they’re both players who you can only afford one of in a game. For England Hughes would have to play the same role as Maddison would. He’s not an international level central midfielder and doesn’t have the potential to be one for England. Maddison could make a good case as a creative attacking midfielder/No10. Disclaimer - The final paragraph is my own opinion and I could be completely fuching wrong.