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  1. Sweeper? I don’t think so. The player who’s side the play is on holds the line and the two behind should hold that players line. It’s always beneficial to have a quicker player in the centre to cover either wide centre back, but playing any form of offside trap doesn’t require a sweeper. I can understand what you’re saying, but Evans is worst suited out of the 3 (Soyuncu, Fofana and Evans) to play that role. He’s there because he should be organising the others.
  2. Yeah that’s a good shout to be fair. I was thinking, none would’ve been broadcasted live if the fans were in. But yeah, a standstill hour for mourning is probably what the higher echelons probably want. Personally, I’m not totally against it. Although after such a sh!t time we’ve all been through, to dictate how the nation spends their Saturday, after a week of work seems a unfair and I can see both sides.
  3. Agreed. If fans were attending, it wouldn’t be happening.
  4. I think Claudio will have been a minor cog in the transfer saga of Mahrez. KP weren’t going to be trodden over by Man City’s transfer tactics, even if it meant they lost millions. They stuck to their principles and fair fuching play to them. They set a precedence for future transfers, and in hindsight, it was a good move by them.
  5. Kante was a better bargain than Robertson all day long. A decent left back and he cost more than the best defensive midfielder in the world.
  6. His confidence and self-belief must be through the roof. I reckon this will make him kick on even further. So pleased for him. He came across as disinterested and lazy (maybe just contrasting from what we were used to with Vardy), to a humble, hardworking young man.
  7. Assistants are told not to flag if it’s tight, even if they think it’s marginally offside, so this wouldn’t work. Agree with the lines though. The VAR officials should watch it at full speed and make the decision, in my opinion.
  8. NLP? That’s been bugging me all morning and it’s going to annoy me even more when you tell me what it is
  9. I think I’d probably prefer to see Haaland in the Premier League right now to be honest.
  10. I know something like this has been in the pipeline for years. However it’s surely no coincidence that now a few PL clubs really are gatecrashing the top 6 that they’re finally pushing it through. Also, I’d be prepared for an alteration in how coefficients are calculated if EUFA need to find a way to get Man Utd/Liverpool/Chelsea in somehow.
  11. I agree and don’t like to compare the two. However, Fofana is so good in the air and reading the play, he doesn’t need to be as forceful as Soyuncu is. Also, I’ve absolutely no doubt Fofana can mix it if he wanted/needed to. It’s a pleasure to have them both!
  12. I haven’t watched the video but... if he’s got one prospective buyer and they can’t buy whilst in the PL, Ashley’s asset isn’t really worth a great deal to him. Is he making money through them? If he wants to sell, they’re worth the buyers price. They can’t buy while in the PL, so they’re worth what he can get in the Championship. Unless they have infact done a deal. The price would be lower anyway as they’d be buying a Championship club (missing out on the years TV money etc).
  13. Most Leeds fans old enough to remember what happened, aren’t really fussed by it. Different era, the player has no connections to that era. The club aren’t actually dealing with them. They appreciate what Alioski has given the club. Most outrage is from the younger generation trying to ‘out-fan’ other people. There are plenty of sensible/balanced views if you look on Twitter. I say this as someone who 99% of the time would call out Leeds fans for being idiots.
  14. The ‘manager’ of my grassroots team from being about 7-12yo is now in prison for about 20 years for being a peadophile. Luckily (for us), all of his crimes were committed away from that football club (as far as I’m aware) but scary to think he had unsupervised access to dozens of young children. Nobody was too surprised when the news broke and we were all well into our 20s though.
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