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  1. I don’t think you’re going to fool a top class recruitment team who’ve probably been watching them for months if not the past year or two.
  2. I don’t think it would be talked about a week after never mind years to come.
  3. Man Utd probably if they didn’t already own him.
  4. We don’t all sound like that... just the majority!
  5. Thats generally how Man City play though. They keep possession, even high up the pitch. They don’t force it with runs and crosses, they play their way into the box. That’s Pep’s philosophy.
  6. Someone trying to show off a little bit...
  7. Yes and on the flip-side. All the players that don’t perform in a Leicester shirt should be snapped up at the earliest opportunity because they’ll be great anywhere else.
  8. It says a lot when Man Utd seem to be very keen (or at least have been) on Maguire and we’re probably more than happy and already prepared to let him go at the right price.
  9. I haven’t watched a replay but initially the horse looked in a very bad way. Made me feel a bit sick and ruined the event for me. Also didn’t win a button. Tiger Roll seemed far too short to have any value in a race like that. Ran superbly well I must say.
  10. Duly noted. I do agree with you, playing in the SPL doesn’t take anything away from Benkovic’s ability. I hope as much as you he turns out to be the player we all think he is. I’d sell Maguire if it means we can make Tielemans an LCFC player.
  11. Maguire would look as good as anyone playing in the SPL. His lack of pace would rarely be exposed and his ball playing would be so easy given the quality of Celtic compared to their opponents.
  12. ‘Last man’ has never been a rule. The rule was tweaked in the past couple of years with regards to fouls inside the penalty area but it’s always been denying a goal scoring opportunity.
  13. No wonder if you were sat on his back! Great tribute though, glad to hear Top joined in.
  14. Came here for an update, got a 50ml tub of Vas
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