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  1. The Roma bids, especially the £20m bid, show total disrespect to Leicester City. Insulting in many ways. Assuming they are so much bigger than us, big enough to unsettle Mahrez and force our hand. Arsenal are bigger and 'allegedly' offered more. We aren't a midtable Italian club that can be bullied. We're probably richer than them, and recently have performed better than they have, at both our peaks.
  2. He must be in the best physical state he's been at since joining us if he's walking. All joking aside, the lad hasn't had the chance to show us what he's capable of.
  3. Exactly. If he came out and just said, I respect the tradition, however it is against my beliefs and values so I'm reluctant to wear the poppy. That would be that and it wouldn't be a big fuss. He went about it in the wrong way and gets stick for it.
  4. Beat me to it
  5. Yes mate, in Morrisons.
  6. There's more chance of Matty James going to a World Cup than San Marino.
  7. Has he he been practicing his passing over the summer? Must've improved if that's the plan.
  8. 3511 Kelechi being the first 1
  9. Is it really any different from calling someone a Geordie or Cockney? Serious question.
  10. That's nothing we didn't already know, possibly baring the figure quoted for the wages which could well just be an educated guess.
  11. How is there an assumption? If the answer is 'no he can't play right back.' Then I highly doubt he would be used as a right back. Shakeys hardly going to say 'Elliott, do you fancy playing RB this week?'
  12. You talk sense when you make an impartial point. Good post!
  13. Let's hope he's right! Chances are, info about a squad is much more black and white than a transfer.
  14. Offering £10-15m less than already has been offered doesn't seem like he's a priority.
  15. John Lennon, one of City's greatest ever central midfielders.