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  1. This is a lot more exotic in my humble opinion. Scunthorpe, Rotherham, Cambridge stunning.
  2. If Maguire is worth 80 million how much must Ricky P be worth. 100-120. Gives us so much more
  3. Second 11 just like 11 headless chickens. Can only get better. Andy King performing at League One level I am afraid. If we do want to break the Top 6 we really can't carry dead wood
  4. Cracking player with a great attitude. Keep him at all cost.
  5. Sounds really exciting and exotic.
  6. The guy is trying to be the Simon Cowell of football punditry. Trying to make a name for himself. Thinking back to when we won the league, it never sat well with him. After stating how we would bottle it like he had in his career. The guy is a smug tw*t. Ended up at Celtics because he couldn't hack in England
  7. Thank you at least 2 fans are concentrating on the Leicester game
  8. Sod Man City what about LCFC?
  9. How many times does Albrighton lose the ball in promising positions?
  10. Where is our midfield. Is someone still in the toilet?
  11. It was a sitter. What does he do at training all week if he is not training. Sorry but really don't understand you rational mate. Sorry. He is just useless. One thing is if he had at least hit the target. Shot straight at the keeper. That I can understand but to miss by a country mile. No excuse. Also it was on his left foot.
  12. Don't like the look at that. Talented young player whooed by MCFC then stuck on the bench all season. Can see us not getting Tilly
  13. Cannot believe I am serious saying this about a Leicester player but I want rid of him immediately. I have let my emotions about yesterday pass and just have to say get rid. He is completely useless. Yesterday he should have at least hit the target. Even if he had shot directly at their keeper but to miss the goal by a mile no excuses. Convinced he really didn't want to put it away. Rodgers said he told him he should have scored. That to me means he knows Nacho did not give a road. Even after Nacho gave away a stupid foul to allow Man City out of their area when we were pressing. No excuses. See getting worked up again. This guy is not good for my health. Will have to get in touch with LCFC and state seriously that it is him or me for the future. Lol. Seriously though get the lad a million miles away from Leicester. One way ticket to nowhere.
  14. Heard Le Havre going to offer $4 million in the summer to bring him back.
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