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  1. Barnes and Perez completely ineffective at the moment and the last pass is dreadful
  2. We are being beaten by Ranieri tactics against us. West Ham playing like we did Championship season
  3. The great Steve Whitworth. Remember him bombing down the right wing in 1974 at Filbert Street and for England at Wembley
  4. We should be already playing because our guys never showed up to play in the restart so should be all nice and fresh
  5. Agree about the players after we won the league mate. Definitely. Take care. Hope you and yours are well and safe mate.
  6. This is the one of the main reasons why I was so livid about our capitulation after Christmas and especially with only 10 games to go and a 14 point advantage. We all know that the big teams will mortgage their clubs to sweep in and buy all the better players worldwide at discounted prices. Not finishing top 4 and qualifying for Champions League we are less attractive to better players and will not have that Champions League money. Also the 5 substitution rule is basically a gift to the bigger clubs who can now guarantee quality fringe players with more playing time during the season, in
  7. I am kind of torn about what type of players we should be bringing in. Do we want to bring in younger players to develope only to sell after a couple of years at a profit or players with quality who will hopefully instantly make a difference to our current first team. My problem is, is that I feel we will just become a feeder club for the so-called big guys. We won't progress by selling our better players after a season or two. Also how many of the younger players will really develope into better players. By buying and nursing them we will end up with the crap and sell the better players. I kn
  8. Funny game looks like we are playing not to lose but don't look like trying to desperately win
  9. Kasper should just pass the ball to the opposition team. At least we would know what to ecpect
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