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  1. **** him and the horse he rode in on. Arrogant little tw*t.
  2. Sod Mahrez he is old news. I am not going to waste any of my time worrying about his childish petulance. He deserves his bench warming role at Man City. At Leicester he was a big fish in the bowl, at MC he is just a minnow in a lake. In December Pep won't start him against us thinking he's not good enough to play us. Will need his true first team.
  3. Only 14 points from safety. I think we are staying up this season. Lol. We are staying up, we are staying up.
  4. Did anybody see how Caglar picked up Madders like a wet rag. Brilliant
  5. Is Piers Morgan the ref? Looks like a right c*nt
  6. Anybody got a picture. Would love a good laugh
  7. Absolutely just look what happened to Sheffield Utd earlier. Got mugged in bright daylight
  8. And watch they will get a penalty for the same type of incident. See it happening
  9. Feels like the Man Utd game at Old Trafford
  10. We are just so slow. Not enough movement while Goobers sit derp
  11. Actually nervous for this one. Everything tells me in our current form this should be a walk. That is the problem. Because of the pressure they have been under and with rumours of Emery on the chopping block I feel they will have nothing to lose and play freely. Worried that one of their strikers will get a goal and they will sit on it. Something telling me they could be a caged animal and we may be a little too confident. Nervous one this but still going for a Leicester win. Narrowly though.
  12. "Farting in a colander"". Lol sensational. Simply brilliant
  13. Simply brilliant, brilliant comment. Thank you made my day
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