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  1. Classic StanSP. Thank you Sir for the chuckle. Need to laugh in times like these
  2. Oh sh*t definitely don't have any faith in the outcome then. Lol
  3. Absolutely precious. Nothing like a chuckle when so much is unknown. Thank you 49er. Made my day
  4. Love the guy but get frustrated when he tries to beat someone. Lol
  5. I have to laugh else I would be crying. Albrighton could not get past my Grandad in a wheelchair
  6. You trying to really ruin my day with that orange baffoon on the forum. Makes my skin crawl
  7. After playing Villa 3 times already this season we must know pretty well by now. So there should be no surprises from them. Absolutely no excuses after the game from us. This is a must win now because after both Chelsea and Man Utd won over the weekend my ar*e us getting way too nervous. One other thing in 3 weeks I don't want to hear well we're still 5th.
  8. Has anybody heard how Johnny Evans condition is after the Birmingham game? Hope he will be in the starting lineup for Monday.
  9. No matter what happens I just want to thank you for that little chuckle. Made this game bearable mate
  10. Absolutely mate. Been our best all season up to now.
  11. Where is our grit, determination and Foxes never quit mentality?
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