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  1. Kasper already my man of the match. The rest can Fu*k off.
  2. We are like the Christmas turkey getting carved open.
  3. Think BR is scared of Vardy. Doesn't want a revolt
  4. Why is Nacho coming off. Better Vardy come off
  5. Why doesn't anyone take on a defender. Just pass back and forth
  6. Been saying that all season. Defenders seem to stay with him now. They also know he will try is step in that they wait for and tackle him.
  7. Understand your argument but I have to disagree. In my opinion BR is an excellent coach but I don't think he is a good manager. I don't understand his lineups, tactics and substitutions. Also we are so predictable under him. There is no denying that by the time teams came to play us again they had us sussed and adjusted. We constantly played out from the back passing back and forth until we could play it to either Chilly or Ricky P. If you notice teams just double up on them to prevent them getting forward now. Now with Ricky P injured we really have no one to carry the ball out from the back. Unfortunately JJ cannot pass a ball or cross a ball to save his life. We constantly stick to the same tactics even when it is obviously not working. Why oh why do we bring on Albrighton to swing balls in from the wing with no height in the box. Often when the ball is passed out to Vardy wide to chase no one is in the box. Really frustrating. Also when Barnes get to the byline he just crossed the ball into the box directly to a defender. Never does he look up for a team mate. Each game it is the same way of playing. A couple of Liverpool supporters I know told me at the beginning of the season that BR has only one way to play and when not working doesn't know how to change. They believe the only reason they almost won the league under BR was Suarez carrying the team.
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