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  1. Absolutely was driving me nuts yesterday. Every time Morgan got the ball just looked for either Chillwell or Maddison. Slowed the game right down. Also really like annoying is the constant Chillwell to Barnes all game long. Wasn't working and kept going to the well. It is so obvious to play against us because you know where we will try to run. Just block Chillwell's lane and we are done for the day. Frustrating
  2. Lucky you only see the highlights. Was a complete waste of 2 hours of my already dreary life. Lol
  3. Nacho can't be any worse. That's saying something
  4. Barnes not even looking into the box. Just kicking it in.
  5. We have nobody to pass to in the final 1/3. Pathetic. We have no imagination. Lucky to be only one down
  6. Thanks for their player getting injured was sure they were gonna score in 2 seconds. Think ref saved us there
  7. Think we've been on p*ss last night and this morning.
  8. Morgan really is a sodding snail. He has 2-3 yards on the opposition player and he still gets beat to the ball. Such a liability. It's really not worth the odd block he gets in.
  9. Way too slow. Purl football pace
  10. I just think he is in need of a simple brain transfer. Decision inefficiency making is world class. A real nightmare to watch. Like watching the movie "Misery" over and over again. The spot in the movie where Kathy Bates cracks James Caan's legs. Cringe time. That is what it is like watching Gray decide to pass or shoot. Often completely the wrong decision. Maybe he should get some blood pressure tablets prescribed. Becausethe blood just rushes to his head.
  11. We look asleep. I hope we don't go on to regret it
  12. How come the only time my wife will speak to me is when I am watching the game on the television and won't sodding shut up?
  13. Really really really really got away with one there
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