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  1. Some very good points on here, but I have to say football is a results game. Unfortunately when you are building for the future. Vards is a legend but he will not be forever. You/we may not agree with Puel decisions, tactics etc. But he is the manager. He deserves respect of the players. They are not playing for fun. They are millionaire professionals. I have wanted to call a boss a knobhead but I knew I would have been sacked. Some of us are not guaranteed 100k a week. Bottom line is in the last 3 seasons are players have not performed for the managers until they are critised. Heck Shakey played to Vardy and the teams strengths and they still got him the sack. Think it's time for a shake up. Don't think Puel will be here next season but I do think we will be a lot better off for him
  2. True legend for LCFC, England, Stoke and the football world
  3. We don't know the entire story. He has played Grey in an advance before. Was not new. Maybe he feels he can be taught to be a striker? Not sure. But if Vardy is causing trouble and is disrespectful then fine. He needs to be taught a lesson. We will lose our 3rd manager in what 3 years because the players are not happy. They Fuched off Shakey and he set them up to play into Vardys strength. Wasn't good enough. When will we start to see maybe it isn't the managers.
  4. Probably want to get more for him when selling. Longer the contract more money.
  5. Like his dad said. "Looking for a big club". Well Kasper "Fuch Off". And tell your dad that to "Fuch Off also"
  6. Was Puel out but now Puel in. Was very impressed with his brave decision to drop Vardy for the future of LCFC. Vardy will not be here indefinitely. Has had an attitude with our last 3 managers. He is not bigger that the club. A legend yes, but I just think it's all about him and not LCFC. The future of our club is with the young guys. Vardy appears to have lost a step and doesn't bust his guy anymore. Only comes to play when he is either critised or questioned. Now Puel in definitely
  7. Most of those are probably those who were screaming for Puel to bring him back off loan and then play him.
  8. Quick question after that game. How many on here still want the Old Guard starting week in and week out or the Young Guns? Personally I for one think some on here think the Old Guard could still play Ranieri's system from the title winning year.
  9. Funny just knew he was going to miss. All about attitude. Sorry guys but do true. Way too close to the goalie. I blame Puel there to let him take it.
  10. Anybody watching NBCSN. So biased towards Spurs. Sickening.
  11. Don't understand why some on here are having a pop at Puel. Not his biggest fan but honestly think today is our future. Think he's got it spot on. We are not going to have Vardy forever so need to have this team learn. Still think Vardy is lost his pace. You are not seeing run into the box as much as Grey and others anymore. Suspect an injury in there.. Plus attitude. Does not have the greatest. Become bit of a primadonna.
  12. Looks like a good humble lad with talent. Not like Mutt & Jeff (Grey & Maddison) who think they are legends already. He looks like he knows when to pass and looks bright not like our 2 thickies.
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