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  1. My scouse supporting Brummie mate reminds of this often saying Wes is a cheat and it was FaceBall
  2. 8-0 win and the whole team disappointed we couldn’t match the 9-0 Headlines in the papers: Emery....Ooh you ARE awful!
  3. I worry that Emery will get sacked on Wednesday night after they lose to Vitoria S.C and be really up for it on Saturday!
  4. I hate Palace fans! Tossers literally
  5. REALLY REALLY need tickets please.... PM me if anyone has one or two
  6. the effin TIME WARP! Did Spurs get through?
  7. Is there a shoot out for the match ball if Vardy scores again?
  8. REALLY need tickets for this one please... it's my local game!
  9. even if there were trains running, an 8pm kick off on any day would be near on impossible to get the last train out of Leicester to Birmingham.
  10. Home draw please against anyone or Villa away for a local game
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