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  1. City v Liverpool scoreline prediction

    is Vardy fit enough to play?
  2. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Hopefully your job doesn't either
  3. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    What does a silva medalist and a priest have in common? They both came in a little behind.... 14 seconds to be precise
  4. Online shop be careful!

    This should be taken seriously, I only browsed the website and Ive been sent an inflatable dinosaur! I swear I only went to the toilet, how did this happen?
  5. Has anyone got a gif of KANE with his mouth open and flys flying out😂
  6. Hoddle is such a twat
  7. Dogs

    I know... she looks like a Gremlin! Wanted to call her Gizmo shes a a teacup chihuahua
  8. Dogs

    Meet Bailey, collecting her on 10th September... Birthday present for my wife
  9. Harry Maguire called up to England Squad

    On Sky Sports News
  10. Sheffield United (A) Match Thread

  11. Sheffield United (A) Match Thread

  12. Sheffield United (A) Match Thread

    Shame for Slim... that was onside
  13. Sheffield United (A) Match Thread

  14. Sheffield United (A) Match Thread