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  1. YEEEEEEEESSSS were through!!!
  2. so why not offer loyal ST holders 10% discount AND loyaly points OR a choice? Personally, I would like 10% off merchandise such as shirts etc
  3. My Nads who posted the 5000:1 message hasn't been on here since March 25th 2016? Did they put quite a few quid on the bet and are now living abroad in luxury?
  4. I have an inflatable dinosaur in my office which I nicked during a game
  5. You sign one you get rid of three... I said you sign one you get rid of three
  6. You'll be bending spoons next!
  7. That'll teach me to look on my phone whilst sunbathing in Spain... wrong thread
  8. Liverpool!!
  9. Already done free to download PowerPoint slides on tons of subjects, just change the words? also, free high quality images here:
  10. West Bum Home
  11. I was level with the goal as Walshy ran towards us...great memories!
  12. what time is the final?
  13. Brighton or Bournemouth away in the sun with BEER and 3 points!
  14. That's it... brilliant 2nd half by the lads, very unlucky loss today