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  1. Having watched that MISS a few times... it really is shocking... Brendan won’t play him again
  2. Proud of the lads... Ricardo superb
  3. IF you are true Leicester you will want us to WIN this game against Man City... we can still get 7th spot!! Anyone wanting us to lose can F off! I don’t give a stuff who wins the title, I want us to do the double over Man City for the first time in 2 years by any club! End of
  4. Need 1 ticket for this please... PM me
  5. Let’s win this..I have a feeling we can definitely beat them... especially after the Manc twat that offered to knock my lights out for smiling after we beat them on Boxing Day
  6. Happy that Arsenal will now be on the Sunday so I can make the game
  7. I’m getting pop up sky adverts
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