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  1. Not sure where to put this but Travelodge rooms using code 30OFF are 30% off in London on 1st March i know we still need to get there but I’m confident and I’ve booked Covent Garden on flexible cancel on the day rate for £30.79 each room. Be good to have a few Foxes in London partying after the game
  2. £30 hopefully but it will now trigger Arsenal to bid
  3. £25.5 million bid rejected on SSN
  4. Derek Acorah has died
  5. Prince Philip Babs Windsor Vera Lynn Joe Pesci Kirk Douglas under 40 Lady Gaga
  6. Never in doubt... some of you need to learn... FOXES NEVER QUIT!
  7. Love it but ruined by Savage being on there
  8. true... but Mahrez is still a tosser
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