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  1. just bought the last full view ticket in G1 for my mate and within 10 minutes, my other mate has offered me first choice on his season ticket as he can't now go... anyone want a single seat, cost £36
  2. Breaking News!!! how is this breaking news that a teams own player is playing
  3. You heard it here first folks.... Maguire is having a medical on Saturday... some bloke who’s mates with Top told me last night in the pub... i think his name was Sean and he’s from Enderby...
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/SeanBeanOnline looks dodgy to me
  5. Can you start swearing and I can then report you
  6. All this and... NO VIDEO REVEAL
  7. it's 5pm announcing 5 year contract
  8. It’s not midday then!
  9. Spoiler Alert!!!! just seen a photo glimpse of the reveal video... its happening...
  10. Went to a fetish restaurant last night. Got toed in the hole.
  11. Hope we don’t have to wait Til-A-Monday
  12. Reported that Youri has an inflatable dinosaur with him
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