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  1. I renewed my mainstream last night. £100 for the year, however, it has been improved and is faultless. All through my firestick, every channel available.
  2. Never used to even look at it, technically not a share. But you can't overlook Bitcoin, yes it is volatile, but if you don't buy a little you will be kicked yourself in 10 years. Look at that guy who sold 1300 for $50,000 in 2011, theyre now worth 35,000,000 ish.
  3. Agreed. I just don't understand. I think it's the hardest thing any PM has encountered for a while, and at the beginning I had sympathy. But 9 months later, and still not being able to make your mind up is baffling.
  4. This. I just don't get it. Please someone explain why no one coming into the country is being tested?
  5. Read up on it. Look at ETFs etc first, I'd say 90% of your holdings go in them, then have some fun with the rest (IF you can afford to)
  6. Ollie93

    The gym

    To anyone who's interested, I have just become a L3 Personal Trainer and I understand how important the gym is those who attend. I have written a free workout program for a week which you can do at home with no equipment, and if you like it, we can chat about what's best for you to help to keep moving during this lockdown! This is NOT a sales pitch, I just want to help anyone I can get moving who struggles with motivation. Send me a pm if interested lads and ladies.
  7. What I find amazing is that we still aren't implementing a quarantine period for those entering the country? And then no airport testing. Surely that is the one place that testing should've been brought in from the start. Its almost laughable now.. We lockdown the country but don't have airport testing
  8. I find a separate side plate for the yorkshire puddings works well...
  9. Sperm whales and seals in New Zealand. Some form of monkey in Vietnam , found a restaurant that only served snake, but they wern't very wild... 100's of fish on the Great Barrier Reef. Turtles in Bali. And numerous hares, buzzards, red kits etc around where I grew up in East Leicestershire.
  10. Of course, but everyone is depressed about something. I haven't seen my parents properly since March. I've sat in their garden a handful of times. My Mum gets the worst anxiety about this whole situation, made worse by the scaremongering of the government but thats another story. I'm sure there are people with a lot worse situations than me too, but tbh, I'd rather sit outside and enjoy the company over Christmas, than have to visit them, dying in a hospital bed, no matter how small the chance.
  11. My Christmas this year will involve sitting outside in the garden with my parents. I personally think thats the approach.
  12. Talk to me about your South/Central America trip? It's been on my bucket list for a long time!
  13. Ollie93

    The gym

    Took the plunge in September and started my level 3 PT course, I don't know why I didn't start sooner. Taken on some online clients and its the best feeling ever helping people, during this period.
  14. Ollie93


    What're everyones thoughts on the Pentagon releasing those videos of 'UFOs'?
  15. Ollie93


    Unless they already have, and they are far more intelligent than we are...
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