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  1. My missus is petrified of spiders, won't even go in a room if there is one in there. It all stems back to her Mum being petrified of them, thus instilling that behaviour on her. Learnt behaviours are strange.
  2. It did make me wonder if there is a bigger picture we all all blind too.
  3. A random bloke stopped me in the street the other day and started ranting about how its a big Government plan to keep locking down, so the small businesses go out of business and we become a cashless society..
  4. I get that with brand new signings need to 'adjust to the pace of the prem', but it grinds on me when people are still saying it once the player has been in a team for months. Not sure the relevance of this, just had to get it off my chest.
  5. Castagne is ****ing brilliant isn't he.
  6. Where is the best place for a steak in or around leicester?
  7. So is it possible, that because gravity acts faster than light, it could also act faster than time? Therefore in essence, you could travel back in time in a black hole?
  8. That's the bit that baffles me. How light can't escape, it's amazing whats happening out there that we don't know about.
  9. So what causes black holes? Could we as a human race 'create' one? Was there fears that the Hadron Collider would cause one? Or have i imagined that.
  10. Ollie93


    My girlfriend and I want to move out of our 2 bed flat and try and rent a house in Leicestershire. However don't want to be tied into another 12 month tenancy if possible, are there any letting agents/ private renters that we can contact?
  11. All jokes aside, wiping with dry tissue is archaic. Why we don't all have bum guns like the eastern world is astonishing. If you step in dog shit you dont wipe it off with dry toilet paper do you.
  12. I guess a number things: 1. We will never know exactly how many deaths they've had. 2. They value their economy a lot more than human life. 3. It's such a vast country, certain areas may still be locked down. Also, I have a friend who lives there, about 2 hours from Wuhan, he says the tracking system they have is unbelievable. They have an app similar to whatsapp that does it all automatically.
  13. Done the same myself, its all just common sense.
  14. One thing for me is how, we all made up of exactly the same stuff, yet are so incomprehensibly different. Not even just looks, more personalities.
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