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  1. Ray Kennedy and Neville Southall
  2. He was so reliable, a phrase summed him up: Safe as the Banks of England. I met him once, some 15 years after he retired. He was at a car dealership in Chesterfield, helping to promote a new car. I went to meet him, not to look at cars. We had a brief chat, obviously I pointed out I'm a City fan, and I shook his hand. Always wished I could have spoken longer, or remembered to ask him for an autograph. RIP Banks of England.
  3. Put my glasses on....Steve Coppell
  4. I don't see what Ghezzal offers. He seems to pass the ball backwards more than forward. Gray for me on the right.
  5. Sky: We've created 8 chances in the first half, more than any visiting team this season.
  6. Creating enough chances, just not lethal in front of goal.
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