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  1. Mayofox

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    I had a colonoscopy this morning, and that performance was just as enjoyable.
  2. Mayofox

    Benkovic January Recall?

    Hang on a minute.....he's not superhuman. Just conceded a penalty.
  3. ....and there's another article in the Guardian (basically see above).
  4. Mayofox

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    Newcastle 1 up at Everton
  5. 6th place is calling us!
  6. Mayofox

    Crazy Stat Time!

    Since the 2014/15 season, JV has won the most penalties in the Premier League (14).
  7. Mayofox

    Watford post-match 2-0 Puel out chit-chat

    Contender for GOTM from Madders.
  8. Mayofox

    Watford (H) Match Thread

    Watford FC reporting that as a thank you for the banner, Top has said all their food and drinks are free!
  9. Mayofox

    Watford (H) Match Thread

    7th as we stand, and improving the goal difference.
  10. Mayofox

    Saints Cup Home Match Thread

    Sky are going to show the penalties live shortly.
  11. Mayofox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Theresa May is really grasping at straws if she thinks a short visit to Northern Ireland will help her cause. The country voted 55.8% to remain, and IMO this figure will be higher now.
  12. Mayofox

    Building your own house on a plot

    I fully agree with you. The market value of the resulting house is immaterial to me. It'll be home, not an investment. Knowing that I have my precise specifications, such as ceiling tracking between my son's dedicated wet room and his bedroom, is more important. Our young architect already had experience of building the type of house we need, and his first drawings, based on the needs we have, look very interesting. Yes, it will be a one-off, to fit the site, and to follow the sun. Hopefully our nearest neighbours will be a flock of sheep!
  13. Mayofox

    Building your own house on a plot

    Getting that "perfect" site can be very difficult. Then one we are pursuing is through an estate agent. However, if this falls through we are aware of a another site (there could be 2 acres or more available), which is not on the open market. So, through contacts you may hear of a farmer who is happy to sell a parcel of land. A further consideration, here certainly, is that to build on the edge of town, pushing into the countryside, you must have a connection with that area. This means the pool of potential purchasers is quite small, limited say to the children of farmers. However this particular requirement has been waived for us, due to my son and his disability. Planners are very much against "linear town sprawl".
  14. Mayofox

    Building your own house on a plot

    Whatever you spend, you have to be prepared to accept that the resulting new build will be worth less. I could buy a similar bungalow for between 200/250k. However the very few that come onto the market tend to be 20+ years old, and need upgrading. One of our considerations is that my son uses a wheelchair. Our current 2 storey house has been assessed; basically it's completely impractical for his future needs. I could write a long list of adaptations required, but will pick just one. All doorways need to be widened, to accommodate his chair. Whatever I spent on the house would have the effect of devaluing it! Not far from us some friends are building; they will pay over €400k for a detached 3 bed house.
  15. Mayofox

    Building your own house on a plot

    I've started the ball rolling in this regard, but it's rolling very slowly. On the edge of the town I live in, we've offered €40k for a half acre site (though 3/4 acre possible) with only far views of countryside to the south and west. But it's 100 yards away from the town sewerage system, and our architect has now been waiting two and a half months to hear from Planners whether this site can be attached. Build costs are high, even here in the West of Ireland, and in fact tighter regulations from January will push them higher. I would expect that €300k to build a 4 bed bungalow will be insufficient. Where I live currently we can see a house being built on a far hill. The groundwork there (money they literally will never see again) cost €100k.