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  1. Agreed, But if he's as good as he seems, 50 Mil doesn't sound too stupid if he's keeping an 80 mil player out of the team. He's young with a full career ahead of him, If we can get him now in it seems a good deal all round. We'd be set for a long time with Evans , Cags ,Demiral. With the 3 of them not costing what we got for Maguire.
  2. And here's me thinking you're better than that.
  3. Yes i do .He'e not good enough to take penalties consistently. But what do I know, I only spent a whole lifetime in the game as a professional. As I said thankfully we got away with it today.
  4. Now you are being silly. Yes he's good but he's also been shown up in recent games. But it's a matter of opinion.
  5. No you are right it doesn't make any difference. I think he was just protecting a young player after the game. thankfully we went on to win and it became irrelevant.
  6. As I've said above, I don't believe him. There's nothing in either his penalty against Everton or today that would make me believe he has the ability to be a consistent penalty taker. And that's what a Manager is looking for when deciding who should take them.
  7. Quite honestly ,I don't believe him no matter what he says after the game.
  8. Because penalties are usually taken by senior players within the team who have the confidence from the team to do so. Gray can't even get a permanent position in the team.
  9. because he certainly wouldn't have chosen Gray to take it.
  10. That's the one black mark against BR today. He should never send a team out without dictating who takes penalties. It should have been Fuchs from that lineup. Credit to Gray though he didn't let it get to him and scored an excellent goal.
  11. That's how many Managers have got the Sack after playing us. ?
  12. It wasn't all about resting players today. Brendan also wanted to see what the fringe players could do in a match situation. This will be necessary with the Summer approaching and deciding who to keep and who to move on.
  13. Mandy was class today, always looked in control and have time on the ball.
  14. No it doesn't , but it does have the ability to try harder. We would have needed 13 or 14 players on the pitch to compete with Liverpool. But hey, We're a young squad improving all the time. We just need a few quality additions to move into the top 4 consistently.
  15. It would be nice to see, it would not only certainly make us stronger down the right. But it would bring more balance to the team.
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