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  1. If you have the funds already then I'd get a Revolut Card. Revolut.com They're the safest for travelling as you can just top it op from your phone as you go. That way you can only lose or be scammed out of whats on the Card at that time. It's no good if your looking to pay off your holidays after you come home. As it's not a credit Card.
  2. Not funds but a combination of things. We all know the club are in a healthy place financially. Firstly, We can only have 25 senior players in the squad. We also have to operate witnin Financial fair play limits. While the fringe players are still here they obviously effect our ability to operate within the constraints. Moving players out both improves funds with contracts terminated while creating spaces in the Squad for new faces. It's all a balancing act . As to the players BR will be after. Yes I agree they will have to be somewhat versatile. Certainly the forward players will have to be able to adapt to different styles.
  3. Yes agreed, But wasn't a goal disallowed by an Ear or a Nose a while ago and another by top of the Arm where it joins the Shoulder. We'll just have to wait and see what changes they make. I'm sure they will be for the better and will bring more clarity.
  4. That's a fair point, I still think as one or both feet are connected to the ground then it's still the best reference point to use. It could read. at least one standing foot must be onside. But I guess it's all supposition at this stage. We'll have to wait to see what they come up with.
  5. Yes agreed he's had two Windows, But the problem has been the fringe players that haven't been moved on. We can't make big money signing until we off load some of the fringe players. like Slimani, Silva Mendy etc. Only King has left. I expect a proper clear out in the Summer maybe 6 or 7 leaving. Then I think he will bring in 4 or 5 players. a Winger a Striker a midfielder and a full back..
  6. Yes agreed, The problem is though someone can be offside by sticking out there arms or elbows for balance. Which is why I think the Feet is possibly the best marker to go by. It can be used in all levels of the game, Even though there would be no Var, Just the Referees opinion. Whats coming I'd say is that the Pitch will be electronically graphed and the Camera's will be able to identify every players position on the pitch flagging up when someone is offside automatically. But that's a while off yet.
  7. I have a feeling Soyuncu or Bennett will play in midfield since Wilf is out and Hamza suspended. I'd also play Iheanacho and hold Vardy back for later in the game. it will give us a new dynamic and improve our hold up play, As Iheanacho is very good on the Ball. Kasper Ricardo Evans Bennett Chilwell Tilemans Soyuncu Praet Maddison Iheanacho Barnes Save Vardy for later in the game if we need to score.
  8. I don't see it happening, But it would be amazing to see him and Ricardo play together. Can you imagine the havoc they would both do to any defender or defense.
  9. It's very hard to be successful without having Wingers. That's where the space and chances are created as well as scoring goals. The problem we have is we don't have anyone with the exception of Harvey who is willing to go past defenders . He's still only learning his craft so I wouldn't want to blame him for anything. We have the same problem in Midfield with none of the current players willing to commit defenders by sucking them into a challenge. I think this might be Brendans instructions given that we don't have the speed or cover behind them. So instead of going forward they play sideways or backwards. It's hard to blame Brendan also because you can only work with the squad you have and he's only had one window. This Summer will be a huge window both for us in the Transfer Market. With the points in the bag I think we may well limp over the line into Europe as I feel we may struggle from now until the end of season.
  10. It's certainly here to stay so I think it's going to end up with one rule or type of Offside for the Professional Game were Var is available and another for games were it isn't available etc. It seems the simplest answer is the make the Feet the Body part that has to be onside no matter how small the margin. In a standing position you can only lean over so much in any direction. Then it's a simple decision like last night . It's either onside or offside. The margin becomes
  11. Evans chance wasn't as easy as it looks. He was body checked by the defender trying to get past him. Which meant he wasn't properly set when the Ball came at him. Which in turn meant he couldn't get it on target. Small margins but the defender just done enough to put him off, Otherwise it was an easy header.
  12. Yes, The Sounthampton vs Utd game last week was the most recent example. The challenge wasn't that bad yet the game was over the minute it happened. Utd ran out easy 4 nil winners.
  13. Something like that, But you would still need the instant red card. Too many games are being ruined by early sending offs. When a period off the pitch would be enough.
  14. A Sin bin would be a better option. Where players are taken out of the game for 10 or 15 minutes.
  15. it's worse, At least back then we could only blame the Referee. Now we have the Referee and Var and still cant get it right. The technology is the right way to go. It's just that these mistakes shouldn't be happening. And more transparency is needed to justify decisions. We've missed a cup Final. And 2 points against Burnley and another 3 today against Chelsea. Which would have virtually guaranteed our top 4 finish. This situation just can't be allowed to continue. It's distorting the league and needs sorting. Otherwise Fans will begin to think that other forces are at play.
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