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  1. Not that it matters. I'm not sure were you are getting these from but according to his Wiki he played 355 times and many of them were as a sub. He did score 127 goals for utd. Either way he was a good player and picked up plenty of trophies at utd.
  2. I doubt that's right. he played 355 in total over 11 years and many of them were as a Sub. I always thought he was a very good player and wondered why he stayed when he clearly could have been a first team starter elsewhere.
  3. A good move by the Club to secure him for another 4 years. He's an excellent Keeper to have in the squad though you'd have to maybe question his ambition. Still that's for him to decide. I liken it to the Brian McClair situation at Utd in the 80s signed for big money had a good season or two then disappeared to the reserves. He Stayed their for 10 years or so. A very talented Scottish International yet became a bit part player at Utd. Mind you he was well paid and maybe that was his motivation, Or maybe he didn't like getting kicked around every week. Who knows why
  4. Don't forget to turn the Water off first. You'll need two shifters or a Spanner and Shifter. They can be awkward but doable if you fit under the Sink.
  5. That's Women for you Driving. They should be restricted to Prams. Now where did I put my wartime Helmet.?
  6. Interesting, So that could be the answer. You know what they say about a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
  7. I would totally agree with this. There's so many issues that players worry about particularly if they are young finding their feet or got themselves involved in something problematic. This could be anything from personnel performance to Gambling, Drugs etc. Who knows what. So anything that helps the players surely has to help with performances.
  8. I wasn't aware of that as I hadn't heard or read it anywhere. Thanks for making us aware. I thought when Claudio got rid of Ken Way we never replaced him. I delighted to hear we have something in place as anything that gives us an advantage is surely worthwhile. Especially these difficult times for everyone. After our abject first half performance I was just trying to figure out what was missing. Though it's fair to say that you could put the second half com back down to Brendan. While I'm not dismissing it I think it might have had as much to do with professional pr
  9. With respect lets leave his Celtic results aside as we all know how easy it is to win up their compared to the Premiership. Yes he's best placed but doesn't seem to have the gift of others I've mentioned. O Neill wasn't the best Coach he had Walford and Robertson for that. But he sent his teams out feeling 10 feet Tall in games which is why they punched way above their weight. I called the WH game as being a crunch game back in Jan,Feb, As I know Moyes strengths. So why such an abject performance in what was always going to be a difficult game. As has happened in other game
  10. You make some valid points regards performances but last years collapse had more to do with Brendans failings than the players IMO. Yes he was unlucky with injuries but also his approach to games cost us when a tighter approach might have yielded the few points we needed. That's in the past now. it's the small margins of how we prevent it happening again I'm trying to figure out. Yes injuries once again is a problem. So maybe we should be looking back to what we done during the 3 magic years leading to the title. What methods were used then and what has changed. At no time was
  11. During the Championship win great escape and Title winning year we had a Psychologist to support the players and get the best out of them. Claudio in his wisdom decided to get rid of him which many of us thought it was a foolish idea. Managers come and go but it's up to the Club to protect the fabric of the Club and do what's best for the Club. Given all that's happened with last years collapse and Covid etc. wouldn't it be a good time to bring back a psychologist to help the players through these difficult times. With so many tough games coming up It certainly could
  12. I just don't see Liverpool being involved at all. Not that they don't have the ability. But there's something very wrong in the Liverpool squad right now. They are blowing hot and cold and that usually means unrest within the squad so results suffer as we've seen for a while now. Chelsea will qualify along with Utd. So we need to perform at our best , If we do we should be ok. I also believe the improvement in the Weather will also help us, as it tends to help the better teams. with slicker passing.. The return of Barnes should also help. So many variables
  13. I agree with your assessment for the final 7 games except Southampton and Man utd. Southampton I think we will win but Utd I think out of Pride might want to beat us. Palace is the one that always worries me as they always trouble us. West Brom will apply the dark arts to try and beat us but we should have too much for them. Spurs I don't think will have anything to play for by then and as said already Kane and others will have their eye on the Euros. I think we'll get 4 to 5 Wins without the Chelsea game which should see us qualify. All if's and but's I know, But w
  14. I'm hoping a win on Sunday will get the feel good factor back. I didn't know we haven't won 4 on the bounce since then, With our quality we should have enough to beat them 4. Though Palace always trouble us and West Brom have a new drive in them. Then if we get ahead in both I think we'll hang on. Everton and Leeds could do us a few favors on the run in as they are unpredictable and have the quality to beat most teams on there day. It will certainly be an exciting run in with so much at stake. I just hope Brendan sends them out with a winning mind set like against Utd.
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