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  1. Hopefully, they do sign him and leave Kasper alone. We need to build around our best players to improve us.
  2. If this is the level of our ambition I'm getting seriously worried.
  3. A strange decision from Monk. Leeds are a big Club and if he has belief in his own ability then surely it was worth another season in the Championship. I suspect it was more to do with him either not getting the financial backing he wanted or the new Owners have other plans. He'sI think Leeds are the losers. He's a very good Manager and I like the way he quietly goes about his work. He's another I wouldn't mind seeing here if Shakey doesn't get the job.
  4. Agreed, If only we had Cambiaso around to help him in his development. We just need more quality to complement his talent.
  5. I wouldn't say it's a lack of confidence more a lack of sharpness and concentration as he's been out a while.
  6. I wouldn't be too down on him over those misses. Yes he should have scored but then you have to take account of the fact that he's coming back from injury and it can take a while to get your timing back. Happy or not I don't know are we talking about him being here, or unhappy he's not playing which I would expect from any player worth his salt. With a preseason behind him, he should do better, But I also agree if we can get our Money back then I'd take it and move on. Likewise with Musa.
  7. I don't know if he's happy or not but I do think we will see a better return from him next season provided we supply a better service both from wide and through the Center. But I also agree with you , he has to hit the ground running, Otherwise, ship him out before the window closes.
  8. Spurs away on that big pitch they'd likely score 10 against us.
  9. I don't think our Coaching is at the highest level. Holland despite being a small Country has been producing very good Coaches since the 70s and then the Cruyff Days. Koeman is a modern example. They do a lot of 1 to 1 Coaching. Improving the individual player's skills on and with the Ball. Here in the uk we tend to work in units and leaving Players to work on their own skills. I really think a Coach of that quality could bring a lot to our Club.
  10. I feel a little sorry for Slimani, He came here with a big reputation. A Ranieri choice, I suspect part of his plan to change the way we play. Then he gets injured and by the time he comes back Ranieri's gone and Shakey has the Team playing the old way and winning Matches. Slim is only getting on as a Sub and mostly when we're already losing. His movement is quite good but our lack of a quality midfielder doesn't help us get the best from him. I think both Vardy and Slim can play together provided they work on it preseason. But with Vardy predominantly playing the wide left role. If we're chasing games then we can bring on another Winger and Vardy can go inside closer to Goal. With a full preseason behind him, Slim will be better-prepared to know and understand the demands of the premiership. If we can sign a Ball playing midfielder like D Silva or Courtino then I feel we can get more out of Both Vardy and Slimani. But we have to find one of them from somewhere. We also need more Goals from midfield and for that reason surely Lawerence is worth a chance. Unlike DD he has long range Goals in him as well as a lot more pace and mobility. But I think, As Slimani is already here he is worth another season.
  11. A good shout and they know each other well. Also Sammy Lee, Someone who players could look up to after all his success with Liverpool. I'm sure both could do a good job for the Club. But I'd still like us to add a young up and coming Dutch Coach to the Staff.
  12. No one has answered the Ops Question. It's a long Summer without Football and some like to watch re-runs if possible. I guess youtube might be the best place to find the game.
  13. Some Chairman is going to have to act and threaten legal action before they wake up and introduce Video Technology. 6 Million is a lot to lose when a small bit of Technology can help. It should be introduced in the top two leagues first and then league one and two over a couple of years later. That's all you need in the short term. They have it in senior Rugby and it works fine. Club Rugby just carries on a normal with no problems, as everyone understands the situation. It's time Football moved with the times.
  14. Yes, it would. I actually did quite a bit of it before with a good degree of success. That's why I like to think I know what I'm talking about. A good scout is priceless just like a good Manager. Just look at how much money Walsh has made for the Club. He should never have been allowed to leave. the Club were foolish to appoint Rudkin over his head. Then Ranieri wouldn't go along with some of Walshe's recommendations. He rightly felt undervalued. Sadly I'm old enough to remember the great Liverpool teams of the 60,70,80s. They had a Chief Scout called Geoff Twentyman a former Liverpool player. He scouted all the greats from that period and was at the Club until Dalglish sacked him in the 90s. Look how little Liverpool managed to win since then. Very little. These type of people are priceless and when you get a good one you make sure to keep them happy. We know from last years debacle who was right and who was wrong. I only hope we've learned something from it.
  15. If we want to progress further we really need to replace Okazaki also. Other than nuisance value he offers nothing. Here's the problem I don't think we have the scouting nuance to Identify the players never mind to sign them. Example Liverpool picked Coutino from I think it was Barcelona's Youths. Now, look at him. Dembele from Celtic looks a great prospect. Ability and Youth worth 25 million easily on current prices. There out there you just have to know what you're looking for.