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  1. Next up.. STOKE (A)..pre match thoughts..

    You were doing well up to your last sentence. Vardy doesn't possess anything like the level of skill that Pedro or Rashford have. But I agree with you in that I do believe that Vardy could play the supporting role. He has very good positional sense, And his pace would take him, past people quickly for either chasing slipped in Balls or getting on the end of crosses. Because his movement is so quick he could even win us more Penalties. I think as our midfield gets stronger which it is, This is a scenario we could see. Vardy playing off Slimani. As we try and take the game to more Teams.
  2. Adrien Silva

    You have to feel sorry for Silva. after all of the Transfer, Saga, He'll be coming in halfway through the season and hoping to play for a Manager who didn't sign him. I think a lot will depend on how Puel sees him playing. whether it's a holding midfielder and let Iborra and NDiddi do all the running in a MF 3. Or we continue with wing backs and use two from the above 3. In which case it will be harder for him to split Iborra and NDiddi up. One thing is sure whenever he does get a chance to play he'll have to be ready and deliver, otherwise, it will be a season to remember for all of the wrong reasons.
  3. Transfer Window - January

    We really do need us to move a few on. The problem will be the money they're on unless they're prepared to take a substantial pay cut. I'd like to see Ulloa, Musa and Benny go along with King. If we could offload Slimani also, Although he has proved he has something to offer. Maybe to be replaced by Ben Arfa. I don't see the urgency with a RB, Unless Puel wants's to get in a more attacking FB. Simpson doesn't get injured and is one of best defensively. While Amartey has covered for him admirably when needed. As for incomings, I always liked Redmond and he's a real possibility if Mahrez is going. Another quality CB to partner Maguire for years to come is an option if Drago doesn't measure up. Maybe Ben Arfa also if Slimani leaves. I wouldn't rule out a left back to replace Fuchs but that will probably wait until the Summer, while Puel has a look at Chilwell playing Full Back.
  4. The Claude Puel Era - what will he bring?

    I think Appleton deserves great credit for the performances over the past week also. And I'm delighted he's staying. He likes to play Football as does Puel, so I think they can work well together, instilling more confidence on the Ball in the Squad. Puel is clearly a very good Coach in his own right. Sunday's lineup was one I was begging for, for a long time. Although not necessarily the same lineup. We were Balanced for the first time in years, As well as slick and aggressive especially the first half. I loved the fact that we took the game to the opposition in a game we knew we could. That won't always be the case but we should against the opposition we know we can. He'll bring a fresh look at the squad which may mean some leaving in January, While introducing some new style and systems of play. I also expect him to blood a few of the Younger players coming through the under 23s. All in all, I think he'll be a good Manager for us. If the pressure of the Job doesn't overtake him. Good luck to him and his Staff for the future.
  5. The Living Wage at LCFC

    I suspect it refers to mainly Match Day and Part-time Staff. But your right we could do better. a rising tide should lift all Boats.
  6. Daniel Amartey

    Last night will do his confidence a power of good. Really nice to see him start to fulfill his potential. He's a real athlete and looks another good one for the future.
  7. Leicester vs Leeds - League Cup match thread.

    So many Ps I forgot the A Cheers
  8. Leicester vs Leeds - League Cup match thread.

    Strikes me as MP trying to keep everyone happy with so many changes. We should be alright but it could blow up in his face. We need a quick start to unsettle them, Then take control like the Weekend.
  9. Next City Manager?

    Money, He's reported to be only on 500K a year at Watford. he took on Hull when they were struggling and not only saved them but beat Utd and Liverpool in the process. It does if you're offered him 10 times the salary he's on at Watford. He'd have a bigger spending budget with us also. Have you bothered to read anything about him. He's been a success everywhere he went. mostly with poor teams and little money. Even beating Arsenal in Europe.All his past players speak very highly of him both as a Manager and a Tactician. Only last Week Cleverly said he's the best Manager he's worked under. Guys this good don't come around too often, The right Manager is priceless. It's a guarantee of success. His signing are always top class also. 5 million for him and 5 million for Watford would be cheap at twice that price.
  10. Next City Manager?

    Just pay the money and get Marco Silva. He's the best candidate for us. A proven winner at every club he's been at. I cant see why we're dragging our feet. Young and hungry to succeed and all players who played for him speak highly of him. Just get him in. It'll prove the best 10 million investment we could make.
  11. Rudkin

    Walsh hasn't been picking the players at Everton, Koeman has. Walsh was appointed over his head by the Owners and they don't get along. Koeman wanted to pick his own players. The Owners had to pull them together recently to sort it out and Koeman agreed to leave signings to Walsh in future. Walsh being the gentleman that he is kept his silence at all times. You only have to look at his demeanor in the Everton stands compared to him here.
  12. Leeds pre-match thread

    We really need to win this match to keep momentum. Even if that means going full strength and then taking players off when in command. We have a squad and system that suits Cup Football. We could easily go all the way with a bit of luck in the Draws and the big Clubs using second strings in most games. To win it would take our profile back up there and help with recruitment of better players.
  13. Swansea post match 2-1

    Good result but I wouldn't get too carried away with it. Appleton deserves credit for his approach to the game by encouraging the players to take control of the game. Some players showed a marked improvement from recent games, notably Mahrez and Albrighton, makes you wonder what was going on behind the scenes. It was nice to see us play some nice football at times and move as a unit offering support to each other. Something that was lacking under CS. MP is known for his liking to play football and so hopefully we will show more of an attacking intent in games when possible. The performance will help with morale and confidence going into the upcoming games.
  14. Swansea away pre match thread

    I'd like us to go 3 at the back for this one. we shouldn't be worried about Swansea. Especially when they're down a few players. Let's take the game too them and blow them away, which we're well capable of. Kasper Simpson Morgan Maguire Fuchs Albrighton Ndidi Iborra Chilwell Mahrez Slimani Gray
  15. Shakey Statement

    I do feel for him but have to accept he contributed to his own downfall. I'm sure he'll get a Coaching job again soon.