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  1. Yes, i know but it's true. Players coming to this league rarely have the physical presence to cope with the intensity of the premiership. By the new season they're usually feeling stronger in themselves, more settled in their surroundings, the squad and trying to impress and do well. That's generally the way it works out as it did with Mahrez. Ghezzal will follow a similar path though maybe not to the same highs. But he has a lot of qualities I like, confidence in the ball, an eye for goal, willing to track back, plus he can play in a few positions which is usually the sign of a good player. This is why I hope we keep him at least one more year.
  2. Last season I named 14 players I'd have been happy to leave many of which is in your list of 13. The only one I'd keep is Ghezzal as I do think he will be much better next season after a full pre season. The one area that still worries me is our lack of physicality and I hope we address it in the Summer. We've dropped points to lesser teams because of it, notably Crystal Palace, Burnley, Wolves. Brighton. Though Wolves are decent. If we can address that and add a goal scorer then we'll be well on our way to top 7 Europe and good Cup runs.
  3. He is exactly the right man to deliver the strategy. Why, because it takes an educator to work with young players and deliver results. You have to be able to accept the mistakes while the players learn and improve sufficiently. Think of it as a degree course, our players are about 2 to 3 years into a 4 year course. Granted he has to get some results also and quickly as we still need to break 40 points. I'd like to see that achieved asap then maybe blood one of two others before the seasons end. If Puel can deliver that then with a good T/F Summer we should be good for top 7 next season. We're getting so close that the last thing we need is any upheaval.
  4. There's no doubt the team performed better as a unit without Vardy. The balance and movement was so much better particularly going forward. Yes we know Gray is not really a striker but his pace movement and quick feet allowed him to provide the extra man in the trangle, which provided chances for himself and others.I This is exactly the type of movement played by Liverpool albeit with better players. Had Barnes taken his chances nobody would be too concerned about Vardy being left out. Barnes will continue to improve and all he needs to do is relax when presented with his next chance and he score. Then he'll get better and score double figures every season for us. It's not the end for Vardy either though, But I think it will be horses for courses in the games he plays. Or he needs to keep improving his all round game which to be fair to him he has been doing.I I'd like to see Ward given a run in place of Kasper also, As I don't think he's been at his best lately. Things are getting better all the time and I hope Puel keeps experimenting for the rest of this season. Then with 1or 2 additions in the Summer we'll be well set for a great year next season.
  5. He needs to be replaced by Ward. He could have done better for the first and third goals today. It's been a similar story in recent games.
  6. A terrific performance all round today. We really didn't deserve to lose and it just came down to small margins. Had Vardy scored the penalty it would have ended 2-2 as we would have not been pushing forward. Tilemans looks a good addition to the squad once he settles in. We need to push on though and get a few results, otherwise Puel will be in trouble. We are developing a very good young team and just need to make a few additions in the Summer to the squad.
  7. I thought Wilf and Chilwell were our best players today. Tielemans looks a very good player and playing with Wild will improve him no end. Dropping him was more to do with giving him a rest than anything g to do with form etc.
  8. Didn't Maddison play a defensive midfield role for Norwich. Maybe he could play alongside NDiddi and let Tileman's play the forward role, seen as he's supposed to have a Goals in him. With Chilwell and Ricardo raiding down the wings along with Barnes and Gray or Ghezzell we should be able to hold on to the ball better. While creating chances for Vardy and others.
  9. I've been saying all season how good the kid is. He should be playing in a 3 in Midfield every week. I just love his attitude.
  10. We can sign all the players we like but Vichi will always be the best signing the Club ever made.
  11. Well done Susan and rightly deserved. She is the rock that our great clubs success has been built on. Within every successful organisation there's always one person driving that success who generally don't get the recognition they deserve. They usually busy themselves in the background not looking for plaudits just happy in their personal success knowing they are doing a good job. Susan is one of those people and we're very lucky to have her here. She will be the one to guide Top through these difficult times for him and his family. She fully deserved this honour and the respect from all fans of our great Club.
  12. In a strange way we're victims of our progress with possession football. Teams have worked out that they will likely get carved open if they play an open game against us. Which is why they pack their defence to Frustrate us which is working so far. But the possession game is also the reason we're getting closer to the big teams. With another window and the right additions we can continue to close the gap.
  13. To think Middlesbrough have just signed Mikel former Chelsea player. He could have been a good signing with lots of experience to help Wild and Mendy.
  14. I like him and think he has the talent to step up. It's a massive culture shock to change countries and also learn a new language while trying to fit in to the club. He has rightly identified the areas he needs to work on so that's a good start. next season he'll be physically stronger and better able to cope. i think his better position is inside as he doesn't look quick enough for a winger. He also has an eye for goal which we need badly. Im sure we will see more of him next season when he's well settled in.
  15. I've thought for a while that the players are not fit enough. Maybe they are tired before games. One thing I know is players need a break between training and match days.
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