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  1. Your perfectly right, He's less of a one trick pony now and has added timing, positioning and guile to his skill set. Plus it helps greatly when your Manager has great confidence in you. That rubs off on players and it's one thing BR is good at delivering.
  2. Pace is always important, It's the one skill you cant really Coach. Players either have it or they don't. What is difficult is to find a Striker with Pace Skill and Strength.
  3. I agree, Arsenal may be a bigger club than us but guess what ?. But for me there's no one bigger than the Foxes. Guess what though. The Times are a changing. The Super Foxes are coming stay on board and enjoy the ride.Unlike boring Arsenal it's never dull with the Foxes.
  4. I totally agree, But my point is, if BR and the Club had decided to sell Chilwell, then surely with BR having direct contact and knowing Tierney well, Surely he would have been in his Ear to come here. Unless of course he doesn't think he'd be good wnough in the Premiership.
  5. Home grown local Lad. His Mum probably still does his washing why would he want to leave. If we got Champions league that only leaves one thing, Money. A big silly Contract at Stupid United. They have more money than sense.
  6. Surely BR wouldn't have let Tierney go to Arsenal if we had any plans to sell Chilwell.
  7. He's a bit old for us at 27 and doesn't fit our profile. So I doubt we have any real interest unless he's a bit special.
  8. I know what you mean. Is that Hirst or Chan who doesn't have the pace of Vardy. ? It may well be that we have to change our whole approach, Which is what I think we need as a pan B
  9. I haven't seen him play so cannot comment but he's the right age and at 6ft 3 in he's going to win a few more headed goals than Vardy.
  10. It can be very hard for a young Man to live up to his Fathers reputation. He hasn't done it yet, But the best thing he can do is just be himself, train and work hard like all good players and see where that takes him. We should definitely be searching worldwide for a replacement for Vardy. Not necessarily the same type of player but a player who can lead the line and also has pace.
  11. Why, We owe it all to Pearson. He created the Blueprint for success and sold it to the Owners.
  12. He's definitely strong and not afraid of a tackle, Just what we need in the midfield, As it's not really Madders or Youri's best assets. Which is why I'd keep him in the team.
  13. yes you are right, We do lack composure on the Ball, But that will come with time, the more we play that way. I'm really not that convinced that Rogers has the adaptability to be a top Coach. It just seems daft to continue with Maddison out wide where is options are limited and as you rightly say makes it difficult for Vardy by closing the space he loves. The only reason I can see is BR wants him to get an understanding of the wide position or another view of the game as part of his learning. He's much better in the center where we get the best out of his skills. He can go left or right, slip someone in or take on the shot himself. We also lack balance when he moves too many players around to unfamiliar positions. Consequently mistakes happen. I'd much prefer to see us with a strong midfield as I mentioned above with Maddison, Tileimans, Praet and Chilwell and Ricardo providing the width, with NDiddi tidying up anything that gets through them. This would improve our possession and makes us more difficult to play against. We let too many teams get at our back 4 too easily when the object is to keep them away from our goal. We are a much better team than that when set up correctly. I just can understand why BR can see that also. I had a chat with a longtime Liverpool supporter after the game the other day. He said BR is a good Coach but only knows how to play one way. In that he builds the team he likes and the structure he likes then sends them out to play, and it;s up to the opposition to beat them. His problem was when other teams get the better of his team then he's lost as to how to effect the game. Which is pretty much what happened against utd. But its still early days so we will wait and see.
  14. Yes I know what you mean. Silva liked to dwell on the Ball. Praet likes to keep it moving and makes his mind up quickly. I think apart from his pace he'll be a good addition to the team when he settles in. I'd like to see us play Him with Youri and Mads in a midfield 3 with Ndiddi cleaning up the gaps and Feeding Vardy and Perez. With Ricardo and Chilwell providing the width. This would make us stronger in midfield and going forward while keeping the opposition further from our goal.
  15. He is very good on the Ball and has a proper midfielders instinct when getting forward. But I was surprised how slow he was when he chased back to cover Ricardo. He was slow. That.s another concern We're not the quickest apart from NDiddi, Ricardo and Vardy. This means we need to be better in possession and not give the Ball away easily. Which is what BR is striving to get us to do.
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