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  1. I totally agree, I just find it baffling that the Club can't see how much we need one. He doesn't have to cost a fortune either. Someone like Houlihan of Norwich among others could do a job for us.
  2. I just thought this late at night you might have forgot about gray. I totally agree with Chilwell playing in the LW role and Albrighton on the right, That way we get proper support for the full backs. While adding their considerable attacking ability. I'd even go so far as to suggest on current evidence of Mahrez it would make us stronger.
  3. Haven't we got Gray already.
  4. It sounds a bit too good to be true, I'm just wondering whats the catch. Bags of experience, I just hope he still has the desire. But he would be great for Maguire to learn from.
  5. Yes he reminds me very much of Howard in his younger days. Stats are helpful but they never tell the whole story. I'd have Rondon all day long before Slimani. but to be fare to Slim he hasn't had a lengthy run in the team so maybe he'll change my mind this season.
  6. i can see the similarities but he's not nearly as good as Rondon on the Ball. if 'we're to get the best from Slim we need to play two wingers Gray and Mahrez or else Two wing backs. Chilwell and Albrighton. That's what I would do. But I don't see Shakey changing our system anytime soon.
  7. Nepotism, Isn't he the Chairman's Nephew.
  8. You make a very valid point but funnily I just suggested two banks of four against Arsenal. The difference being Id go with Chilwell and Albrighton on the outside of Iborra and Ndiddi. They both can play both ways, getting forward quickly while defending when needed. But more importantly they'll actually take up good defensive positions and put a tackle in, unlike Mahrez. For all his undoubted skill on the Ball he just doesn't do enough. As for pushing further up the pitch. Yes we could do that but that would mean Fuchs and Simpson tucking in a little to cover the CBs. Otherwise were likely to be picked off by someone with Vardy's pace.
  9. Both posts pretty much spot on. I've said before I believe James is a much better player than DD. It just remains to find out if he's recovered enough from his injury. so far he's looking good whereas DD is looking sluggish. I'd go with 4 across the middle. Chilwell Iborra NDiddi Albrighton. Both Chilwell and Albrighton do the defensive duties very well. While they also have the ability to get forward in the wide positions. With the same back 4 as yesterday. Arsenal are likely to have a lot of possession, It's important that we're close to them to keep breaking up their play. Then Vardy and Iheanacho if he signs up top. But we will need everyone working their socks off. If there's one win I want more than any other this season it's against Arsenal. I've lost all respect for Wenger.
  10. Mahrez also contributed to the first goal. He stood looking at Courtino move inside before chipping it for Salah. As you say he gets back but then leaves it to others to stop the attack.
  11. I've said it before his biggest problem is he doesn't really know the game. Loses concentration and switches off. He needs to be schooled as to what to do, but once he learns he'll be a great asset. He's quick and strong but very young and immature. A loan to a Championship would at least help him get more experience. When Courtino cut inside yesterday he just stopped completely. When he should have either got after him or took up a covering position. They're exactly the kind of mistakes Schoolboys make until they understand the game. Somewhere in his body I do think potentially is a very good player, Only time will tell.
  12. Thanks, Keep us informed of anything you hear.
  13. We're going to be massive.
  14. The problem is when you are a big Club it's harder to move people on. But we do need that creative midfielder before any other position.
  15. I think he's conflicted, He's happy at Swansea but see's the ambition at Everton and Here and cannot make up his mind. Probably prefers Everton with all their signings. But then he could earn 1+ million more here per year. That's not to be ignored by anybody.