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  1. Clever Fox

    Jack Wilshere

    If he's smart he;ll go abroad where the game isn't as physical. He is a good player but he'd be too much of a liability for us to take the risk. There's better options out there for the money he'd cost.
  2. Clever Fox

    Gray to Lazio

    He's had plenty of chances, We can't wait forever for him to deliver when there are better options out there. I'd take the money and move on.
  3. Clever Fox


    Granted Drago go a raw deal but you also have to remember Morgan was both team and club captain. Therefore it made it hard to leave him out. As to our style we had to change even Ranieri knew that and tried and failed because players were protecting their own interests. Purl is determined to see that change through and rightly so.
  4. Clever Fox


    You could look at it in the context that having got us safe the the first 8 games he took the opportunity to evaluate the squad to find out the dept of talent left to deal with. Having made his assessment he's bringing in players to plug the weaknesses in the squad. Going by the 2 signings and targets he's doing a good job. Not quite true, Klopp has players train to within an inch of their lives. The Coach, was his right hand man who left recently. Who also persuaded him to sign Salah, Klopp didn't really believe in Salah. But you are right, it takes time to build a team, generally 3 years, which is roughly how long it took City and Liverpool. Purl is a well respected French Coach, and from a period when France has produced quite a few top top Teams/Coaches/ Managers. I think the only thing in question is if he has the ability to manage at a high level. His record suggests with a Club willing to spend and give him time to bring a few players in he can be a success. His first two signings here look to fit the bill. With a few more signings and a full pre season I think we'll be ok. What I am sure of the Man deserves to be given a fair chance.
  5. Clever Fox

    Solomon Kvirkvelia

    Yes we have to go 3 in midfield, Silva is neither tall enough or strong enough to play in a two. Who is this lad Sturaro. ? I haven't heard of him.
  6. Clever Fox


    14 seconds before the first game.
  7. Clever Fox

    Musa to Galatasaray loan

    Not really, If we can move him on quickly then he'd only cost us a few million. Part of his fee plus Salary. A loan for a year would recover some of that while also giving him a chance to improve his profile again. All part of the weird way football works.
  8. Clever Fox

    Solomon Kvirkvelia

    This is exactly what we need a bit more physicality once they're also mobile. Now we'll win some headers at set plays and bully a few people.
  9. Clever Fox

    Mario Gotze

    Based on his Medical condition I cant see us sign him. But a loan with an option to buy might be worth a punt.
  10. A tough start again, I just hope Puel has them ready for it, Otherwise he could be out as quick as Shaky. less worried about the final three unless we get into trouble, They could end up meaningless games by then also.
  11. Clever Fox

    Silly New Rules

    No 7. Can Rachel and Natalie Sawyer be on our Team.
  12. Clever Fox

    James Maddison

    We can't afford to lose him, Just get it done. I suspect the delay in getting people out is holding up our in comings. I'd hate if we lose him. Especially to Everton.
  13. Clever Fox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Are we waiting to reach 100 pages before we announce he's gone. I suspect it might be because we want to being in one or two more, without having our pockets picked knowing that they're full. He'll always be a legend here and I hope he goes on and gets better, Then we can say we made him the top player he is. It's just a pity he soured his relationship with a lot of people.
  14. Clever Fox

    Brendan Rodgers

    Chilwell and Iheanacho have improved along with NDiddi and Maguire. He's given Choudry and Barnes some game time and they are looking the better for it. Both playing for England under 21s If you can't see that then maybe you might be following the wrong sport. Southhampton, Didn't he take them to the league cup final and a Top half finish. Neither Koeman nor Pochettino managed that. He wouldn't have been my choice and I'm not saying he's perfect. But I do believe he can take us forward if given the chance. He hasn't blown 200+ million like Rodgers at Liverpool, Wheras Puel's signings albeit only 3 so far all look good signings. As do the reported targets we're after. Your right most Fans are fickle and just want to see the team win which is understandable. I'll bet Southampyon Fans regret hounding him out and would gladly settle for Puels top half finish now. Instead of relegation. Hindsight can be wonderful. Real and lasting progress takes time coupled with good Management, signings and a little luck. I just feel having given him the job then we have to give him the time and a Window or two to see if he can improve our position.To do otherwise would be foolish.
  15. Clever Fox

    Rudkin and Wheelan

    Funnily I thought Macia was head of recruitment. Rudkin just closes out the deals.