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  1. Ndidi to Liverpool

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/5597968/victor-wanyama-liverpool-emre-can-tottenham-replacement/ Post in the Sun claims there after Wanyama from spurs to replace Can.
  2. Ndidi top tackler in the league

    Yes we do Firstly they have huge Debts we don't. Secondly our Owners are wealthier than the Americans who are only looking to sell and get out. They said as much last year. It's time people stopped referring to us as a small club. Those days are thankfully behind us for the foreseeable future.
  3. Ndidi top tackler in the league

    I just can't see us selling Wilf. We're building for the top 6 not helping our opposition to dismantle our team. Owners need to come out early and say our best players are not for sale. We have more Money than Liverpool and improving well under Puel. He'll develop better here under Puel tutelage, and become a top player without the added pressures of a club like Liverpool. Klopp reminds me of the people who used to flog Horses until they drop and then dump them when they had no more to give. His methods end careers early. Wilf would be foolish to go there.
  4. Kasper Schmeichel

    I haven't seen him play but if he's any good then maybe we could get him as part of the possible Mahrez deal in the Summer.
  5. Kasper Schmeichel

    Yes you are correct, But brilliant is not a word I would use for him, Competent with room for improvement I feel suits him better. He doesn't seem to be moving like he used to and getting crazy looking blocks on shots. He's also stopped coming for crosses again. It's like he has good days and feels supremely confident, Then other days when he's just rooted to the goal line. Anyone missed MOTD last night should look at Newcastle's Keepers playing his first game on loan. Outstanding performance and available for 4 million apparently and only 23 / 24 years of age,
  6. Puel

    We were struggling to contain them no matter who or what system we played. They're going for the title and giving it everything, Plus they have a very fluid system with plenty of movement. That makes it extremely difficult to pin them down. There movement off the Ball is so good and they don't worry too much about defense, knowing that they will unlock you eventually. The first half was ok because we were containing them further up the field. when we went to a four we invited them to the edge of the Box and that's where we struggled. They were able to move more players forward from defense into midfield and attack. Had we have stayed the same 2nd half I doubt it would have made much of a difference. Puel made a choice that's what he's there for. Sometimes they work sometimes they don't., but at least he was proactive looking for a solution. One thing I will say for him is that some of football interplay in the first half was absolutely sublime. Especially from Silva NDiddi and Diabate. Long may it continue. I just hope we learned something from the game for the future.
  7. Adrien Silva

    I'm sure he'll be along soon with an alternative view point.
  8. Adrien Silva

    Yes quite possible, i think both himself and Mahrez could do very well in attacking the opposition. But we need to sort out who is going to win it back for us. Wilf can't be everywhere. Maybe Mendy will do that job if he comes back in the Summer. Although personally I'd prefer someone who is taller and more mobile. Maybe give Amartey a run in there and see how he gets on. Nothing to lose really.
  9. Adrien Silva

    I don't think I have, David has proven himself a Premiership player over a few seasons now. However I do see where you're coming from. He's lucky that he plays in a team where others do the graft for him. but when h gets on the Ball he rarely wastes it. Man City can afford to indulge him because of the quality of their other players. We don't have that luxury yet. ( But we are getting closer ) Adrian Silva I feel still has to prove himself a Premiership player. We'll know more when he gets clattered a few times. But he certainly looked a tidy player yesterday first half.
  10. Adrien Silva

    He's a lovely touch player. Some of his short passing was sublime first half. He looks to be a similar style to David Silva. I'm still not sure however if he has the physicality and the pace to compete in the Premiership.
  11. Matty Fryatt Retires

    A great servant at a time when we didn't have much to cheer about. He was a natural goalscorer and reacted quicker than most in the box. Vardy for instance doesn't possess the goal scoring ability Matty had. It's Vardy's explosive pace that gives him an edge. Had Matty anything like Vardy's pace then he would most certainly have moved on to a top Premiership Team. at the time. He was never the same after the bad facial injury.
  12. Well done the Thais

    This situation could end up costing Mahrez everything he's already made from the game. He's lucky that we're playing Man City this Saturday as he wouldn't have been allowed play in that game, So it probably bought him a bit more time to get over things. But if he's not back at training on Monday then expect the legal Writs to start fling around. The last thing he needs now is more publicity. He'll make himself into a Pariah untouchable by other Clubs.
  13. Maybe we could get Wise to sort Riyad's head out for him.
  14. Six Nations 2018

    As good as the drop Goal was, The pass out to the right wing was pure genius. It turned the French and help gain further ground, While giving the irish forwards a chance to regroup and get a small breather. A great finish to the game.
  15. Six Nations 2018

    Yes, The level of concentration from both sides I thought was immense. I wouldn't call myself an expert on Rugby despite watching it for 50 years. But I thought both Teams deserved great credit. I still don't think you can recover in 7 days from those tackles and bruising Scrums. Ireland were nearly caught out by Italy last year and Scotland beat them. So it's still a challenge for them to get to the last game undefeated.