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  1. It sounds more like Wayne Sleep.
  2. Chilwell looks like his Mother dressed him in that Photo. James actually looks fit in it. He must be working hard on his fitness.
  3. On a separate issue, I though all 4 goalkeepers pulled off some incredible saves.
  4. I wouldn't be worried about either of them, But I'd prefer to see Derby. Lampard has done it a bit like Pearson and deserves credit. It looks as if he'll be off to Chelsea and so Derby will be back in the Sheep shit.
  5. I just have a feeling that he's no more than Rogers mouthpiece. I could be completely wrong though.
  6. Yes, That's what I meant by experience, He needs to learn the game and was doing that Nicky under Puel. His positioning was getting much better and his confidence was growing. He just needs to pick up where he left off and continue his progress. It wouldn't surprise me if he gets back in at rb with Ricardo pushing forward again. But he has to get back playing first.
  7. I think he is going to be a big player for us going forward. He has all the attributes needed, all he needs is the game time and experience. I think Brendan will bring out the best in him.
  8. He certainly knows hot to head a ball, Which is an area we need to improve on.
  9. Very one footed but has real pace and physicality. He can certainly strike a Ball.
  10. Amartey won't be going anywhere, He was looking like he was getting better and better before hid unfortunate injury.
  11. The game lacked an early goal to give it a bit of impetus. Though it always had an end of season feel to it., Ricardo and Chilly were excellent as usual, Hamza was excellent in breaking up play and even started a few moves. I thought Tielemans was our MOTM. His quality just shone at times. He reads the play so quickly and reacys positively. He surely would have added to his Goal Tally but for Vardy's poor pass. And as has been said he was rightly pissed off with Maguire when he didn't pass him the Ball. I hope he is still here next season.
  12. This is likely finished now that Fuchs has signed a new Contract.
  13. He would be a good replacement for Maguire but if he is coming as a replacement then I think one of the other CBs will be leaving.
  14. Capable yes , We;re definitely capable of doing multiple deals.. But with the other projects ongoing, We;re obviously working of a limited budget. So by not knowing how much the Tielemans deal is going to cost. Surely means we're limited in how much we can spend on other targets. Which also means we could miss out on some key targets. We should have learned our lesson from the Silva debacle.
  15. As much as I'd like us to sign Tielemans, What we most certainly don't need is this deal dragging on for week after week. Either we get this done before the end of the month or we should move on. The last thing we need is this deal effecting our other transfer business because of the money involved. By dragging it out we could miss out on other targets.
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