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  1. I so hope you are right. He did do a great job at Swansea under a lot less pressure. And a decent job at Liverpool. I'm not convinced he's an improvement on Puel that many seem to think he is. Some of his decisions seem strange to say the least. And he only seems to have one way of playing. That only works for a while. You have to be able to mix it up to keep the opposition guessing. What worries me more is he's going to be given our accumulated profits from the past few years to sign players without any real record of spending well. Reminds me of when we gave Taylor a blank Cheque book and he nearly Bankrupted the Club. The Team is positioned nicely, A few good additions will move us forward. Too many squad fillers and we're likely to lose the top talent we have. Which could set us back further. I guess the first signing should tell us something.
  2. It's all ifs and buts now and it's fair to say that the injuries done us no favors. But there's only one person to blame for the collapse and it's Brendan.He He clearly sees himself as a top Manager, yet fails to deliver when given the opportunity. He has to do much better next season starting with quality signings in key areas. Then developing a system to get the best from them. I'f he starts the season with endless passing and no penetration again he'll be slaughtered. His honeymoon period is clearly over. He simply has to deliver. No excuses.
  3. Surely UEFA have the right to Ban clubs from competitions . So the minute they refused to cooperate they should have been banned from competition. That would have brought them into line quickly.
  4. Clever Fox


    A decent player not what we need though. We need a brute who can also play and is more mobile. We should grab Decouore from Watford while we can.
  5. I think we do need Hamza playing today to break up play further from our Goal. I'd also go with Perez in there as he can mix it up by defending and getting into their Box. Save Nacho and Barnes for 2nd half. if we're chasing the game. Lets hope De Gea has another Blooper day also.
  6. Fair point, If we lose he'll get slated for blowing it in the 2nd half of the season.
  7. Watford Owners are just stupid for getting involved in Dressing room discussions between Manager and players regardless of what was said. The Boardroom is the place for those discussions and actions. When it comes to setting up a club Pearson has no equals. He's also a players manager in that he motivates team to do better personally. From which the team obviously benifits. It was unfortunate what happened here but I still feel the owners have a lot of respect for him, given what he achieved here. He has a stubborn nature and I feel finds it difficult to see to accept an alternative point of view. As demonstrated by our near relegation in our great escape. Many of us could see what was wrong with the team so why couldn't he see it sooner. That was his blind spot. You have to be able to adapt to games as they unfold. Which Raniere, Puel and Rogers are better at. With our league win Raniere got lucky with the situation he inherited, But you can't say he was a lucky Manager as you don't get lucky for 9 Months of the season. He was smart enough to change very little and keeping the players happy. While brilliantly handling the media. Something Pearson struggles with. As much as I love him I think the Club he set up has outgrown him. And will continue to search for Managers in that 10% of Managers at the top of the game. Manager's are generally on a hiding to nothing with modern Owners, Because its their Money they think they should dictate everything from player recruitment to the running of the club. Then blame the manager when things don't go right. Which is why we are so lucky to have the Owners we have. I've every confidence they'll do whatever it takes to keep us challenging at the top of the table.
  8. He was unlucky yesterday as mistakes up the pitch don't always lead to goals. I'm sure he's at home feeling shattered having played 2 games in 3days. Definitely one for the future. A loan to gain experience seems the best option for next season.
  9. Another one for the exit as he offers very little. A poor defender no pace and little skill. A cheap young player would offer more.
  10. I hope he sells us Doucoure before he goes.
  11. I'd say not been able to shift any of the fringes players had a lot to do with it. Had we have managed to sell Slimani and Silva etc this would have put us in a strong position to add to the squad. It's not much different now. We need to move people out even at a loss to get them of the payroll. Then we'll have a bigger picture of how much we have to spend and how many we can bring in.If Chilwell goes then that obviously increases our spending. I think we'll bring in 3 first team players and 2 or 3 upcoming players to fill out the squad.
  12. That;s a very valid point. The standard of the league might be poor, That doesn't mean individual players are all poor. I'd say the general standard of Coaching is every bit as good in Scotland as it is in England.
  13. I didn't know Ali was out. But that lad Bergwijn is useful from what I've seen. It really depends on which Spurs turn up. If they're at it then we'll have a difficult game. Managers always talk up the game to their team. They've really nothing to play for as I see it only pride. Let's hope they're already on the Beach.
  14. One thing I'm sure of is that we need to take our chances when they come. We cannot be as wasteful as Thursday night and still expect to keep winning. They're strength is up front with Kane Moura and Song and Alli in the hole. We need to try and stop them further up the pitch and try to grind them down to the where they usually give up trying. As it means very little to them, Lets hope they are not all that interested and more concerned at not getting injured for their Holidays. I'd take a draw now but a win would be nice.
  15. He was excellent the other night and it's clear that Brendan has been working with him to expand his options up front. In stead of waiting for an over the top Ball or into the channels. He was dropping back into space and picking up Balls where defenders didn't want to go after him. If he can keep that up then he'll get even better and develop into a more rounded player and contribute even more into the future.
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