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  1. Yes I've noticed he hasn't been moving a freely the last few games. I expected him to be rested for the Stoke game and was surprised when he wasn't. We can't keep giving him injections when it's rest and recovery that's needed. I wont be surprised if he doesn't start tomorrow night either. We need to sign someone on loan as there's too much at stake. Or else change the way we play and get Perez and maybe even Iheanacho and Under into the Team.
  2. Mr 100 % That's what he is. No matter how good or bad he plays he always give 100 %. And that's all you can ask from any player. I felt so sorry for him when he made that breakthrough run 2nd half Similar to Harvey's but didn't have the legs to get him to Goal where he mostly likely would have scored. All he could do was check up and try and find Vardy. I just love him. What a free signing.
  3. Youri done a lot of the dirty work yesterday which normally goes unnoticed. That's aside from laying on the first Goal which was well taken by Maddison. He's so skillful when on the Ball but is now adding a physical strength to his game by holding of challenges which he was losing out on last season. Both he and Wilf are working so well together.
  4. No, It's just another 3 points with a long way to go. But it certainly would be a big result for us to continue to build on.
  5. No he wasn't, He was one of our better players when he came on. Including getting in a saving tackle when Southampton were likely to score at 1 nil. He's technically very good with a quick Brain and quick feet and takes up good positions in the box. Who also has a 25% scoring rate. Which I'm sure is better than Kelechi Iheanacho. If he get's any kind of a run in the team he'll show what a good player he is. We may need him if Jamie is going to be missing games.
  6. Harvey has improved greatly in 12 Months and will continue to do so. But he's not ready to lead the line if Vardy is out. For me that has to be Perez, You could see tonight what a clever player he is and also has quick feet. He can play in tight areas.
  7. They'd have to pay for the new Training ground plus the Extension to the King Power to have any chance of getting him.
  8. Message to Brendan, Brendan please show him in training how to run onto a Ball and keep it down. He has everything else.
  9. It wasn't the real Vadry but yes the CB played very well.
  10. I think it was the state of the pitch and all the work they put in caught up on them eventually. They gave it a real go though.
  11. To me. Vardy never looked right all night. Every run looked labored.
  12. A great win against difficult opponents. Wilf MOTM. followed by Evans and JJ and Albrightons defensive play.
  13. The pitch is not helping our quick football that we like to play. We need to find a Goal to force them to stop trying.
  14. This is made for Under now his direct play and pace will trouble them.
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