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  1. Yes it seems logical and necessary that people can self test to try and keep on top of it.
  2. The cloth is Wool so it will suffer from moisture even if under a Canopy. It may not be visible to the naked eye but will effect the role of the balls. It's microscopic balls of water held by the Wool. I'd make sure to cover the cloth with a sheet of Polystyrene then a cover over that again. Then you should be fine.
  3. I just love him. There's no better Manager in the Premiership to set up a Club for success than Nigel. What he done here is nothing short of a Miracle.
  4. To protect the integrity of the league I'd have Liverpool play the 2 or 3 games they need for the title. Even if it's behind closed doors. Then just go with the present standings for the rest. Similarly the same with the bottom clubs. I'd play any head to heads and see if that sorts out the relegation issues. Nothing is going to be perfect but something has to be done. This way results will be settled on the pitch.
  5. Vilamoura in late April for a few games of Golf. I haven't lifted a club since last there in November the weather has been so bad. Not sure We'll get there now. I guess it's all wait and see till the last minute.
  6. A very accomplished performance from the young man. I loved his confidence on the Ball. He wasn't afraid to get forward and commit defenders or offer support for Harvey. He looked like he's been there all season. A great find at 5 mill.
  7. I thought they were both brilliant complementing each other. Praet has that bit of Steel we needed along with his Class on the ball. Wilfs passing has improved so much along with his breaking up the play, that he's now priceless to us. I'd like to see this partnership develop further as it will make it harder for teams to get at us.
  8. Shades of Southampton 9 nil tonight. We were strong and positive all over the pitch tonight. Evans and Soyoncu were rock solid in defense. James Justin, it was so refreshing to see him take on players in the first half and also excellent in defense. Praet and NDiddi played like I thought they would together with one covering the others mistakes. We looked so much better in midfield with the two in there. Harvey was so fresh and alive to everything around him tonight. Made a mug of Reina and took his 2 Goals with great skill and pace. Albrighton's experience shone true also with his passing and work rate. Cannot say anything against Nacho tonight, He tried hard but nothing worked for him. Then along comes Vardy to finish the Job with a great comeback. Though the penalty was poor. Thankfully Reina dived left. On to Watford, Lets hope Nigel and Deeney goes easy on us. We need another win and performance to re install the confidence in the Team.
  9. He just needs to play closer to the front 2 Vardy and Nacho. He's not quick enough to be playing deeper and trying to get forward. His best position is across the line making and give wall passes into space for the other two. Picking up a few Free kicks and Penalties along with a few Goals in the process. I'd have Praet and Wilf behind him playing the deep midfield rolls.
  10. I wouldn't say it's a must win but a win would certainly lift a lot of pressure of BR and the players. We've simply got to up the Tempo of our passing and movement. Get more players and Balls into the Box and chances will come. I waiting for Wilf to score a YA YA Toure ala Man city Goal for us against somebody. He has it in him. He just needs to relax when the opportunity presents itself and get his body over the Ball, and Bang 1 nil to us. Come on Lads give us a win. It's a long week to be miserable until the next game.
  11. Nacho is proving he has a more expansive game than just being a good striker. He deserves a run in the Team to help him get more settled. Then I think he can be a very valuable player for us.
  12. Very true, I also have a theory for a while now from watching the players play and it's this. Has Rodgers stopped the players from taking chances as in beating a man before passing. Because looking at us now, every player wants to pass the Ball rather than commit a defender. Our passing game simply isn't quick enough and our movement and passing isn't very good going forward. Our positioning in the Box is extremely poor. BR needs to point out to the players where he expects them to be in certain situations. As they don't seem to be doing it naturally. Attacking Corners are another area doesn't seem right. Evans and Soync seem like they're marking each other when they come forward. Why not one center and one at the back post. And if you don't win the corner, target the Ball landing areas. We don't do any of these things very well. These are all reasonably easy issues to resolve but nothing seems to be happening. I see them game after game and that's down to the Manager.
  13. Yes, Cantwell would be a good young signing. Maybe Maddison can give him the Thumbs up to come here.
  14. Yes quite true, But their Contracts are built into our Wage budget over the Contract lifetime. This effectively means we cannot commit to new Contracts as we have to stay within FFP. Rules. Loaning them out is helping the accounts but not necessarily the Balance sheet as we still have the Commitment sitting there. What usually happens is they are paid a percentage of their Contract to cancel it and move to another club. They're sitting on the Balance sheet valued at 50 Million plus Salary Contracts of 10 to 20 Million. They have no future here it seems so just clean up the situation by getting rid and bring in two more players who are badly needed to advance the team further. Yes it will most likely cost us 10 to 20 million in resale value less any savings in salary. But that's the nature of the business. We've done really well from the Maguire and Mahrez Transfers plus lesser amounts from others. You never get them all right that's the nature of the Transfer Market. We just need to take the hit and move forward. As the team is crying out for a couple of key signings. A big summer coming up
  15. Hopefully a Sale. He's holding up our recruitment as he's a big Wedge on the Payroll as is Silva. they both need to go.
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