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  1. Clever Fox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    I'd say WB would bite our hand of for a deal at 10 Million. His career is clearly taking off and good luck to him. He can have a big future here with us as part of our developing very young and talented squad being assembled by Puel. Let both grow together.
  2. Clever Fox

    Matty James - Our future together

    It's a pity what happened to his career due to injuries. But you cannot build a team around players who are constantly missing due to injuries. Therefore I'm afraid it's time for both him and the Club to move on. He's unlikely to get regular game time here which is what he needs to get back his fitness. He should be allowed leave in January even on a free for services rendered.
  3. Clever Fox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    They certainly could play together. I'd move Maddison to the right into the 8 role and bring Barnes into the 10 role. This would give us a much better balance to the midfield with huge attacking options plus goals galore from different areas. The future is looking so good for us.
  4. Clever Fox

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    He's served us well but it's time for him to go. We should have taken the 5 mil from Newcastle last season.
  5. Clever Fox

    Nathaniel Clyne - Reported January target

    Yes, He'd prefer to play CB but I'm sure he'd be delighted to get a chance to play in the team. Then push home his quest for a C B role. He's played RB for the 23s for quite a while now. I can't see what's not to like.
  6. Clever Fox

    Nathaniel Clyne - Reported January target

    I can't believe we're not giving Johnson a chance. He done well pre season and had a good future ahead of him. We've given him a new contract that must mean we value him to deliver. He strong and good in the air.
  7. Clever Fox

    Nacho man assist appreciation thread

    Neither offer enough. You can't have any player just stand up top waiting for the ball to come to them. the game has evolved, they need to be working the CBs more creating space for others also.
  8. Neither of them get involved in the game enough. They both need to work harder for the Team. For instance why can't Vardy come wide and back to move defenders around, Then Nacho could slip into the space. Or vice versa. Look at the way Wilson created 2 Goals against us for Bournemouth from the CF position.
  9. From what he's shown in the 23s I'm not sure Soyuncu is the answer either. I'd bring in Johnson or Hughes and keep them there. They cant be any worse than Morgan at present. That's 6 points he's cost us this season so far.
  10. I don't blame Puel for the result today but what I do blame him for is insistence in playing only two in midfield. We definitely need another body in there to stop teams further from Goal. To many times we're stopping them in or on our own Box. We need either Iborra or Choudary in there. Also Vardy and Nacho offer very little apart from Goal scoring. Which means Maddison is both being over worked and marked by two opposition midfielders. In short the balance of our Team is wrong which needs to be sorted.
  11. 3 Games in a Week simply caught up with us.
  12. The Referee ruined the game. The second yellow was a poor decision the same Ref from the Utd game. Having said that I thought we were Leggy today all over the pitch, Which showed in Maddison's substitution. Amartey was poor for the first Goal, I think it was a case of remembering the hand Ball decision and he was afraid to commit to the challenge. Vardy should have scored and was sloppy in possession.We're relying too much on Maddison to create. He needs someone up along side him to draw attention away from him. We really need 3 in midfield. Then Morgan doesn't get drawn in there. Iborra should have been brought on to get control of the Ball when Morgan was sent off. I couldn't see any sense in bringing Okazaki on when we were being over run with 10 men. Amartey should have scored with the last minute chance. Not a good day, but not all of our own making either. On another day we get a draw which I thought we were worth.
  13. Clever Fox

    Everton (H) Match Thread

    Amartey's inexperience cost us the Goal. Needs to be stronger in the challenge.
  14. Clever Fox

    Everton Home Pre Match 06/10

    Colman missing is a big plus for us. He's a quality full back. I'm feeling more positive now about a win.
  15. Clever Fox

    New training ground announced

    It's a win win all the way around for everybody. What an asset for any Community to have on there door step. For the most part still green field sites with a few goal posts and a few Golf holes. Apart from the Buildings which I'm sure will be well blended with the landscape. Plus plenty of Money to keep the standards high and the Council happy. What's not to like about it. We're on the way up. On wards we go.