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  1. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    I don't know what people expect, we're in TRANSITION. That's going to take time. He hasn't even has a chance to bring in some players. I've seen positives already, even last night. The team that takes to the pitch next season will be a lot different to the current squad. We could have as many as 14 players leave. That's over half the current squad. Success takes time. You don't get a degree in your first year, it takes 4 minimum. Spurs, liverpool, have taken 3 years to get where they are. We're going to have to do the same. Relax and be patient, then the success will be all the sweeter.
  2. Get him in the first team quickly, because we sure as Hell need one who can score. I'm tired of seeing Morgan and Maguire coming forward and doing nothing. We need another Walsh.
  3. Burnley Away 14/04/2018 - Pre-Match Discussion

    Dyche and Burnley deserve great credit. They have an average group of player's who use their togetherness to overcome their lack of skill. I also like their keeper very much and he looks destined for the top. Anyway, With what's at stake i expect us to find a way through and win today. Otherwise the season is over.
  4. Hamza Choudhury

    Funnily when I've seen him play for the 23s. He had a free role. What he was very good at was backing up the play. This is an area the first team is lacking. How many times have we seen Mahrez participatory stranded with no one to pass to. I'd like to see him given a game with a similar role. He reads the play quite well and could make the breakthrough next season.
  5. Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    Definitely not. We've moved on and we have Choudary who Is a lot more mobile coming through.
  6. I don't think it's hard to see where the Architects may have got their inspiration.
  7. His efforts to adapt are admirable and no more than I would expect from him. But he just doesn't have the feet for an attacking role. He's a better full back than some give him credit for, but his lack of physicality and height is costing us at set plays. I think we'd be better getting in a new younger Full Back that can properly fill the role Puel wants, while Simpson still has some value also.
  8. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    Be simply has to be given a chance to improve things further. So far he's done ok, But it's not his fault that he inherited a squad with 6/7 players not fit for purpose. The closer we get to the top the smaller the margin for error are, As Stoke and West Brom have found out after a few seasons of trying to break through. To do it you either buy big or develop a squad over a few seasons as Pearson done. Purl has the credentials to deliver, he's a top Coach with a proven record for improving players of all skill levels. What he may lack is the ability to man manage players like Pearson or Mon. That's were a good no 2 comes in. To keep the players working from the same page and maintaining harmony in the squad. Success is built over time, there's rarely any shortcuts. Our great league win actually started in league one. We're now in the early days of a new journey. Puel has to be given at least this Summer to move players out and bring his own targets in. Then and only then can we fairly judge the Man.
  9. Adrien Silva

    To be fair to him he done well in a difficult game and didn't hide under some of the challenges. I wouldnt worry about Him Being unhappy. Any Player worth his salt wont be happy not playing, Never Mind someone who hasnt played for months. With more games I think he will do well for us next season.
  10. Brighton HA v Leicester CITY

    This is a must win to keep the season alive and I think we will. Chris Hughton is a top Coach and A Top Manager Manager who i really respect. But I think Puel still has a lot to learn about the squad and quiet a few players still have to prove themselves. For that reason I feel we will win. There's no where to hide it we don't. Going for a 2_1 win for us but if we perform it could be another 4_1 for us. Then we hung down Burnley.
  11. Thoughts on January signing Fousseni Diabate?

    I love his positivity, He's always on the front foot looking to make things happen. With a quick quality no ten he could be a fantastic signing.
  12. Scoring... or lack thereof

    This pretty much sums up most of our problems. Vardy is too isolated and neither Okazaki or Kelechi are good enough in the support role. We also lack real pace in the team which means the support is to slow in backing up the play. Players are to willing to pass when sometimes it's best to hold onto the ball and draw in an opponent, Then pass it. I've said it before the good teams hunt in packs. there's always 3 or 4 players backing up the play. We panic at the back to easily. it was embarrassing looking at us struggle to clear a ball from our box when all was required was a simple pass. No of these things will change if we keep the same squad. We need to rebuild and buy players to do a job rather than good players. if that makes sense to some. Puel can't be blamed for any of problems he needs to be allowed to add the quality needed to make his style work.
  13. Numbers Quiz.

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 200 seconds  
  14. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET) Post-Match

    The simple truth is we lack the quality in several areas to move into the top 6. We don't have enough players who are prepared to hold onto the Ball and pass a man. That's how you create space as Mahrez has demonstrated many times. But he can't do it alone. Maybe with Diabate in the side will help take the pressure off him. I expect a big turnover of players this Summer.
  15. Iheanacho

    Kelechi is not to blame for his situation. He's a Striker who's being asked to play a specialist role and trying to learn on the Job. The pass to Mahrez was poor but Mahrez should have passed it to Albrighton who was in the clear in the middle. Then Morgan had a chance to step up and leave Morato offside. We had 3 players back and they couldn't stop Morato.