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  1. There's no doubt he's a decent player but I Just don't think there's any truth to it. We'd be throwing away 20 mil on a player with no resale value. It just doesn't fit with the way we've been doing things in recent seasons.
  2. It's definitely the way to go. It means if we have to bring someone from the 23s in as a sub . Should they be called upon they will know the system. This will reduce errors as they know whats expected of them.
  3. Delighted for him the way he's handled himself throughout his time here. No petulance or I'm suffering antics. He just kept his head down and was obviously working hard. He's in a good position in that he's not the main striker so less pressure. This has allowed him to flourish when he gets a chance to play alongside Vardy. And it's working brilliantly and BR deserves great credit for how he's handled him. I think if he continues contributing the way he has in recent games I think it could be a while before Peroz gets back in the team.
  4. Why don't we just call him Charlie It seems to be the closest we'll get. It sounds better too.
  5. There's a reason he hasn't been picked up by one of the big clubs. I'd say its more to do with his off field antics. He's not a bad footballer. He shouldn't be getting involved in the type of antics he got up to on Sunday. Great players let their performance do the talking. He's still young yet and time to improve. I certainly wouldn't swap Madison for him.
  6. No we don't need him here disrupting our harmonious squad. I wouldn't take him for nothing.
  7. I just love that stat. It gives me hope. The problem we have is that Liverpool are prepared to give up everything this season to win the league. That's how bad they want it.
  8. Firstly it's great see us use different formations. Mainly because it will make it difficult for opposition managers to know what we're doing. But the truth is great players don't need formations. They know what to do be it in attack or defense.
  9. Another great performance today. I love his movement and strength in possession. He's playing with a smile again with the weight off his shoulders. Long may it continue.
  10. Finally an Agent who actually knows something about the game.
  11. Yes, I couldn't argue if any of them got it. I just think Soyuncu done the simple things so well. Like his positioning time and time again. The little headers that ended danger so many times. And so unlucky not to score. Just a masterful performance.
  12. That's an amazing statistic in itself. It just proves how good we are. Good players can play anywhere and that's what we're doing.
  13. A much better performance today against an awkward side Soyuncu was amazing today and my MOTM today. He made a lot of what he done look so easy which it is not. So unlucky not to score also. Vardy was Vardy should have got a hat trick. Kelechi worked so hard today and never should have been booked. Delighted he got a goal also. That will help his confidence. I love the way the squad players are coming on and looking like they've been there all the time. This could be a great Christmas as we move on to the next game. Onwards and Upwards we go.
  14. The league is Liverpools number one target, They will give up everything else to win the league this season. If we're going to be in with a shout come May we need to keep up the pressure. That means winning games like today but also beating them on Boxing Day. There's still a lot of games to play with twists and turns. The number of games Liverpool have to play has to take it's toll on them eventually. We just need to be there to capitalize when that happens.
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