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  1. Bournemouth Away Pre Match Thread

    Bournemouth, are obviously low on confidence so we really should beat them despite our own problems. We need to move the game away from the edge of our box as teams will always find a way through if you let them get at you. And Shakeys selections have done exactly that in recent games. Shakey may have been hampered with his options in the panel of players available, but he's contributed greatly to our poor results by his selections. It's hard enough to get control when you match up with the opposition in midfield but it's nearly impossible when you put 2 in against a 3 and especially against the quality of Liverpool players. To improve things we need to build from the back and get a bigger hold in midfield. Even if this means sacrificing Mahrez. We're relying on a 20-year-old to win the Ball for us in midfield and then expecting him to create also. Not only is it unfair but it's also denying him the support he so badly needs to help in his development. Maguire is also young and still learning and I hope he got a rollicking for his error on Saturday. But the real error was in Willf trying to find him with the second pass. We need to get Iborra in there and go for a more solid 442 I'd go with Chilwell, Iborra, NDiddi and Albrighton. with The usual back 4 behind them. with Vardy and Shingi up top. Then as we seize the initiative we can change things to suit by bringing in Gray to stretch them further. I'm not so sure Shakey has the vision to see things that so and so I expect little to change and us to huff and puff our way through the game, similar to the Huddersfield match.
  2. Who do you want for Right back

    What a stupid thread. We really do have some fools following our team. Simpson has been our best defender for quite some time now. Not alone has been cleaning up after Mahrez but he's been doing the same for Morgan also. He rarely makes mistakes and wins more headers than he has a right to.
  3. Do we need to consider replacing Maguire?

    + NDiddi. That would give us control in midfield in most games.
  4. Our real problem is there's no Balance to our team. players are playing to far apart and when they do get on the Ball there's little support for them.
  5. that very point, That we were outplayed by a team trying to find their feet. Our Managers approach cost us that result. Same as today.
  6. That's why we need Maguire in the middle to win more of the Ball further up the Field.
  7. Didn't you see the Huddersfield game. ?
  8. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    yes, but he was in there with King. It's not just one thing it's the approach. We needed to keep them further from our Goal knowing the ski;; they have. To do that we needed to keep Drogo with Morgan and move Maguire into the middle to win more of the Ball. Then give it to Iborra to distribute.
  9. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    I've seen Managers like him before. He's out of his dept. I was prepared to give him game time given the opposition in the early games. But he's learn't nothing and the players by their honesty are getting him out of trouble. How he could pick King over Iborra beggers belief. We were overun on Tuesday and the same today and yet he never addressed it. He's trying to be all things to everybody and that never works.
  10. Vardy's miss

    Exactly, and that's the Managers fault. He's seen what we've seen the past few games and done nothing to prevent today's miss.
  11. He was at fault for the 3rd being so far from Goal. Made it easy for Henderson.
  12. There's only one person to blame for today and that's the Manager. He learned nothing from Tuesday's game and how he can even consider King is good enough. I looked at the Development side last night and there were a few who could do a better job than King. The players are carrying Shakey by their efforts and he's failing them miserably. He's been found out and quickly unless he steps up and shows leadership.
  13. Vardy's miss

    He's an awful penalty taker and the fact that he missed is Shakeys fault. He's the Manager he's supposed to manage and decide who will take Penalties. How long did he think it was going to take for someone to save one. After the last two terrible efforts, Shakey should have taken him off duty. or better still, Show him how to take a proper penalty.
  14. Pre Match Thread - Liverpool Home (League)

    I do like the idea of 3 up top but this is not the match for it. They've completely overrun us in midfield the last few games which is why I believe we need an extra one in there for this match. If we can control the midfield i feel we will win the match. Our back four can handle their front players. But if we can control the midfield, push them back, then attack them by taking the game to them. i feel gives us the best chance win the Match. I'm not sure Shakey has the were with all to mix things up in order the get a result.
  15. Pre Match Thread - Liverpool Home (League)

    I looked at trying to get Gray into the team but other than giving him the Shingi role I just couldn't see any way of making it happen. But if I was going to do that I'd give Vardy the Shingi role and leave Slim up top. Mainly because Vardy has a similar work ethic as Shingi. We're lucky now that we have good options up top.It's in midfield where we need strengthening. Maguire I feel would give us that presence in midfield and force Liverpool backwards. I also think Maguire and Iborra could work well together. Let's face it he's hardly going to lose any headers to Henderson or Coutino.