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  1. Name All LCFC prem scorers - quiz

    74 Gilchrist Eadie Jones Collymore! Hignett Howey Wise Not bad, can't believe I forgot Stan the Man.
  2. We take what we want We take what we waaaaannt We're Leicester City We take what we want
  3. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Just got back. Amazing. Away end was incredible. The stand in was incredible. The team is incredible. Words just can't describe how good today was.
  4. Sunderland (A) 10/4/16 1:30pm KO

    Same. White screen of doom.
  5. Jason Jarrett. Even the thought of him breaks me out in a cold sweat. Dark dark days.
  6. WBA (A)

    Has this nearly sold out or is there another 2 blocks to sell? Just logged on LCFC direct to get mine and my mates ticket and there is only 4 seats left? All individual. Edit Just checked again and Blocks 3 and 6 have ben released. Phew. Panic over.
  7. Kramaric

    I thought yesterday was the performance of someone who isn't enjoying their football at the moment. You can tell by his body language, especially when he was subbed, his confidence is pretty low. The talent is there, his technique is lovely, but he needs some game time. Unfortunately he didn't do himself any favours yesterday, so that opportunity will be some way off. A shame, because I do like him.
  8. The "do they mean us?" thread

    This is the exact reason I don't actually like talking about football, other than a select few mates who have good knowledge, it's safer that way.
  9. West Ham Carling Cup pre match thread

    Looking forward to this. Didn't get to Bury so have seen little of Benalouane, Fuchs, Kramaric, Ulloa etc. hoping Dodoo and Chilwell get some game time too. Don't really see the problem with changing the whole team, we've got a deep squad and these players need game time. It's not like last season against Shrewsbury when changing the whole team meant Cain and Watson in midfield with GTF and Wood up top. I think it'll be a good game.
  10. Morgan

    He dropped a bollock, other than that I thought he had a good game, and has had a very good start to the season. it was just one of those things.
  11. A50 Traffic Jam.

    Joke wasn't it. Got in about 5 minutes before kick off. Didn't help that I was stuck behind a cattle lorry that stank of shit. I suppose it could have just the smell of Stoke though.
  12. Inler

    Looked a bit off the pace, i was disappointed with his performance but I was for the other 10 for that first hour too. He'll come good. You don't play at the level he has for all those years without being a quality footballer. Give him time. Kante changed the game, the tempo increased and he wins so many second balls. A right little pocket rocket. One thing. Can people stop saying it took Cambiasso time to settle. His debut was away at Stoke when he came on at half time. He was quality. His second game was Man U at home. Remember that?
  13. Bournemouth Pre match

    Car crash of a second half in a game we won 2-1? I'd call it good game management. They might have had the possession but we restricted them to about 3 shots on target. I just don't get people sometimes.
  14. Bournemouth Pre match

    You'd drop Drinkwater from the squad? Harsh.