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  1. Unlike marriage though, we will definitely score again after today.
  2. Brings back a lot of memories. We never felt like just any old club even when we were slumming it in the lower half of the championship. We were never far away from the headlines for one reason or another. We've stuck it out and we have got where we are now. Now let's ****ing win this thing.
  3. Imagine having Wes Morgan as your "captain" when this man is around
  4. Has anyone told this care home he has walked it to Wembley before?
  5. To be honest if you're buying a ticket for a Premier League match having watched it all season with no one in the ground, you kind of deserve to lose hundreds.
  6. I genuinely can't even bring myself to click that. Even that badge with the shield around it makes me think of JAKO and Topps Tiles and makes me want to take a fully clothed shower and just cry.
  7. I was one of these. Still wouldn't change what happened for the world though.
  8. What I've always found strange is Pearson never seemed to have this issue with Milan. So did Milan just realise he needs to take a step back? The likes of Dyer, Morrison etc were clearly Pearson signings when he come in.
  9. He actually comes across as unhinged. Its really interesting for me to hear about this period. Remember that summer so well. Was buzzing that we were actually signing players for money and all the old administration fears were well behind us. Can someone properly explain the other side to the Clive Clarke story? I wouldn't blame Allen for reacting badly to Calderwood wanting to carry on with the game. If that's all there was to it then its a pretty strange sacking. These stories always change though. I've seen Allen say it was directly because he didn't wan
  10. Sure I read that theyve both been trying to get that trademarked for a while. Cant wait to see Bernie in one.
  11. If Liverpool do get that result at United, we could be 2 points behind Man Utd. Dont look so bad then does it
  12. Why are they now bothered about the fans and players for points deductions? I've always argued exactly the same for administration. It doesn't punish the scum who put the club in that position by running it badly. Amazing they're using that as the get out for not coming down on them hard enough for this.
  13. You can be glass half empty like that if you want and completely ignore the fact we've destroyed them the last two meetings and they're shite. Then again this is Foxestalk. It'd still be a shock to come on a pre match thread before a game against a pretty much relegated team when we are 3rd and in an FA Cup final and see any optimism.
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