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  1. I wouldn't say traumatized, just think we give footballers the benefit of the doubt too much. The majority of players havent been in Mahrez's position so we havent seen their attitudes. I think alot would do what he did. And i know what most fans are like, i come on here.
  2. I hear you, i was more referring to how people paint this picture that he stayed through thick and thin out of loyalty for the club.
  3. Thing is some wont. Mahrez was an example at the top of what the typical modern day footballer is like. Greed, low intelligence and surrounded by more greedy, selfish morons who are only bothered by what they can squeeze out of him. They'll be people made redundant or on zero hours contracts with no work in them crowds watching their teams, and we pay to watch these people who act like this. Its pretty shit really.
  4. Yeah and he tried to leave 3 or 4 times. Just because he was stuck here when we went down doesn't mean we should overlook things like that. He wanted out
  5. The real power in society is reflected in football too. At times like this we see the rich get richer (just like 2008) and its no different with football. What we have done in the last few years is very unique. We've dismantled franchise-like status quo. Its only in years to come we'll realise how unique this period was, not just for us, but for football period.
  6. One of the first players i loved for us, mainly because he stayed when we went down. However, lets not completely wear blue tinted spectacles. He handed in more transfer requests than Kevin Pressman had Rustlers Burgers. No shit you owe Leicester mate, we're the only club who loved you. How did Birmingham turn out? Same as Boro and Villa would have.
  7. Got so much shit that summer we went down from all my Forest mates here in Nottingham. Was so worried we'd be down there for years like Leeds and that lot. Looking back it genuinely was one of the best things that could have happened to us. I still wish it didnt take that, but we had years and years of absolutely poor championship football and everything kick started again after that. Needed a big character like Nigel to stand up to Milan the control freak and do things his way. How anyone can give him any stick whatsoever baffles me. The most important manager in our history.
  8. Surely theyd be legal action taken by the relegated clubs and us for missing out on some serious money because of a computer generator
  9. Well they do have a plan of action for war - the season is suspended.
  10. More dad jokes than a Christmas cracker set in here
  11. Maybe its because some of our fans, especially ones who come on here, are just moaning idiots with nothing better to do. Go through any era, whether it be Wellens, Llloyd Dyer, Jamie Vardy, Waghorn. They all got a ridiculously over the top bashing from so called fans.
  12. They lived on in the younger Jedi, like Luke and Leia. Let me have my moment
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