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  1. There's so much wrong with this. If it was to do with his mental health then even those closest to him might not know if he has any issues, let alone a ****ing radio presenter he's met a few times and at a push sends a text now and again. But its just Stringer being his sycophantic self and showing everyone he knows the frontman to Leicester's biggest band.
  2. Was happy to meet another Leicester fan at Uni. He even gave me a lift to Sainsburys. But then.... He played me a Leicester City album full of 70s and 80s songs about Leicester. I've never heard so much shit. The lyrics were like "we're gonna win the cup, so everyone else give up"
  3. It was clearly because they couldn't judge whether it had hit his hand or not. Its so inconsistent with handballs from a defensive team. De Bruyne is allowed to throw his hands in the air at our place, this one you can barely tell who's hand it hits first and its given. You cant make it up.
  4. Why did it take 3 minutes then?
  5. Still can't believe Man City get away with the De Bruyne handball at our place with barely a second look, then we get a 3 minute check like that
  6. Can we pin this thread for when we are celebrating 3rd pace and a job well done
  7. He was touching the ball less when he was banging in the goals. It is a deliberate tactic for him to be involved less. No one was moaning when that was happening. Foxestalk will never fail to amaze me with the absolute shit it comes out with.
  8. You're wrong. He's definetely nearer Van Dijk. Tomkins lives in London
  9. I disagree. We all knew the potential of this team in the summer. Alot of us said top 6. If you can crack the top 6 then top 4 was never out of the question. The way we are playing now is like a relegation side. But that shouldn't mean we just say **** it, we're shit. He knew when he joined he could achieve this kind of position this season.
  10. Im a huge fan of Brendan and what he was doing in the first half of this season. But I'm getting pissed off at the interviews. They remind me of them interviews managers of smaller clubs do (sean dyche), where its constantly a reminder of how great a job theyve done to gloss over the huge shortcomings when they do arise. The interview i watched earlier on SSN basically he said, we've been doing loads better than you thought so it should be expected we'd blow it. He took this job because he knew the starting XI was strong enough for top 4 with a couple of other clubs in a mess. He knew it would also be looked at as a huge achievement back in a top league, ready for a massive club to come in for him. He needs to turn it around, or that move might not come.
  11. Just decide our games on a points pee game basis and give us the 3rd place we deserve.
  12. Either you've had too much wine, you support cov or dare i say it, you sit in the west stand.
  13. When Rodgers came in the first thing he told Vardy is to stay as far forward as he can and not come back to get the ball. This was simple, but extremely effective after Puels useless tactics. It worked because the 3 men behind each carried their own individual threat and it was impossible to mark all of them out the game. Furthermore, they had genuinely quality on the ball that we have lacked in previous years. Now, the 3 men behind dont have an end product and that old deep line to stop Vardy has reappeared again. There has to genuinely be a Plan B in games that isnt just sit patiently and wait for an opening. We havent got that spark at the minute to do that. Chilwell's goal against Watford probably justified the patient approach but its clear we wont always get out of jail like that. Games will just pass us by against smaller clubs playing for a point. It might be the old Puel situation where we end up playing alot better against "bigger" sides. But that still isnt good enough if we want to justify our position and not slump over the line.
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