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  1. Go and have a word with yourself
  2. Hundreds of millions in TV money and it'd be different.
  3. Its a bit like my CV. Omit the Tesco Shelf stacking but make the job i had at Santander sound like I'm a true professional in the field.
  4. Get him in as Director of Football
  5. Yeah just seen his shopping list: 2 elephants 2 bags of coke 2 males
  6. Oh come on He should be given credit for helping the club through this period. Not least through the period of Vichai's death. The press conference alone shown what a great leader he is. It didnt work out. I'm sure we'd agree on the reasons why. But to suggest he shouldn't be given credit for a new style that Brendan will now further implement, bringing through youth and balancing that transition between the old guard and new whilst attempting to manage their egos is mad. He did well but the bad points eventually just couldn't be overlooked.
  7. Exactly. Its quite alarming just how poor you can actually be as a side and still finish 7th-10th. That 2nd season under Ranieri shown us that you can be the most monumental **** up of a side and still put a run together and nearly get top half.
  8. What could be a more fitting and long lasting tribute than being on a card stuffed inside every OAP's stinky purse as they get on a dirty Arriva
  9. Good player in an awful side. Jumped ship after telling us all he'd stay I seem to remember. Asshole
  10. Would you bin your wife for a better looking, easier to get along with woman or stick with what you've got for no reason. Yeah, play Chilwell
  11. That fire had alot of intensiteeeee
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