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  1. I've havent heard my town mentioned as much on tv since the fair was on central news. This is why Clive Tyldsley always had 3 different points for each player. Spunked his load early on on Thomas before he scored.
  2. I'm not saying there isnt times when the long travelling and games can be an issue, but for the most part the Europa League being this huge hindrance that kills your league form and fitness is just a poor excuse. I can see why it ****ed up Burnley, but that's Burnley. Especially when clubs like Man United and Arsenal complain about it. If you actually negate it well, it can be a huge bonus to be able to give players much needed game time in a major competition. Ihenacho and Thomas have got goals and assists they wouldn't have come close to getting in the league, it'll do so much f
  3. Agreed it would be madness and I can't imagine how their fans will react to signing a player whos failed to hold down a place in our starting XI for years, but this one seems to have some truth behind it. It's been around for ages, feels more than just the usual agent planted rumour. It might sound mad but he could quite easily have been worth that 25m to Bournemouth. I could have seen him doing really well in a team like that.
  4. Some of the places to eat nearby the ground are complete and utter shit. Id rather have a Big Mac.
  5. I thought this too. The fact a game that long ago had cool features like that and now we just have pages and pages full of stats is one of the many reasons i hate that Football Manager just gobbled up all its competitors. Now we just get virtually the same game every year and not much character to anything. LMA was great. You've just made me miss it even more.
  6. I'd say its just him actively trying to always show off how much of a genius he is. The Man City and Arsenal games were his wet dream. Both could quite easily have gone like today, but when they come off all the attention is on him. Just how he likes it. I think he is a great manager, especially his man management but the ego and need for attention on himself has been such a hindrance to us at times.
  7. Biggest worry was us showing themtoo much respect and going behind. This is exactly how the Arsenal away game would have been if their early goal stood. Great when it pays off but this is what will happen most the time when we invite this much pressure.
  8. Does anyone remember when Forest and Derby used to take pride in being all by themselves? 😂
  9. I prefer to say our lowest ever finish was 1st in League One, rather than refer to it as Division Three
  10. The fact any teams in the Premier League still have to rely on lazy templates is laughable
  11. Reminds me of when Micky Adams used to say his first aim is not being relegated when we'd just been relegated 🙄 Worked the first time i suppose, but the 2nd time it summed us up.
  12. Im afraid that reporter's quote was lost in translation. They did indeed sign a player with a messy dribbling success rate.
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