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  1. He loved Rome. Now he'll be living in Leicester. Lucky boy
  2. Some right middle Englander gammons on here. "Can't say anything these days" types.
  3. I thought when i come off Pornhub i'd sen the last of someone being sucked off. How wrong i was. Nice use of the word penetration btw
  4. Sign of the times that we didn't even close the thread, must have won.
  5. I hope the teamtalk is a bit more motivational than this
  6. Sure it just said Prem teams not involved in europe arent in it :/
  7. Why would you make a comment that you think is equally as bad? Surely you either believe what you're saying or not? He's had a few games that we were forced to play him in. He was good in one of them. Im sure you'll tell me if im wrong but he wasn't on any championship teams radars before that and i think a League One loan would be much more likely.
  8. The hype of Thomas was more a reflection of the strange hatred of Chilwell in our fanbase. Everyone was willing to overlook how poor he was against Spurs for instance, just because it wasnt Chilwell. The lad did great against Sheffield United, but he'd struggle to get a loan to a Championship side atm, its ludicrous to tout him as Chilwells instant replacement. Chilwell who will probably have a pretty good season in a title race and the champions league.
  9. Come on here to find some rather strange replies to what i said so its nice to see someone who isnt a dinosaur. I was merely pointing out using the term coloured is offensive and outdated. Wouldn't hurt for some people to do a bit of research and educate themselves a bit.
  10. Calling them coloured isnt much better 🙄
  11. I fell over outside the ground once and Rennie was on hand to put a plaster on my wound. Thanks for everything Dave.
  12. Often doesnt get spoken about as much as he should from that season. They say kante was like having 2 players, but with shinji too it was like having 4. The two combined were worth their weight in gold.
  13. I agree with what you're saying but why are we using "middle aged white men" as this slur so often now, just because of a far wider problem in the world. And i dont think anyone you ever watch on that show will be anything other than "well off". Providing opportunities is exactly what i have seen sky doing more and more over the last year. Some have been good, some have been poor. Doing things like getting rid of 3 blokes just because they're old and white is counter productive and hypocritical. Phasing them out would have been a much more respectful way of doing things, and would have avoided the backlash from those on the right who will always use these scenarios to play us off against each other.
  14. Agreed. Just think theres as much chance of us landing Messi as there is Mahrez.
  15. Considering the fact he compared himself to an imprisoned slave here, i dont quite think he considers this "home".
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