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  1. I had a dream where we changed the family stand with the Kop.
  2. Looks like the playlist of a 15 year old girl. Love the bloke but i think if he wasnt our best ever player and I seen him in a club, id wanna glass him with a WKD
  3. Bruno N'gotty fml. Then Mandy made Hollowhead play him. My word, im using nicknames i havent used since the bbc 606 days
  4. Wtf actually happened with all of that? Were we actually in for him?
  5. I remember DJ Campbell flashing up on ceefax in big letters LEICESTER LAND 2.5M CAMPBELL
  6. This is gonna sound so random but does anyone remember when Crncic shown up as playing at centre back in all of the concourses. Think it was because he had the same number before he left as St Ledger or someone like that
  7. Full of the joys of spring arent you
  8. Need to do a knockaert and get off and run the rest
  9. Mate we won the Premier league one year.
  10. If you think that's bad, thats my dad getting pushed by Ian Walker
  11. Have we not reviewed all our managers yet? This shit seems to have gone on forever. It mainly reviews the time they weren't with us anyway. As riveting as its been to hear about Gary Megson and Frank Burrows - can we move on.
  12. Tbf mate you didn't write off one of the best strikers in Premier League Folklore as Conference fodder Itll always take some beating. Wonder where he is now. Would love to bump into him in Walkabout, will more likely be in That crappy little green supermarket on the corner of the roundabout
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