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  1. Its always worth backing whoever celtic are competing with.
  2. I think Chelsea have looked good tonight and even the United game could have been very different if one of their numerous chances went in. They'll be really up for it but us scoring first could really open the game up perfectly for us. Not to mention create a toxic atmosphere given their first 2 results.
  3. Didn't Graeme Souness lose his shit over this too when Alex Scott called it a low block? He just come across as a sexist dinosaur though. I'm sure your not a dinosaur. You might be tho
  4. Brendan Rodgers post match interview laugh when he said he's a big fan of VAR after today
  5. I imagine the kind of people predicting a 1-2 defeat are sat with a flask and cheese and pickle sandwich wrapped in foil, still wishing Lloyd Dyer was there to berate. Now picking on any youth product, and of course booing Ghezzal and Gray. Always relentlessly show up, despite seemingly hating it when we win, and smugly reminding us how right they are when we lose. Radio Leicester on speed dial. Wife hopelessly awaits in the bungalow ready for a post match analysis despite much rather wanting to watch Strictly Come Dancing.
  6. It is annoying when we play them and its said. But this isnt limited to a name thing - outside the top 6 pundits dont give a ****. This is just one of hundreds of examples.
  7. **** me this place has some pessimistic prunes
  8. Is it me or has that impression just got worse and worse? First time i heard him do Brendan it was bang on. This sounds terrible and lazy.
  9. I think we will tell him we've rejected another bid and then he will hand in a transfer request at the advice of man united and his agent. Then he will go for 75m
  10. That sounds like something Colin Baker's Doctor Who would say
  11. If anyone wants a laugh, go to the Huddersfield forum and read the 26 pages of arguments about whether it is real or not. As time has gone on they're all starting to think it is. Why would they stretch it out this long? Surely last night as they were kicking off would have been a good time to say okay jokes over and rip it off? The shirt goes on sale in 2 days. If it is a joke its ended up angering a whole fanbase for the sake of getting them trending for all the wrong reasons.
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