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  1. Can we give it a better name, like Raw Dykes Way?
  2. Fans of other clubs always laugh when i tell them how good Johnny Evans is. Who's laughing now
  3. Pleasure to hear from you Lawro
  4. It's a shame it needs technology to introduce integrity. Damn that sounded good.
  5. Hopefully it might make teams think twice about taking this approach with us. I think there's been some tactical naivety from the opposition in thinking that as soon as teams start to drop deep against us again we will have no options. Gone are the days where we are relying on Vardy getting space in behind (and that was exaggerated way too much anyway). The patient build up requires equally as much patience from the fans watching when the opposition are so defensive BUT we are finding that end product. The Villa game will open up alot for us because they'll wanna have a go. I think the Norwich game will be very similar to this one though.
  6. Considering his record in our first season back and the poor periods where he was misused in Ranieri's 2nd season and Puel's tenure - its even more phenomenal. We could not have been luckier to have had not only a top class striker, but one who's stayed with us and truly taken on the status of our best ever.
  7. Recently rewatched this again and i cant believe it wasnt allowed. It's just one small example in a long list. No doubt they had some great sides, but the power Ferguson had with things he really shouldnt have had was staggering. Luckily we seemed to have moved away from that era of the old school manager having so much of that power.
  8. Incredible isnt it. We are talked about as if we are literally nothing and Arsenal are everything. The amount of mess at that club compared to ours. It'd be a suicidal move.
  9. Tony Adams announcing he isnt drunk, the lady doth protest too much
  10. I'm trying to work out how gutted id be if we did and missed out on a 2nd title. I Kind of feel like if we were to win it this season with Liverpool as good as they are, it might be seen as an even bigger achievement? Theyd certainly be none of the disgruntled comments about no other team being any good like the season we won it.
  11. Suppose I can just get another free trial so shouldn't be an issue anyway
  12. I was there for that game and missed most our title season. Feel like I should be on that Rhodri Giggs Paddy Power advert about loyalty never being rewarded!
  13. Bit of a random question but does anyone know if you can watch 2 different games on 1 Amazon account on Wednesday? Got a United fan in my house who'll wanna watch their game on another tele 😑
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