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  1. Gamble92

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    Win it by anything less than 2 goals and Puel will have "been lucky with the 3 wins so far' Draw and lose it and my brief return to this cauldron of misery will be short lived.
  2. Its hard to explain this to anyone who is outside the club and didnt watch us in the season after, but i honestly would go as far as to say the football played in that following season was every bit as bad as the season before was good. I've never been more disgusted with individual displays then i was in that following season (and yes ive sat through Levein, Megson etc). I dont put all the blame at Ranieri. But he completely lost the plot. He did not know how to sort it out. Combine that with the fact he didn't want to sign Kante and walked in to a squad already built, then its very easy to say he got lucky. I do however think his calm manner and consistent approach was vital in the title win. As much as Pearson built it all, he was his own worst enemy at times and he probably would have ****ed something up. Ranieri will always be a club legend. But lets not get too wrappped up in the fairytale.
  3. Gamble92

    According to Google our Rival is...

    I've always found it strange how Football Manager has our rivals as "none", yet Derby's are listed as Forest, Leicester and Leeds. It also gives "rivalries" that you'd never see have a sold out game some credit, certainly games that are far less heated and get far smaller attendances than our matches against Forest and Derby but gives us nothing. I'm sure such a big database does it's "research" but i dont know where they do it. Or maybe someone in their office is a Sheep.
  4. Gamble92

    Daniel Amartey

    Pogba's foul in the first half goes unpunished. Both times Amartey makes a challenge get punished. Morale of the story - if any Manchester United player comes on and makes the same challenges Amartey does, they stay on the pitch.