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  1. How long did that goal kick just take? Forgot what a shithouse Dyche was
  2. Agreed but there is also not this linear narrative of growing and growing until you reach your goal. Chances of us as a "not big" club ever doing this again are slim. In a heartbeat we could lose Brendan and 2 or 3 of our big players in a summer and then the chance is gone. Even if we keep the same team the other "big" clubs could strengthen massively and we might not get a look in. It'd just be a huge shame to have nothing to show for Brendans era. I'm not saying that will happen but we are on a forum and people will have worries and express them. I'm the first to sa
  3. Last season we did bottle it. Theres not much more examples of bottling it. This whole thing of just being happy with 5th because we would have taken it at the start is a small club mentality and I don't think we have that any more. I don't expect us to finish top 4 every season but that's even more of a reason to do everything we can to do it when the opportunity is there.
  4. I think we all knew under Puel we were massively under achieving. He got sacked because of where we were so its obviously not right to say thats where we should have been. Most of the media were battering us for "thinking we were bigger than we are because we won a league title" but we could see how good these players were. I'm sure Rodgers didn't come in to watch players like Maddison, Ricardo, Tielemans, Vardy and Ndidi capture 8th.
  5. 😂 I was half joking but I meant in terms of we haven't competed with either by the end of each season. I'm not saying we have a right to but I certainly never felt like 5th was a shock last season. Rodgers knew when he left Celtic that this was a team capable of the top 4. Especially given the competition. If we don't get in there this season then I feel like he will still be viewed as doing a good job by the media, but he will start to get a reputation for bottling it.
  6. Which season did we compete with Liverpool or Man City 😂
  7. I've usually at got too far away from the concourse at this point, before realising they've given me the wrong ****ing pie again.
  8. Me at 3pm: don't go on Foxestalk. It's full of pessimistic, sociopathic doom mongering idiots at the best of times. It'll just depress you more...
  9. Nothing like Birch dressed as Churchill to inspire the lads. Think every time he did that we got relegated.
  10. Not exactly an "appreciation" thread is it?
  11. Sorry I didn't know you were a Celtic fan when I was disrespectful about the quality of your team... If I knew that I'd have been much more harsh.
  12. When the only positive is "at least we're not Hoffenheim fans" you've had a bad night.
  13. I don't disagree it doesn't look good but I wouldn't expect Celtic to get further than the first knockout stage any year. And playing in the Europa for a team like Liverpool is much a 2nd best. Especially when they are going for the Premier League title like they were. Admittedly tonight was shit, but I wouldn't read too much into it. Certainly don't think it'd stop him getting a job at a Champions League club.
  14. I think he's been guilty of overthinking, or even overdoing it to look good at times. Games like tonight don't require tactical genius. That said, he has proven why he is manager and we are plumbs on a forum many times and I'm sure he will continue to do so.
  15. I think ideally he would have liked to have played Maddison and Ihenacho tonight. Then if we went a goal up, bring on Vardy and Barnes.
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