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  1. I haven't been impressed by musa but to me that's a bit of an unfair comparison.
  2. United back where they belong according to the BT commentators.
  3. Was thinking about of kasper being a keeper and Danish bacon. Had the image of the pig used in the first now that's what I call music from 1983!!!! Was inspired by a Danish bacon advert!
  4. I'm a fan aswell. Not just saying that cos he took a photo with me over the weekend! He's carrying the weight of his price tag around him but he's also being lumped in with the other new summer disappointments like Musa and Mendy to a lesser extent. Would think Ulloa has been a good signing overall for us but not as much potential as Slimani has to be. The other summer signings is affecting peoples view on Slim a lot. Slimani, Mendy, Musa look destined to be the latterday Akinbiyi, Lewis and Benjamin I fear.
  5. A lot of that is valid and we were a laughing stock up until Millwall but I think from Liverpool to Watford we played some terrific football and it was like old times. If we had scraped survival I would have agreed with your verdict but the form for those 10 weeks raises it slightly for me. The last 3 games is undoing a lot of the good work of late.
  6. Seems to be an arrow shaped all out attack formation. Does that mean Mourinho will be shown the door?
  7. This is a bit exaggerated. The wins against Man City and Liverpool were very good and we played well against a few teams at home. Not to mention a more than credible Champions League. About an average season overall and away form wasn't great but its the 2nd highest top flight finish since O'Neill left.
  8. As the relegation battle king Big Sam might be typecast a bit now or have his own little niche. Get a bit of easy dosh for 3 to 4 months and move on. Would he be willing to go in for the long haul with us? Think the time at Bolton was his peak in any case.
  9. They acted quick after the Sousa and 2nd Pearson exit so I would say they wouldn't be the type to draw it out. Might mean any departures could be happening soon aswell.
  10. Atletico could pose a big threat to us keeping Vardy. He's burst into life the past 3 months and when you consider that they brought in Torres past his best at roughly the same age I'd believe that Vardy would be effective for them regardless. Wouldn't say it's a certainty he'll be at Leicester next season.
  11. Think the owners will announe a manager fairly soon. They'll want to be solid going to Asia.
  12. Up until this week Shakespeare could do no wrong but you'd have to be slightly alarmed at how its finished. Personally I reckon he did a cracking job re-energizing the team but if you want to be looking for reasons against there's a few things you could point to. The disappointing end to the season The reliance on the tried and trusted players Not getting the best out of the rest of the squad (Chilwell aside) 1 win from 9 against top 7 opposition (including Atletico Madrid Shakespeare I believe has done enough to get the first 1/3 of next season but if your the owners you might be swayed by the lack of form at the end.
  13. I'm in the pro-Pearson camp. Even with all that has happened since he left he is still for me the most significant Leicester City figure in the 21st Century. What outsiders (and even detractors at leicester) have to remember is that he picked us up off the floor. No England 1982 type this time We'll Get It Right like the 7 years previous.Nobody at the club in 2008 could argue with whoever was in charge. I can't claim to be an expert on all things Derby but maybe why it didn't work out for him was that the club was not in as bad a situation as Leicester circa 2008. Leicester was laid bare then across the entire club and provided the platform for what followed. He arrived to a club in Derby with somewhat more justifiable expectations given a high championship placing before he arrived. Derby may have expected too much too soon of Pearson. They never gave him a chance to let him put his own stamp on things. I've no doubt that Pearson would have picked things up if he was given time but the fans might have overreacted to what changes were made rather than going along with it. To the topic creator I would recommend him but what worked for us may not work for anyone else. Boro are not Leicester City 2008. Fans will expect Premier League football. Pearson is someone you have to have patience with. The trouble is how will Boro fans react is the team is committed and unlucky with results but sitting in mid-table next Xmas under him?
  14. Enjoyable read that Fez. Looking at the headline I was expecting the usual cliches of honour, snakes, big time chariles but you got the message across. It's been hard work in Ireland explaining the situation to neutrals. People were coming up to me after the Sevilla win for a chat but when the topic of Ranieri came up everyone was against it and when I gave the background to the story (League One onwards-) people were still saying how could ye remove Ranieri. The SKY/Talksport thing has been well documented but sports media reporting tends to be very conservative in Ireland. Theres been a number of falling outs between players and management in the GAA the national sports over here. Print media tends to back the management to he hilt and players are often vilified.(Look for articles on a Mayo Gaelic Footballer called Aidan O'Shea to see how ugly this can get). Print media is what influences people and for the most part nobody here has a clue about Leicester beyond 2016. The obsession is United, Liverpool, Arsenal etc. The initial reaction in these circumstances when a traditionally middle of the road team gets glory is to blame everyone except the manager. Only in RTE did Eamon Dunphy agree with the decision. That said Dunphy has always gone against the grain with his opinions. You'll find though that teams that are perceived to be sucessful are fully justified in what they do but not little ol' Leicester.