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  1. John Egan with another excellent game.
  2. And #nofuchsgiven after the Champions League campaign ended and safety assured.
  3. Watford might have doubts about Big Nige but they have been far harder to beat since he got involved. There might be an occasional no show like with us in 14/15 but he's done an excellent job once again. They looked like a lost cause after our game yet all but safe now. Congrats @Super_horns
  4. The penalty. WTF? Nketieh got sent off rightfully for a challenge like Fernandes. And no surprise Jon Moss is involved once again. Thankfully I decided not to watch it live.
  5. Watching him against Villa and Chlesea back in January he looked like he may be on the wane but has been majestic since the restart. The performance last night was right up there with the highs of Sevilla.
  6. And it wouldn't be discussed if Arsenal had won.
  7. What is with moany Arsenal fans? Tried to bring up old tweets about choudhury last year when we beat them and now they are after Vardy. They can thank their lucky stars it was that incident that was overlooked and not Iheanachos goal.
  8. First time since 94/95 we've got more points from Arsenal over our 2 league meetings in a season.
  9. Could have been so much more but we battled very well to grab a point from that after the first half.It was the least the second half performance deserved. Not bad considering we were without 3 of our regular first 11. But that second half from Arsenal was utterly woeful.
  10. Arsenal are at nothing this half. Come on ta f### lads!!
  11. We started off well but defence has been struggling big time since the 20th mjmute mark or so. Cars worst game for us so far. The loss of Ricardo is being felt more so than ever tonight. Arsenal exploiting the weakness in the defence. Been done over yet again with nachos disallowed goal but lucky to be still in it. Need to up the ante here or else our season is in right trouble.
  12. Can't we go one game where we aren't screwed over by the officials.
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