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  1. Not sure. If they reissued it I'd be keen to buy one though.
  2. Our 1 point from the last 2 games is almost as credible as the 2 Man Utd got given the circumstances.
  3. In fairness to Burnley the games against us tend to be far from the worst. Far better than this dross at Selhurst Park anyway.
  4. That looks like the end for Under. Close the thread.
  5. Hadn't drawn at Turf Moor since promotion so it was well overdue. Not too bad a performance and result considering who was missing. We need to recharge the batteries though. That much is obvious.
  6. Tielemanz. An 'International Superstar Soccer Pro' type name that.
  7. Has Paddy Power tweeted anything about this? Normally they are always right smart arses during Premier League games and the like.
  8. Get past next week still in 3rd and we have a less hectic schedule.
  9. Bit risky having the chairman at centre back.
  10. Knowing our luck we'll have another 5 or 6 injuries when all those mentioned above clear up.
  11. I might give this one a miss. Nothing against the lads who have done brilliantly to be in the top 4 but to suffer the same drop off as last season could be unbearable. Beaten fair and square today but what miserable rotten luck we've had with injuries.
  12. We could do with the monks at the ground again the way its going.
  13. I'll try not to be too harsh on the performance. Man City and Bayern Munich would even struggle if they lost so many key players like this.
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