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  1. Forgot all about him really. Highly unlikely to make it now. Should we sell Mendy this summer on that will be that for the 2016 summer signings.
  2. Our most complete player really. Iconic.
  3. Good. Was disappointing when he returned last season and expected the same. He is way more of a threat than Gray and just let down by his finishing. Even without him getting goals we look far more dangerous with him in the team than not.
  4. Would be great if he joined but a lot depends on which if any of the top 6 lose a key player (if any). Tielemans would be good fit for us and hopefully we can convince him we are a good club to develop his career for a season a la Kante.
  5. Ajax look a bit stronger than Monaco did.UEFA Cup finalists 2 years ago and now a Champions League semi final. Monaco was a flash in the pan really. Don't have anything like the history of Ajax. Ajax look well placed to build on the current success.
  6. This has been one of the better away days for us in recent years. Only 1 loss in the last 4 seasons. It all depends on what West Ham do. You never quite know which WHU will turn up. Keep Anderson quiet and we will go a long way towards winning this one. They have a habit of conceding quite a bit and with our strength in midfield up we have potential to create havoc. Europa League would be a good thing for us. We'd be the most capable of the teams in contention. Up and Atom
  7. YPOTY - Maddison. Maddison's assists and goals has been a big help post-Mahrez. Chilwell had a great start but has dipped a bit in 2019. POTY - Ricardo. Shaky start but has been a revelation. GOS - Ricardo v Man City. Best win of the season and a great goal to clinch it.
  8. We won our last 2 live games on Sky Sports Ireland. Fulham and Burnley last month.
  9. Straight back down to earth. Newcastle earned that win. Fair play to them
  10. Kramaric has done well without Leicester. Leicester did well without Kramaric. Simples
  11. Another tricky one tonight with Newcastle scrapping for survival. I'd be surprised if they were relegated though. Rafa's Newcastle are a tough team to beat at the KP. They will look to unsettle us but we'll need to avoid conceding an early goal. If they get in front it could be a frustrating evening. Might be the toughest test of our midfield/attack under Rodgers. Good enough to win all things going well. Fingers crossed.
  12. Blue ROI


    10 Million would be a good price for him at this stage. His goals tally in 2016/17 was important as it helped us against Porto and it staved off potential relegation. That season we got about a 1/3 of his 30 million price. So would be a 10 million or so write off really. Less pressure on or wage bill would also be welcome.
  13. I looked at an article yesterday about him and Barkley being out on in London until 5AM and back at training a few hours later. Must have been the same one. Not a great look for Danny to be in the headlines a few days later. Looks like it was on the cards for a while. Never mind his football career but his personal life looks to have really taken a nosedive. Wonder could Chelsea dismiss him for this incident now?
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