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  1. What might have been... Best of luck to atletico. Tough prospect. Real winning 3 in 4 years would be a big story in the Champions leagues history.
  2. Makes Keane sound more like someone from Dublin rather than Cork.
  3. Is this live on Sky Sports next week?
  4. Not too much of a problem with Keane's opinion. We got plenty of fair praise from elsewhere. It was a fair enough point wrt to the goal. Far more tolerable than what Souness said.
  5. The comparison to his dad is a good point to make. Going to Utd may mean that he has a very hard task emulating what Peter achieved. Peter has a higher stature in the game as he has succeeded at international level as well as club due to the Ferguson era. I know from reading up on some sons of legendary players and they point out they are very much their own man and want to be judged on their own merits. Kasper has been slightly more of a leader for us than his dad for Man U. The comparison is there but Kasper has created a greater legacy than what people would have thought possible 5 years ago.
  6. I'd keep Slim. The goals against Burnley, Middlesborough,West Ham, and Sunderland have been worth 10 points. Keeping us about 10 points clear of relegation at present.
  7. Could be wishful thinking but I don't believe that we will fade away. Dortmund, Atletico and ourselves are part of this decade's football revolution and if there's a challenge ahead it coule be to match their standards. With all the talk of breaking the top 6 I'd try and look to those 2 first and foremost and emulate what they have done. It's not a surprise that topics like this exist and one of the things that hurt most about Tuesday was that it might be true. We're a bit sore over the penalty in the first leg but it might be a motivation for the club. Not only that but all the talk about how we were a fluke could inspire the club to keep proving people wrong. Every player walking through the door has an image of victory ahead of them. That's a big thing in our favour now. In full flow we've overwhelmed teams recently and that's a fear teams will have coming to the King Power. Start next season well and everyone's excited again. Besides I want some new emoji's too.
  8. Like spurs in the Champions League?
  10. Only catching up with this utter cretin Durham and his rant. What the actual f""""!
  11. Fry and Laurie. Their sketch show in the late 80s had some great stuff.
  12. It's unfair to compare us to Stoke and West Brom. It's insulting to the calibre of players we have and our achivements. Stoke and West Brom haven't shown anything like the ambition we did. We're champions. If we finish 7th or 8th at least in the next few seasons I'd like for it to happen. Southampton do alright for themselves.
  13. Thats the fear I'd have aswell and why I'm more open to the idea of Shakey becoming manager.
  14. We seem to have 8 year cycles 1993-01 - Little and MON 2001-09 - The decline 2009-17 - The road to glory 2017- Not looking good maybe....