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  1. He might thrive at Hull but with Nigeria a good shout to make the World Cup next year he'll want to stay in one of the top leagues so West Brom would be the more likely route. Either way it looks like he's completely out of favour with us.
  2. Surely been mentioned here before but a one hit wonder from 1989. Canada's answer to New Order
  3. Another busy weekend in the Football Championship. All Ireland Qualifiers Armagh 1-17 Tipperary 1-15 Monaghan 1-12 Carlow 1-7 The big story here is last years All Ireland semi finalists Tipperary losing out. They were badly hit with injuries and missing players but yet almost beat Cork and Armagh. The squad they had was wafer thin despite some top class players in their team. Armagh didnt look anything special though and neither did Monaghan who were given a bit of a game by Carlow before finishing strong. Neither team looks to be in the shake up later in the year. Ulster Final Tyrone 2-17 Down 0-15. Routine win for Tyrone here. Down's limitations were exposed here after 2 surprise wins against Armagh and Monaghan. Tyrone were rampant after half time and the 1st goal finished the game off. The 2nd goal was a great finish. Like Tipperary Down havent got their strongest squad available and Monaghan making the final would have been a far better prospect. Leinster Final Dublin 2-23 Kildare 1-17 9 point win for All ireland champions Dublin but Kildare made life difficult for them. Kildare gave a really good account of themselves tough after giving away 2 early goals and look to be a team to watch out for. Was always gonna be a big ask against a team close to the greatest of all time but was worthwhile for them and they knew the qualifiers would be on the cards. Will be very interesting how they get on next. Dublin played some great stuff at times yesterday and the sheer movement and ball playing ability is a thing of wonder.
  4. The away win v Forest in 2012/13 would have to be right up there with one of the great days in recent history of the club. Even with everything that's happened since. No away win for nearly 4 months, 1 win in 12 games and 41 years without a league win at forest. Little chance of pulling this off. Miss out on the playoffs and Pearson is probably shown the door along with Vardy going into further decline or even being sold off never to be heard of much. Leave the ground with our first win in 4 decades after late drama and somehow sneak into the playoffs.Forest spend the next 4 seasons falling down the table,Bolton Wanderers the next 3, Leicester's Golden Era begins.Things will never be quite the same again....
  5. The white tracksuit tops the lads are wearing in Hong Kong are class.
  6. Knew that. Always wear a pair of Gola's with a Leicester City track top if I'm heading to the pub for a game.
  7. Would love if Gola got back into the game.
  8. The purple sponsor is atrocious and ruins a perfectly good away kit. That said it was inevitable multiple sponsors were going to creep in sooner or later. Not something I'm keen on as less is definitely more wrt football kits. The French league shirts a case in point.
  9. Aren't they owned by an American investor. Someone who was with Boston Celtics basketball team? Roma might be the best arrangement all round if it happened. Mahrez would save face by going to Serie A.Roma have finished in the top 3 the last few years so could be sold to Mahrez as the Spurs of Italy.
  10. I've never really liked any of our black kits over the years but thats looks nice.
  11. Vardy said he gives out more than anyone else in the dressing room so if he has his ups and downs thats surely a big factor! I was disappointed with him in the 2017 calendar year but he was one of the few who played very well for the opening 3 months of last season. I hope he was injured because he could still play a big role for us. Hes still only 27 and if he could gel with N'Didi we could have a serious pairing.
  12. Overall Id be happy enough with how it's gone so far. Been a busy few weeks and we haven't gone a bit overboard like we did last summer. Although with champions league it was understandable. More surprised that we haven't lost any of the players expected to go yet. Tough start but maybe 1 or 2 more signings in the next month and we'll be good to go.
  13. Roscommon with a surprise win in the Connacht football final over Galway 2-15 to 0-12. Galway were talked up big time after beating Mayo last month but they were a shambles today. Sets up Cork V Mayo and Galway v donegal in the qualifiers. Cork win the Munster Hurling final 1-25 to 1-20. Cork the better team and Clares approach left a lot to be desired. Hit a lot of wides out the field which drained confidence no end and also did nothing to stop Corks goalie finding his man. Clare along with beaten Leinster finalists Wexford will play either Tipperary or Waterford in the All Ireland quarter finals in 2 weeks time. Draw is on tomorrow morning.