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  1. Blue ROI

    Corona Virus

    Be great for cutting back on travel and costs alright. Even possibly given people more of a chance to get fit or take up jogging is another plus. On the flip side more hangovers on say a Monday morning could be problematic for management teams.
  2. Lineker mentioned it too that Footballers seem to be an easy target. There's always the argument of players earning too much money and whilst there is a lot of wild excess amongst certain players the game is really as good a meritocracy as you will find in any walk of life. Anyone who is playing within the 4 top leagues in Europe has to stand out amongst a very high amount of players. It's overlooked by the big finances available but it can be argued making it in Football with the amount of players involved warrants some bit of a reward.
  3. Albrighton is underrated by most of our fans for sure. I've lost count how many times he has proven people wrong over the years.There was many times I was more impressed with him after a game than Mahrez. If most fans had any say on team selection he might not have been there to score the goal against Sevilla! I'd say Steve Walsh was never recognised much outside of Leicester. Put in some great displays for us. If he was in his prime nowadays and playing in this era there would be a lot more calls for him to be playing for England.
  4. I'd agree with the 2 LCFC games you picked but we wouldn't have been an elite club even then. We've had good games against top 4-6 teams in the past but if i was picking my most memorable Leicester games the 4-3 defeats to Wolves would be there. Then there's the 4-3 defeat at Newcastle 96-97, the 3 games v Stoke that ended 2-2 between 2015-17 and the 3-2 v West Brom in 2014/15 along with the Villa comeback.. We've had some right decent games against teams in the bottom half. As a neutral the games played on the 5 February 2011 was unreal. Newcastle's comeback against Arsenal, Wolves beating Man Utd, Wigan beating Blackburn 4-3. The sort of day MOTD is made for. Would make a good feature.
  5. In Shearers case the problem is that he played in 2 of them and only chose the Liverpool Newcastle one almost to show some form of impartiality. Anyone was going to pick that. Newcastle-Man Utd is only relevant to Newcastle fans. As good as the goals were there must have been hundreds of better games. The 94/95 finale was good alright but hardly in greatest ever territory. I would accept picking 1 connected game but 3 was a bit much. I'll say the same if Lineker starts picking all Leicester games.
  6. Blue ROI

    Corona Virus

    We had the same story in Ireland 2 weeks ago. A lot of people went off to beaches and parks which were packed so the government helped put a stop to that last weekend. As regards the duration of this I would be slightly optimistic that we will get this under control sooner rather than later. What happened in Italy and Spain is very sad but they were taken unaware. The scale and the speed of it has overwhelmed them. As the weeks have gone by we have started to have more awareness and more of a response in distancing and staying indoors. Plus keeping those most at risk shielded as best we can. Even there has been a shift in industry towards tackling the virus. GTech, Ford, Dyson and Seat are all aiming to build ventilators. Also you have the likes of Under Armour and New Balance getting involved in PPE. O'Neills are doing something similar over here. More and more resources will go into tackling the crisis in place of other forms. It would be a good way to re-introduce some form of employment and keep the economy going If measures like ventilators and PPE make an impact. And then reduce the burden on the Health services. Comparisons can be made to the Spanish Flu but that came at a time when the world was decimated by WW1. The economy was on the floor, tensions between countries was higher, and medicine/engineering has moved on since. I had no reason to doubt the predictions of a vaccine being 18 months away but the eternal optimist in me is hopeful that we might have returned to some form of normality by then regardless.
  7. Blue ROI

    Corona Virus

    In Ireland we have 4,000 cases and 137 who have died so far. Relatively speaking its not overly bad. It was said that we could have over 25,000 cases by the end of March. I would have predicted maybe 150-200 deaths but it looks like it might be double that at least sadly. They've remained around 15-19 per day the last week or so. We have a few things in our favour. We don't have winter tourism like a lot of Mainland Europe and also we have low areas of population. Spain for instance has 40 places with higher numbers than Cork City(the 2nd biggest in the Republic). Over half the cases reported have been in Dublin who have over 1/3 of the population. Being an island also helps. Some counties have less than 100,000 living in them and there's a lot of quiet rural spots. Overall the health of the country is decent. A lot of people are active in local sports and athletics. The country has been in some form of lockdown for at least 3 weeks now. The schools closed 5 days before Paddy's Day and public houses followed suit. The hairdressers, clothes shops, and electricals followed suit over the next 2 weeks. It was pushed further last Friday.We were told to stay at home last Friday and by and large there is good order. A 2km limit was imposed but it's manageable. Very hard on older families but there's a great sense of community about the place. There nearly always has. The older population are well looked after in general. The decision for Cheltenham to go ahead was scandalous mind. I'd expect that the next 2 to 3 weeks could be the peak but in fairness to the government we have acted reasonably well. Dublin and Cork are on red alert because of population density but the measures taken hopefully will have an effect by the end of April.
  8. Diabolical from Kasper for that goal. Surely its Conrad Logan's time to shine.
  9. Blue ROI

    Corona Virus

    Ireland has closed schools and colleges until 29th March. Leo Varadkar made the announcement this morning from Washington. Nice of him to give travel tips after travelling all the way to America
  10. Justified wearing clobber like that mind.
  11. BT Sport are nearly as pig ignorant of teams outside the Premier League than Sky ever were. Some feat.
  12. Simeone's Atletico. The kind of team Spurs think they are.
  13. Atletico? Played well but it's only Liverpool!
  14. Sad for Drinkwater to have fallen so badly. Wouldn't have much reason to hold the Chelsea move against him. It's probably worse for him that he is more or less finished considering how well he did to rebuild and reach the peak he did with us. Others sometimes look at Vardy and Kasper and might say they could have moved on to another club but you get the impression that they knew they were in a good place and happy with what they have.
  15. Yes Sunderland had stalled before Conga was there and Celtic have drifted off from the elite level compared to a decade ago. If we do get a taste of why his reputation is a bit suspect then we won't hang around looking for a replacement I'd say. We got through the 2016 summer of mediocrity in Musa, Hernandez,Zieler etc. I doubt we'll have a window that disastrous for a while yet. Our owners are bound to be more decisive than his previous 2 clubs.
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