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  1. Anyone watched Mystery Road on BBC 4? Seems to be well received
  2. Was a sickner how it finished but after a number of low points was our best season in about a decade. Even losing out there was lots to be proud of in the second leg performance. Felt it was a year too soon for us anyway. Took a year or 2 longer to make it back but it was well worth it given where we are now. I'll always look back at 08-10 with great fondness. It set us up for better days and then some.
  3. Thought that was us in Pink for a second.
  4. Have to admire Chris Wood. Would rather he didn't hit form against us as he often does but has done quite well for himself since he left us.
  5. Looks like he's run out of road, There is occasional glimpses every once in a while but he never puts it right over a longer period of time. Right or wrong he was a forerunner to the disappointing signings of Summer 2016. I doubt Pearson would have had him anywhere near the club. He's the kind of player to follow in the footsteps of Nugent/Knockaert. Could be at a side chasing promotion to the top flight by the time he gets to 30.
  6. A really good performance. To get the less pleasing aspects out of the way first. The defence was less than stellar. JJ was a bit out of sorts at times. He is a decent player but is gonna be a target for other teams to exploit whilst he's still learning. N'Didi's positioning was less than stellar even though he had a good game overall. It's disappointing Vardy wasn't in on the goals but Burnley has never been his favourite team to play against. Its probably his worst opponent in the League.With Under on the way Perez must be under threat. I doubt Ayoze is on many Fantasy Football teams now. Way more positives overall though. All the above contributed something at least. Even at half time there was lots to be optimistic about. Castagne had another fine game. He might be better than Ricardo in several aspects to his game which is some going. Realistically its 2 bottom half teams so far but you'd be confident he'll be alright against the better sides. His compatriots have made a great start to the season. Tielemans looks like the player we hoped we could be. Looks extremely focused. We all would like Maddison to be back but Praet is a good backup player to have. He suffered more than most with the timing of lockdown but he's very adept on the ball. Cracking goal. Mendy is a lot better than he is give credit for. He doesn't have the defensive prowess of Kante or N'Didi but when given free reign he's a great player to bring the ball forward. We look a lot more threatening with him. Barnes look to be hitting the improvements of Chilwell 2 seasons ago. Might have been 2 goals but for a great save from Pope. On the 8.5 to 9 scale the last 2 weeks. Maybe he might be at the level of Mahrez a few years back. We had a few worrying moments but we controlled the game well. Can write next off I'd say but there looks to be lots of good things happening for us once again. We'll play more threatening teams yes but 1 more major signing and a backup player would suit us right down to the ground.
  7. Our former youth team player Dylan Watts introduced as a sub for Shams. Has done alright.
  8. Live on Ireland. RTE 2. https://www.rte.ie/player/onnow/66546216064 Might be only open to Ireland.
  9. Ac milan 1 up after 35 minutes after a goal from Zlatan. Shamrock Rovers had an early chance but fluffed it. Not terribly convincing from Milan.
  10. This is getting almost as boring as Mahrez from 2017-18 now.
  11. This city's made us crazy and we must get out
  12. A very good display yesterday. His best performance since Villa in March. He ought to have got a goal but the play that led to the penalty was as good as an assist really. If he can contribute moments like that outside of scoring then you'd be reasonably happy with his progress. Hopefully he can net 10 or more goals this season.
  13. Stopped watching after our game.Missed the highlights of Everton's win. Did Jenas say that some of the spurs team should move to a bigger club in order to win trophies?
  14. It's taken 4 years but at last we can call 1 of the summer signings of 2016 a success.
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