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  1. Vardy. A perfect pass and then a superb goal. A pivotal goal in the dream season. Stands out from the rest in terms of iconic moments.
  2. EFL Cup 4th Round Draw: Wednesday Night

    Swansea away the Saturday before and Everton at home the following Sunday. Wouldn't mind a game against Leeds.
  3. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    League cup quality at least Over to you slim..
  4. Watched the second half. Most enjoyable. Would have preferred a win last/next Saturday but hopefully this will kick start the season. Goal of the season so far from slim. Shinji man of the match. Hats off. Keep it up lads.
  5. Top drawer strike. The Slim and shinji show. Told yas.
  6. Atta boy shinji. He's a Japanese boy!!
  7. Musa not starting. Can safely say it's over for him now. Surely will leave in January.
  8. Will our fan base ever be happy again?

    There's always hysteria when we don't win but I don't believe it's any different with other clubs. Even the man united and chelsea forums probably have people who give out about players who play for them or the media being out to bring them down a peg or two. Personally I'm a bit disappointed to be in the lower half of the table right now but I didn't expect to compete in the league at the start of this decade let alone win it so I'll be content for quite a while. There was I'd say about 100 Leicester fans over here before 2016. When you think of all the hundreds of thousand who worship united or Liverpool and that those minority got to experience Leicester winning you can't but be satisfied.
  9. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Could this have been a way of the club deflecting the below par performance on Saturday?
  10. I've rarely witnessed such an intense match or occasion like it yesterday. A lot to do with the mayo story you'd have to say. I say this with a lot of bias but I don't think there was any sports event in the world going on yesterday that was as enthralling as croke park. Congrats on the 3 in a row kev. The scale of the achievement has been overshadowed in the aftermath. Dublin have a host of top class players and had that been the last decade they would have faltered. They kept their heads when the sky was falling in. Kerry 1975-87 still slightly ahead of Dublin but the dubs are at the stage kerry were at after the 4 in a row in 81(ie 5 all Ireland from 7).Up there as the best Dublin team i've watched. Top 3 in the grand scheme of things for now.
  11. Moran had nothing more to give by then I'd say. He made less of an impact in the second half. Good point about the subs. O'Connor was good but Coen doesnt convince me at all. I know Moran an O'shea were running on empty but you felt the subs that replaced them weren't going to make the same impact. I would have left Doherty on. He might have nailed that free in injury time. Vaughan picked the worst time to act the hardman. The Super 8 wont suit Mayo next season. Their marquee names will find it hard to get back to that level due to their age. Its been like watching Atletico Madrid trying to win the champions league recently but just falling short.
  12. Need one myself after that even as a neutral. Bet Jeff and Kammy were impressed.
  13. Dublin win. 1-17 to 1-16. Gutted for mayo. That could be the end of them now. 5 all Irelands in 7 years for Dublin. Extraordinary match.
  14. Thats as big a farce of a penalty call as Albrighton in Madrid. Mayo 1-15 Dublin 1-13.just under 10 to go....