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  1. Under has serious potential. The kind of direct player that Mahrez was
  2. Atletico Madrid would be one to avoid. Not just for their strength but it would be a bit boring this time round having met them in 2 of the last 3 European adventures.
  3. Once proclaimed by Ian Mcculloch as the greatest album of all time. As one review had it complete and utter bollocks but brilliant bollocks
  4. Seems to be serious emulation capabilities on both models
  5. Camp turned up to the last. Didn't even make the top 10 in 2001. Found this fairly irritating at the time but now reckon it's class.
  6. To have Barnes,Madison,Tielemans and Vardy on the pitch and not create a chance is deplorable.
  7. Forgot how N'Didi ran the show against them in 2019. He's a big loss to us here.
  8. Not our strongest team but you'd hope that there is enough in them to get by tonight. Fulham were hopeless the last time they visited the King Power but they could be a lot more dangerous tonight. Might be a game that requires the bench to get the job done but it would be a surprise if we don't win.
  9. It was always gonna be hard to match the 5 seasons progress and MON knew this full well. The daggers he got at the start was well forgotten by the first League Cup triumph I reckon. His stock was very high at this time and he felt had to make a move. Given our size we had done remarkably well.Had maxed out by 99/00 bar flukey form in late 2000. Heskey going was as good a time as any to bail out. GIven the historical ties his home area has to Celtic it was always gonna be impossible to turn it down. It's a lot different to now when only the very elite clubs can take our
  10. Limerick into the final after a hard fought win 0-27 to 0-24. Not one of the semi final belters of recent years but Limerick were just a bit better. Horrible injury to Galways start player. Suffered concussion close to the end and went to hospital after. Limerick and Waterford final for the first time ever on Sunday December 13.
  11. Rookie mistake. It ain't over till it's over!! Waterford were magnificent in the second half. Were in the final 3 years ago but had a disastrous run of form in 2018 and 2019. Possibly the worst team in the championship. Incredible turnaround in their fortunes. They'll take beating now. Haven't won it since 1959. The other semi final involving my own county Limerick and Galway is on at 4. Should be a good one.
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