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  1. Newcastle under Ashley are always there for the taking but we have put in some hideous displays against them at the KP since they got promoted again. We needed to win the last 2 to give us some breathing space ahead of the cup final. Now Chelsea have it. Even the 2 Manchesters have it before the European finals. Now we are on the verge of total collapse.
  2. I'd say a second Top 4 collapse could make it very hostile at the start of next season.
  3. Bizarre run of events in Ireland this week. Newspaper columnist/establishment stooge Eoghan Harris caught out with an anonymous twitter account that attacked the Sinn Fein party over the last 12 months. He then went on RTE on Friday to try an explain himself after being sacked. Which was comical https://www.rte.ie/radio/radioplayer/html5/#/radio1/21950950
  4. There's no need for it to come from him. We are where we are in the last decade because of the likes of Vardy. Even though he hasn't scored much of late he still puts in a decent effort. He might be done at the highest level sadly but he's done well to still be here 5 years on. There's others with a lot more to prove.
  5. Ourselves and West Ham have been stitched up something chronic tonight by Pep's team. Given Chelsea the chance to rest players for the next week too.
  6. The games came thick and fast last season at the very end last season. We had a lot more of a break this time since the Brighton game. And also with some favorable fixtures. There's no excuse for what's happened since mid March.
  7. I hope you'll be reminding everyone of this post in a fortnight's time but after last year it's not hard to be all doom and gloom at this moment in time.
  8. Said it before the game that you can't ever rely on Man City for a favorable result. Watch them win the next game 6-0 now.,
  9. What odds there'll be 2 out of 3 weakened sides in Manchester the next 7 days and neither will be playing us.
  10. We didn't field a weakened team intentionally. Although watching us play you might think we had.
  11. You can never rely on Man City to help us out with a result.
  12. Was hoping Rotherham stayed up. They haven't been in the division for more than 1 season after recent promotions.
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