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  1. Holmes Park would have more buzz about it than this.
  2. Might explain Wes getting that red card yesterday
  3. Blue ROI

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    And we go 1-0 behind far too often.
  4. Blue ROI

    Everton (H) Match Thread

    Painful but a super strike.
  5. Blue ROI

    Everton Home Pre Match 06/10

    Tough game in prospect. Well every game is tough lately with the bad starts. Everton are the most team like ourselves in the league.A win here would be a good sign of progress but wouldn't surprise me if it was a draw. Worth going with a similar setup like last weekend. Would be great if we were treated to a Nacho-fest today!
  6. Blue ROI

    Is Messi the best ever ?

    Lads, it's Tottenham!
  7. Blue ROI

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Barnes could be taking Maddison's place should the latter's stock keep rising.
  8. Blue ROI

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Will they be able to do it as well in the cold tuesday night group stage against Wolves next year?
  9. Blue ROI

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Mentioned in Football 365. On their Top 10 players of the season so far at 9th. https://www.football365.com/news/top-10-premier-league-players-of-the-season-so-far 9) James Maddison Aidy Boothroyd reckons Maddison isn’t ready for the senior set up just yet. But if the 21-year-old maintains the form he has shown in the opening weeks of his maiden top-flight campaign then Gareth Southgate will surely be taking a look at the attacking midfielder before the end of the season. Maddison made his debut at Old Trafford on the opening weekend and having climbed through the Football League to reach the top flight, the summer signing from Norwich for £25million looked immediately at home on the biggest stage. He is Leicester’s joint-top scorer with three goals and and two assists but the fact he has only finished one game suggests Boothroyd is right to suggest Maddison is ‘a late developer’. Which begs the obvious question: how good could he be? Maybe he’s not the finished article, but with Southgate looking for a creative midfielder, Maddison must be one of the next in line for a call-up.
  10. Blue ROI

    Adrien Silva

    When silva wasn't here?! Team is slightly different now so would be worth trying out again. 1 midfielder to attack and 1 to help out in defensive work.
  11. Blue ROI

    Adrien Silva

    Might help if he played alongside wilf or mendy. Himself or iborra alongside 1 of our current midfield would be ideal to test out in 1 game.
  12. Blue ROI

    Daniel Amartey

    Not the first time someone has made that comment about a player from Africa.
  13. Blue ROI

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    I would be highly respectful of what MON achieved with us. I have defended him over here in Ireland a lot over the 12 months. Not easy.
  14. Blue ROI

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    From Arsenal and Spurs at the end of last season to now we've started to hit some form. Not quite in Great Escape to Wes lifting the trophy form but still notable. After the demented decade we had there was always going to be a comedown so to be in transition and 7th is not too shabby. I wasn't too impressed with Claude in the second half of last season but you'd have to give him credit for getting perfomances out of the club again. Bournemouth has been the only disaster so far. Getting at the top 6 is going to be beyond us right now but it will be how we fare against Everton, West Ham,Watford etc that will determine progress. We have played 2 dreadful teams in Huddersfield and Newcastle so I wouldn't be too triumphant just yet. Should we be 7th at the end of October then there would be genuine grounds for optimism.
  15. Blue ROI

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    A good day yesterday. We could have been down after 5 minute like last weekend but once we got to grips with the game we were very comfortable. A but fortunate they squandered a good chance before Maguire got back in time mind. Had a good few chances before Vardys goal but we played some neat football at times. Maguire really good and I'm no Morgan fan with other options there but he did nowt wrong yesterday. Amartey with another fine display. Mendy and WIlf had probably their best game together this season. Maddison also impressed and is doing a lot more than I suspect Mahrez would be if he was here We need a bit more out of the attack though. Vardy may not hit the heights of the last few years and Nachoman is not all that reliable. Getting another striker is a must above all else in January. The main plus is that we are winning these types of games. Something we weren't doing after January. Our defence and Midfield were excellent and we got off to a positive start for once. Has to be said that Newcastle were just wretched. Takes some going to be as bad as they were in 2015 but they managed it. Not perfect but hard to complain with 7th. Come up with the goods next weekend and we could start to think about Europe once again.