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  1. Blue ROI

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    No goals conceded at home and a 2-0 win.How I've missed you! Strange game. We were in danger of conceding after 20 minutes but after the fortuitous goal we took over. Without hitting top form we played alright for 2/3 of the game. Kasper and Chilwell out of sync a couple of times and Evans all at sea early doors but comfortable after the 1st goal. Chilwell did ok today and was pleased he stopped a goalbound shot in the 2nd half. His defending has been lacking a bit up to now. Not Evans finest hour but can only hope that he can settle in quick.Pereira had a massive game for us and the assists he gave is just something we didnt get from Simpson. Big addition. A tour de force from Mendy. Shakey made a huge mistake letting him go as we could have badly done with his presence at midfield last season. His last game was a short cameo against Sheffield United last season and it was clear then that he could be useful. He was great getting back, the quickness in his passing kept Wolves guessing all the way through. It was like watching Kante out there today. MOTM. Maddison took his goal well and though a bit inexperienced looks very promising. Shame Mahrez left but Madds offers a different threat that we badly needed. Gray seems to have sorted himself out a bit aswell. Plays with a bit more purpose and composure. Vardy on balance was harsh to be red carded but when you go in like that you can't be that reckless even getting the ball. Was a fairer red card than Moss at West Ham anyways. His loss now shows us our lack of options up front. Slimani's a bit marmitey but after Ulloa going I would have held on to him. Any more injuries or suspensions up front will hurt us. Got to scout for someone in January. All in all a pleasing day at home thank god and hopefully more to come. RIght time to get prepared for the All Ireland Hurling final tomorrow. Come on Limerick!
  2. Blue ROI

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Mendy has been terrific. His passing is underrated.
  3. Blue ROI

    Wolves (H) match thread

    It's maddison, hallelujah It's maddison, amen!
  4. Blue ROI

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Any links to this game?
  5. Blue ROI

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Better starting team than man u. Mendy now the last man standing from the disastrous 2016 summer. Without tempting fate its almost exactly 2 years to the day he got that injury against Arsenal. Win here is a must. Let's Ave it.
  6. Blue ROI

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    Vital we get a win at home today. Arsenal aside we've been too pedestrian at home for almost the entire year and playing a newly promoted team is as good a chance as any to get the monkey off the back. Another draw or loss and the inkies will have a field day.
  7. Blue ROI

    Most overrated City player

    Silva and Nachoman.
  8. Blue ROI

    Save The Marks Electrical Mural

    Let it go and repaint it somewhere else. Plenty of areas around to choose from.
  9. Football semi finals played over the weekend. Dublin 1-24 Galway 2-12 Routine win for Dublin in the finish. A mesmerising second half completely overwhelmed Galway. Galway's first semi final since 2001 but they just were a tad too inexperienced at this level and it showed. A change of approach a la Man Utd hasn't won them too many fans. Dublin now heavy favourites to win 4 All Irelands in a row which has been achieved 3 times before. The 5 in a row is something of a holy grail in the game with Kerry in 1982 narrowly falling short. Dublin look well equipped to have a shot at it. Tyrone 1-13 Monaghan 0-15. 1 point win or Tyrone who lost to Monaghan in Ulster back in May. Interesting contest but average enough football wise. The strength of Tyrones defence and a Kante like figure at midfield were vital to them. Felt sorry for Monaghan. A county with only 50,000 fans and 30 clubs. Would have been an incredible story had they got to the final. Dublins approach and Tyrones somewhat laboured play would point to a heavy Dublin win. Knowing Tyrone who lost big to Dublin last year they might do better than people expect. Its been a disappointing year for Football with 4 in a row for Dublin an inevitability the last few weeks. The hurling championship after its most exciting in years takes centre stage this weekend. My own county Limerick takes on reigning champions Galway in the final. We haven't won the title since 1973 suffering 5 final defeats since. We have a very young team with around 11 under 24 but Sunday is a big chance. Let's we can do it!
  10. Blue ROI

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    A pretty encouraging performance. A draw wouldnt have been unfair to us. We stuck it to Man U after the disastrous start and bossed it for nearly all of the 1st half. We dipped a little in the second half and Man U grinded it out. DId well considering our makeshift defence and bluntness in attack. Can understand the negativity surrounding Man U a lot more now. Jose might be on the way out before January. The positives were Maddison, Pereira, and Maguire. Chilwell looked alright too but we need to see that a lot more often. Hope his defending is strong enough as the weeks go by. Gray looked up for it and overall his most solid 90 minutes for us so far. Ghezzal too showed something but hard to make a definitive judgement on him yet. Amartey the fall guy for us but he hasn't taken the chances that have come his way and I'd be surprised if he's still with us next year. He just seems to be a bit passive for the big occasion. We criticize Simpson for his footballing limitation but at least he puts every effort into it. Nachoman again was a letdown. His fitness is a concern to me despite his potential scoring threat. We need to go looking for another striker in January. Our lack of goalscoring threat let us down on Friday. Claude has been his worst enemy with selection since February but that was a step in the right direction. We're in that hated of cliches called transition. It could take a bit of short term agony to reassert ourselves but it's looking promising. We need a result against Wolves that is certain. We dropped too many points to teams outside the top 6 after Christmas. With a stronger defence we can get the win.
  11. Blue ROI

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    Missed the penalty but like the look of this display. We shouldn't be 1-0 down. Utd are shocking so far.
  12. I'd expect to lose tonight but we are capable of getting a draw in this. Start of a new era of sorts tonight and it may just take a few games to get settled in to it.
  13. Blue ROI

    How did we do?

    The other 3 is why Harry was bought in the first place.
  14. Blue ROI

    How did we do?

    Yes the 2 players signed today is a sort of 'life after Harry' statement. Mourinho's presence has soured any potential signings. Maguire is better of staying with us until January at least. There is potential with us and if we don't live up to it then Maguire may look to go elsewhere.
  15. Blue ROI

    How did we do?

    Good. 8/10 Mahrez is a loss of course but the additions of Pereira, Maddison and Evans are most welcome. The defence has been strengthened significantly and we held onto Vardy, Maguire and Kasper. Musa being sold for what he was bought for was great business. Just a shame we didnt go for another striker. We look a bit light if anything happens Vardy. Nachoman still has a lot to prove with us. Another window in January would be ideal of the goals aren't there. Would like to have seen more players moved on like King, Simpson, Benny but that should sort itself out soon hopefully. More good than bad it would appear though.