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  1. Imagine not starting Maddison Still as long as it keeps him fresh for Leicester games then good.
  2. If Pep leaves at the end of the season and we're ahead of Man City Brendan is more than likely gonna be in the running. It's probably our biggest threat. Arsenal and Tottenham would not be a big step forward for him as they currently are.
  3. It's a sign of how things are right now that a draw would have been a disappointment. After 65 minutes it was heading that way.Praise the lord for Jamie Vardy. Even if we drew there was a lot to admire about out workrate and general play. We never slackened off right through the game. Evans, Maddsion, N'didi, were all superb and should we keep the spine of the team in place Europe looks a certainty. Barnes and Perez were probably our least effective players and yet it would be harsh to say they had bad games. They still put in a good graft. Arsenal were better than they were in April but we dictated the play from the get go. The longer Emery stays in charge the more likely it is that they will be out of reach. Of course they could get on Ole type bounce from a new manager but they have a very mediocre squad. They have a major rebuilding task ahead of them. Been a great month or so. Slight letdown that Liverpool are still strong but top 6 was the aim pre-season so we're exceeding expectations.
  4. He could have quite a few more goals this season but Barnes is such a menace bearing down on goal that it helps put fear in opponents. Even if he doesn't score it's likely Vardy,Madddison, Tielemans, or Perez will also create chances and we'll get goals. It's unfortunate on Albrighton but with our defence being rock solid and N'didi being masterful it frees up our attack to make hay. Could do with a Vardy replacement down the road but our attack is so well balanced now you'd have to say.
  5. Kante was only with us a year and was looking to join other clubs even before he joined. I'd look upon him more fondly even though he was only here 1 season. I was hugely disappointed that he left but he was already on the verge of stardom when he joined unlike Mahrez. Since he left he has won a Premier League, World Cup and UEFA Cup. Sadly for us we just couldn't match his brilliance and his decision has been vindicated really. Mahrez sort of hit the jackpot when he joined us so comments like today will leave a sour taste. He hasn't reached Kante's level. If anything he has picked the worst possible weekend to go mouthing off when Man City lost and we won.
  6. This in it's own way supports nonsense like Merson said about arsenal over us during the weekend. 2 wrongs somehow make a right..
  7. I'd hope that wasn't Riyad's thoughts on the matter. Didn't the 5 seasons that included a championship, great escape, premier league win and Champions League quarter final mean anything. Not to mention fairly decent financial rewards to boot.
  8. He's best suited to the middle. Has brilliant awareness but lacks the pace needed for the wing.
  9. League Cup win and Champions League place would do very nicely.
  10. Looks like 2nd place will have to suffice this season then!
  11. We've only lost once at home since the Crystal Palace game in February.
  12. 4 wins out of 4 since our last international break and the upcoming one. Surely the best record since our promotion?
  13. He's been better for us the last few weeks. Since the end of the Liverpool game it seems to have lit up his own performance. Hopefully it continues tonight.
  14. A good debate here. Bit about ourselves and Rodgers. From around 3 minutes in.
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