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  1. Be good to get back to winning ways but we made hard work of Burnley at the king power and we've played them at Turfmoor in recent years and have got beaten in the middle of disastrous form. Hope it wont be the case today. A lot needs to go right for us today. A big run of games coming up and would be good to build a cushion before the Chelsea game.
  2. Blue ROI


    He helped us avoid relegation. Nearly all his goals were against teams in the bottom half in 2016/17. Villa could do worse.
  3. I don't really have any bitterness to Drinkwater. He'd been with us for 5 years and we got the best years of his career. If you get 3 to 4 years out of a useful player its a good return for a club like ours. Sad how its gone for him but that's the chance you take with Hazard and Kante around. Took us a full season to get something adequate but no looking back now.
  4. And you could make a case for ourselves to an extent too.
  5. Still at least we don't normally concede first now eh??!!
  6. We're still in a better position though since Mahrez left. As hard as that is to believe. He's been a hard act to follow but but there has been other issues like the defence that were more urgent issues. At least we aren't regularly conceding 5 goals like at Palace and Spurs in late 2017-18.
  7. Next season with Watford at this rate!
  8. That was diabolical. Outplayed and out fought. We now realise how important n'didi is to the team.
  9. Ricardo rocking the Mark Knopfler look.
  10. This is a right smash and grab from villa but let's not dissimilar from what we did 4 seasons ago.
  11. Paul hogan just missed double 18 to hit a 9 darter. 2-0 up. Sensational performance
  12. 80 Million for Maguire We've had Utd's pants down!
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