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  1. F****off. Hes dogshit, 3 players in front of him on that corner, right in front of goal, then a fourth just moved in just before kick. Not protecting the goal at all.
  2. Fofanied that then. Ballwatching for the 2nd goal. Wheres the pottential here. Hes bench material if that from that 2nd goal
  3. Players wind him up and he cracks. Behind closed doors matters not. He'll stomp on your nuts if you wrong him. You'll all luv him, but he def is a red card liability.
  4. 1 Adult and 1 Under 18 Tickets for Sale. £25 for the 2. Upper Bullens (Unrestricted View of Goals according to map). PM me if interested. At all the home games prior to this, for pickup. Home against Everton Sunday 1st 16:30 Home against Watford Wednesday 4th 19:30 Home Against Norwich Saturday 14th 15:00 Sold now to LCFC098
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