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  1. 1 Adult and 1 Under 18 Tickets for Sale. £25 for the 2. Upper Bullens (Unrestricted View of Goals according to map). PM me if interested. At all the home games prior to this, for pickup. Home against Everton Sunday 1st 16:30 Home against Watford Wednesday 4th 19:30 Home Against Norwich Saturday 14th 15:00 Sold now to LCFC098
  2. Yeah, they wore them at the under 23 game Saturday against Arsenal also. Meant to say Manure though, as was there. Looks like 3 times the blue shorts have been worn versus 5 of the white. Jim it is then
  3. My lads asked me this a few times. Anyone know if the club is selling or planning to sell the Blue shorts (gold 3 stripes), as he absolutlehy hates the white with gold. The teams has worn them a couple of times now. thanks folks. Was at the game yesterday and all blue looks far better.
  4. Had to have a quick look as 69 aint correct. Celtic have lost 4 this season though in SPL. Exact same nos of losses as Glagow Rangers Glasgow Rangers were last to beat them in SPL 29th December 2018 1-0. I know as i watched the game up in Scotland.
  5. Misspass forward. Not back. Don't understand the shower of white we are now.
  6. It's a usual premier Inn type pub. Foods ok. We were there for the cariboo cup game not so long ago. It's the designated away pub from what I've seen.
  7. Bluebrick. Postcode WV10 0BA. its a few mins walk from train station next to premier inn. Been there a few times now for leicester aways, and absolutly no probs with wearing colours. Few wolves fans in there also. Wolverhampton has pretty much zero away freindly pubs in town centre that ive seen.
  8. Barnes was pretty decent yesterday. Yes. Chillwell did avoid passing to him early on but not so as game went on. Needs 1st team slot ever week.
  9. Pretty much all of this. Ricardo supplying vardy more often..
  10. As per title. 2off J2 Row V tickets available for Cardiff game this coming Saturday, great seats. Seats are positioned comparable to the owners seats, just on other side of pitch.(east rather than west) Great views for both halfs as on centre-line. Half way back in stand. Adult + Under 18 £50 for the 2. or 2 Adults £65. i'd need to upgrade the under18 1st. j2 seats are normally £48ea @ public sale. Pickup needs to be Boxing Day before the Man. City Game. Season ticket holder sale as ooop north for New Year.
  11. Got 2 if your still looking
  12. £50 for the 2 if its an adult + an under 18. £65 for 2 adults. FV public sale is £48 each for these seats.
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