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  1. - Morgan is a big loss. I think 3 at the back would help us deal with his absence. Benalouane has done ok, but he's not as great as he's made out to be. We've conceded 10 goals in 7 games when he's played & he's unfortunately been at fault for 4 of them. - Arsenal will most likely play 3 at the back, but their CM's are defensively fragile. Having Mahrez in the middle will cause them problems. - Ulloa will bully their CB's in the air. - Our second half performance playing 3 at the back against Atletico was very encouraging. Arsenals defence are very suspect and our direct approach in this formation could open them up.
  2. On the bench. Wouldn't want Benaloaune being dragged out wide as the RCB. Simpson would do a good job imo.
  3. He played there against Atletico in the second half? To play 3 at the back, the RCB and LCB need to be comfortable defending out wide & also comfortable passing the ball into midfield. Simpson is very capable of playing in this position.
  4. With Morgan out, I'd go 3 at the back. Schmeichel Simpson, Huth, Fuchs Albrighton, Drinkwater, Ndidi, Chilwell Mahrez Vardy, Ulloa
  5. Would be a great signing. Also his background and rise from non-league is a perfect fit for us. He's comfortable playing LB, LM, CDM & CAM. Maybe he could be a left footed Albrighton? I've always said we need another Albrighton type, because without him our midfield looks disjointed. Clucas/Gray as back up to Mahrez/Albrighton? However Lawrence wouldn't want to be 5th choice.. Maybe he can compete at number 10, or replace Gray if he leaves.
  6. agreed. amartey is poor.
  7. He needs to go back to playing how he did in our title winning season. Doing the simple things, being a team player instead of going for glory everytime. Him & Lawrence as back up next season would create some healthy competition.
  8. 6 points ahead of Swansea, with 2 games in hand. We are in a good position, it's in our hands and I trust Shakespeare & our players to push for the top half.
  9. Everytime I've seen Keane & Gibson they have been bang average. Dunno if its me catching them on a bad day or them being overhyped.
  10. if he's happy to be an impact sub next season i'd keep him
  11. The likes of Hart & Pickford being available in the summer is good news for us, in the sense that the top 7 will want to sign them instead of Kasper because they're English. Kasper will stay.
  12. certainly looks impressive. What's his best position though ? He seems to play everywhere CDM, CAM & on the wing.
  13. yeah that's him shame he got injured & couldn't show his ability at prem level.
  14. he's been playing RW this season, but can also play CAM
  15. Great player. I'd be slightly underwhelmed if Mahrez left and he was his replacement. But as back up for Riyad it's a no brainer.