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  1. I think that’s a fair assessment. It’s why I wouldn’t be against signing a box to box to compliment Tielemans in the 4-3-3. Or we could just give Tavares a chance
  2. Think Foden is the last piece in the puzzle for England. It’s unlikely to happen, but we should go for him in the summer and offer him game time. He is going to be 6th/7th choice at Man City next year
  3. Rice and Dier are just a bit meh aren’t they Hamza for Euro 2020
  4. Chilwell has shown real intelligence tonight with his positioning. Knew when to go forward, when to sit back and defend the space and when to overlap. Similar to Fuchs style of play. Hopefully he can do this on a consistent basis for us.
  5. I would keep him, just because we don’t want to turn into a selling club like Southampton. Selling Kante, Drinkwater, Mahrez & then Maguire in the space of a few seasons is not a good look.
  6. In my opinion Evans has performed better this season
  7. Just checked Man Utd’s forum. They want Koulibaly, Skriniar or Varane. Then they end up with Harry Maguire
  8. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/32461/11671431/harry-maguire-is-englands-weak-link-says-matej-vydra Matej Vydra says the Czech Republic have identified Harry Maguire as a weak link in England's team and have also been told to kick their opponents at Wembley. The Burnley striker claims England's defence is not as strong as their attack and that Maguire is the player they will be focusing on in the European Qualifiers opener on Friday night. The Leicester defender was sent off early on in the match against Burnley on Saturday for a tackle on Berg Gudmundsson and although the Foxes won 2-1, Vydra believes it was a sign of weakness in Maguire's game. The Leicester defender was sent off early on in the match against Burnley on Saturday for a tackle on Berg Gudmundsson and although the Foxes won 2-1, Vydra believes it was a sign of weakness in Maguire's game. "Kane is top, Rashford as well, Sterling is in a great form. The attack is very strong. Defence, I don't say it's not strong as well, but it's not as strong as the attack," he said. "For example, Maguire. We talked about him at Burnley before we played against Leicester. In some moments it seems he doesn't know what's happening behind him, that's why he got a red card after five minutes in the match against Burnley. "They (England) would surely like to hold the ball and play a possession game, so we have to be close to them. Don't be afraid to kick them three or four times - then they may change the plan and play just one or two touches."
  9. In hindsight I fear we’ve missed good opportunities to promote some of our talented youth... I wasn’t calling for these youth to be called up at the time, this is just my opinion, looking back.. We could have promoted Ndukwu instead of signing Kapustka or Diabate We could have promoted any 4 of our CB’s instead of signing Soyuncu Dewsbury-Hall instead of Iborra... Eppiah instead of Kelechi.. There are probably more examples. This summer, will Rodgers buck the trend? Will he insist.. someone like Tavares gets a place in the squad, or will we go and spend another 20mill on someone. If we don’t change our mindset, in a few years we will be spending 20mill on some winger who blocks Terrel Pennants pathway to the first team. The cycle continues.
  10. We have 30 players on the books.. Getting rid of the deadwood should be a priority
  11. Would be decent competition for Tielemans and Maddison in those central positions
  12. Think a lot of it is to do with tactics. In a low block defensive, counter attacking set up, Wes is a brick wall. Our wins against Chelsea and Man City are good examples of Wes at his best. However in a high line he is suspect, as are all our CB’s tbf apart from Evans maybe due to his reading of the game.
  13. Schmeichel Pereira, Morgan, Evans, Chilwell Tielemans, Ndidi, Maddison Gray, Vardy, Barnes Choudhury and Tavares on the bench
  14. Why would we want to go from an attacking fullback to a defensive one. Just sign a winger and leave Ricardo at RB.
  15. Fantastic news, hopefully he stays on as a coach when he hangs up his boots. Keeping legends around after they retire, be it as a manager, coach or in the youth set up is a step in the right direction. Ole, Zidane, Carrick, Bergkamp and Van Der Sar at Ajax, Zanetti at Inter, Nedved at Juve. Even Eddie Howe at Bournemouth.. All of them have performed well in their roles and have the clubs best interests at heart.. Would love to see Huth and Wasilewski back at the club, even if it’s just in the youth set up. Kasper/Vardy when they retire too... Wes Morgan, a true Leicester legend.
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