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  1. foxes21

    James Maddison

    football clubs financial accounts start from july 1st Without the CL money I can imagine our 17/18 accounts won’t look that healthy, but out 18/19 accounts will if we sell Mahrez and the deadwood after July 1st and make our big purchases (like Maddison) after that date also.
  2. foxes21

    James Maddison

    The new financial year is July 1st
  3. foxes21

    James Maddison

    Is it possible we’re waiting for the new financial year to start, until we start buying/selling anyone?
  4. foxes21

    What grinds my gears...

    On the topic of recycling there’s a town in Japan that recycles absolutely everything and produces zero waste: Imagine if this happened in the UK
  5. foxes21

    Realistic Starting XI and Aims for 18/19 season!

    Iborra doesn’t shield the defence well and whoever is playing CDM needs to be able to cover our attacking fullbacks. Mendys a long shot, i wouldn’t mind seeing Choudhury in that position. But tbh, I don’t think a diamond would work, looking at that line up we’d be reliant on one player to create again, this time it’s not Mahrez it’s Maddison which is a step backwards. To replace Mahrez’s input i feel we need wingers alongside Maddison in the 10 role.
  6. foxes21

    Aleksandar Dragovic

    Now we’ve signed Evans I’d rather promote one of Moore or Hughes if we need a third CB. The 20m it would cost to sign Dragovic would be better spent elsewhere.
  7. foxes21

    James Maddison

    Do you think we’ll try to play a 3 man midfield? Ndidi holding, with Maddison and Grealish the playmakers and driving forward with the ball which we haven’t had since Kante. Or will it be more of a 4-2-3-1 with Maddison in the 10 position and Silva/Ndidi holding ?
  8. foxes21

    Betting Thread

    Anyone had success with Betfairs same game multi?
  9. foxes21

    Retained List 2018/19

    Josh Gordon extended his contract then. Surely he needs to go out on loan now to L1 or the championship?
  10. Agreed. As mentioned above hopefully that will go down significantly if Puel can promote more youth. I think it will decrease drastically anyway over the next 2 years. Hopefully we can shift Slimani, Musa, King & Ulloa this window plus the Mahrez sale. Next summer the wage bill will go down again as high earners like Simpson, Morgan & Fuchs will be out of contract.
  11. foxes21

    George Thomas

    Reckon he will be recalled to replace Gray during the season
  12. foxes21

    Thursday 7th June - England vs Costa Rica

    There is no creativity thus no one able to pick out Vardy’s good movement
  13. foxes21

    1st Player to be sold Summer 2018/2019 - who and why?

    Hamer and Huth have already left and imo the following need to go: Benalouane, King, James, Mendy, Kapustka, Musa, Ulloa, Slimani Also Amartey probably needs to be loaned out.
  14. foxes21

    Hiroki Sakai

    Sakai is first choice but they rotated a lot due to the Europa league
  15. foxes21

    Captain 18/19 Season