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  1. What about Zaha from palace? No doubt will cost a fortune but if we show him a bit of love and let brendan do his magic he could be brilliant for us
  2. How bad is john stones. And how on earth has he got in the England squad.
  3. What's happened to the replays for the offside. No way that was checked properly
  4. First time I've seen that watford penalty. Another shocker. What the **** is going on
  5. Why didnt VAR look at sons red. VAR is a complete joke. How they managed after almost 4 minutes to decide that it was a penalty was baffling.
  6. Great goal. Great celebration!
  7. Bizarre sub. Palace not looked like scoring all game. Big wes causes a touch of uncertainty at the back.
  8. Probably the worse side we could of drew. A premier league side who play a full strength team and that are desperate for a win.
  9. That var decision is a disgrace at arsenal. Happy days.
  10. City scored more away goals tonight than derby did in their last season in the premier league.
  11. Great game. I was only 11 ish i think. Bloke infront of me got wacked on the head by a pie. God knows why i remember that
  12. Not one player. Probably shows where we are as a county.
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