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  1. 27 from the last over. Who is bowling this shite
  2. Just looked at the score are we are 9 down!
  3. Looking how Tielemans was there at the end with Pep I imagine we have no hope of signing him.
  4. Sad times for Mansfield. Played a lot better in the second half. Carnage at the end. Both sets of fans invaded the pitch and had a bit of a scrap. Disappointed for the Mansfield fans who were unbelievable throughout.
  5. Mansfield booed off at half time. MK Don's the far better side so far.
  6. In the Mansfield end today at Mk Don's. Should be a decent afternoon. Mansfield taking over 5k. Impressive.
  7. Just been reading on Twitter. Abbas finally has a Visa!
  8. I see dexter is playing club cricket today. All very strange
  9. Why are we the only county still waiting for our main overseas player to get his Visa confirmed. Absolute amateur hour down the county as usual. Unless the Visa story Is a cover up and we cant actually afford him.
  10. ****ing keeper again. Get him out the side ffs
  11. Played well. Delighted with that. Same team against United. The end of Big Wes hopefully.
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