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  1. Better second half. Arsenal didn't really have a chance. Vardy the main man as usual. Loved how pissed off arsenal looked after as well.
  2. The standard of refs in this country is a disgrace. Absolute embarrassment. Why can't we have refs like that women from the other night. She was brilliant.
  3. May as well sub Fuchs off before he gets sent off. 4 at the back. Vardy on for Fuchs. Under on for Dennis. We can't do any worse. It's not like were even defending well setup like this.
  4. This is nothing like man city. We had a few glimpses of attacking play in the first half there and created chances. Here we look like we wont score if we play all week.
  5. This really is poor. Why are we playing the same way Fulham would. Its crap seeing us like this. All were doing here is waiting for them to score. We need to change it. We wont though
  6. Sounds like we have some west ham in the crowd. Singing blowing bubbles.
  7. It's like a different sport when you get a ref who let's the game flow. She has been brilliant. Why can't we have refs like this.
  8. So basically a closed shop. No more champions league dreams for us. Wouldn't it be boring. 18 teams with no relegation. Top 4 or 8 in a playoff to see who wins it. Majority of the games will be pretty meaninless. Yawn fest. Suppose they will all get even richer though which is nice for them.
  9. Blokes rubbish. Been rubbish since we signed him and will probably always be rubbish. But BR will play him as he spunked 30 million on him.
  10. Not non league though! Coalville are flying!
  11. I didnt no that. Fair play. Why isn't he though!
  12. 25 points in 21 games. Pretty clear we're not juventus or bayern.
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