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  1. The only hope we have is for man city getting banned. We wont get top 4 with our fixtures and with the way we have been playing.
  2. Good point. Wtf was that last 8 minutes though. Any other team would of been hammering the opposition.
  3. This is ****ing crap. Get a ****ing grip of it
  4. 8 mins wasted by the looks of it. Too many crap touches
  5. Makes sense to take a goal scoring forward off when your losing.
  6. These arsenal players are ****ing cheats. Gonna be a long half
  7. Bennett is no better than wes. If he was any good wolves wouldn't have loaned him out to us. Looks like Brendan's waiting for us to be 2 down until he changes it.
  8. Need to go back to a back 4. This back 3 is terrible. Albrighton is finished. Soy clearly cant play it and the bloke from wolves is no better than big wes. Get perez off as well. Hopeless.
  9. Dreading this. Got a dubious VAR call written all over it.
  10. Needs dropping. Nothing to do with service. Kelechi came on and made things happen by actually moving.
  11. Not good enough. Played well for half hour but hopeless for the rest. Vardy needs dropping. Offers nothing. Nacho looked far more useful. Rodgers hasn't a clue what to do.
  12. If we can get anything over 50 million for him it would be a complete result. Slows everything down, cant beat his man and makes brainless decisions all the time. I'd honestly rather see Fuchs play in the side. So frustrating.
  13. **** off chilwell. Please. Get Fuchs back in the side
  14. Chilwell brains of Britain again
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