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  1. Well at least this shows the manager how desperate we are for a new forward.
  2. Tyler was gutted with that. Bout time he was paid off
  3. I think vardy knew he was offside with the way he hit it.
  4. Happy with that. Avoided all the big guns
  5. That could of gone a lot worst with the sides that were left towards the end. Very winnable game
  6. Good win. Made hard work of it due to rodgers change of tactics! Sky couldn't get our game off quick enough. Big 6 willy pullers.
  7. Why has rodgers done this. Talk about inviting pressure. Madness.
  8. Completely agree. Too Conservative again.
  9. What a terrible half of football. Too slow on the ball. No urgency to get the game going. (How long does it take kasper to take a goal kick!) not getting enough people forward when we attack. They waste more time than a Tony pulls side.
  10. Youri really is wasted playing so deep.
  11. Barnes needs to stick to playing out wide. Were a decent side. Buy a forward. We don't have time trying to turn barnes into one.
  12. Added pressure now on this after today. Especially if we are serious about coming in the top 4.
  13. Villa make one change. Chelsea make 6. Lets hope they survive the day. As usual we have gone overboard and put too much faith in piss poor squad players.
  14. Dodgy as **** this. They didn't wanna play 2 games in 2 days. Simple as that. Amazon sport going on like someone has died from it.
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