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  1. Not sure about the stream but I'm watching it on sky.
  2. Excellent effort by the batsmen. Completely let down by the bowlers as usual. Has that kimber ever batted before?
  3. What' we predicting for our score? 140 all out.
  4. Theres an option that is to stop picking the same side each game.
  5. Why does he keep getting a bowl? We must have someone at the club who can bowl better than him. Anyone? Imagine the tea lady wouldn't be much worst.
  6. Lilley bowling a bit more filth 41 runs of 16 balls from his bowling.
  7. They have a frightening top 3. Have we ever had a side this bad in the twenty20. Naveen wouldn't get in Enderby seconds side.
  8. This Steel isn't the man to open. Doesn't hit enough boundaries. Looks about as attacking as Dom Sibley
  9. It's pretty clear we can't defend with these centre halves. All over the place. Rab pickford not helping matters either. If maguire is injured we will need to score a few to win games.
  10. Surely weve got some better centre halves than Coady. Bloody terrible.
  11. 45/6. Another embarrassing performance. Always a worry when the opposition get less than 300!
  12. Will we take it seriously though? We need a much bigger squad because if we don't the league will still be the priority.
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