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  1. adam

    Tunisia v England match thread

    To be fair to kane. He's a bloody good player.
  2. adam

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Get a sub on you boring ****
  3. adam

    Tunisia v England match thread

    How shit is Ashley young. What is he doing in the side
  4. adam

    Tunisia v England match thread

    This is taking the piss now
  5. adam

    Tunisia v England match thread

    I dont understand var. Who calls for it? How do they decide if to look at a decision or not? It's a load of shite
  6. adam

    England v Nigeria

    I can't listen to these pricks. Going back to the cricket.
  7. adam

    Jack Grealish

    Is he actually any better than Gray. If Gray played in the championship now he would look a world beater
  8. adam

    Champions League 2017/18

    Nothing worse than seeing grown men cry on a football pitch. Get a grip. Big Rob huth would not be impressed.
  9. adam

    Arsenal (H) Match Thread

    Anyone got a stream. Mines died
  10. adam

    Arsenal (H) Match Thread

    Lots of empty seats by the look of it.
  11. adam

    Andy King

    Absolutely not. Looks very average
  12. I'd rather have MON back
  13. adam

    Riyad Mahrez

    Yawn. Get rid
  14. I wouldn't play him again. What's the point. He doesn't want to be here so we may as well give his shirt to someone who is gonna be here next season. Looked half arsed again last night.
  15. adam

    Adrien Silva

    Another Inler. Just not suited to English football. Money well spent