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  1. We just saying random stuff to get to 100 and I love it
  2. In fairness I thought it didn't send the first few times😅
  3. Almost 100 pagessss
  4. Almost 100 pagessss
  5. Almost 100 pagessss
  6. December is always giant slaying time Winter is coming
  7. As a non England fan this thread pleases me greatly
  8. This shouldn't have made me laugh but it did coz they really do
  9. I'm looking at the afcon specifically for wingers /forwards and Percy tau looks the business so far in the qualifiers
  10. I mean I never spoke about his attitude I don't mind being a bit of a c*nt as long as you play good. And I get what you're saying but he'd be wasting space on the bench if he wasn't playing And quite frankly be wasting time on the pitch if he does play. Gray may kick on to become a great player. But I genuinely believe it won't be here
  11. Maybe except defending but other than that nothing
  12. Do you really think we should stick him on the wings until he finally becomes good ,which may be a long time given the rate of his improvement Or stick him on the bench until he becomes good,which judging by his desire to play,Wont work out too well
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