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  1. False, I'm driving him to London myself
  2. I can safely say Diabate had an insane amount of technical ability and at some point was in the team over Gray. You want me to get behind a player who's best attribute is running(most times with the ball out of play) I'm sorry I just can't
  3. Look at this thread we're defending a player that can't even defend on his own Diabate,Ghezzal etc were turned on by their own fans and they actually showed some promise ffs
  4. We literally had 3 times the shots Until their goal they had 0 shots, nvm on target. Their first goal gave them confidence for the rest of the half. Second half they looked like a league 1 team
  5. If we're being honest he's better as an Olympic athlete since all he can do is run
  6. Because if I did I'd just be given a "get behind the lads" response I've never liked chilwell, quite frankly I'd sell him for a packet of crisps he's that bad to me
  7. Waiting for the "How can you be mad when we're 2nd" posts,any second
  8. The second part is not true. Better finishing at villa and we're 5-1 up at half time
  9. Its something I conjured up in my mad mind. Honestly it's not gonna happen because Rodgers isn't leaving chilwell on his own again probably
  10. Ahem allow me to introduce Kasper Ricardo Evans Cags Fuchs Hamza Maddison Praet Perez Iheanacho Vardy
  11. I'm just here to see how people try to defend that performance, will need this passion for law school
  12. I'm gonna be supporting any team...but If I see Barnes in the starting eleven I riot
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