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  1. How am I supposed to moan about the caps, if they aren't pink. Shambolic from the club
  2. This is a good team...I miss the weekly meltdowns though
  3. With how much foxestalk talked about him you'd have thought he wasn't good enough for Celtic reserves. Genuinely surprised to see him even involved
  4. I'm sorry, I had no idea in the team meant directly in the first eleven
  5. Wow, Adrien Silva in the team, it's almost as if Rodgers sees something in him. Shocking coz I thought the foxestalk members were managerial gurus that wanted him gone
  6. Albrighton has fought his way back into the first team every single time. Nothing but respect for that man
  7. Silva,Ghezzal and Iheanacho doing bits? Love to see it
  8. My brain is telling me to now watch this. My heart however as a Leicester fan is behind the wheel so lets go iheanacho!
  9. Honestly if I only listened to foxestalk instead of busting my hump to find any way of watching our matches I can't quite imagine the hatred I would have for some players already. Ghezzal and Justin were literally the only bright sparks in attack in that second half but for foxestalk that's not good enough. He has to score a hat trick otherwise no good. Quite frankly don't comment much on this forum but I guess I just felt too strongly about it?
  10. We just saying random stuff to get to 100 and I love it
  11. In fairness I thought it didn't send the first few times?
  12. Almost 100 pagessss
  13. Almost 100 pagessss
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