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  1. I'd say my one complaint from him this season is that he has an incredibly poor shot to goal ratio because if you gave him a half chance from the halfway line he'd take it, and that's evidenced by his poor assist record this season
  2. He has the same number of assists as demari Gray. That is not a good season
  3. Liiiitle fun fact Gray has the same amount of assists as Maddison, in way less minutes so maybe let's cut him some slack Brendan worked wonders on Iheanacho and I can see him doing same for Gray
  4. I think that's because he lost his marker which resulted in the goal
  5. Playing Albrighton offers one less body in the box to aid a lonely and starving Vardy Honestly I'm not even THAT angry at this loss I was at the others because I couldn't for the life of me figure out just how we would play well again Today showed me we can(for a brief period before we went cross happy again but I think that's just chasing the game 101),we just need a personal change.
  6. On my way to school and will occasionally be thinking about possible line ups during my break time I hate how obsessed I am with this club. But really I'd go for Kasper Justin Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Tielemans Praet Perez Vardy Iheanacho Our wingers are not at it at the moment so just get players who know where the goal is on the pitch
  7. Allow me to be scandalous Kasper Justin Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Perez Tielemans Praet Barnes Vardy I haven't been impressed at all with maddison this season at all,then again I feel the same about Youri, I just feel as if Youri will more likely play the defense splitting pass than shoot from 30 yards out
  8. There are people that are wondering why I slate chilwell especially now It is because for the for the first time during a match I wasn't terrified everytime a team got a ball down our left side It is because I saw JJ send Barnes racing with a pass. Simple,effective, quick. I do not want chilwell in this team as I think he's just terrible, one match against Southampton won't change my mind
  9. You know how players have a signature move? Chilwell's is either running the ball out of play or dangling a leg thinking that's a way to stop a cross
  10. They're rating their looks A number 10 means he's most likely attractive me thinks
  11. My point is people wanted Bowen like he was the second coming of Jesus, but think this guy will struggle to bed in.
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