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  1. One thing to mention is that Leverkusen play with the most suicidal line ever - most players would look exposed playing at the back for them. May be a Congerton link due to the Hamburg connection. Still think we do a deal for Fofana though
  2. Cramped season, Europe, shocking draw, no fans. If ever was a year to sack it off this is it.
  3. For what it’s worth, Tanner says it’s done and he’s flying in tomorrow for a medical.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/ASSEofficiel/status/1306297149202862080
  5. He’s in the squad for their game tomorrow so certainly not imminent.
  6. Probably not of the same ability and slightly older but some shades of the Tielemans signing. Wonderkid who has slightly lost his way after bursting on the scene as a teenager who maybe needs a move and a bit of love to fully realise his potential?
  7. Now we’ve got the left footed right winger sorted, can get Benrahma in as well 👀
  8. Loan with option to buy perhaps. Couple million loan fee and we will pay your £25m if he’s any good.
  9. Not blaming St. Etienne - especially if we haven’t yet matched the asking price. Still time in the window but I fancy we might move on to other targets on the list.
  10. Didn’t Man City finally bid for Mahrez on deadline day so we had no time to sign a replacement and thus asked for £90m?
  11. Feel it’s almost a point of principle for St Etienne as this point to keep him. Move on.
  12. Don’t think Barnes was covering as he should against an opposing wing back which meant he got overloaded at times. Really like him as a player though, think he has the lot and will only improve by playing games.
  13. Very good option to have. Cool under pressure and reads the game well.
  14. Growing into the game but still too passive Off the ball and conservative with it for my liking.
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