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  1. It’s been a quiet window generally for Premier League sides. And we are in less need of urgent business than others. Just get me Youri please.
  2. Shame as he’d played well before that. All part of the learning curve.
  3. £1m loan fee. £89m for Maguire.
  4. Monaco are gonna drag this out if they know United are interested. Can bump the price up.
  5. Think Solano is a bit too old now tbh
  6. He also says Man Utd and Spurs have other priorities. Come on let’s get this done.
  7. I think I probably would. Just don’t see us getting a better player than him and it’s such a key position. We need another wide player but every chance Barnes kicks on and we can reassess in Jan.
  8. The thread is really craving a nice John Percy talks are progressing quickly story this evening.
  9. Apparently Pablo Sarabia has a £18m release clause. Would be all over that if he’s interested.
  10. Am I the only one who read basically nothing into typically asinine footballer interview quotes and don’t think any differently as I did before regarding his future?
  11. Just this summer arsenal have lost Ramsey to Juventus and Chelsea have all but lost Hazard to Real Madrid. There will be more. It’s about you reinvest and move on.
  12. Did a good job of hiding himself tonight. All good.
  13. Always a joy to open every thread and work out how Geoff Peters will link it to Puel. Bizarre behaviour. Fancy Vardy to get 20 again this season. Has missed more big chances this year but is still more clinical than most and will simply always score goals. Legend.
  14. 1/10 everywhere now. Pleasantly surprised if he comes before the summer but maybe?
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