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  1. Did enough and unscathed and mostly rested for Tuesday. Job done and sit back and look for some big guns to fall in the next two days.
  2. Worth bringing back the doping regime to get Wilf ready ASAP. Good call.
  3. I like him and I’m glad he got a goal but he really should be the 4th choice winger for a side in our position. Play the cup games, good option off the bench. Asking him to play week in week out seems to be almost having a negative impact overall and his confidence drains. But as it is he is still sort of the best option we have if we play with wingers.
  4. Honestly felt a few around me were delighted we had a poor game yesterday as they could get back to the real reason for attending football matches... moaning and complaining and slating our players. Absolute weirdos.
  5. For all Rodgers good work so far, if he turns Gray into a consistent Premier League winger he truly is the messiah. He’s looked super sharp last few games and his decision making looks sensible.
  6. 21 shots to zero. They haven’t had a corner! Can’t knock that dominance. Perez goal now please.
  7. An entertaining 2-2. Vardy and Tielemans.
  8. He’s so photogenic! Every training photo he looks perfect, whereas every photo I’m blinking or gurning or something. Jealous of him for that. And the insane footballing ability as well...
  9. Definitely a midfield diamond. Probably doesn’t give Tielemans as much of an opportunity to run the game but a good option.
  10. Maddison is way too good for these mugs. Drifting past them at will.
  11. Second half team will roast these. Not really seen much to get pre season hyped about amongst the reserves and youngsters tbh. Daley-Campbell seems promising.
  12. What shape did we play? Same as last season with Pérez on the right?
  13. Even Brendan’s been hitting the gymnasium. We are ready to assault the top six.
  14. Shame as he’d played well before that. All part of the learning curve.
  15. Did a good job of hiding himself tonight. All good.
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