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  1. Think we are starting to see the point where the focus of the oppositions defence is towards Barnes rather than Vardy. He looks a constant threat and is developing that killer instinct week by week.
  2. Yeah convinced this will be the team and I approve.
  3. Better every game. Loved him absolutely burning Ziyech in the corner last minute. Has not had a break but looked like he could have played another 90 tonight.
  4. Almost Pointless even commenting anymore. Minimum 9/10 every single game. Imperious.
  5. Geoff Horsfield was one that made me double take the other day when I was on his Wikipedia page (for some reason)
  6. No word when this game is going to be played yet? Maybe they are asking Klopp when is best for him so he doesn’t moan too much.
  7. It can work. A bit of a lopsided shape with Barnes higher and wider, Castange providing the proper width on the overlap on the right side. Can see it being the team on Sunday.
  8. Will be interesting to see him on the left side ahead of Ricardo’s return.
  9. In addition, the way he didn’t let the early booking inhibit him. Was still competitive until the 94th minute (and pure class on the ball)
  10. Cracking player - so dynamic in everything he does. End product Chilwell can only dream of as well.
  11. We obviously lose a lot of the defensive power of Ndidi but Mendy does offer great composure on the ball that adds a slightly different dimension. Delighted for him and delighted we gave him a new deal. Class today.
  12. Really the worst player we can lose at any time. Big ask for Mendy despite a good start to fill his boots and also play 3 games a week. hopefully it’s closer to 6 than 12
  13. Cramped season, Europe, shocking draw, no fans. If ever was a year to sack it off this is it.
  14. Don’t think Barnes was covering as he should against an opposing wing back which meant he got overloaded at times. Really like him as a player though, think he has the lot and will only improve by playing games.
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