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  1. tom.g.straw

    Burnley (H) Match Thread

    anyone got a working stream they can pm me?
  2. tom.g.straw

    Everton (H) Match Thread

    Mahrez centrally? exciting line up, hope we can see some positive football today
  3. tom.g.straw

    West Brom Post Match

    Kasper should never be letting that free kick in, Disappointed that nacho didn't get involved more.
  4. tom.g.straw

    West Brom Post Match

    pretty terrible
  5. tom.g.straw

    Huddersfield away match thread

    anyone got a working stream? mine just went down
  6. tom.g.straw

    West Ham - Match Thread

    anyone got a stream? having trouble finding one this week cheers
  7. Absolutely still back the board, claudio will clearly go down as a legend and I was in the minority of wanting him to stay, but I can understand his sacking completely, much rather sack him than get relegated, let's just whoever we get in does a good job for the sake of us not looking like nobs
  8. tom.g.straw

    Things could be worse...

    Uni of Birmingham or bcu? Sent from my F3111 using Tapatalk
  9. tom.g.straw

    Porto Match Thread

    I hope Claudio is screaming at them at the moment
  10. tom.g.straw

    Porto Match Thread

    ****in hell schlupp is just watching
  11. tom.g.straw

    LCFC U21 / Development Squad 2016/17

    Iverson making a few good saves
  12. tom.g.straw

    Liverpool post match 1-4

    Need to focus on defence again, I know kante was a big loss but surely we can defend better than that??
  13. tom.g.straw

    Painting of Claudio

    Just thought i'd link this video I made for my portfolio so that people who bought one could see how they're made
  14. tom.g.straw

    Painting of Claudio

    Cheers mate, I'll try and get that sent out soon
  15. tom.g.straw

    Painting of Claudio

    Could just get Mino Raiola and charge £89M for each one