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  1. Very good point, and didn't another of their squad come down with last week. They'll still beat us with a last minute disputed penalty though.
  2. Be an interesting tactical battle. I think we'll keep it at 5 at the back as partly our players available dictate this. However, Villa pushed right up wide against their full backs with their wide midfield players/wingers and created a lot of problems doing that to stop the Liverpool fullbacks getting forward and then exploiting any space behind them if they did. It also spread their back four creating space for Villa midfield runners who weren't tracked by the Liverpool midfielders. If Castagne and Ricardo were playing i would have liked to see us play a 433/451 formation.
  3. I find the use of the word 'patterns' superfluous.
  4. To be honest, if Evans plays which I think he will, I think we should have a pretty strong side tonight and shouldn't be citing injuries as an excuse. The midfield/attack is full strength apart from Mendy/Ndidi and that so far this season has gone Ok. And then little Wes for Soyuncu. Its only the two full backs where we are under strength so no excuses for me tonight. This will be a test of how good we ARE.
  5. Am I imagining this but didn't I read that Vardy has one?
  6. Watched the game again and for me he was our best player. Seems a lot fitter and did a lot more of the scruffy stuff, closing down, winning tackles, winning headers , always available but on top of that has the match winning killer pass in the locker
  7. thats what i keep telling everybody as well
  8. thats what you'd think but... Australia ranked ninth of of 23 OECD nations on obesity, with 63% of the population over the age of 15 considered either overweight or obese. The OECD average was 58%. For men, Australians had the third highest rate of being overweight or obese, behind the United States and Chile.
  9. Is there anybody on here who really understands this because I thought is what normally happens. The antibodies drop off over time but the body would have built the 'infrastructure' to rapidly produce new antibodies in the event of a re-infection so more easily fights it off.
  10. I'm not so sure. If they really went against all of their seasons ticket holders etc and their UK supporters (and all other football fans in the UK) they would be be on very thin ice. Maybe not immediately as they would be too busy counting their cash but in my opinion it would run out of steam and be left up shit creek..........actually maybe its not a bad idea after all
  11. This is never going to happen. What happens if you lose the first 3 games....the rest just become friendlies with no-one being interested. To be fair just had a look at RedCafe and practically everyone hates it.....and thats from the team that probably has most to gain.
  12. Looked like his groin to me too. Think he did it raising his foot high to clear a corner about 5 minutes after half time. Mind you still scored 2 after that. With the two week break after wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't play Sunday to give 3 weeks to fully repair.
  13. If ages means 2 weeks as we also beat WBA by 3
  14. Bit like getting penalties.......the more players you have running at pace into the box, the more lucky penalties you get given
  15. The original version came from Gary Player.......the more I practice the luckier I get.
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