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  1. Funny enough I’d like them to put us losing at stoke into the compilation and also into the pre match montage. Would give it more context and more of the Phoenix from the ashes story.
  2. Back in the day we played Middlesbrough at home in the league and were torn apart by Juninho. Shortly after we played them in the League Final and changed tactics with Pontus man-marking. If we do both get through to the final this time then hamza will play and who knows? Their quality players were allowed all the room in the world to play although not saying its easy to stop them. Although as demonstrated get the ball to Vardy and he will destroy their defence.
  3. I thought we didnt press from the front but allowed their defenders to have the ball and then close their midfield...it didn’t work. whereas they pressed our back four and it ended with evans kicking it long to Vardy on his own.
  4. The two performances against them last season were far superior to today although I think we are a bit better and they are a bit worse. We just looked so passive and lethargic. Apart from Vardy. I even thought Ndidi and Ricardo were poor.
  5. It looked like he was told to defend the penalty area to stop de Bruyne but this then gave Mahrez all the space he needed. Pepe outthought Rodgers on this one who then didn’t adjust the formation although it was obvious what was happening after ten minutes.
  6. First of all, congratulations to the players. Secondly to the fans. We are on our way to become a more hated club. We really are becoming big time.
  7. showing my ignorance but does wining this cup give you a europe cup place?
  8. Perez allows Ricardo to be what he is capable of. Today Ricardo was awful which is not something I thought I would be writing.
  9. Under the current accepted ‘convention’ it’s wrong but it’s now being used as a tactic. As I said the original supposed injured player turned down treatment. The referee is supposed to control the game. And don’t get me started on drop balls.
  10. And it’s a convention that should change. As I said earlier the supposedly injured player didn’t need any and turned down any treatment. That’s because then he would have to leave the pitch. The referee should control the game. Norwich got away with these negative tactics from 30 seconds onwards. Having said that I actually thought they played well and deserved the point.
  11. What treatment on the restart though
  12. Don’t know if mentioned elsewhere but if we win our next four games we will be top
  13. Good to hear that. If he can be the back up centre half and if the 'new' Kelechi continues, difficult to know how we improve the team/squad
  14. That would be my guess too as he is now training with theirs team squad. Can’t see him going anywhere in January though unless we sign someone.
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