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  1. Seems like McGuire again. I’ve tried finding the overall ratings from last year for our players but would say he’s probably ninth or tenth. Overall I rate him as being ok but I think he gets in the the way of barnes. However I think Barnes is the next de dbryune so don’t take my word for it. Anything over 50 mill snap their hands off.
  2. I’ve watched the u23s a few times on the LCFC channel and there,s no way Darnell Johnson will ever be a premier league quality player. The ones who may have a chance include kdh and knight.
  3. Personally don’t care about europa cup so it could mean we only need four more points instead of potentially six or more. Straws clutching etc
  4. If wolves win tonight and then Chelsea don’t win at Liverpool. Then wolves can finish above Chelsea if they beat them last match. So might not be a bad result for us.
  5. The guy who told you that is a fool. There will be people on here who know more than me but isn’t that illegal and you can potentially sue? Although proving it may be difficult.
  6. Anybody used CWR scaffolds. Were you satisfied.
  7. I thought Fuchs made a difference when he came on.....more slick and professional
  8. Blimey I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but she is totally average. Looks like kenny with a blond wig on.
  9. Bore off ......who actually uses words like that maybe you don’t get the sarcasm....Vardy for me is the greatest player we have ever had i make 4 goals in just over 4 appearances since his injury
  10. Definitely should have been taken off at half time though
  11. Anybody else think that the original blm was middle class black student type people moment. The intelligent drug dealing community have seen this as an opportunity to create areas where they can make even more money and the local community are the ones that will suffer the most.
  12. There’s always been the assumption that teams better results are down to the home fan support. Be interesting to see how this turns out and whether home advantage is lost.
  13. Agree that’s if you can get past his haircut. Interesting option if Bournemouth go down. Strange really that him leaving played a big part in Sheffield Utd progress and now they are well above Bournemouth
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