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  1. Normally I might agree with you. However, for those who haven't seen it that was obviously one of the worst decisions ever in the history of world football. If you can find one worse let me know.. I have a bit of a soft spot for Lincoln and feel absolutely sick for them
  2. He's obviously very bitter about his mother.......looked to be an element of revenge in this. Think all they've done though is paint an even bigger target on their backs for the press than before
  3. Interesting because at the start of the interview they gave the impression they weren't receiving anything. Also with reference to alleged racism, what they said was that someone had asked about what the colour of the baby might be....depending on the context it might be an actual genuine interest rather than something more sinister....however they knew in the current climate it would cause a shitstorm
  4. I can almost guarantee that we will se a rise or fall but it will definitely not be exponential here endeth the maths lessons for today.
  5. be nice if nhs uk could do maths as 44359 out of 81854 is not 51.1%
  6. Nothing you say here is in contradiction to what I said because I was focusing on recent changes. Some forecasters in 2020 were predicting the end of civilisation starting in January. It's almost as if you have an agenda to follow. And as far as I'm concerned I love how Forest and Derby are doing.
  7. Look I don't care about the war or have anything against any other nationality because of it, but the EU is a direct result of and reaction to the second world war, so some some historical context is useful.
  8. I didn't talk about changes since we had the referendum. The point I was making (not very well to be honest because I was too lazy to look up the data) is the value of the pound has risen recently despite all the warnings of doom and gloom
  9. Wow, people actually using data. Fair play. Saying it's a lie is a bit strong though....from the charts more like 9 months for the euro and 2.5 years for the dollar so still makes the point that after leaving the eu the value of the pound has increased.
  10. Who has disputed that? It's pretty obvious there will be short term issues and costs as there will be with any disruption or change.
  11. Its actually relatively higher against the dollar and the US has had a reasonable vaccine roll out.
  12. That analysis has been trashed by people who actually look at the data. It's all based on estimates, mostly wrong, and relying on pre-brexit trends continuing and doesn't allow for covid. Bloomberg are not some independent organization but have a political agenda to promote.
  13. Are you being serious. Euro share trading has seen a shift to Amsterdam, but all more or less done electronically anyway. Total jobs lost in financial sector are currently put at 7,000: estimates by some 'experts' had predicted 500,000 prior to brexit Both 'sides' can cherry pick facts but the truth is it will take time for longer term effects to be seen and nobody really knows what will happen. The pound is currently at several year highs against the euro and the dollar....this is people 'betting' with real money as to what they think will happen. Some people were pred
  14. One thing you can guarantee about an economic forecast is that it will be wrong....its just by how much. These kind of forecasts can only also really estimate effect on the current economic system. It can't build in opportunities and factors that will occur in the future as no-one can really predict what they what they will be. I notice the pound is up against the euro and the dollar since the new year
  15. Theoretically a life time if not longer. Couple of caveats can get problems with the cork, which can dry out, leak, go mouldy and give off notes for things like gin, particularly in clear bottles, I would store in the dark as light can degrade some of the flavours
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