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  1. 5 weeks out apparently. I can't read French though so who knows 😂
  2. Anyone read French? Apparently Fofana out for 5 weeks
  3. Schmeichel Justin Fofana Fuchs Albrighton Tielemans Mendy Castagne Under Iheanacho Barnes If those reported are out, I'd go with this
  4. Not going to slag the boys off. Yes they weren't at their best, but Southampton were right up for this. They pressed and made it scrappy and their tactics were spot on. Think we've been found out tactically atm.
  5. I disagree, I think it sends a strong message out to everyone. The players will see his is committed (for now) and hopefully will put any thoughts of moving to bed. It is also a show of ambition to the footballing world, pundits and clubs alike that we can fend off interest from the 'big clubs' (again for now)
  6. Hope the club are working on a new contract for this guy, we need to keep this guy as much as any player in our team. He's so key to how we play.
  7. Look back to Sterling before Guardiola joined Man City, he would always waste chances and panic in front of goal. Barnes just needs to learn and improve this area and he will then be unplayable. He's such a talented player already and we're very lucky to see him develop, especially under Rodgers.
  8. The way we are progressing as a club means we will at least be able to attract a better calibre of player than we were able to a couple of seasons ago. If the recruitment is done right, and the right manager in place then we should be okay. We can never fully replace Vardy, but we can replace goals and perhaps improve in areas where we lack with Vardy up front like his build up play etc
  9. More importantly, does anyone know why Peroz kicked off at the end of the match?
  10. Not trying to defend the guy completely here but funny how some of his poor displays are coming the more Maddison is played wide. He drifts into the middle naturally which has a huge impact on Chilwell going forward. He is much better when he has someone ahead of him. He isn't as good as Ricardo going forward so he needs more assistance. However, his crossing has been poor for a while now. I wouldn't want him to go, but for good money and if we can bring in a good replacement in the mould of Ricardo then I'm all for it. We have bigger worries trying to keep hold of other players t
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