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  1. looking back now, no. But at the time we was spending money and seemed exciting. How times have changed now
  2. Looking at the cringey posts on Facebook memories about excitement over the likes of Matt Mills, Beckford and Co. Wow!!
  3. Totally BUT just don't think that will happen. 343 would only work with two flair type wingers IMO. Or someone like Iheanacho playing off Vards and Gray the other side
  4. There's also the option of 343 too which would accommodate the likes of Gray. I prefer the 352 myself
  5. Ah apologies dude. I haven't had chance to read it all.
  6. Just seen this. Don't know how true
  7. Will be an interesting summer that's for sure whether we stay up or go down.
  8. Just can't see where our next goal is coming from never mind our next win!! Why stick with the same players that have let you down all season and not reward the players that played so well in mid week with a chance. Im genuinely starting to believe that we will get relegated.
  9. Right now I would be happy to just beat Sevilla over 2 legs.. Big ask!!
  10. On talksport (I know don't slate me) Bob Mills claims Leicester will win the FA Cup and Champions League. Ranieri wins when he wants. I think even the most optimistic Leicester fan will laugh at this. Amused me today anyway.
  11. Ranieri if he wants to somehow save his job needs to grow a pair and drop some of these players. They are letting him down. Either that or he will lose his job
  12. Genuinely hope he resigns rather than being sacked. After the greatest ever achievement in our history, maybe even sport it would be tarnish it all if he was sacked. Same if we get relegated, if that happens we won't get remembered for that but for the champions that got relegated. Like majority of fans right now I just feel flat. The players need a hard look at themselves.
  13. They look lost. Shot of confidence. No plan B. As soon as we went a goal down it was game over. With the reports coming out this week I can only see us getting relegated unless we change manager. It hurts to say it but I do think time is up for Claudio. Enough is enough, whether you want to blame the players or him its just not working and don't see it changing at all.
  14. Give him til end of the transfer window to turn it around!