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  1. Little Wes to get his first tonight as well and we'll have completed the Europa group stage level.
  2. But you were ok with Vardy in goal?
  3. You sound angry. I was going to try another but I daren't whisk it now.
  4. Football Ramble do a book club under their Football Ramble Presents line, presented by Kate Mason from Sky Sports News. On the episode before last the guest was Matt Piper talking about his book Out of the Darkness. It was an excellent listen, as all of them have been so far, though only this one is City related.
  5. I take your point, but personally I'd prefer that to a ridiculously harsh rule that it not actually applied uniformly (though it has been today).
  6. The only consistency I ever wanted was from the referee within a single match. Couldn't care less if the referee in a different game interprets things differently, as long as both teams in the same match are treated the same.
  7. I've seen her refereeing a couple of times in the women's game (a few seasons ago though) - and she really wasn't good! I agree about her being the best lino, though I wonder if that perception might partly be because she stands out as the only woman. The male assistants kind of blend into one so I don't really build up an opinion about them as individuals. Maybe some are just as good but I don't notice.
  8. Nor would mine. Mind you he prefers rugby. And died last year. Personally, I definitely won't be paying nor listening to the radio, and probably won't bother with a stream either. For a fiver I might have been tempted by the PPV, but a combination of not regarding £15 as value for money and not wanting to support the precedent makes it easy to resist. Instead I think I'll watch NFL and check for updates. Plastic!
  9. Odious opportunism. No surprise it's Liverpool and Manchester United.
  10. The local club to where I was born was West Ham but my mother was Leicester born and bred and my father was born in Nottingham and grew up in Derby. Just before my third birthday the family moved back to the East Midlands (Loughborough) so City became my local team by the time I knew what football was, so that's who I support. Thank f**k we moved! I have no realistic ambitions for the club. How can I when we've already achieved the most unrealistic and unimaginable one?
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