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  1. I've seen her refereeing a couple of times in the women's game (a few seasons ago though) - and she really wasn't good! I agree about her being the best lino, though I wonder if that perception might partly be because she stands out as the only woman. The male assistants kind of blend into one so I don't really build up an opinion about them as individuals. Maybe some are just as good but I don't notice.
  2. Nor would mine. Mind you he prefers rugby. And died last year. Personally, I definitely won't be paying nor listening to the radio, and probably won't bother with a stream either. For a fiver I might have been tempted by the PPV, but a combination of not regarding £15 as value for money and not wanting to support the precedent makes it easy to resist. Instead I think I'll watch NFL and check for updates. Plastic!
  3. Currently 1-0 up v league leaders Liverpool.
  4. Odious opportunism. No surprise it's Liverpool and Manchester United.
  5. The local club to where I was born was West Ham but my mother was Leicester born and bred and my father was born in Nottingham and grew up in Derby. Just before my third birthday the family moved back to the East Midlands (Loughborough) so City became my local team by the time I knew what football was, so that's who I support. Thank f**k we moved! I have no realistic ambitions for the club. How can I when we've already achieved the most unrealistic and unimaginable one?
  6. Glorious result. Vardy's pens used to worry me - he just used to blast them and it seemed a bit random if he'd score or not. Now, he's far more precise and I have complete confidence in them. If anyone can can discover the secret of eternal youth I'll pay them a king's ransom to only reveal it to Jamie, thought it seems he might know it anyway. Not sure if I should be surprised or not that no pundit has likened his second today to the goal v Germany. You'd think they would see the parallels but no. Further evidence they are all stealing a living. So happy for Mendy
  7. 100% of Leicester games this season have been won by Leicester.
  8. I live in Loughborough. There used to be a few Forest as you say, but if there are any around now, they're keeping very quiet about it - which I suppose is understandable!
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