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  1. Phube

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    So now the Puel outers will want him gone for poor defending, but scoring 3 goals? I thought that’s what you wanted!!!
  2. Phube

    Wolves A Match Thread

    When will people learn that a football game is 90 minutes long!!
  3. Phube

    Why can't we put away 10 men?!

    Didn’t hear any moans when we equalised against Stoke with 10 men, and how it shouldn’t happen... Sometimes playing against 10 resolute men is harder than 11 mediocre men.
  4. Phube

    The ever obliging Leicester City

    If he is he’ll definitely score - First goal in 29 years!
  5. Phube

    The ever obliging Leicester City

    Sorry I should qualify; a Premier League penalty... 60 odd games and counting! Nailed on!
  6. Yeah but for one game I could swear Zlolt Lazcko was better than Messi!!
  7. To take this away from all the Puel In/Out debate; let’s look at all the crazy negative streaks that we as a club have helped to end this season and the many seasons before: Long not scoring for 34 games ✅ Newport not beating top flight opposition for 54 years ✅ Cardiff not winning away all season ✅ Crystal Palace not winning when Zaha doesn’t play ✅ I’m sure there are many more, infact I’m sure Morata scores against us last season! Prediction for the future: Burley getting a penalty against us.
  8. Phube

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Wow... a lot of pundits/people on the Radio are convinced Barnes should have started today? Considering he’s played with the team approx. 1/2 day’s training all season! Morons!
  9. Phube

    Nintendo Switch

    I did it first time with Fox spamming!! (I feel dirty...) Also used the really useful health regain when you KO players! Cheers!
  10. Phube

    Nintendo Switch

    That and the Pauline stage are giving me nightmares at the mo’! Not tried Fox though!
  11. I find the lack of commitment of the “Puel Outer” upsetting... not even £5000 raised for a fly past! Poor show, poor show indeed!
  12. Phube

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    But I thought if you played your best team (or had your best players on the bench) you would automatically beat a lower level opposition.
  13. Phube

    Season over!

    So we are now saying we want to be in a relegation battle to give us something to do? Okay...