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  1. You can thank me. I stopped watching at 95:20, giving up on it! Only just seen the result!
  2. Good to know there’s a neutral co-coms today!
  3. TBF we know Man U will some how win in the end...
  4. I refuse until Wycombe is added.
  5. Could be worse, could be West Ham: Two facts: That Antonio four at the weekend was West Ham’s first ever Premier League hatrick! Since 2015 (when he signed) Payet is leading the assist stats for West Ham, by 28! He’s not played for them for 3 years!
  6. That game was our whole season in microcosm. Started with confidence, passing around, not taking any prisoners, brushing passed opponents. Half time (Norwich game), look a shambles, give away silly goals, shoot ourselves in the foot and generally be out played and out thought and out fought! With the occasional flash of something (Barnes’ effort).
  7. Southampton beat Man City... Miracles can happen...
  8. Leicester City has made the end of the season a hell of a lot more exciting! There is now only 8 points between 3rd and 8th. And 6 points between 16th and 19th. This means going into week 36, eleven teams have something BIG to play for!
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