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  1. Woah, those handball penalty stats for Europe! Edit: added image (this is Europe using the FIFA definition of handball last season).
  2. You're right, comments always sound worse in slo’mo’!
  3. Has there ever been three Goal of the Month nominations from one match before? ‘Cause surely Mahrez’s, Vardy’s and Maddison’s must be included this month!
  4. I fully admit that I’m not a professional football fan (I.e. I can’t appreciate a quality midfielder) but having watched the whole game I’m not sure what he’s done to deserve MOTM?
  5. IFAB HQ: How can we take the heat off marginal ‘armpit’ offsides? Teaboy: How about ridiculous handballs? IFAB HQ: Give that boy a pay rise!!!
  6. Not one draw in two game weeks must be some kind of record?
  7. Is it me are the BBC really pushing Barnes this season? That Harvey Barnes, he’s so hot right now!
  8. What a Push is an infringement now you say?!?
  9. Either Burnley will tire in the second half; or they are super-super fit!
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