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  1. Phube

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 61 seconds  
  2. I wonder what happened to this chap? (Not Ian Walker BTW!! )
  3. Phube


    Well according to some random Pokémon Go website the best ones to revolve are either Sneasel or Roselia. No idea why though?! I went with Rhydon; but he went from Earthquake to Surf?
  4. Well according to some chap (interviewer) on 5live he expects 9 changes on Sunday; with only Pickford and Chilly keeping their spaces!
  5. Phube


    Daughter’s getting it for Christmas, so I’ll have to wait until then to play...
  6. Phube


    I’ve got candies for all... but it’s gonna take weeks to evolve them all...
  7. Phube


    Not fair all the new Gen IV evolutions need a special item...
  8. Just like my whip rounds at work when people leave!
  9. Phube

    Danny Ward

    Anyone know what this is about?
  10. Phube


    Two shinys to boot! Still upset set I missed a shiny Ponyta...
  11. Not sure how we didn't score!? But another clean sheet as well under difficult circumstances!
  12. Phube

    Burnley Match Thread

    No CB's then! :O
  13. Phube

    Burnley Match Thread

    You do know we're the only club to have scored in every game this season? (Up to today that is)
  14. Phube

    Burnley Match Thread

    This is getting silly!!
  15. Phube

    Burnley Match Thread