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  1. You could actually bookend that with the first L being a Big Sam team! So many quality teams and managers have failed there!
  2. I do wish people would stop banging on about travelling together! It’s like the stupids moaning that if they can go to a supermarket why can’t they have granny around for dinner! It’s pretty simple MASKS!!! Have you noticed they all get off their respective coaches wearing masks. Also when marking you both tend to face the direction of the ball, a hug involves unnecessary face to face time (literally the most effective way to share droplets - less a Birch/Currie situation). Also it’s one on one jostling at a set piece, there was basically a Wolves orgy when Silva scored yesterday - mic
  3. Could be Top Flight only - didn’t hear clarification on it. Still awful record!
  4. I have a dog so have to do this “outside” thing... and I’ll tell you my wellies are taking a battering!
  5. It annoyed me when Macca said Kasper was lucky with his two armed save vs Bertrand! That was not luck, that was meant!
  6. Good point, missed that bit of the fact! Thank you!
  7. First time Leicester have won their first two league games since 1984!
  8. It’ll be: “Going into the weekend it was 1st vs 2nd!”
  9. Have you seen outside... it’s like a bog everywhere. Just too much rain in the last few days for the ground to deal with obviously!
  10. I only got it when I read it in a dodgy Italian accent!
  11. But which of the four is the former porn star?
  12. At this point it seems like there is a competition between Villa and Man City to who who will have the most games-in-hand by March!
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