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  1. Considering half our match day squad might be involved every two years will be a great help. Especially if Nigeria ever do actually qualify!
  2. Well if LCFC_HQ says so, I'm convinced!!
  3. Poops!
  4. Chameleons don't change color to suit their surroundings, they change colour due to mood/heat/making etc. I think there are far too many unsubstantiated myths and rumors without this adding to the thread!
  5. 2 nights in Singapore, followed by 24 nights in New Zealand, then 2 more nights in Sibgapore. Amaaaaaazing. Plus we're both LOTR fans so took in a lot of the film locations. Very much once in a lifetime holiday. Even planned the wedding around it (we got married in January to hit their summer).
  6. To be fair it's genius marketing. I don't think any other sleeve advert will stand out more than ours this season!
  7. Speechless!
  8. To all those hating the monochrome badge; do you hate it everytime you see this?
  9. Oooh, we've signed new players! Cool!
  10. Err... He's German?
  11. To be fair, blue and gold doesn't look great (tacky as hell). But this (rumoured) black and gold kit actually looks nice. Maybe Sam Sparrow was onto something!
  12. The best failure rate in the FA Cup final.
  13. Me too!!!
  14. Never really noticed??! But now it's gonna pee me off!