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  1. Ben or Kasper most to blame

    It's the same situation as always, he was given all the time and space in the world to make that cross.
  2. The world's shortest (and scariest) Horror story

    It's Vardy or Mahrez to take the penalty...
  3. Iheanacho

    I think we need Crouch to fit our 'style' at the moment.
  4. We need a 3 at the back, that is all!
  5. Impey and Guppy managed, you don't need great defenders in that system, you have 3 central, plus defensive midfielder for that!
  6. Nobody seems to fit in our current team... Maybe we should change shape?
  7. Exactly the same thing happened against Everton in our winning season, when he could have won the golden boot.
  8. Vardy's miss

    I think he suffered from having too many penalties already this season... I think everyone in the ground knew where and how it was going... Including Mingolet!
  9. This is how 3/4 of the Nige prem season went... Losing by one goal.
  10. We need to go 3-5-2 STAT.!
  11. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    5 mins... COMES ON!!
  12. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Can't say shakey's been negative in his subs!