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  1. Phube


    Cool thanks... shame I’m on holiday and won’t see it till Sunday!
  2. Phube


    Not Pokémon (and I doubt they’ll be enough people for a whole thread) but if anyone is doubling down on sad middle aged man-ness my Wizard’s Unite code is: 5542 4187 6451
  3. I refuse to call 1998-2000 retro!!!
  4. Phube


    Ah... BTW do Niantic have things against Hospitals? I know the Leicester Hospitals don’t seem to have Pokéstops/gyms? But it can you suggest University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire, University Hospital? It’d be great to get some at work! https://goo.gl/maps/HFQRsVDVVwLWEKJ88
  5. Just heard that Ross McCormack (he who was bummed out at Villa for not going to training because his front gates wouldn’t open - and has been out on loan ever since to Australia!) will now collect £70k a week because Villa were promoted! Not bad if you can get it!
  6. Isn’t it next season that the Boxing Day fixtures will all be on Amazon Prime? I can’t remember?
  7. Yes he has, he mentioned it in his Tom Meighan(?) chat time. In Turkey no less?!
  8. Phube


    Cool. Thanks for that!
  9. They’re giving him so much space... crazy!
  10. Phube


    I’ve always thought Coventry should be our rivals, we’re the only teams without a proper rivalry, and we’re the closest to each other. But sadly we think it’s Forest/Derby who only have eyes for each other, and they thinks it’s Villa for them who only care about Birmingham City. We’re a lost rivalry made in heaven...
  11. The people proved they were her enemies by not overthrowing Cercei.
  12. To be fair he scored the only goal in a game a few months ago... therefore he got those two points back!
  13. Surely if it’s a four way battle and he has no real ease clause then shouldn’t there be a price war, not a £60M four way split?
  14. To be fair, who else thought... go on then have a shot!!
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