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  1. It seems every ‘good’ team we play there are constant interruptions to gameplay due to fouls by us in the middle of the park, this breaks up play and allows teams to go at us again and again. Whereas the only fouls we ever get is when Maddison is on and he gets fouls/falls a lot. So the question is: Do we need to stop bad tackling in the middle of the park; or get players like N’Didi and Tielemans falling over with more style?
  2. The end is better going into the semi next week... if it had stayed at a limp 3-0 or worse. I’d really fear it...
  3. They could have gone for this absolute classic:
  4. Literally did the same thing once - though before mobiles were a thing!! It was snowing a blizzard and I pulled out of a road on my bike with my cap down and SPLAT bloody Fox Cub in my way. Didn’t style it out though, collapsed in a heap with a cut nose and people asking me if I was okay. For years I was the kid at school who cycled into a bus... 🥺😄
  5. When we least expect it... possibly when half the forum has sold him to Burnley for a Twix!
  6. To be fair it could be many more games than that, especially as like this year there has been many league leaders in a season?!
  7. Who’s betting that later on Sky Sports we have talk about Arguero followed by a lot of chat about 7th vs 9th...
  8. Right here’s a maybe stat: IF we score a couple of goals today AND Man City are just as tight at the back as they have been this season for the remainder. THEN we could have the record percentage of proportion of goals against one team in a season - we currently have scored 23.8% of all goals against Man City this season! (Sadly I don’t know who the current record is held by and what that figure is!) Crazy!
  9. You know I blame Girls Aloud for the current pandemic of social media posts where people spell it like this... it’s allowed! As in to allow! I apologise for this outburst but this is the fourth time today I’ve seen this...
  10. What’s the TV situation with these? One BBC one on BT? If so who gets first pick because that will obviously be the Man City vs Chelsea one?
  11. That’s crazy since we have really been that far in it often!
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