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  1. Public votes on football matters are stupid. 90% of the time, unless the goal is ridiculous, the team with the highest number of supporters will win!
  2. Because VAR has not over-turned one penalty decision this season. Due to high threshold of ‘clear and obvious’ I.e. the ref is always correct.
  3. It was against Liverpool??
  4. Phube


    Quite, just seen it first time myself... from all the talk I thought it was a studs up, straight leg, off ground shin breaker!! Just a ‘clumsy’ tackle from behind?!
  5. Maybe Anfield then... (just said on MOTD).
  6. Milner; not scored a league goal since November 2016!
  7. As mentioned above it seems to have given the green light for the knuckle daggers to spout racist abuse about Hamza. Disgusting.
  8. I think it shows the difference with Brendan compared with Steve Bruce and Klopp. Both of who dug out Hamza during their interviews. Whereas Brendan was given the opportunity to have a go at Hayden last week, but was the bigger man!
  9. Watch any New York gangster/cop film from the 70’s. It’ll be used multiple times!
  10. They stole the “This is Anfield” sign?!
  11. Just seen it on the Sky Sports highlights. Could someone tell me what made Mané right ankle buckle so? I mean maybe if it’s connected to his right bootlace; or maybe it’s the angle which he plants his foot down (toe first!) None of which is due to the minimal contact Marc inflicts. Unlike TAA’s Achilles rake on Youri!
  12. Longer it stays 0-0, even with all the pressure, the more confident I feel!
  13. On 5live he’s now Praaat! No allowed swearing on BBC!
  14. Is any one embarrassed we only just beat these 2-1?
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