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  1. Best Box Sets to Binge on

    Firefly - couldn’t recommend enough! Dexter - Definitely the first 4 seasons (though I like them all) Vikings - something different
  2. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    If this was an O’Neill Leicester we’d be battering then with all our corners!
  3. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    I was kinda pro Puel, but after reading your damning insight I’m Puel Out all the way!!
  4. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Well if we stay true to form we’ll be unplayable second half!
  5. Burnley away match thread

    Well he tried to drop Simpson... but Amartey got injured!
  6. Burnley away match thread

    So can we just play second halves next season?
  7. Burnley away match thread

    Nobble the keeper!!
  8. Burnley away match thread

    Imagine if we had Pope...
  9. Burnley away match thread

    Shinji isn’t really helping his team selection at the mo is he?!
  10. Burnley away match thread

    Just gonna post the same thing... I don’t believe Puel says “Go our and start like a sack of spuds... then try later in the half!”
  11. Burnley away match thread

    Or lump it forward!?
  12. Burnley away match thread

    Basically we’re giving away stupid goals and missing sitters... Winning recipe!
  13. Burnley away match thread

    Gah, bloody Pope!!
  14. Burnley away match thread

    Now Morgan’s taking out his own players!!