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  1. Phube


    Mine: 1500 - Lucario - fast charged attack, good for ice. Linoone - High HP, Ghost fast and Electric and Ground Charged - very useful when players don’t expect it from a normal. Rhyperion - just useful 2500 - Mamoswine - fast ice charged for dealing with Girantia’s. Infernape - useful for ice and grass Vileplume - absolutely batters Swampert in 5 hits!! Ultra - not set. But like all battles it really depends on how lucky you on on the order and type you opponent chooses?
  2. My highlight was where Kasper punched a ball out that he could easily have claimed! Shockingly realistic!!
  3. Who chooses the teams? I mean does FIFA20 know Chilly’s out of form and Justin is our new saviour?!? And as sad as it seems, I’m so watching this at 12:30!!!
  4. You could probably find out the size of the audience, but not their position though!
  5. And the special 50p!
  6. As mentioned before, it just shows how incredible some feats are and why some records last; Arsenal's invincibles, Vardy’s 11. It just takes one slightly off game and poof, it’s gone! So Liverpool may get a record points total but miss on that record at least!
  7. I thought it was just me? I could swear you’re not allowed to push people in football, but the commentators/refs/VAR don’t seem to see it?
  8. I’m not sure if this has been discussed before but I’m getting more and more annoyed with all Premier League discussion shows/podcasts when without fail someone will mention that this is a poor league. The main rational for this is because apart from Liverpool and Norwich, every one can seem to lose at any point to anyone else. Now I don’t care if it is currently a ‘poor’ league we’re during 3rd in or not, it’s the justification for calling it a poor league that confuses/annoys me. How do you judge the health of a league in isolation? Why is the league poor because Watford can beat Man U, but then Man U can beat Man City? Ignoring Liverpool the doesn’t it mean the league is good if most teams are of a level that the outcome of any particular game is unknown/hard to predict? Even judging by goals per game (of which even with VAR) this year is very similar to previous seasons, doesn’t prove anything as more goals means worse defending and vice versa. So unless we judge against external competition (which currently all English clubs are still in) we can’t really know for sure? So really the question is; have you been guilty of casually calling this year‘s league poor and if so what justification do you have for calling it so?
  9. Not sure about that. From the TV footage of VAR, he definitely looked onside.
  10. You do realise this could have all been solved if, like me and the other 20 folks, you had voted for Fosse on that fateful day!!
  11. Wrighty sat on the fence, he said something about being able to protect your face!
  12. I like it! Watch us lose 3-0...
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