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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 88 seconds  
  2. Phube

    Nintendo Switch

    The Wii Sports of the Switch is 1-2 Switch; not as good, but quite clever and fun - about 20 mini 1vs1 challenges using the HD Rumble/motion feature of the JoyCons.
  3. Phube

    Nintendo Switch

    Depends on what you mean by family games. If you mean games every one can play I.e. Wii Sports, Wii play? Then a new Mario Party game is coming out. There is a 3rd party game out soon like Wii Sports resort called Go Vacation! Also standard Nintendo ‘family’ games like Mario Kart, Mario Tennis etc.
  4. Bloody Bournemouth!!!
  5. You can tell Klopp fears is (even without Vardy) look at the midfield he played vs us as opposed to one of their “proper” rivals today. He put Henderson and Milner in the middle, compared to Keïta. In an obvious attempt to be more defensive against our attack?!
  6. Phube

    Nintendo Switch

    You really don’t need to, that’s one thing Nintendo do very well... keeping kids very safe (much to the annoyance of adult gamers).
  7. I think I got a feel for the game after the 7 mins of ‘highlights’ on ITV!
  8. I mean to be fair it is a great business deal for WHU!
  9. I’m just gutted it’s not a TV... since when did friendlies get taken off ITV? Also, I remember the last time England played at the Walkers you could just buy tickets from the club, now you have to register with England seems more complicated than necessary.
  10. Phube

    Expected Goals

    According to xG Burnley were over performing all season... but still managed to stay in 7th.
  11. So in a per title spend, surely Man U are the most efficient?