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  1. All VAR decisions were spot on today... sadly for us. I don’t understand the ‘I can’t celebrate a goal any more’ argument, it has always been that way for me anyway. Score goal-celebrate-look at linesman-continue celebrating or get gutted! Surely everyone here has properly celebrated a goal only for the Lino to raise their flag or pause to make sure assuming they’d flag it!?
  2. I know I could, but can’t be bothered... what was ManU’s return game vs Ipswich?
  3. Aaaahhh, I was trying to think of a Liverpool pasting at Anfield for them...
  4. I can’t work out why “Welcome to Liverpool” is muted forever?!
  5. No striker? Brave. TBF if Puel had done this (well he actually did vs Newport) there would have been a riot!
  6. Not true. The ref gave the Mané dive as a penalty against us. VAR backed him up. This will go down as a “For” in that column. Same with the Soyüncü hand ball. It’d only mean teams were harshly or positively treated by officials if VAR overturned decisions. Like Nacho’s against Everton.
  7. Phube


    I did wonder why he brought him on for Madders, I thought he was going defensive, but noticed how far forward Hamza was playing. Almost like Rodgers was testing him in that position in a game that was already over.
  8. If he does he can add to his impressive record (possibly better than Big Sam’s): Carlisle (The Glass one) WBA (The original ‘Great Escape’ (as an assistant) Southampton (At our expense! ) Us!
  9. Maybe he was worried about Carroll, he does tend to like an extra defender for lumps up front! Though I have always liked 3-5-2, ever since MON’s time!
  10. Was never a rule! Nothing to do with Offside! All goals are VAR checked!
  11. If anyone want to hear a coherent and well thought out discussion against the Anti-VAR fervour should listen to the latest Totally Football Show ‘Head Cannon’ from 29 min to 36 min, by Raphael Hoenikstein(sp?).
  12. I mean technically every goal is VAR checked, so every club should have a +1 per goal!
  13. You can't 'Clear and Obvious' a fact! You either are, or are not offside. The decision is right or wrong, not degrees of maybe...
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