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  1. I’m not a 50Cent fan... but that is funny!!! 😂
  2. One could maybe find an easy way to say it... like ‘directly’. The point of the stat is that lots of goals are scored indirectly from free-kicks/corners. But not many City players have had the skill to do a Beckham (or any other quality free kick specialist you’d care to name) from a set piece... not even Guppy!
  3. No clean sheet in 10 games now...
  4. I didn’t know he was on 293 appearances... Give him 7 more games, then dump him unceremoniously. It’s the football way!
  5. The exact opposite reason was why everyone hated Puel though?
  6. Maguire - Fastes red card in the Prem for 4 years! Maddison - First time we have ever had a player score two goals directly from free kicks in one Prem season.
  7. Am I missing something here? I don’t understand what’s going on?
  8. Phube


    I too got some shinys this week. No Machop or Mankey...
  9. I think it’s when a player is so good at club level, but doesn’t show it at international level it’s frustrating. Man City: 46 in 122 (a goal per 2.6 games) England: 4 in 47 (a goal every 11.7 games) Yes City are so good, but we have played some duffer Countries in that 47!
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