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  1. Break the club transfer record for Bailey
  2. 50m from Chilwell! £70m champions league and we’ve not really touch our own money for 2 years due to mahrez and Maguire
  3. Cakir, Telles, Demirel, Diallo, Bailey and Edouard Please! Have them all together at the new training ground holding shirts and in for start of pre season! But we’ll sign Ryan Bennett randomly instead on a permanent after treating him like rubbish since joining knowing us
  4. I want Telles, Demirel, Bailey,Cantwell and Marega
  5. Lol £100m for both! It will take £200m to do the ground if there building a swish hotel/concert arena! Pulling out concourses, new tear with hospitality/changing rooms etc How much is forests?
  6. rodgers has a long term plan for players. ie kelechi he's left out all of this time and bang he comes in and looks like a different player. Knowing rodgers he's probably had a plan the whole time for the christmas games to play a 3-5-2 and bring Benkovic in during that time for his chance. Nothing would surprise me
  7. Its ashame maguire would of been starting instead of Soyuncu! It wasnt a masterstroke by rodgers in this instance because he wanted a new partner with Evans. It was just by chance
  8. All the best nigel! club legend after years of shite! Great job at Leicester
  9. its lucky he's here at a time we have the best owners in football, the new training ground and stadium plans! Otherwise he'd be gone!
  10. Great manager that takes alot of time to build things up and never had that time at southampton, Hull and derby! Leicester could of pulled the trigger but held on and he built the infrastructure and the premier league winning squad. Shame he's going to another team that werent give him that time neither
  11. football fans living in the past! ''yeah but arsenal are a bigger club! he'll still leave leicester if they come in for him!
  12. liverpool have won the title ages ago! It would be more than amazing just to finish top 4 and gain that extra won at a time we're investing in training grounds and stadiums
  13. on £4m a year atm? Pellegrini at west ham is on £10m! Id use the champions league money if they made it on tripling rodgers wages and getting the players closer to £200k a week to help us keep competing
  14. Rodgers has the best owner in world football and a training ground that cant be bettered anywhere in world football. There's no decision to be made
  15. two kingpower stadiums that were done on the cheap and not structurally strong enough to host concerts. These guys live in the big world and will spend big on a world class venue! Mclaren will move on from the new training ground and start on the ground! They dont construct low budget stadiums like the walkers stadium was in the first place. All of the Eon site and brownfield has been purchased and the space will be maximised for something special.
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