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  1. because they want to achieve something this season! I hope they had a heated inquest after yesterday as if they'd lost 6-0! Losing against a shite man utd side should set alarm bells ringing. I dont want to hear all the players saying they'll be upset if they dont win and there going there to win and then turn up and not look interested. Also if they want to achieve something this year they need to train like cristiano ronaldo and dedicate there lifes to training and being fit beyond humanly possible.
  2. stand out player at the kp last season for newcastle! hasnt played well for us though yet!
  3. his conversion rate is better than Harry Kane's, He's scored world class goals, scored againts all the big clubs and scored in the champions league. He is world class!
  4. Im not there for a social and small talk which creates a dead atmosphere like before. Music pumped up and videos pre match add to the experience. Asking if people are alright and what they've had for breakfast doesnt interest me. Fair play to the club for finally cutting out the dead atmosphere pre match. Just go down to the concourse if your at a football match for small talk
  5. just use him as back up to vardy! we have better footballers that warrant playing over fitting him in for the sake of it!
  6. The squad in general is screwed by small margins. If evans gets injured! If Vardy gets injured! and also I think despite having so many wingers we only have one good one in Harvey Barnes. The rest are just average hard working midfielders that dont belong at a club that wants to break into the top 6. I think yesterday proved we need two more transfer windows buying quality over quantity in the right areas. ie the wing/striker and defence could become an issue centrally.
  7. liverpool new training ground looks rubbish compared to ours and half the price! Which is surprising for such a massive club
  8. why havent we heard anymore since the helicopter went for review? something to cover up?
  9. Dead money if £40m goes on a defender and £8m to Hull! What was the point of investing £33m in international defenders in Benkovic and Soyuncu if there never given a chance. That money is only worth while if it all goes on a quality winger and those two get a chance. Benkovic was compared to Van Dijk by the same celtic fans that saw him in the flesh and soyuncu looked good when given a chance.
  10. Good news as it was a crap place to put it! A concrete wall on the bend opposite the the hotel leading towards to the ground should be constructed with that mural with a few alterations made.
  11. Gold was here long before the owners came! so its not like its out of the ordinary to have gold! yellow/gold, white and blue are the clubs colours! So whats the controversy of it?
  12. Keith Vaz - The same man who was one of two people him and his wife staying sat down during the applause and mins silence paid to vichai following the accident at the next home game. Keith Vaz is an arrogant pig seeking air time.
  13. Maguire is our weakest link! sell in the Summer please! We have training ground/stadium and transfers to fund and a valuable asset under performing. Take £50m and move on.
  14. Definitely sell in the summer! Massively overated and we can get a good fee for him! Its all about Benkovic
  15. celtic fans with comments like tinpot leicester! The team that pays bigger wages, bigger transfer fees and plays against professional football teams unlike celtic who are so massive beating semi profesional football teams!
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