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  1. Victor Moses! He’d be great at right wing back. We pay the kind of wages now he’d be getting paid at Chelsea and he gets to team up with Ndidi and Iheanacho
  2. Heymister2015

    Happy Birthday Marc Albrighton

    Time for him to leave! Nice guys with no speed or skill is one of the reasons we don’t create many chances
  3. Leicester have got all the young talent! Thanks to Vichai god bless him Leicester are at the scale to attract players like Moses, Loftus-Cheek and Clyne because of the pay structure ie vardy being on £150k a week! I wish vardy and mahrez asked the board to make Kante the top earner at the time 🙈
  4. Nathaniel Clyne, Victor Moses and che Adams please!
  5. It’s already in his honour being called king power! The training ground should be named after him! The statue should be funded by supporters and the new stand should be named after him! I think it’s shameful nothing was done after the title win!
  6. Heymister2015

    Helicopter crash

    The interview happened a fair time before the helicopter took off at 8:30! So many rumours but this is ridiculous tbh! Can’t believe it and keep hearing conflicting reports
  7. Heymister2015

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    Id go all out for victor moses
  8. Heymister2015

    Diabate - What should we do?

    wouldnt be surprised if he was a star on loan in the second half of the season in the championship. we already have Benkovic and Barnes to come back, and hopefully Diabate can light up the championship. Clubs improved so much! Leicester have never had a quality second team in the time ive supported them but the line up away at wolves didnt look any weaker than the first team tbh
  9. Heymister2015

    The OH Leuven Thread

    it took him over a year to get going at Leicester! We went from crap football with all the fans acting like what leuven fans are now to quality the following season and again crap football to all out attack in the survival season. Just give him time. I can guarantee he’ll come good.
  10. Heymister2015

    The OH Leuven Thread

    I didnt! hearing of leicester fans with banners over the motorway when derby fans were coming back from wembley was hard to forget!
  11. Heymister2015

    The OH Leuven Thread

    has everyone forgot when leicester didnt win a championship match in 17 and pearson was on the verge of the sack! What happened next? What happened when he was on the verge of the sack again in the premier league season with only what? 3 wins by march? The great escape. Still football fans disregard him as a football manager. write this season off and let him get everything in place. It takes time! Leicester were rubbish for ages and reaped great reward!
  12. Heymister2015


    Written off as a bad signing for no reason anyway due to idiocy of football supporters! Very tidy player for us and can pass!
  13. Heymister2015

    The OH Leuven Thread

    very similar results and performances to what leicester had when he came back! Took along time for leicester to get going again! He's a good manager
  14. Heymister2015

    Is Mendy our new Kante?

    ' oh mendy! he came and he played like kante! never gave it away! Oh Mendy!
  15. Theyve only had 3 months during the summer break to do this!