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  1. Heymister2015


    Break the transfer record for this lad!
  2. Heymister2015

    Tielemans Signs From Monaco; Silva Goes T’other Way

    Leicester are due to break there transfer record! I’d happily bid £50m on tieliemans if he’s as good as made out and £15-£20m for Che Adams and that’s it. Benkovic will be like a new signing to
  3. Heymister2015

    Ben Chilwell's Message for Leicester Fans

    The fans boo as if we’re in a crisis! We’re in transition with a squad nearly cleared of dead wood that no one else would take on due to high wages and that should be complete this summer with the vast amount out of contract. We’ve upgraded Simpson massively with Ricardo. Highlighted we only have sideways CM and cleared out 3 and bought in tieliemans to solve that problem be it temporarily for now. We give youth a chance and no doubt we’ll have Che Adams to call upon up top to push vardy.
  4. Heymister2015

    Andy King - Derby fan in peace...

    Championship winner yet James and drinkwater did all the hard work! Premiership winner yet kante and drinkwater did all the hard work. Basic, honest professional that Swansea fans thought of in the same light.
  5. One big issue is the back up players aren’t good enough with most of them out of contract in the summer but on high wages and not wanted by anyone else. Big Building job at Leicester
  6. Heymister2015

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Wasn’t it March when Leicester started the great escape? Yet some people think it’s beyond him being a success!
  7. Heymister2015

    How do you feel about the transfer window?

    Great window with work still to do! Slimani, Morgan, Simpson, James and Okazaki! Summer window transfer record should be broken if Tielemans is a success, Brahimi on a free, Che Adams and Benkovic back on loan. My only other request for next season is not to have Cardiff city’s home kit again!
  8. Heymister2015

    Andy King to Derby on loan

    King was part of a poor Leicester team! When the club moved forward he had the pleasure of watching drinkwater/James win the championship, cambiasso/drinkwater survive and kante/drinkwater win the premier league. He became the longest serving player simply because no one came in for him!
  9. Heymister2015

    Time to change blind modern football fans!

    Since October yes! The attitude of some people is ‘ oh he died ages ago’ terrible attitude! Why didn’t he have a song before? Why hasn’t top still not got one? Why create a poisonous atmosphere when we don’t have the personnel on the field? I’d understand if we didn’t have loads of average players in central midfield! A championship right back! It’s a slow process building a team!
  10. I think regarding this season we write it off! The Vichai helicopter crash was a very traumatic moment for the club. I think bombarding the team/manager with a negative atmosphere isn’t the right thing to do. People can moan about the fact that they’ve paid for season tickets etc! This moment was literally life and death and well beyond football! . Puel was apart of this moment and would of been shaken by the fact he’d regularly boarded this helicopter on many other occasions. Pushing the board to a sack a man within months of such an event when the teams secure in mid table would look bad on the club and also Top has a lot on as well as grieving for his father. Also the club is in transition with a big job on clearing past it out of contract players that no one would take on these salaries! Leaving us to have to use them as part of our first team. I think all the fans have done is create a song for Vichai that should of been sung when the 5000-1 achievement was accomplished and created a poisonous atmosphere! Also the fans have done nothing regarding raising funds for a statue for the king and no song has been created for Top! Who is a living legend!
  11. Heymister2015

    Leonardo Jardim

    We’re expecting exciting football with a lot of shit past it footballers still at the club. I think personel is required rather than a new manager. Need to clear out the inflated central midfield and spend £30m on loftus cheek! Get rid of Okazaki and sign Che Adams and get rid of Simpson and bring in Sarr!
  12. Heymister2015

    Marc Albrighton signs deal until 2022

    Reliable honest player! But a bench player when we finally sign a higher quality winger or two! Interesting all the players signing up and the Spider-Man antics yesterday! Really feels like they hate puel 😂😂
  13. Heymister2015

    Barnes coming back

    Obsession with albrighton is bewildering! Leicester are creating a higher profile ie stadium/training ground/wage structure. Players like albrighton are just not at the level Leicester fans think he is. If he was put on the transfer list tomorrow only championship teams and premiership teams in a relagation battle would come calling. His work rate and attitude can’t be questioned. But for some reason he only players well against the top six and doesn’t play well against any below. Gets dropped and only performs well against those teams coming off the bench. Resulting in fans thinking he should be starting. He’s an average footballer
  14. Heymister2015

    Who then......

    The man was stood next to puel today! Hessenhautl however you spell it would of got us playing! I think we’re leaving it until the summer and waiting for benitez
  15. Heymister2015

    Barnes coming back

    Albrighton hasn’t got great stamina and just pings balls over the top all the time. I like him, I like his work rate! But I don’t rate him to the levels all Leicester fans do