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  1. Surprised how excited some fans got for a player that’s been crap for about 3 years. We don’t do West Ham signings
  2. Atm with Praet fit and if we want to rest the usual 3 midfielders like at palace it’s Praet, Mendy, choudhary! Choudhary is rubbish. Great midfield Praet, Mendy, otavio during a long season . Also if we get money for Gray this month, that could cover a transfer fee anyway
  3. Where’s the pic of big Wes/little Wes? Saw it earlier and can’t find it now !!
  4. Toooo much for a back up player! No space for him in the starting 11 and heavy salary! Also hasn’t played well for 3 years. Just doesn’t make sense or excite me at all.
  5. Ultimately at a difficult time ££££ I’m always thinking preserving the club than wasting pointless pots of money on players that are too over the top for a back up position. Leicester have more sense. Meyer would want £40k a week and free. No way he’d expect that contract he had at palace, and to walk away from £170k a week contract shows he has hunger to get his career going again.
  6. Simply because it’s in an area that doesn’t have an open slot. We just need back up. Why waste so much money! Proceeding to a player that was highly rated, in a poor team and negative manager. Right fit, right manager and he could work as a back up.
  7. Quality when? He hasn’t played well for about 3 seasons.
  8. Clearly on about strikers if vardy gets injured. That’s why I’d prioritise Edouard. Otherwise we’ll have a weak frontline if vardy gets injuries. Going into midfield! Why would you replace a squad player with someone on so much money. There isn’t a spot for Eriksen in the first team
  9. Eriksen the serial loser at Spurs and past it in my opinion. I’d rather go for Max Meyer on a free if we’re looking to replace a squad player. I would go for Edouard this month though. Otherwise we could have a situation like we had at the back last season
  10. Edouard and Thauvin are the missing pieces
  11. Ward , Ricardo, Soyuncu, Amartey,Fuchs, Mendy, Tielemans, Choudhary, Under, Perez, Iheanacho
  12. I think max Meyer on a 6 month contract and see how he does. Very highly rated before palace and must of been to warrant such a contract. Just to add depth and potentially a lot of quality while Praet is out injured
  13. More goals and assists than Bruno Fernandes! But Deffo need to sign a midfielder to reinforce with all the games
  14. Can he play wide right? Otherwise he’ll be on the bench
  15. It’s funny how Edouard a hero and 6 months later not bothered if he leaves. Shows how fickle football fans are!
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