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  1. Heymister2015

    The OH Leuven Thread

    very similar results and performances to what leicester had when he came back! Took along time for leicester to get going again! He's a good manager
  2. Heymister2015

    Is Mendy our new Kante?

    ' oh mendy! he came and he played like kante! never gave it away! Oh Mendy!
  3. Theyve only had 3 months during the summer break to do this!
  4. Heymister2015

    The OH Leuven Thread

    I remember barnsley away where we created nothing/played poor and the fans wanted him out! He then went on the following season to be the last team to win the league with over 100 points. This man is capable of taking Leuven to the champions league! With time! After all his last 3 signings for leicester were fuchs,okazaki and Id also say Kante who eventually came after hard negiotiations. Look what happened next!
  5. Heymister2015

    Kaputska joins OH Leuven on loan

    He must have some talent there! Stood out at the euro’s for Poland
  6. Heymister2015


    It does seem a bit brain dead that Iborra hasnt been used has a target man late in games when we need another option. Just as effective as Fellani doing that role when required
  7. Heymister2015

    Southampton post match 1-2 Win

    Or maybe the sign of a a decent season! Most live off a bit of luck and not playing well! Early season is always difficult to play extremely well
  8. Heymister2015

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Think the derby extension looks naff! Regarding the projects with the stadium we’re only doing what every club is doing atm and regarding the training ground it will enable us to catch up with burton Albion and also means we’re doing what most clubs have already done
  9. Heymister2015

    Leonardo Ulloa - Gone to C.F. Pachuca

    what was the transfer fee?
  10. Heymister2015

    Viktor Johansson signs for the Development Squad

    about the standard of player we look at for the 1st team zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. Heymister2015

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Will the concourses in the kop and family stand be taken out in line with the main stand? The concourses aren’t big enough
  12. Heymister2015

    Big Club!

    In modern football we’re a big club! For example everyone goes on about spurs but in my lifetime Leicester have won more trophies from 1988 onwards!
  13. Heymister2015


    Leicester should of offered more weekly for Kante than Chelsea and kept him for one more season And gone for quality over quantity in signings that summer!
  14. Heymister2015

    Adrien Silva

    Pearson and the back room team he put together just sign superstars. Kane, Lingard, kramaric, Kante (bid was made before sacking) and even Mark Davies crippled by injury would of gone far.
  15. Heymister2015

    Filbert street in disrepair...very sad

    No acknowledgment of a title win at the current ground let alone filbert st