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  1. We’ll be even more limited if we don’t invest and finish bottom half. We need a winger nearly as urgent as cb! If under or Barnes get injured we’re back to Perez who isn’t a winger or albrighton who isn’t a professional footballer
  2. Sidnei Tavares! We’ve moved on from choudhary
  3. Need another winger and striker after this
  4. We need two more after fofana to have a successful season. And there’s no reason that can’t happen if gray,Ghezzal,Slimani,Silva and Diabate leave!
  5. Lets try to do the same deal for Adam ounas! Wingers are just as important as CB! Very stale out wide apart from Barnes, we have nothing.
  6. Lol so if under gets injured people think albrighton, Perez who isn’t a winger and Barnes is enough. We need another winger 200%
  7. Loves a goal that lead to winning nothing and Leicester thrashing you in the league a few weeks later. Great memories for Douglas Luiz
  8. I’d sell gray and get Buendia! We need more creativity in midfield for a very long season! If under is injured we’re back to square one with albrighton and potentially gray if he doesn’t go!
  9. The two best nations making talent bar France are Belgium and turkey! So great that we’re signing 2/3 of each and now looking back at the French talent with fofana.
  10. Signing average shit like tawkowski never gets you anywhere though. You have to take some risks like this guy!
  11. Tarkowski isn’t good enough for a team aspiring to achieve. He isn’t a modern defender. I’ve seen him against top players and just backs off like mike whitlow. We need someone that gets stuck in and presses out from defence. Fofana has huge potential to be a huge sell on fee too
  12. Deffo need another winger regardless! Be disappointed if Ünder got injured and we’re back to playing albrighton/Gray again for another season zzzzzz
  13. We need to sell Gray and Kelechi if this one comes off and then go for Edouard and ounis
  14. I was thinking turn him into a DM! Reminded me of Kante when he played at the kp
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