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  1. Calling....Huth and Dragovic

    Bit harsh but it was completely unnecessary for him to commit himself for their 1st goal. Not that Fuchs covered himself in any glory though.
  2. Im not sure why there should be any complaints to be honest as the two stadiums are about 17 miles from eachother and Crewe's attendances are, in general, below 5k (especially for a cup game). This is definitely just being moved cause it's on TV.
  3. Vardy - I want to win more trophies

    I remember seeing this question asked last season when we were playing equally negative football, then as soon as we started pressing high up the pitch again he looked just as fast as in the title winning season.
  4. Prematch Video clip

    Agree on the new pre match video, I absolutely love it. Does anyone know what the music they've used for it is?
  5. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Iborra was also the same in terms of the deal happening out of nowhere.
  6. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    A positive comment about Cambiasso Are you feeling okay?
  7. Iversen signs

    Pushing for a move to Ajax
  8. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    De Boer is a shit manager, imagine trying to play total football with the likes of Jeff Schlupp and the other cloggers they have. He was dreadful at Inter and is probably going to be just as shite as palace.
  9. I don't think people are unfairly criticising Chilwell, it is concerning that he is still getting skinned easily by most wingers even at championship level after being in and around the first team for his 3rd season now. I am desperate for him to succeed here but his defending leaves a lot to be desired at times.
  10. The "do they mean us?" thread

    It's absolutely pathetic tbh. No doubt they still blame our owners for them being bang average for 15 years (spending 6 seasons in league one ), in the same time we've been owned by 3 different people, been relegated to League One, built ourselves into a premier league side and only went and won the ****ing thing. To still be bitter about, as you say, something that would have been an irrelevant punishment in the 2002/03 season is really embarrassing
  11. Manchester Utd (A) Pre-Match Thread

    If we get a result out of this game I will be very surprised. We dont have much luck at Old Trafford anyway let alone with a back line not at full strength against one of the best strikers in the league.I I think we'll score but probably lose by 2 or 3.
  12. Fitst half was absolutely dire but second half we really stepped it up and it turned into a very easy game for us. Slimani and Gray particularly impressive with Musa also growing into the game after a horrendous start. Also rudders should be sticking a bid in for that Brooks lad, looks a real talent.
  13. Sheffield United (A) Match Thread

    I might have to give this one a miss after seeing that strike partnership
  14. Giant Killing

    Not gonna lie I was expecting nothing but a loss for that Millwall game last season even if we had played a "full strength" side, we looked bereft of any sort of confidence at that point.