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  1. Liverpool at home for me. I was stood right behind the goal and you could tell the moment he wheeled up to hit it that it was going in the top corner, also made me truly believe it was gonna be our year. Honorable mentions to the Man Utd 11th in a row goal and also the goal that put us ahead in the 5-3 at home against them.
  2. He doesnt say our support is patient, he's talking about the owners.
  3. Quite a detailed description of Bielsa's press conference this is incredible
  4. "Best team to ever be promoted from the Championship" my arse.
  5. Probably, he was pretty much stopping Sunderland losing 8-0 by himself almost every single game
  6. I'm not having that this whole £12.5m has been paid up front. If it is, it seems like a spectacular waste of money for a backup keeper.
  7. I'm pretty sure the "West Ham Way" is completely imploding in the middle of the season and getting pumped by some shithouse team.
  8. Bugg

    Yerey Mina

    We would be absolutely lethal from set pieces with him and Maguire.
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