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  1. I dont think De Gea was ever really shite when he started at man utd. He was an excellent shot stopper and had good distribution, it was only aerial balls he had an absolute nightmare with. I'll take your point about judging him too early mind, it was just some Bravo-esque goalkeeping.
  2. Not really sure what Manchester City's keeper is doing here but if that's what we're gonna be seeing from the most expensive goalkeeper in the world this season then Pep's had another shocker
  3. Really sad to hear this. Linkin Park were one of my favourite bands when I was growing up. I saw them quite a few times and had most of their albums. Its really sad to see that mental health problems have taken another life, depression really is awful.
  4. Make your mind up pal
  5. *shivers*
  6. You've given me flashbacks from the Championship with a quote like that
  7. That goal was one of the best goals I have ever seen at a live game. I was absolutely stunned at the power he managed to get from the shot
  8. Bonucci going to AC Milan now as well. What a transfer window this is for them
  9. Jesus wept. Over £50m for a player who I don't think is even Spurs best right back. They've had Man City 's pants down.
  10. Man City reach an agreement with Spurs for Kyle Walker. £50m
  11. Southend News Network are a parody site tbf so that'll probably be why
  12. If that's the case then what a strange man.
  13. Every team is obsessed with us it seems, I wasn't even aware he was on our radar. Unnecessary swipe tbh
  14. Probably not much of a message considering he's not from our academy and we paid a fee for him
  15. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-4072952/Atalanta-striker-Alejandro-Gomez-criticised-posting-video-shocking-two-footed-tackle-son.html