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  1. Morgan for Evans and either Albrighton or Perez for Barnes and I reckon that’ll be pretty close.
  2. Ward Justin Morgan Soyuncu Fuchs Choudhury Praet Albrighton Gray Barnes Iheanacho subs Jakupovic Amartey Benkovic Mendy Maddison Perez Vardy
  3. As others have posted no point in throwing money around just because we have it, we have an ongoing project to build sustainably and YT has been a wonderful signing this summer. By Xmas it will be clear whether Soyuncu and Benkovic are at the level we need and we can react in January as required. Any club could have an injury crisis but we should have enough depth to cope. Will be a very tough competition to be ‘best of the rest’ this season but our squad is on the right trajectory, significantly stronger than this time last year overall and not too far from net spend equal. Selling on a couple more players to European market in next couple of weeks will make January even more likely for us to do further business. Great job all round I think.
  4. Reckon forest fans outnumber us city fans about 5 to 1 in Botto. Number of kids wearing Leicester shirts on increase in last few years tho.
  5. Spare seat in J3 for Brighton and Fulham home games. Sell for £35 for the pair or £20 per game seperately.
  6. Not going to be able to use tickets for Brighton or Fulham games. Will sell together for £40. J3. PM if if interest
  7. His immediate plan is to bugger off out the way - on France Canal+ football panel show this evening in the studio. Some guy has tweeted he’s speaking french with an English accent - can he do anything right?? ???
  8. We aren’t going to find a permanent successor before the summer. Fail to win any of the next 3, which is pretty likely, and we’ll be 12th or 13th, with a 2 week break. If that’s how it plays out, get him out and put a caretaker into the end of the season ahead of resetting in the summer. It’s only going to get more poisonous and devided with the fans with Puel in charge.
  9. ****ing inept. How Mendy started after looking completely off form last week over Choudhury who at least gives some energy I can’t work out. 10 bright minutes against a team pissing themselves laughing at how easy it was to go 2-0 is no where near good enough. They are being schooled in midfield look absolutely shit at the back and what exactly have they done going forward that’s looked threatening in the box really. Barnes must be wishing he was still at WBA. Utter garbage yet again. Fraud must go.
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