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  1. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Decent shout that
  2. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Couple of tweets from Sporting just now confirming value of deal and 15% sell on. Strange time to announce more detail about the deal - maybe attempt to put further pressure on FIFA?
  3. Chelsea - 9th September

    Still got ticket for Chelsea game J3 - will take £40 - will need to work how to get it to you but DM if interested
  4. One seat for next two home league games - Chelsea and Liverpool - available due to work commitments. Would prefer to sell together as easier but also consider separately. Block J3. Please message if interested
  5. Sheffield United (A) Match Thread

    We aren't going to finish with 11 on the pitch. Clowns
  6. Sheffield United... Away.. Tuesday.

    Think we will line up 442 and reasonably strong Hamer Amartey Maguire Benny/Knight Chilwell Gray King Ndidi Musa Slimani Okazaki subs Jakupovic Benny/Knight Mendy Vardy, Ulloa, Thomas, Albrighton
  7. There's no certainty in this sport. Could be an inspired appointment just as readily as a huge disaster. His backroom additions to the team will be critical, as will our recruitment policy, but our support for him just as important too. Congratulations Craig, an English manager appointed into the premier league isn't something that happens particularly often.
  8. Next.. Spuds at home..

    Assuming kingy will be out?
  9. Man City (A) Match Thread

    Great goal by Shinj - leave him on for a bit and bring on Slim for Mahrez, move to a 352 with shinj ahead of ndidi and king
  10. Got a Bournemouth ticket available in J3 - row BB. Drop me a message if interested.
  11. Still got 1 for Stoke and 1 for Sunderland. J3. Selling separate or together - will accept under face value for both
  12. Got ticket for Stoke and then Sunderland available - due to being with my kids team elsewhere in stadium. J3 row BB so a great ticket. Would prefer to sell together for £80 but could split if needed. Cheers
  13. Why are you sad?

    I'm sad because it's all been wrong since we won the league. The pre season, the signings, the lack of strengthening where it was really needed, the performance levels, the players pulling out of challenges, the prioritising the wrong things, the tinkering, the loyalty to players who look done, the strange selections, the alleged meetings, the timing of the sacking. All wrong. I'm sad that this catalogue of errors has meant something had to give, and that our owners who've given so much felt they no choice but to act. I'm sad that the guy who seems to be so influential behind the scenes isn't willing to front up and talk directly to the supporters about what's going on. I'm sad that the rest of the football world just can't help but stick knives into the club with rediculous inflammatory sound bytes and words to make the situation even more toxic. I'm sad that the club find ourselves here so soon after the highs of last May, and think it will quite conceivably get worse before it gets better.
  14. Yesterday my dream died

    I think as time moves on and there's distance, may be it will be seen that this was exactly the right time for Claudio to leave us - we are still in the CL, we are still clear of the bottom 3, and the outpouring of emotion will ensure that the man, quite rightly, will be celebrated for generations to come. Had he led us to relegation maybe this wouldn't have been the case, which would have been a travesty. We'll go down at some point, maybe come back up thereafter. But what should endure is the achievement of 2015/16 and the respect for the man who led us there.
  15. SEVILLA!

    That's probably the best state to be in for this evening to be fair - good tactics