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  1. Cropwellfox

    Namplys Mendy

    Been benched for most of this season at Nice but the last game he started for them back in Feb he was captain. Would imagine he’ll come back into our squad next season, probably at the expense of Kingy and James
  2. Cropwellfox

    Puel - what about now

    Puel stood alone for whole of first half and 2 or 3 times it looked like Appleton the players were going over to talk to. Later on in the game Puel did seem to be engaging more with players especially Choudhury, but still cut a lonely figure for much of the game.
  3. Cropwellfox

    Appleton on motd2

    Nothing to see here, more vanilla than ice-cream
  4. Cropwellfox

    Name a better option than puel

    Football is cyclical, we are coming down from the most insane high, probably more to fall by, but at least there is certainty that at some point in the future Fraud, his mate Plank and our unsackable Rudderless will leave and we will get some excitement back. May be a while in coming but the time will come and we’ll be proud again. Just wish it would fecking hurry up.
  5. Cropwellfox

    Puel Gets Full Backing of the Board

    From what we’ve seen the owners value pride incredibly highly. Just got to hope that the embarrassment of that farcical lap of appreciation has caused them to reconsider their position on Fraud Puel. The guy really is an utter buffoon. Keep Choudhury and Diabete on the pitch, get Hughes Thomas and Barnes on too and there wouldn’t have been such an exodus from the fans before the end as at least we would be seeing younger players show some energy and endeavour. For all that he’s been lauded for bringing through younger players he had an absolute open goal with his second half substitutions and missed it completely. Utter tool.
  6. Cropwellfox

    Wet Spam Match Threa- ah who cares

    0-1 down at home, nothing to play for, kids on the bench, let’s bring on a centre half for a midfielder. Surely he’s taking the piss?
  7. Cropwellfox

    Wet Spam Match Threa- ah who cares

    Couldn’t make it up, Benny against Arnautovic, Moyes must think Christmas has come early.
  8. Cropwellfox


    He’ll hide behind injuries for the next few games of turgid football, still refusing to play Dragovic in his best position, will comment post match that the progress of the young players is interesting and that the players will come back next season with intensity and focus despite having shown no signs of it again. Probably be another player or two limping off injured which is happening far too regularly now and a comedy Amartey sending off against Spurs thrown in. How the owners are supporting this utter clown is beyond me. Anyway happy bank holiday weekend 😆
  9. Cropwellfox


    You’ve just got to hope the owners have seen enough of this clown. They explained Shakeys departure as ‘early promise not shown consistently evident in the months since’ which is exactly the same as Puels time here - arguably since the end of Jan it’s not been evident at all other than 20 minute spells when we’ve been chasing games. So if they are consistent he’s got to be pushed although I have a suspicion they won’t pull the trigger just yet. What a wasted season this has turned out to be.
  10. One for West Ham. J3 row BB - Will take £25. PM if interested
  11. Work commitments mean no chance to get to next two home games, Southampton and West Ham. Have got tickets in J3, will take £70 for both games.
  12. 1 ticket in J3, two thirds back for sale for home game against Stoke. £35 - can pass on at the ground before the game. PM if interested
  13. Cropwellfox

    Leicester v Fleetwood - FA Cup Replay Pre-match Thread

    Reckon we will go something like Hamer Amartey Huth Benalouane Fuchs Barnes Iborra Silva Gray Slimani Iheanacho subs Jak Knight King Albrighton Vardy Ulloa Diabete
  14. Cropwellfox

    If we lose Mahrez in Jan...

    Very very poor from our side if that is the fee that’s paid, would just about get you a Slimani and a Musa. He’s under contract and is surely worth at least £70m in this market.
  15. Cropwellfox

    Chelsea (A) pre-match

    Kasper amartey dragovic maguire fuchs mahrez (fingers crossed) iborra ndidi albrighton okazaki vardy hamer chilwell king silva gray barnes ulloa