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  1. Hope so mate my memory was he had that injury and never played again
  2. Ended Stig Inge Byornebye’s career. Others varies between weeks and months depends on the severity. Need a fully fit Riccy P and a new LB for start of season, Timmy won’t be available
  3. Barnes for Tielemans (still with us on a new contract but slightly behind match fitness after absolutely bossing the Euros)
  4. The transformation in our club over the past 15 years has been incredible - yes we’ve had investment but so have many other ‘sleeping giants’ without anywhere near the level of success. We’ve come such an incredibly long way, there was laughter from nearly all sides and contempt from many of our rival supporters when Vichai committed to turning us into a top 5 side and that was only 7 years ago. We’ve finished in the top 5 in three of those seasons since, won a league and an fa cup, gone beyond the group stages in 2 euro competitions and became the club that everyone wants to be more like. I’m
  5. Head says even if we finish 5th we’ve got European football again and some additional revenue on top of our prem prize money, we’ve got a community shield to look forward to, we’ve out performed Spursy, Arsenal and all of the other top 6 wannabes Everton West Ham Villa and Leeds, and can offer new signings more than them with europe and our training ground, which is key as our recruitment strategy doesn’t see us go toe to toe with the ‘established’ big 4. Heart says no way man I will be absolutely gutted on Sunday if we finish 5th
  6. Reckon this one will be an utterly bizarre team selection or at least formation. Could see Mendy, Albrighton and Perez all starting
  7. Every likelihood West Ham start the last game on 65 or 67 points and Liverpool on 64 or 66, even a point last night would have been important. Can see last game v Spurs being a 6th place shootout
  8. That’s been the case since he’s come back, whether he’s still not fully trusting his knee maybe, don’t think it’s because of the position he’s playing, if anything he’s got more license to do so, although feels Castagne playing within himself a bit too
  9. Assuming Maddison and Praet not fit enough to start we w got to keep 2 up front but Ricardo and Albrighton wide and 442. Possibly tough on Amartey but would leave him out for Timmy and Thomas at full back
  10. Time for Vardy to have a rest, so still a needs must XI. schmeichel fofana soyuncu fuchs castagne ndidi tielemans thomas ricardo Albrighton iheanacho subs ward Amartey Daley-Campbell Mendy Choudhury Tavares under Perez Vardy
  11. Poor poor poor but somehow level. Question is would we be better going back to a 4231 for the second half. Wood is bossing in the air, but do we need 3 centre halves against what’s out there? Choudhury and Mendy off for Albrighton and Tavares and have a go at them
  12. Players body language poor. Choudhury culpable but whole team flat apart from castagne
  13. Would Brendan look to get Daniel Sturridge in short term? Another forward player is critical for us - had they still been here gray and slimani would have had a fair bit of game time with how things have panned out
  14. Reckon if Ndidi and tielemans have a game off we will line up something like schmeichel Amartey soyuncu fuchs castagne mendy choudhury Thomas albrighton Ricardo iheanacho subs ward Daley-Campbell ndidi tielemans Vardy Tavares lesbabela under and another u23 would be glorious for that team to go and shithouse a 1-0 win
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