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  1. TALLGATING! It seems to be a rife in Norfolk where I live. It is always the same grey haired, 50-65 male that is stuck up my hoop in some hairdressers car. Only once have I had a women driving too close and never any young 'boy racer' types. I lost it a while back. A gentleman was so close to me on a short, winding piece of national speed limit road that I couldn't see his plate. It was about the 5th time in the last 2 months and I flipped. I slowed and waved him back and then his wife started to film me while he gave me the finger and willy puller sign. I drove at 40mph to the next village, parked sideways in the road and tried to encourage the gentleman out of his vehicle to discuss it. He stayed put and I went on my way, having told him how displeased I was with his driving. A month later the police knock my door and I was issued with a caution for public disorder. The gentleman, even though driving dangerously suffered no penalty as I had no proof and I admitted to my choice of words when conversing with him. Am I just unlucky with these drivers? Is it a Norfolk thing? What's your experiences?
  2. Time traveller too!! That will certainly give us the edge knowing how many the opposition will score...
  3. If Adam Johnson had as many touches as Nacho he'd never have gone down
  4. Very dull copared to Shilton's I imagine..
  5. I know he wasn't with the club when it happend, I'm just saying with their reputatition it would be hilarious if they did terminate his contract.
  6. When they've got a murderer at wing-back I'd be suprised. Think they'd give Fred West game that lot...
  7. Now this is going to sound a little maverick, perhaps even ahead of it's time, but get this..... We swap the Kop with the Family Stand! Below is an artist's impression of the Keith Weller Lounge if such a switch was made
  8. Tactical genius to let Hamer go to Huddersfield. The sleeper agent has struck. Operation European Tour is in full swing...
  9. I've beeh to Shev's at Christmas and I can tell you it's a ball...
  10. Supporting Leicester must be what it's like to be bipolar...
  11. Wonder what the odds are us conceding in the opening 10 mins? 1/11 on maybe....
  12. Been trying to tell people he's a fraud for a long time and nobody listens... Brilliant point lads
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