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  1. Experiment for Chelsea. See how Ian and Ayoze get on with Albrighton whipping them in (Kepa notoriously awful at defending crosses).
  2. Martinelli is the real deal isn't he. The time he had to make up his mind and put that away would've felt like an age, and many other players would've bottled that. Great finish from the lad.
  3. Nope, tried watching him a few times. Made it 26 seconds this time. Each to their own but not for me.
  4. Soooo €40m + loan back until the end of the season will clinch it...?
  5. Yeah that's a huge stumbling block to be far. There must be way better players on half the money.
  6. With my optimistic hat on, Shaw could be the next Ings, i.e. a player whose move to a big club hasn't worked out, who's been beset by problems with fitness and form, but who remains a talented player who needs a fresh start to thrive. With my pessimistic hat on, he's had several chances from several managers and he's currently being kept out of the side by a youth player.
  7. Man City are just unreal. But they're really showing us how we should've played Villa in the week. The speed at which they move the ball, even among the centre backs, is pulling the Villa players all over the place. It's a sight to behold.
  8. He's still primarily a right-back though isn't he. I think he can also play centre mid. Maybe we have the new Philipp Lahm on our books.
  9. I don't blame them one bit. He's sixth in line to the throne. They're still 'supporting' the family so I imagine they'll turn up at major events. But if they want to become financially independent (including paying for their own security) then so be it. Fair play to them for seeking a life that makes them happy. He's served his country. He's been to Afghanistan. His charity work is amazing. He comes across as actually the least stuck up out of the lot of them and has done a lot to try to update the image of the royal family. Yet they still receive abuse and the vicious rumours the press push about her relationship with their family. If they can walk off into the sunset flicking the Vs to those horrible pr!cks, I'd say that's a win.
  10. £25m + Lingard for Grealish? They really are in cloud cookoo land.
  11. I've just listened to The Transfer Window podcast and they said that the CIES Football Observatory valued Maddison at £112m. So I went on the CIES website and found this: I don't know how seriously we can take their valuations, but surely if we get CL football, Maddison will be worth the top end of that range and perhaps more. Hopefully that means he's not going anywhere unless Maddison himself agitates for a move, Man Utd (or someone else) put in a truly astronomical bid, or we reach an impasse with Maddison with the contract negotiations. To be honest though, I think we'll agree a contract if we qualify for the CL (if one hasn't been agreed before).
  12. Plus a bit of rotation could actually help prolong Vardy's career, especially if we need to save him for Champions League quarter finals and such
  13. If we won, they'd have to come at us a bit which would play into our hands. After the draw, I agree, I can see them doing exactly the same thing and hitting us on the break. They'll get two or three big chances at least, which could be enough for them. Having said that I back our players to pick the lock in the second leg. We need to up the pace and intensity though. Last night we didn't move the ball anywhere near as quickly as we should have. If there's one criticism I have of Jonny Evans as well is that he holds on to the ball for too long. He has the time and space but if he saw a pass earlier we'd set the tone for a quicker, more incisive attacking move. But then again perhaps the problem is a lack of movement ahead of him. He's still a wonderful defender.
  14. I like the sound of that a lot
  15. I dare say he does, but who cares? He's not good enough to play in our team and wouldn't in any way be an adequate replacement for Maddison. We sign him we go backwards.
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