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  1. I was fully rooting for Slavia to go as far as possible until the racist incident against Rangers. I'm glad they're getting dumped out now but I'm not sure I could take it if Arsenal get their hands on another pot despite being largely crap all season (just like they did with the FA Cup last season).
  2. In the time he's been at the club, he would've expected Kasper to have suffered one or two injuries and had a chance to stake a claim in those games, but it hasn't to be. In the next 4 seasons, I'd expect the chances of injury or a decline in Kasper's form to increase and he could well get a few shots at becoming the number one here before Iversen, Stolarczyk, Odunze or Chibueze get their chance. Iversen is the obvious competitor right now, though and the longer Kasper keeps his place, the more likely it'll be that we'll promote Iversen and look to recoup some money on Ward, I'd say.
  3. Luke Thomas has to be there surely?
  4. Hopefully it's just a one-off, i.e. a blowout after leaving his job and lockdown and he's just misjudged how much he could handle. If not, then I hope he gets all the help he needs.
  5. I know this is a Celtic-focused website, but if the quotes from the Hibs owner and Doig himself are to be believed, it had some really powerful implications for us. Doig is linked with Celtic, Leeds, Man City and Arsenal, but it is the link with us that has the player and the Hibs chief 'excited'. Doig goes on to explain: "The first I seen of it was when my dad showed me on Twitter. It is still madness to myself, but I can’t focus on that too much. "But it is exciting and it is a confidence boost for myself when big clubs like that seem to be interested."
  6. That reminds me... A bit niche this one maybe, but smarmy precious British people on the Duolingo forums moaning about the Americanisms in English phrases on an American app. So smug and high and mighty. I say this as a British person by the way. Find a proper language course in this country or an app that specifically uses British English if you're that bothered by it. They also seem to forget that there is a huge variety of legitimate regional words and turns of phrase from these isles too. There's no such thing as one correct English. It's so narrow minde
  7. I think the general preference is to see how KDH will slot in to the first-team picture next season, but if that wasn't to happen I wonder if we should have a little nibble at Harry Winks, providing Mourinho remains in charge at Spurs. I think he'd fit in very nicely as the second choice in the Tielemans role and considering the number of injuries we've had in the midfield this season I think he'd get a good number of games for us. The stumbling block would probably be the fee as I can imagine Spurs wanting to get as much as they can despite him barely getting a kick, b
  8. I'm not sure we should be making more of an example of Maddison, Choudhury and Perez than has already happened. Getting rid of some players instead of others 'as an example' is pure favouritism. I think they've probably been punished enough (maybe a fine would've been appropriate too). But training separately, missing the most important game of the season so far and letting their teammates down as a result should be enough, you'd like to think. Plus they will have had all week knowing it will come out at the weekend and they'll be hammered in the press and on social media. I hope t
  9. Things are just turning against Fulham again now. They were just about picking up enough points and scraping results together earlier in the season, but things are falling the other way now. If Newcastle stay up it'll be the spawniest survival going. They've been absolutely abject all season. In a way, it's a shame they can't be voted out for being utter garbage.
  10. Agreed. It could be an iconic part of our identity. Even if we use only use the colour scheme on training wear some years and not necessarily the full-on sash design.
  11. For anyone who saw it, I thought the BBC newsreader who broke the news did a superb job (Martine Croxall of Hinckley and formerly of RL and EMT). What a story to break.
  12. Incredible that Bayern have just been going for the equaliser right to the end even at the risk of conceding more away goals. Next week's tie is going to be a humdinger.
  13. What a fabulous game this Bayern-PSG match is. A superb watch.
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