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  1. Excellent news. I hope he gets a chance to shine against Liverpool. With not getting on at all against West Brom, perhaps the idea is to give him a full 90 in the second game? I hope he gets an opportunity to play for us this season but it's no big problem if he's not ready yet. The natural step up for him would be Championship football so if he can't force his way in this season, maybe he could do so next season after a year or 6 months tearing the second tier to shreds.
  2. I guess we'll pursue this until we get him, if indeed he is one of England's best young players in his age group. Unless Wednesday want super silly money, of course.
  3. I'd have thought Iborra and El Neny would be replacements for Amartey and King. Then we've got the 2 of them plus James, Ndidi and Drinky fighting it out for 2-3 central midfield spots, assuming Mendy is as good as gone. I think El Neny is a decent player and would've improved the squad, but if he doesn't want to be here then good luck to him warming Arsenal's bench for most of the season. We'll just move on to the next target.
  4. West Ham signing Hart and Arnautovic is making me chuckle. Chicharito less so. Such a quality performer. Still, even he might not be able to save them.
  5. I don't think he's been treated roughly, only that he's had a rough time. True, perhaps he could have forced a move but we don't know if the club has blocked a move because none of the u23s were ready to be third-choice. Instead, perhaps you're right and he's happy not to play competitive football and just pick up his pay cheque. If so I'd feel less sorry for him. I just think that most footballers want to play. He did go out on loan once which didn't go well so I would guess he's been angling for a move for a while. But, who knows?
  6. My guess is that most footballers want to actually play first team football and not feel like they've wasted their careers when they come to the end of it. Maybe I'm just giving them too much credit. Edit: I agree he's not good enough for us by the way. That's part of the reason I feel for him.
  7. I feel for Hamer. He's had a rough deal while here. I bet he can't wait to see out his contract and get a move away. We do need a proper second choice keeper though. Jakupovic has done it with Hull and proved he could more than step up when called upon. This is definitely a good signing after letting Zieler go.
  8. Correct
  9. Ugh not this again. This could really drag if Real dilly dally with a deal for De Gea and Utd play hardball. Potentially it could leave us in a real hole if Schmeichel does go late in the window so it's good to know that we're actually interested in a potential replacement (Kalinic). I just hope Kasper doesn't kick up a stink if we reject Utd's likely derisory bid. He's crucial for us and the club have to resist against any interest as much as they can.
  10. He'll be worth the wait. He and Vards are gonna tear it up next season!
  11. Give him a full season with the squad abd if he remains fit he'll be in the starting XI or in the matchday squad most of the time. He's severely underrated by many, I think. If Shakey doesn't have him in his plans then I'd be wanting way more than £4m. He was superb for Barnsley last season. These days, ambitious Championship clubs regularly pay around or above £10m for standout Championship players. I'd be disappointed if he left at all to be honest, especially to the sheep. As others have mentioned, he was very good during the Great Escape. I think his Barnsley spell will be like Ramsey's loan at Forest. He'll go back to his parent club fit, raring to go, and with games under his belt. James will be an asset next season I'm sure of it.
  12. It's quite easy to point the finger in hindsight. Many of those signings were long-term targets, such as Slimani, Musa and Mendy. They haven't worked out...yet. Out of all of them I think Slim has the best chance, but if Shakey wants to offload and recoup some money to spend on other players then so be it. But the point is that many of the signings were targets before we could have even dreamt of winning the league. It's true that so were the likes of Kasper, Drinky, Mahrez, Albrighton, Vardy and so and and so on. But the new signings arrived at the wrong moment. We had already achieved the finest thing this club has ever done, and it was done with no small amount of team spirit and togetherness. Those new signings were on a hiding to nothing from the first day. And they may not have been good enough for a title defence, and were never intended to be good enough for that - it's just that we hadn't any other targets. Perhaps. The way things worked out we needed Ndidi to help steady the ship. And it's quite clear that some of the team that won the title are older and need competition. Shakey clearly has a job on his hands when it comes to recruitment because he's got to find players who are both good enough for a tilt at European qualification (which he stated is his aim) and who will fit in with the clique. Hopefully Maguire, Iborra and Iheanacho fit the bill. They all appear to be good enough. But only time will tell.
  13. Agree completely. Can't we just use the black as the home kit and consign the blue one to third kit status which we'll never wear. Obviously I'd rather have blue as home if it wasn't such a monstrosity. The black at least looks nice. The badge is lovely in just the two colours as well.
  14. Kelechi's probably said his final goodbye to his teammates loads of times already, a bit like that awkward moment where you say goodbye to someone and then it turns out you're walking in the same direction.
  15. Arsenal will get him late in the window after p!ssing about for most of it. Either that or the longer it goes on the more other teams might have a nibble and we get maybe £40m from Monaco, PSG, or someone like that. That's what I reckon anyway. I still can't see him lining up for us against Arsenal on the first evening of the season.