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  1. James Maddison

    I guess so. But three successive Leicester managers have used Gray sparingly. If that doesn't tell Demarai something, nothing will. Chilwell replacing the former captain of Austria would be a great incentive for a young player like Maddison to think he can make the step up and play regularly in the Premier League.
  2. James Maddison

    I don't know much about him but the clubs that are after him are convincing me that he's the real deal. Puel's record of putting his faith in young players will hopefully work in our favour somewhat
  3. Darnell Johnson

    It's a bit of a catch 22 situation. If a player 'needs development' but they're constricted to U23s football, then they're missing out on an opportunity to develop. As his parent club, Leicester should either give him a chance to get some first-team appearances under his belt or send him out on loan like we did with Barnes, Chilwell and Choudhury. If Johnson isn't being told that either of those things will happen, then he's not getting assurances about his progression to the first team and I wouldn't blame him for considering his options. If all the coaching staff at the club don't think he's ready to progress, even to a League One or Championship side on loan, then it's probably best for us and him to let him go and prove himself elsewhere. If he ends up being a world beater, it wouldn't be the first or last time a club has failed to predict how one of their youth players would turn out. However, I would be a bit annoyed if the U23s had kept him in order to prioritise their PL2 campaign, rather than sending him out on loan. The PL2 means diddly squat, and stifling a player's development would be bad for both parties.
  4. Would you trust him with your money?

    I think with the signing of Diabaté and the potential signings of Ben Arfa and Maddison, yes I'd trust him with my money. We're evolving our playing style. There will be hiccups along the way, but there will also be games where it comes together. The 1-4 against West Brom, the 1-4 against Southampton and the 0-0 at Stamford Bridge spring to mind. Puel has done really well to lift us up the table. The more players we get who can suit his style of play, the better. We have some who can do it already. But unfortunately the blood and thunder days of Pearson, Ranieri and Shakey got sussed out.
  5. A recent rumour was that West Ham were after Macia. If that move was to happen, I'd gladly have Walsh back in a Chief Scout role. He had some misses but his record was mostly excellent. As DoF, who knows? His time at Everton hasn't gone smoothly, but then I imagine he was at odds with Koeman and who knows else over some transfers, which would explain why they brought in Siggy, Rooney and Klaasen in one window. Plus the way Everton are run is an absolute shambles. Look at how long it took them to replace Koeman. They also appear to have no idea of what kind of team they want to be. The DoF question is moot anyway. I reckon the Thais are very loyal to Rudkin, especially as he's involved with other aspects of their businesses as well now. I don't see Rudders leaving that post anytime soon.
  6. Appleton favourite for West Brom job....

    Pearson would be absolutely superb for them. Depending on the size of the rebuilding job, they might not bounce back straight away. But he'd cut the wage bill, trim the squad and bring in round pegs for round holes. It wouldn't be long before they're stabilised for the long term and back in the big time again. The only problem would be their owners may demand instant success.
  7. Linked Players

    The romantic in me would like to see the likes of Eppiah given a go from the U23s. Puel likes to give a kid a chance as well. Maybe he will if there's nothing to play for at Wemb-er-ley on the last day.
  8. Linked Players

    Austin: good player, terrible injury record. I'm not sure he'd have a significant impact during a season. I wouldn't bother. We're being linked with a few of Puel's old charges, namely Austin from his time at Southampton, and Ben Arfa (now PSG), Dalbert (left-back now at Inter), and Ricardo Pereira (right-back now at Porto) from his time at Nice. Is there really anything to these rumours or is it just lazy journalism to link a manager with his former players?
  9. If the Russians Bombed Leicester !

    Walshy would nod the fvcker into the bottom corner!
  10. Brighton Away post match 2-0

    I feel for Ndidi. We're going to miss him badly. I agree we could see Hamza on the bench as a result. He's the closest we have an Ndidi type player though I think. Perhaps we could go like this: Kasper Dragovic Morgan Maguire Albrighton Iborra Choudhury Silva Chilwell Mahrez Vardy
  11. Andy King

    Whata great servant he's been for us. Personally I don't think he's been good enough to start regularly for us since before the promotion season. Simply, James, Drinkwater et al have been better than him. But that doesn't mean he's not good enough for a bottom half Prem team in a system that suits him. He's seen some amazing times here and he's been a huge part of the best period in our history. I'll have some fond memories of seeing him in a blue shirt. I think a move to the Swans suits him, us, and them. We need to give him a proper send off in the form of a testimonial this summer though. It'd be a sell-out I'm sure.
  12. Poor first half, excellent second half. If we'd have nicked it in normal time I'd say we deserved to win. But, it was a very close, hard-fought game. I know we're a bit up and down but it's so good to see us play the way we did in the second half and dominate against a top side. I think our weaknesses lie in the final ball and how we're not really that capable of recycling the play when there's no way through. We're not quite able to pull defenders around and find the gaps. But we're getting there. Before Shakespeare was sacked we were playing the worst football in the league. The away fixture against Bournemouth was the spawniest point we've gained this season and probably the worst I've seen us play since we were promoted. Puel has simultaneously changed our style of play, led us to comfortable safety in the league, take us to the quarter final of the FA Cup, and give us the genuine belief that we're just a few signings away from being a real force in the division again. Just one man's opinion, but I think much of the criticism is highly unwarranted. I think we're going places.
  13. Spurs FA Cup

    You're right it was against Preston. I think I was muddling it up with the happy memories of Geoff Horsfield's brace against Cov. Weird that the thread's title changed.
  14. Spurs FA Cup

    Yep, brilliant in League One. Mixed fortunes with us but did well in the Championship in the end. I remember him scoring after a few seconds at home to Coventry. I'm sure that was our quickest goal ever. Is it still the case? He always seemed to play better after he had his head shaved as well
  15. Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    Imagine if we win with Diabaté getting the decisive goal