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  1. I'd accept £40m if they chuck in Umtiti on a permanent and Trincão on the two-year loan. Otherwise, get your chequebook out you load of cheapskates.
  2. Looked pretty decent against Inter tonight
  3. We should be all over a two-season loan with an option to buy. If he's good enough for Barça at the end of it then he's probably (hopefully) helped us to break into that upper echelon of clubs, increasing the chances of us being able to buy the next wonderkid from Braga, Benfica, Monaco or whoever. And if he's not good enough for Barça then he may well still be good enough for us.
  4. Assuming tonight was an off night for Benrahma, that he's genuine quality, that we're actually interested, and that we go ahead and sign him... Could he slot in on the left and Barnes move over to the right? Barnes' hit and hope style might suit him better on the right where he can at least hit the ball across the keeper with his stronger right foot, and whip in better first-time balls in across the deck. Perez would then provide competition for Madders as a creative central midfielder and for Vardy as a false 9.
  5. I remember going FKW at school in the 94-96 yellow getup. Loved that kit so much. One of my all time favourites.
  6. Aside from both shirts, I genuinely wouldn't mind the jumper Walshy's wearing (13) and the shell suit top the woman's wearing (12)
  7. While I'd love this to happen, it's never happening. We're not going to chuck £80m on a player, whether in a lump sum or installments. Not yet anyway. Even if we were willing to do so, we'd have to smash our wage structure just to even be competitive with the likes of Man Utd and whoever else may be interested in him.
  8. Nketiah, Willock, Maitland-Niles, Nelson, and Smith Rowe. All young talented attacking talents at Arsenal but you'd think the Gunners wouldn't be able to keep all of them happy as time goes on. Would any of them improve our squad if they became available?
  9. The saddest thing here is that she felt that she had to step in personally to prevent the customer from getting into trouble. Surely big banks like Lloyd's should have something in place to help vulnerable customers like him. And if they already do, then she was a bit silly not to set him up with it and to take it on herself. I do feel sorry for her though. A stern warning would've sufficed once it became clear that she was genuinely helping the guy out.
  10. The thing about Stones is somehow he's behind Laporte, Garcia, Otamendi, and Fernandinho in the pecking order at centre-half. Laporte I understand because he's excellent but, for various reasons, Stones should be partnering him, not behind the others: Garcia is still young and learning his trade. Otamendi is an absolute bomb scare. Fernandinho is a midfielder. Even though he's probably better than at least Otamendi and Fernandinho in that position, maybe Pep's frozen him out because he just doesn't feature in his plans for the future. Or, maybe Stones is actually a busted flush. It's a tough one to call, and it's not like any buying club would have any recent form to judge him on. It'd be a big risk for anyone. If any kind of deal is possible I'd be looking at a loan with a permanent deal agreed if a certain number of appearances are made.
  11. Shows I should read the info instead of looking at the pictures only! Still... King though. A guy who won't even be here to wear that kit.
  12. I went online and saw they were selling a new home shirt with Europa League patches and 'KING 37' on the back with Premier League numbers and lettering. Dafuq? I have to say the new shirt has really grown on me. I think it's really smart in real life. I'll prob get an EL one but take it back in for EL numbers and letters. (The offending item, by the way: https://shop.lcfc.com/leicester-city-king-power-home-shirt-2020-21-uel-andy-king)
  13. It's a fair point. Both are more experienced operators now, though. Evans is often quoted as still being able to do a job at a big club, as evidenced in being part of our back line and finishing 5th in the league. Smalling is coming to the end of an impressive season in Serie A too. With Smalling though, I do wonder if it's the Serie A effect that's keeping him fit. Italian sides do have this reputation of keeping their players in good nick for longer. If he came back over here he could well relapse to an injury-prone state.
  14. It's alright, we're getting the newly rejuvenated Chris Smalling in as cover
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