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  1. I don't get why the average Joe just doesn't wear a reusable mask. They're relatively cheap (you can even make them yourself if you don't want to buy one), they barely add anything to your laundry load, and they're way more environmentally friendly than disposables
  2. All separate highlights should be on YouTube relatively quickly. No studio analysis on those unfortunately.
  3. Lovely to see a Big Wes, Little Wes partnership towards the end too. Felt a bit like a passing of the torch.
  4. Two consecutive European campaigns beginning with 3-0 victories
  5. Much stronger line-up than I thought it was going to be. Happy with that considering Evans and Praet could've also been out. Time for Nacho to shine. Perez - I like him still but he's beginning to live on borrowed time, especially with Under to put pressure on him now. I feel sorry for him as I think he'd be best as a 10 or false 9. He goes missing too often playing on the right of a front 3.
  6. Should be able to get it on 5 Live on the BBC Sounds app, but not Radio Leicester on the same app, I think.
  7. Overseeing the turnover of players, changing from a counterattacking style to a more possession-based approach, and finishing 9th. Based on those things, I think he did a commendable job. I was pretty much against his sacking at the time. In hindsight though, I think his treatment of Vardy was enough to warrant the sack alone. Two seasons later and Vardy is as good as he's ever been and just won the golden boot. Absolutely criminal that he was trying to phase him out two years ago.
  8. Chris Sutton saying Rangers beat Celtic Reserves today. Robbie Savage firing back saying that if Celtic Reserves are bigger than Leicester then Rangers must've beaten a good side
  9. A pair of Nige's white trainers and a tight-fitting Ranieri baseball cap and then we have The Look.
  10. Hennessey injured for Wales. Danny Ward overlooked and Adam Davies of Stoke comes on instead. Surely if Ward has any ambition he'll be off for first-team football soon. I can definitely see Iversen leapfrogging him and being Kasper's eventual replacement.
  11. Superb post. We're a great example of a club not just establishing themselves in the top flight but actually aiming to challenge the status quo, not being content to sit in 8th to 14th place season after season. We're what Stoke, Charlton, etc. could've been, and we're showing teams like West Ham that those ambitions can be achieved if they're gone about in the right way. We have a lot fewer resources than the big 6, but actually I think we're showing that the might of the Premier League is allowing teams who are run properly and creatively to compete with the big boys
  12. 1-0 2-0 2-1 Two crackers from us but a goalkeeping error gave Liverpool hope. Not a bad result against the league leaders though. Looks like our ladies have a good side this season!
  13. Best owners in the world.
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