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  1. My guess is that passing it around the high press, providing you can do it, means the side out of possession has fewer players in defensive positions and the attacking side has more space to run into behind the defence, which suits the likes of Aubameyang and Pepe. Under such pressure though, Arsenal really are shooting themselves in the foot. Surely in such situations you have to mix it up a bit and relieve the pressure on the defenders who are, time and time again, required to play one-touch passing in their own box.
  2. Yeah now they're two up I can actually hear what they're singing
  3. Is it just me or is one set of fans singing a Harry Maguire song?
  4. Good start from Watford. Holebas should've done better a minute ago and Cleverley forced a decent, if routine save from Leno before that. Arsenal have struggled to get to grips with the game so far. Aubameyang and Ozil have barely had a touch.
  5. Big chance missed today. I get the feeling that would've been 2-1 or 3-1 in our favour if it was at the King Power.
  6. Is it me or is referring to Mourinho as 'Mou' a bit weird? Does anyone else do that?
  7. It might be an unpopular option but I think Kane is deservedly England's number 9. He is better than Vardy imo... just! But that just means that Kane will play and Vardy will have to live on scraps. Vardy is also unfortunate in that he can only play centrally. If he was a very effective wide player, he could no doubt challenge Rashford and Sancho in those positions, but it doesn't really suit him. But, Vardy is better than Wilson, so he'd get in the squad if he came out of international retirement and he could get on and score an important goal or two at the Euros. I'd expect Abraham to be Kane's eventual successor in that position though, as things stand currently.
  8. As a kid I saved up and paid £50 for the first Tomb Raider game that wishes it looked like that!
  9. As long as Youri and Leicester weren't involved with any wrongdoing, he should be alright. I know we've had our moments in recent years with FFP and shell companies but the club's owners and those high up at the club (Whelan, Rudkin, etc.) do have a certain image to uphold, and they know there's a lot of goodwill towards them among our fans, the city in general, football as a whole and other spheres of influence such as the royal families of the UK and Thailand. So, for their sakes, and ours as fans, I do hope the club and Youri aren't involved. Hopefully it's just limited to the Mitrovic to Newcastle deal.
  10. I quite like L to be honest. Although not for a football club. Maybe for an ice hockey side.
  11. Vardy as well, of course. And Man Utd have doubts over Pogba, Martial, Shaw, Wan Bissaka and Lingard.
  12. I'm quietly looking forward to this. By all accounts Kosovo will be a sterner test than Bulgaria so it'll be interesting to see how they set up and if they try to come at us. Apart from hoping the Leicester lads start or at least play some part in the game, I also want to see Sancho at his best in an England shirt.
  13. I've looked into it, checked out the maths, read some articles and it all seems to check out but I've not actually given it a go yet. I've heard some good accounts of it though and am definitely considering it.
  14. Sterling? Arguably England's best player and has grown to become an incredible role model off the pitch as well.
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