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  1. I'm loving watching Ben Chilwell producing for Leicester and England now. When he got his first cap there were still very understandable question marks about his defensive positioning and his end product going forward. Even going into the season, he was probably only just ahead of Danny Rose in the international pecking order. His standout trait is the ability to carry the ball. He doesn't look rapid either, although he's obviously quick, but he almost glides over the surface of the pitch, and his control of the ball at his feet is exemplary. But as this season has gone on it's noticable that he's really improved the defensive side of his game. He looks stronger and more confident. He's part of the stingiest defence in the Premier League right now as well. And he's added that end product to his game. He's a constant threat down that left-hand side. Three assists in 25 minutes against Montenegro was amazing, even though the quality of the opposition was poor. He also looked positive against Kosovo, putting a dangerous early ball across the deck that Kane and then Sterling should've probably done better with. I think he's cemented his place as the best English left-back now, and his season is going from strength to strength. If he can keep this up, he could have a special season for club and country.
  2. Who's arms are they? They make Cags look like a right weed.
  3. When the Fuch are they going to stop playing Atomic Kitten?
  4. Right, if Madders doesn't get on against these tonight I'm going to flip my bloody lid!
  5. That little mistake aside, Chilwell really is the mutt's nuts. 2 assists now. I still think Kane is a bit crap atm
  6. Out of interest, does anyone know what game number the '66 final was?
  7. The absolute state of that 'show' as well, Campbell had to basically put those two numpties back on track as they'd lost their way within 30 seconds
  8. It's their attitude as a fanbase and a club in a nutshell. Living off reputation rather than what's in front of their eyes. Bellerin is a good player but right now Ricardo is among the best full-backs in the league, currently only behind Trent at Liverpool in terms of right-backs. Özil has an incredible CV, granted, but he hasn't consistently performed at an elite level for years. Maddison is a better team player and has been more consistent and more creative (which is literally both of their jobs) over the last 2 seasons. Aubameyang vs Vardy is a worthy debate. I really like Aubameyang, he's a brilliant striker and probably slightly above Vardy's level. But he is just a goalscorer. Rodgers has got Vardy scoring a ton of goals again and playing selflessly for the team, so I'd rather have Jamie in our side. Also, is it me or is Claude's belly button leaking?
  9. Fuchs sake, Sterling is literally England's best player!
  10. When I look at Arsenal and Man Utd particularly, what gets me is the arrogance of the belief that they should be at the top just because they're Arsenal and Man Utd. They just slap an Arsenal or Utd shirt on someone and expect them to be an elite player. That belief seems to emanate from the very top, down to the managers and the fans. Teams like us have had to be very creative and detailed with our recruitment to get anywhere in this league. We can't rely on our name only. That's why we have the squad we currently have. Thats how we won the league. That's how we ended up nicking a past-his-prime Cambiasso to lend his experience in our first season back in the big time (and Wolves did a similar thing with Joao Moutinho). We're reaping the benefits of good management on and off the pitch, and it's only just begun. Football moves in cycles, as we're often told. We're at the beginning of ours. Let's just hope it continues. If we're the ones getting consistent Champions League football, it won't take long for the streetwear limited edition collaboration kits and outrageous sponsorship deals to come our way, and then we'll be the big dogs who think we can buy anyone in the division. I just hope we don't get too carried away if that does happen.
  11. Three clean sheets in the last three Premier League games. Not bad going at all.
  12. I see your point but he's in the public eye. To be seen to be sorry is good role model behaviour. If an U12 player goes down in pain this weekend, is the tackler who saw that more likely to give the ref the 'he dived' sign or check to see if the player's ok? I'd say the latter. Whether or not Son is a egotist, I'd say that's a good thing. It's pure conjecture, I know, but I just thought of a potential positive really.
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