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  1. The Christmas scheduling really screwed us for the Palace game didn't it. At full strength, we would've absolutely gubbed these.
  2. I know this is turning into a goal fest but I get the feeling that if either of these teams just somehow took over Odion Ighalo's loan until the end of the season, it'd give either of them the shot in the arm they need up front.
  3. Great to see all round, that. KDH keeps getting regular football at a club that appreciates him and where he's settled and enjoying his time there, and three of the best teams in the division want him in their sides. Bodes well for us next season, hopefully he can make the step up. Nice to see we have a good relationship with Football League clubs like Luton, Barnsley, etc.
  4. Vestegaard being out is a massive boon to our defence at set-pieces, and Redmond and Djenepo are both quality so them being out are plusses for us too. I do feel guilty about being relieved that a player's out because of Covid but obviously not having Ings is a real blow to them. But Walcott and Adams are both in good form. It'll be a tricky game that they'll be well up for. They'll want to put that 9-0 thing to bed won't they, even though they've already beaten us since then. I don't dislike Southampton by any means. I'm full of admiration for what they did
  5. I know he's a Spurs player but Reguilon is so good. He's up there with Robertson in my opinion.
  6. I know it's not to be relied upon, but looking at Wikipedia, I believe the 'de Pfeffel' part of his name comes from his great-grandmother's surname (his father Stanley's mother's mother). His surname Johnson seems to come from his grandfather (Stanley's father) who changed his name from Osman Kemal to Wilfried Johnson. Osman was the son of Ali Kemal, a liberal politician (among other things) who was at one point the Minister of the Interior for the Ottoman Empire. Following the male line right through, Boris's surname should be 'Kemal'. It looks like 'de Pfeffel' is als
  7. I'm struggling to understand how that isn't to be honest
  8. If he approaches this as he approaches a game of football, cancer won't know what's hit it. Best wishes Sol and get well soon.
  9. One of these days I'd like to see a highlights video set to an 80s power ballad, some glam rock, or 90s brit pop.
  10. Sounds a bit like us in our first season back in the Premier League. We went on a huge winless streak that made it look like we'd gone. The thing is we were competitive in most of those games and never lost a game by more than 2 goals in the whole season. Then came the great escape and then the title the season after. If you're competing there's always a chance that the breaks start going for you instead of against. Once you put a run together it could be the start of your own escape. The season's far from over
  11. Wow that's a strong team if true. It's been 6 days since our last game and our next one is in a week's time so it keeps everyone fresh and match fit. It also shows we're taking the competition seriously. Any major injuries would be really unfortunate but I like the intent and hope that Under is fit enough to come off the bench and that Soyuncu gets more minutes too. It's another chance for Perez to prove his worth through the middle as well, I'm hoping he bosses it.
  12. I'd normally not give a hoot about who wins this game but I am willing these Villa kids just to get a goal. That'd be bloody marvellous.
  13. I'd absolutely love us to win the FA Cup. I wasn't even born the last time we reached the final, but just knowing our history in those games plus the overall history of the competition makes me absolutely desperate for us to win it one day. I don't care if anyone thinks that competition has less value these days. Personally I think many neutrals won't consider us to be a 'big club' until we do win it. There's still prestige there and winning it will significantly add to our own prestige.
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