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  1. siCiteh

    Which midfield duo?

    Switch back to the title-winning 4-4-1-1 I reckon... with Ndidi and Silva in the middle.
  2. siCiteh

    Adrien Silva

    Looks some player. Puel's possession football made a lot of sense after we lost Kante and Drinkwater. But rapid countering remains the most effective tactic if you have the top players to pull it off. If Silva turns out to be as good as he looks, I reckon we could do it again. We could do the old 4-4-1-1 with the same front 6 as per the title team but with Ndidi and Silva in the middle.
  3. siCiteh

    Chilwell is amazing

    Thanks lads. The odd mistake is inevitable at his age but seems to have taken to the prem like a duck to water overall! Exciting times
  4. siCiteh

    Chilwell is amazing

    How was Chilwell last night? I was at the work party so only saw MOTD!