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  1. Still one spare for this Saturday in G2 - well under FV £25 collect from Enderby Thursday or Friday or London Friday morning.
  2. Yes N'Didi

    Tottenham away

    No - our allocation would have been 3000 regardless of the capacity.
  3. Yes N'Didi

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Ignoring the ludicrous decision for someone to start a plane fund for a manager who is in course to guide us to our second highest premier league position in history, and not even contribute to the cause themselves, I’m not entirely 100% that flying ANYTHING over the football stadium is a particularly well thought out idea at the moment...
  4. 1x spare Southampton on Saturday - G2 - £30
  5. Yes N'Didi

    Moronic things fans near you say....

    Bloke behind me with his two young kids in the first season back in the Prem. Makes a bold decision fairly early on with regards to colourful language at the football that instead of accepting there will be words that the kids hear that they shouldn’t repeat, that instead he will try and drown out the lyrics sung by 32,000 people and replace them with his own family friendly version. OH HIS NAME IS LEONARDO. LEICESTER’S NUMBER 23. YES HE COST A LOT OF MONEY. Unbelievable.
  6. Yes N'Didi

    Post Match: City 0 - 1 Cardiff

    If you can't create/take chances you will not win football matches. Very typically Leicester - looked bang at the races for the last two games and today looked like we couldn't care less and got what we deserved ultimately.
  7. Do they need to be together? I have one for sale, fairly sure some other posters have 2 etc.
  8. Yes N'Didi

    Cardiff Home

    1x spare G2 £30
  9. Yes N'Didi

    Wolves (A) 12.30 - 19th January

    1x adult spare FV £30
  10. I still have two adults for sale in B3 for the Man City game - £40 each (same price as the seats above but seats are in West Stand and should cost £50 each). Let me know ASAP if interested.
  11. Yes N'Didi

    Man city tickets needed

    2x still available in B3 - £40 (under FV) each.
  12. 2x spare Man City Boxing Day B3 under FV £40 each
  13. Yes N'Didi

    Man city tickets needed

    2x spare Boxing Day in B3 under FV £40 each (paid £50)
  14. Yes N'Didi

    Up next.. SPURS (H).

    Technically not...