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  1. Chevaliers de Sangreal by Hans Zimmer from the Da Vinci Code.
  2. This already is the case. All game chancing decisions will be reviewed. If a penalty is awarded it will be checked by the VAR team. If they cannot see an obvious reason why it shouldn’t be given, then nothing will change and it will take less than 30 seconds (normally the length of time the opposition complain for anyway).
  3. Can’t tell if this is sarcastic. This is the only one which is clear cut - either you’re offside or not. Half an inch is half an inch and the goal is correctly disallowed. If we conceded in the last minute of a cup final to a goal which was half an inch offside would you want it to stand? As long as the correct decision is reached.
  4. Save away at West Ham from Andy Carroll was immense.
  5. No, the resale platform will sill be there afterwards and throughout the tournament, it’s just that they are giving fans who applied and missed out first dibs on tickets which didn’t get paid for when the ballot was done.
  6. Imagine how killer it could have looked in the blue...
  7. A season long loan deal of a player with £100k a week wages.
  8. Go to Ryanair directly - Birmingham to Dublin. Obviously taking a risk but if we get there it will be utter carnage.
  9. Get your flights booked now! Edit: I have now actually booked flights - Birmingham to Dublin £26 e/w - get on it! Always taking the chance we don't finish top but worth the risk!
  10. Basically, previously when you were unsuccessful, when tickets went back on sale on the official resale platform, it would be open to general sale, whereas now if you applied for the semi final and were unsuccessful, you would now have the first opportunity to buy tickets before it goes back to general sale. Think it's a vast improvement in all honesty. I have a lot of negative opinions on UEFA but to be fair their ticketing is at least fairly transparent - yes there will be a lot of corporate but the seats which do go to fans are fairly allocated and balloted and officially resold.
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