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  1. Anyone with an address in Thailand? King Power still have some in stock but delivery to Thailand address only.
  2. Draw both games. Both games. Both United and WBA. Leaving two games left.
  3. Well done to you and shows how ridiculous the situation is.
  4. This is the best thing I will read today and it's not even 10am.
  5. The system was locked at the point of announcement. Any address change afterwards (however genuine) was still forced to buy a coach tickets. Irony is I know several corporate who have told the club they are already in London for various reasons on the Friday and staying over who had their tickets changed to car.
  6. As long as you both have correct points totals, yes.
  7. https://tickets.lcfc.com/en-GB/events/chelsea v leicester city (fa cup final)/2021-5-15_17.15/wembley stadium?hallmap
  8. Use the link earlier in this thread and click on it after 1pm.
  9. No queue to the site, have to assume everyone who won the ballot and who is over 316+ points has purchased. 1944 tickets left as of 16:09.
  10. Yes and no - it saves you one click so time saving isn't huge.
  11. I posted the link a few pages back - just follow that.
  12. This is directly from the club.
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