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  1. I am on board and accept that goalkeepers have a fine art at wasting time to as much as they can get away with (Kasper just as guilty so can’t complain). What annoys me is when a player is substituted and the opposition goalkeeper waits the entire minute it takes for the substitution and once is told to resume then starts to place the ball ready to kick and begins the routine. As many have already said, the big increase is now ‘injuries’. Never was there a more satisfying win than against Everton after their players dropped like flies only to recover just before the physio was waved on, having successfully broken up the play. Refs have gotten better at not stopping play unless a head injury but teams still have an expectation that you’ll put the ball out. Make it clear that the referee rules the game and that both teams will play to the whistle. The good example of this was the Watford Villa game where Grealish tried to play on whilst a villa defender was down and then when Watford recovered the ball demanded that they put it out. Good on Deeney for scoring.
  2. Ward Justin Morgan Soyuncu Fuchs Albrighton Hamza Praet Gray Barnes Kelechi
  3. So no trains back after the match and they’re closing the motorway at 9pm.
  4. I collected mine, will keep as a memento (hopefully we win!) and will probably end up taking my usual blue and white one.
  5. On Man United v Burnley, it's the third time they've gone 0-2 up at Old Trafford in 3 seasons but the first time they've hung on to win!
  6. We're on our way is back in a big way. Need to get the words to the fourth line fine tuned with everyone on the same page at a few away games this week and bring it back in full voice against Chelsea at the KP.
  7. If you call the ticket office and explain you’re giving them to someone else then you should be able to leave the details of the person collecting for them to reprint and give to 👍🏻 great gesture if someone takes you up on it.
  8. Shamelessly edited to make it look like my idea.
  9. Just for Tuesday, sing Allez Allez Allez back at them? Thanks for Marc Albrighton, He left you on a free. He's far too good for Villa, And he's won the Premier League. Best team in the midlands? You bunch of ****ing clowns. We're on our way to Europe, And the Villa's going down.
  10. Reina can play. As long as they are registered as if they could play a PL game on the same day, they can play, despite not being registered for the first leg. Only Drinkwater, another cup tied player, or a player not signed before Monday can not play.
  11. You have clicked away priority points - you need to click personal details. Half way down the page it says My Profile, and there’s a total of your away points.
  12. Seems a lovely bloke, doubling the price of the ticket and then scamming people. Hopefully banned and you can try and claim money back.
  13. I completely understand what he’s saying, if only he had some money and a couple of transfer windows to ensure he had a squad capable of managing the demands of losing players to the tournament. Oh wait.
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