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  1. Hi - let down last minute on travel - not sure if anyone from Leicester travelling down to London for the game who has space - if so please let me know. Happy to contribute petrol costs!
  2. Yes N'Didi

    New chants and songs

    Vichai has a dream was spot on today - can’t wait to hear it again at Brighton
  3. 1x spare for Burnley - G2 - Face Value £35 - collection from Enderby on Friday.
  4. Yes N'Didi

    Fulham Away

    Sold out well done everyone
  5. Remember for anyone not yet booked travel that you only have to book as far as Haywards Heath - the remainder of the journey is subsidised by your match ticket.
  6. Part of the reason is the works down between 3 bridges and Brighton. Just faffy getting a replacement bus.
  7. If someone contacted the club could potentially play the slow version over the loudspeaker before the teams come out? Worth a try?
  8. I have never met you, nor you me, but you have had a large influence on my life. My beautiful son was born in one of the hospitals in which you so generously gave significant financial investment. I attended a University which you so kindly supported both financially and in spirit. And then there’s my football club. I firmly believe that without your vision and direction, Leicester City Football Club would not exist. When you took over, this football club needed hope. And you gave it hope. The hope to be better. The hope to reach out to the community. The hope to aspire beyond its reach. A path to achieve success. You showed patience and respect. And when we were promoted to the Premier League, our supporters were overjoyed at the success you game us. But you always aspired higher. You believed in more. When you announced a five-year plan to be in the Champions League, you were ridiculed by many in the media. But you never let anyone tarnish your unwavering vision and belief. When Leicester City won the Premier League, you brought the community together. You put Leicester City in every news paper, on every television Chanel across the planet. You made memories that will last with me a lifetime. You gave children across the City the pleasure of knowing that the team their fathers made them support through years of suffering as a child were better than every other team they came up against. You gave hope to every football team in the World that no matter who they were, they could achieve the impossible if they believe enough. You created the most incredible sporting story ever told. For this simple reason, the fact that this happened to my football team, I will be forever grateful. Since you arrived in Leicester, you made people smile. Whether it was as simple as a beer or a doughnut, giving teddy bears to children, or simply enjoying interacting with supporters wherever you went, I have never met a fellow Leicester City supporter with a bad word to say about you. Your generosity and spirit showed in everything you did, and defined the person that you were. It is perhaps cruel that so many people could never thank you for everything you did, the memories you have created, and the lives you have impacted. But I hope that wherever you are you are smiling, knowing how many peoples lives you touched. Leicester City, nor the city of Leicester, may ever meet someone like you again. You were one of a kind. We scaresly deserved the kindness and belief you showed in this city. But we are eternally grateful for it. You will never be forgotten. When in years to come, when children around the world turn to their parents and ask them what the greatest sporting story ever told is, you are the reason the response will always be ‘let me tell you about the time Leicester City won the Premier League.’ And for this, no words I can say will ever be enough to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you Vichai.
  9. Yes N'Didi

    2 adult needed for Cardiff

    Sorry now sold.
  10. Yes N'Didi

    Dan Roan

    BBC have already set their stall out - they couldn’t care less. As far as they’re concerned he’s said sorry and that’s it. I think everyone is missing the point - it didn’t matter that it was off air - what matters is that it was said and where it was said. A BBC spokesperson said: “This was an ill judged comment made in a private off air conversation for which Dan has apologised.”
  11. Yes N'Didi

    2 adult needed for Cardiff

    I have 2x spare - collection from Enderby.
  12. Yes N'Didi

    City Flags

    Thinking about a new one echoing Vichai’s words from after we won the title.
  13. Yes N'Didi

    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died at the age of 60

    Champions of England, it’s all thanks to you. Thanks to you dedication, generosity, spirit and belief, this football club, our city, the hospitals and the community are in infinitely better places for it. You have left behind a legacy that this club will forever remember you for, and you probably didn’t get enough credit for. Thank you. Thank you for some of the best memories in my lifetime.