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  1. In terms of overall revenue. We won't be anywhere near that in terms of shirt sales. We sold on average 50k shirts a year up to and including our title winning season in 15/16 over the 6 years prior. Whilst that has no doubt increased, we are nowhere near the elite. Manchester United sell over 3m a year, with liverpools new Nike deal probably coming close to that. We were outsold considerably in the Premier League shirt rankings by Aston Villa last season and even Paddy Powers Huddersfield stunt in 2019 sat them about 10 places above us. For 20/21, we were
  2. After playing 26 Premier League games this season, 31% of Manchester City’s goals conceded have been scored by Leicester, and just under 19% by Jamie Vardy. We have also only played them once this season.
  3. I really hope not scoring over there doesn't come back to bite us. For all the club putting out media that the clean sheet was all important (which it was) we had a pretty poor game on a pretty poor pitch. If they get a goal we have a mountain to climb, and whilst I can see us scoring, we desperately don't want to be hanging on to a 1-0 in the 89th minute knowing a goal sends us crashing out. An early goal should settle the nerves and make them take risks allowing to exploit space easier than we found in the away leg.
  4. Someone I know has been a member as long as the membership scheme has been going. Applied for a season ticket every year since we were promoted and been unsuccessful. Why should your Dad, or whoever else goes in either of your places, be able to go as a Season Ticket Holder and not someone who has been on the waiting list? You have to see it from the clubs perspective. They have sold two tickets to two people who have guaranteed their attendance at all 19 home matches. If you or the other person cannot attend all 19, they should consider a membership. You may think that's being a
  5. Realistically Player has to either be Youri or JJ. Young player JJ or Fofana Goal is either of Maddison's against Brighton or Man City, or Vardy's at Man City. Performance has to be City right?
  6. Seeded teams Arsenal (ENG, Group B) Ajax (NED*) Club Brugge (BEL*) Dinamo Zagreb (CRO, K) Hoffenheim (GER, L) Manchester United (ENG*) Roma (ITA, A) Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR*) Villarreal (ESP, I) 7 group winners TBC Unseeded teams Crvena zvezda (SRB, L) Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)* Krasnodar (RUS)* Olympiacos (GRE)* Salzburg (AUT)* 11 group runners-up TBC
  7. Leicester have 2 areas (LC and O&W) in the top 20 in the country for cases per 100k and Blaby sits at 22nd. We are 100% going into tier 3 on the 2nd. We won't be in the KP until February at the earliest unless this city gets it's act together.
  8. I don't care how we win, I don't care that they had missing players, I don't care that their fans, Sky and the worldwide media will blame their 'crisis' on the win rather than if we play well. I just want to win. I'd take a draw now, but feel like we could be on to something special.
  9. This could actually work against us. It shouldn't, mind, but if you received the sheer volume of abuse and negative press that he received after the Pickford/VVD incident, if there is a single contentious moment which impacts Liverpool, he will likely subconsciously make sure he has looked at everything to do with it and side with Liverpool if it's 50/50 as if he doesn't give another then the press coverage would be obscene.
  10. In fact, since we played on 22nd February, we will have only played two competitive matches on a Saturday in what will be at the very least 301 days.
  11. Our run of consecutive days without playing a competitive match on a Saturday now extends to at the very least 168 days, with the next possible date being Spurs on 19th December. Or in other words, 5 months and 15 days.
  12. Not verified, but I believe we are currently on the longest consecutive run of not having played a competitive football match on a Saturday, having last played on Saturday 4th July 2020. Assuming our game against Liverpool, currently scheduled for Saturday 21st November, does not move, it will have been 140 days.
  13. Might have been posted elsewhere but Leicester City are unbeaten at home in European competition for 23 years, playing 7 home matches during that time, winning 5 and drawing 2.
  14. I mean, it's Wolves - the rule of Portugal means that he had to have either played for Porto, Sporting or Benfica...
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