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  1. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    1 minute... Giroud were down longer than that!
  2. Burnley (A) - Sat 14th April 3pm

    1x Spare for this due to dropout.
  3. Crazy Stat Time!

    There are only two players in today’s announced England squad with more England goals than Jamie Vardy.
  4. Crazy Stat Time!

    In a similar vain, since Manchester United last won a Champions League knockout tie, Arsenal have won 3 FA Cups, Real Madrid have won the Champions League 3 times, Man City have won the league cup 3 times, Chelsea have won the league with two separate managers, Kane and Aguero have scored over 100 goals each, Phil Foden has passed his GCSEs and made his Premier League and Champions League debut, and Leicester City have been promoted to the Premier League, won it, and got through to the quarterfinals of the Champions league, knocking out... Sevilla.
  5. Brighton away

    No real pubs near the ground, it's only a 10 minute train from the station. A couple of pubs on the high street outside the station will probably do most of the away support.
  6. WBA away - 3pm Sat 10th March

    Wolves and the Villa, we're playing wolves and the Villa, wolves and the viiiiilllaaaaa, we're playing wolves and the villa. Burton and Derby, you're playing Burton and Derby...
  7. WBA away - 3pm Sat 10th March

    They're going down, they're going down, they're going, West Brom's going down. Na na na na na na na na na na naa, West Brom's going down, going down, West Brom's going down. Cheer up Alan Pardew, how hard can it be, to lose, a f***ing taxi and be, bottom of the leeaaagueee.
  8. WBA away - 3pm Sat 10th March

    Sorry now sold.
  9. WBA away - 3pm Sat 10th March

    2x Adults available, will confirm definitely available to first come first serve in the morning. Must be able to collect from Enderby.
  10. Brighton away

    Just under 1000 tickets left with it going on sale to all STH tomorrow. Might be less as when S1E was released it had several rows already greyed out so might be the same for the final block.
  11. Chelsea (H) FA Cup - Sunday 18th March 4:30pm

    Update: As of 7am, 9,424 tickets remain across the ground with all STH able to purchase/relocate until 6pm tonight. Members will be fine.
  12. Atmosphere....

    Remember, first season back in the prem, any time we conceded a goal, a roar/surge of support started about 5 seconds after the bll hit the net and everyone just continued singing/supporting. Now everyone packs up and goes in the concourse or just starts booing. Change in mentality as a fan base.
  13. Chelsea (H) FA Cup - Sunday 18th March 4:30pm

    Competition Proper Immediately after the draw is known, the Club playing at home shall decide on the prices of admission, subject to a minimum price of £10.00 for all spectators other than concessions. The away Club’s spectators can only be charged more than the home Club’s spectators if mutually agreed by both Clubs.
  14. Don’t CHEAT!!

    At the cost of us not getting over the 100 point mark? I suppose it seems irrelevant now but it was massive then!