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  1. We can all agree that it was a foul on Konsa by Fernandes. The Premier League has confirmed this by saying 'It was the wrong decision. It should have been overturned by VAR but wasn't and should actually be a foul on Konsa.' If Fernandes hadn't thrown himself to the ground feigning injury (with the leg he stamped on Konsa with), then it is almost a certainty that Jon Moss would not have pointed to the sport. Surely this then falls under the charge of successful deception of a match official? I bet at least one on the panel (if it even gets that far) would agree there is not clear evidence. And this is exactly why people are convinced of bias. Where there is clear and overwhelming evidence to suggest a match official has been deceived by an act of simulation, and as a direct result, the offending player’s team has been awarded a penalty and/or an opposing player has been dismissed, The FA will be able to act retrospectively under its Fast Track system. EDIT Should add JWP to this list for southampton. Either they both will or neither will surely.
  2. Brazil had more shots (18-14), shots on target (13-12) and possession (52-48) than Germany in their 1-7 defeat in the semifinals of the 2014 World Cup.
  3. I disagree - I believe the VAR reviewed it over and over and came to the conclusion that the on-field official made a clear and obvious error in not sending the player off. At this point, they likely said to the on-field official "we beleive you've made an error here and our verdict is red card - please review". The on-field official (as per the guidance) will go to the monitor - seen it twice and concurred with the VAR who has seen it 20 times, and the ref, who has now seen it for the first time since his view of it happening live. Took a while but for me (without hearing the audio which would be fascinating) it worked fine.
  4. Let’s be honest it wouldn’t be very Leicester to tie up a Champions league place easily - we like dishing out heart attacks and anxiety to the majority of fans.
  5. They can train as normal, same as people who can't work from home will still travel to work.
  6. But other than that solid effort, 8/10.
  7. You are being clear - you purchased a match other than your season ticket, so you you need to process a match by match ticket claim. It won't show any matches - you just do the claim, select quantity 1 and it will do any booked match tickets, in your case, the Chelsea game.
  8. Fox Chairman (KP owned) running at Ascot this afternoon at 6/1 in sky bet - placed 75% of races and sky bet offering money back as cash if it comes 2nd, 3rd or 4th so get your bet on to win!
  9. 8 premier league teams left who don’t enter next seasons competition until 1st week Jan - why can’t this wait until the start of next season? QF Sept SF Oct F Nov if teams are worried about fixture overload give them the option of dropping out of the league cup for next season to pursue their FA cup run.
  10. I might be shot down for this but watching the wolfsburg game today they are pumping in fake crowd noise and it instantly makes it more watchable. I like BM fake fans (cardboard) idea and it looks at a glance better than all those empty seats. I personally think the crowd ambience is a good idea. Get a base line crowd running, play chants, and have someone who can put in an ooh if we come close, goal cheer if we score and encouragement when we are on top.
  11. There ultimately isn't a need to make a decision yet. Boris is set to announce his roadmap of the unlocking of the economy next week. If this includes no sport (as per France government example) then there will be a need to end the season and work out a solution on how to decide the final rankings and outcomes. If there is a possibility of resuming based on certain medical criteria being met, then they can work to that target. There is simply no point showing all cards now and making a hasty decision. I personally don't think it will finish but there is no need for a decision to be made yet.
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