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  1. Yes N'Didi

    Do you remember...

    We were ruthless that game. We had five shots on target and every one of them hit the back of the net. Unreal.
  2. Had two trains added on but then one was cancelled and they herded everyone onto one train. Police were pushing away fans on the longest route back to the station so I think loads missed the last (and only) train home.
  3. Yes N'Didi

    Arsenal away - Mon 22 Oct, 8pm

    No names printed on away tickets.
  4. Yes N'Didi

    Lovely English referees

    Just to give this some context there was a VAR trial during our game and the other 3pm kick offs and they confirmed not a single decision during the game would have been overturned as none of them were ‘clear and obvious errors’.
  5. Yes N'Didi

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Morgan sent off
  6. Yes N'Didi

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    1-0 Bournemouth
  7. Yes N'Didi

    25 Man Squad

    Andy King not in the squad.
  8. Yes N'Didi

    Newcastle away - Sat 29th Sep, 3pm

    "The club have confirmed that they will be exempted indefinitely on the basis of concerns that “analysis showed that each proposed option for relocation significantly increased the risk of confrontation, conflict and potential disorder between home and away supporters entering and, in particular, exiting the stadium”."
  9. Just for reference, please feel free to update as and when these sell out. Manchester United - General Sale (SOLD OUT) - FULL allocation 3129 tickets. Southampton - General Sale (did NOT sell out) - initial PART allocation of 2610 which was increased. Bournemouth - 300+ (SOLD OUT) - FULL allocation of 1325 tickets
  10. Yes N'Didi

    New chants and songs

    For the first time since Drinkwater left, we have a player that fits with Kungs - Filip Benkovic
  11. Let me clear it up for you. A young boy asks his dad to borrow £20 in bitcoin. “£19.43?” exclaims the Dad. “£21.79 is a lot of money. What on earth do you need £25.68 for?”
  12. Yes N'Didi

    Fleetwood (H) Carabao Cup

    We generally sell out the league cup games at home a few days before, I think most think for the price it's worth going last minute and get hold of tickets. Always the same, slow sales and then picks up to sell out (or near sell out). Its not worth comparing to the FA Cup replay because of the dire performance in the away tie and the fact it was a replay. The league cup (no matter what opposition (Leeds for example) generally will get the crowd there for £10. If we had sold at £5 we would sell out much quicker but I don't think the club need to. The replay last year v Fleetwood they set the stall out early by opening West Stand only. This game will do fine.
  13. Yes N'Didi

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    In all fairness it is atrocious to get out of Brighton on the train back to the city centre and it's what 90% of the ground do after the game. I personally wouldn't in that situation but you can definitely see why it's done. Generally unless you are getting away in a car near the ground we don't have too many issues getting away at Leicester.