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  1. Birch run isn’t until the end of the season and I’m sure people will still donate. It would be really special to do something for Vichais birthday from the supporters. And in fairness at the fun run you would be able to give gift aid, so the 5% that JustGiving take is mitigated by the boosted 25% extra raised through Gift Aid. Hopefully being able to share a link for and wide on this forum and on social will expose to a large section of our supporters and raise some extra funds for the foundation. If you’d rather wait until the Birch’s run then no drama but extra donations can’t hurt 🙂
  2. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/vichaihadadream If you would like to donate even the cost of one of the many free beers Vichai has kindly given us over the years, then this could be an amazing present for Vichai and Top. All money raised goes straight to the Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha foundation. All donations/shares are welcome and between us supporters I know we can show how much they meant to us.
  3. When reflecting, we've had an awful lot of gifts over the years for the owners birthday - free scarves, beers, doughnuts, and then again at new year/christmas with mince pies etc. Maybe it's up to the supporters to give back. When you think of the value of the free gifts over the years, it would be incredible if the supporters were able to give back the cost of even one free beer to the Vichai foundation - that would probably be one of the best gifts the owners could get - a donation in his name from the fans. I think it would make him smile. Would be great if we could co-ordinate a just giving to really get an amount together as supporters.
  4. Would Frank ever decide to not celebrate with the rest of the team to jump over the advertising hoardings to wind the Spurs fans up, pointing at his gold Premier League winners badge on his sleeve? Didn’t think so. #Legend
  5. I wouldn’t bank on it, the amount Poch was kicking off about no support from the PL when they played Saturday/Tuesday. The likelihood is that two of the English teams will be drawn against each other so can’t put one of them on the Friday slot as it would favour one over the other. Just depends if Spurs are picked on the Tuesday and if the FA want to protect their darling investment.
  6. Best - WBA (A) 2017/18 Most Important - WBA (A) Great Escape My personal favourite - our fourth in the United 5-3
  7. Doesn’t even have to be a player on the touch line...
  8. 2x Brighton SK4 - cost £73 looking for £60. let me know ASAP if interested
  9. Still one available £25 G2 meet at ground if still needed.
  10. 1x adult spare - collection Enderby FV
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