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  1. Nope me neither - Never got my quarter final tickets either
  2. I want to go to this fixture but am in two minds whether to buy tickets today. Any guesses on the likely midweek date? Or confirmation on refunds
  3. As of 9am - 115 tickets left with still 1 and a half blocks to go on sale
  4. No Worries! The club seem reluctant to release tickets on General Sale, so happy to help. A shame about the result
  5. Box holders/corporate clients had until Monday to submit a booking form requesting the number of tickets they required. Therefore that is why I believe more tickets have been added as they over predicted demand. These people put more money in for 1 game than I do for the whole season (home and away), so I can't say I blame the club. Then the top 3 priority brackets also get tickets which seems pretty fair to me? Usually a week or 2 weeks before any away game a few spare tickets pop up online, this is also the tickets returned by the players etc as they have
  6. Working late - 1 adult season card ticket available for this in G2 below FV £25 or nearest offer
  7. In the 330+ bracket but still gutted I forgot about these! Therefore still looking for 2... Happy to return the favour in future
  8. I have been before and had tickets on the upper level. I cannot decide if the lower level is better but there are only ones very close to the front Any advice? As from what I remember i couldn't even see or hear the other section of our fans
  9. Need an extra reference to buy 1 under 25 or 65+ ticket if anybody has one?
  10. about 7 tickets have appeared on the website for anyone looking
  11. Looking for one spare, please message me if anything is available
  12. Looking for one spare, please message me if anything is available
  13. Ahhhh Man! I Completely forgot about this! Tried ringing the club sold out too.
  14. Same nothing as of yet. My tickets usually always arrive within 2 days max, but not this time...
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