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  1. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Now would really be the best chance to play this lot at their place. They rarely ever start the season well - quietly optimistic.
  2. Leicester City vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach

    They were being served last season, was devastated to find that they were gone today. Although, I usually do sit in the East Stand so fingers crossed they're there come Brighton 🤞🏻
  3. Leicester City vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach

    I think the main shocker from tonight is balti pies no longer being available. I mean a cheeseburger just isn't the same.
  4. Burton Away

    Need one ticket for my dad, anyone able to help?
  5. Daniel Amartey

    Amartey is a bit of a mystery for me. I don't think anyone knows his best position - including himself. Last season, he would have a brilliant game at centre mid backed up by a truly woeful one. One thing I do know though, judging from pre-season, he is certainly not a right-back. 😂
  6. Squad for next season

    Still think the squad needs major alterations before the season starts. In an ideal world, we would hopefully be looking like this... GK Schmeichel Jakupovic Hamer DEFENCE Simpson (NEW RB) Maguire Morgan Huth Benalouane (NEW CB) Fuchs Chilwell MIDFIELD James Drinkwater N'Didi Iborra Mahrez (NEW RW IF HE GOES) Gray Albrighton Lawrence ATTACK Vardy Slimani Okazaki Iheanacho (if he signs) NEW ST
  7. Burton Away - 1st August

    Schmeichel, Simpson, Maguire, Morgan, Chilwell, James, N'Didi, Mahrez, Gray, Slimani, Vardy. Shakespeare should be getting an idea now of what his starting line up will be against Arsenal now. Should be playing near full throttle now in my opinion.
  8. MK Dons.. Friendly.. Tonight.

    Ulloa struggles so much up top on his own. Hasn't got the pace to play it. Wouldn't be surprised to see Musa either come on for him or come on next to him.
  9. MK Dons.. Friendly.. Tonight.

    Are we sure this is being streamed by LCFC? No mention of it on Twitter like before the Luton game.
  10. The OH Leuven Thread

    Interesting to note that they have the "SCB" sleeve sponsor too.
  11. Why would it be relevant that we're the first? Surely a negative considering the amount of advertising in football now anyway...
  12. Realistic?

    Europa League has to be the aim 100%. Some more clever additions and it should be achieveable whether it is via the league or the cup.
  13. Sam Hughes

    6 foot apparently. Not tall for a defender I know. However, he comes out of non-league as one of the best performers. Carries a goal threat too - scored three times this season.
  14. Sam Hughes

    One of the types of signings I'd be scouring for on football manager then develop them into the best defender in the world. 😂 Seriously though, this guy comes with some pedigree and at only 20, it's exactly what we have been asking for - a young centre-back. Will more than likely go into our U23s for a couple of years. I don't see anything negative in this signing. If he turns out to be good, we have got an absolute bargain but if not, we have hardly lost anything.
  15. Slimani

    Personally, I am a huge fan of Slimani. Sure, his contribution this season hasn't been great, certainly not up to the standard of a £30m+ striker. However, there is reason to believe that he could still play a huge role in the team. Firstly, his seven goals I believe is relatively respectable given he missed mos of the season due to injury/involvement at AFCON. Also, for most of the time, he has been playing in a team devoid of confidence. His best attribute is of course his strength in the air, we have seen that with the types of goals that he has scored. His movement though is genuinely phenomenal. Some of the runs he makes between defenders is brilliant but it doesn't get noticed as the ball isn't passed to him. I know he got a bit of a telling off from Albrighton etc. for not closing down defenders and working hard but let's be honest, it was an end-of-season nothing game so I think a few players could be guilty of that. I don't think he is lazy by any means. His goal record before coming here was absolutely fantastic. I know it can be argued that it was in a poor league however that goal-scoring instinct never deserts a striker. I mean just look at the types of goals he scored for Sporting. By no means were all of them easy chances or awful defending say for example the videos of Ahmed Musa and Kramaric we saw before they joined. I think he offers more than Okazaki who seems to constantly be on the floor and Ulloa. His goal threat is so much greater. Its only his first season, cut him some slack. It isn't his fault that we paid an extortionate amount for him. A full pre-season with time to intergrate, we could see the real Slimani next season.