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  1. Layton Ndukwu

    He is going on a trial there for a couple of weeks in January. Similar to what Raul Uche did at Leuven earlier in the season.
  2. Kasper

    Agreed, he should have done better for a few goals this season. Those that come to mind are: Kante for Chelsea Depoitre for Hudds Salah yesterday Rashford at Old Trafford I agree he has dropped below his usual standards but the free kick yesterday cannot be blamed on him at all. It was a great strike that nestled into the far corner via a slight deflection - it was unsaveable. His distribution still needs improvement and also he seemed really reluctant to start attacks from throwing it out (except for that poor throw to Albrighton in the second half) However he is by far our best keeper and he will improve.
  3. Slimani

    I think it would be ridiculous selling Slimani to anyone, especially to a Premier League rival, this late in the window. He has some serious attributes that we can profit from it's just we have not been playing to them. I'm not the first to say it and certainly won't be the last but a decent cross into the box and he will most of the time stick it in the back of the net. Judging by the evidence against Arsenal, crossing is a crucial part of our game.
  4. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Now would really be the best chance to play this lot at their place. They rarely ever start the season well - quietly optimistic.
  5. Leicester City vs. Borussia M├Ânchengladbach

    They were being served last season, was devastated to find that they were gone today. Although, I usually do sit in the East Stand so fingers crossed they're there come Brighton ­čĄ×­čĆ╗
  6. Leicester City vs. Borussia M├Ânchengladbach

    I think the main shocker from tonight is balti pies no longer being available. I mean a cheeseburger just isn't the same.
  7. Gray - considering future

    Bournemouth bid does make sense considering their previous interest in him. If I remember rightly, they had a £7m+ bid rejected by Birmingham in summer 2015. Having said that, I would be surprised to see him leave at all this summer let alone to Bournemouth.
  8. Chris Smalling

    Would assume the fee being quoted is lower than what anyone would be paying especially for an English, Man Utd defender just going into his prime. But still I would be happy to pay £20m for him. We are still lacking at CB. With Shakey quotes on Benalouane, Can't see him being involved too much. So that leaves us with Maguire, Morgan and Johnson (and possibly Amartey) going into the start of the season. Even with Benny involved, we look light.
  9. Twitter Links

    Yeah, he's a good journo. Has good links within Portuguese football so I'm assuming that's how he found this out.
  10. Twitter Links

    Here's the original tweet for anyone who hasn't seen it. Know Rob personally - no reason to make stuff up. Will check with him later what the status is.
  11. Burton Away

    Need one ticket for my dad, anyone able to help?
  12. Daniel Amartey

    Amartey is a bit of a mystery for me. I don't think anyone knows his best position - including himself. Last season, he would have a brilliant game at centre mid backed up by a truly woeful one. One thing I do know though, judging from pre-season, he is certainly not a right-back. ­čśé
  13. Squad for next season

    Still think the squad needs major alterations before the season starts. In an ideal world, we would hopefully be looking like this... GK Schmeichel Jakupovic Hamer DEFENCE Simpson (NEW RB) Maguire Morgan Huth Benalouane (NEW CB) Fuchs Chilwell MIDFIELD James Drinkwater N'Didi Iborra Mahrez (NEW RW IF HE GOES) Gray Albrighton Lawrence ATTACK Vardy Slimani Okazaki Iheanacho (if he signs) NEW ST
  14. Burton Away - 1st August

    Schmeichel, Simpson, Maguire, Morgan, Chilwell, James, N'Didi, Mahrez, Gray, Slimani, Vardy. Shakespeare should be getting an idea now of what his starting line up will be against Arsenal now. Should be playing near full throttle now in my opinion.
  15. Iheanacho

    Commentator just summed up our game very well: "Ulloa can't control it"