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  1. Never impressed with him when I've seen him play, no thanks. Can do better for £15m.
  2. Absolutely deserved to lose today. Southampton absolutely played us off the park. With two many players off it today (Chilwell, Barnes, Perez, Maddison the main culprits), it was never going to be a win. Always felt that if we got anything out of the match, it was going to be an absolute steal. We've not had too many performances like that under Rodgers which I think is why we're all disappointed. On the ball, we were absolutely horrendous. Every single player was guilty of giving the ball away and making the wrong decisions so no qualms about the result. Having said that, boos? For a team sitting second in the league. Grow up.
  3. Here's a question ahead of the weekend's games, which way do we want Man City vs Man Utd going at the weekend? Man City win to extend out gap to United or United win to potentially extend the gap to second... Thinking about it, a draw sounds just about perfect 😂
  4. I do sympathise slightly with the Mercury. The days of the local paper getting access to the club are long gone but the appetite of supporters hasn't. They've got to get their stories from somewhere to even compete just a tiny bit with the constant noise that is generated around PL clubs, especially in the time of digital journalism. The click-bait stuff really does wind me up the wall though. All of this "so-and-so said this and Leicester fans will love/hate it" nonsense and it ends up being someone like Allardyce saying Vardy is playing well. Nobody really cares.
  5. Understand that the media are more than capable of spinning a story to sell it. Still doesn't make the quotes okay.
  6. Talk about disrespect... http://sportwitness.co.uk/nearly-done-arsenal-player-feels-lost-two-years-career-leicester/
  7. Has taken his performance to the next level this season. Was impressive last but the progress he has made this season has been brilliant. I love how he can just dictate games now, fantastic player.
  8. Anyone else really nervous about this game? I am confident that we can get a win but lord the importance of it in the race for the top four. Not felt this way about a game for a long time...
  9. Need to he wary of this one, don't get too confident or cocky. Whilst I think we're more than capable of beating them, it does has shades of United and we lost that game. Don't give them too much respect and we should be fine.
  10. All the shouts re Bowen are really a no brainer for me. Young, English, hard-worker, massive goal threat and I believe he's out of contract relatively soon. A bid in January could just get the deal done.
  11. Just reflected back on last night, and to echo the sentiments of a few others, another absolutely bonkers chapter in the history of Leicester City. I honestly believe we have been the most crazy team to follow in the entire country, if not the world, in the past 20 years or so. The good times such as the Great Escape, PL title, Champions League, alongside the horrible times, honestly I can't say any other club has come close to witnessing anything like that. All makes me proud to be a 🦊
  12. Absolutely loved that. Outclassed Newcastle all over the field, they barely got a sniff throughout the 90 minutes. Don't think I've seen that degree of control from a Leicester side in a very long time. Whilst we were brilliant, the scary thing is I don't think we were playing at our maximum. Had we clicked more often in attack, I genuinely think it could have been 7/8. Exciting times 🦊
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