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  1. Completely agree with this. I think he looked promising before his injury. Plus, it's not as though he has had one injury, he's had multiple problems in his recovery time - enough to get anyone down.
  2. I think Slimani is a very similar player to Rondon at WBA - big battering ram of a striker lethal with his head. Like Rondon, big money was spent on him and like Rondon, he needs a season to adapt from a foreign league. Slimani vs Man City is the striker I would love to have in the team every week and that's him at his best even though he didn't score.
  3. Thought he looked good today - worked hard and looked creative. Would like to see him given a few more opportunities during pre-season.
  4. Never really rated him in all honesty and Arsenal fans seem happy for him to leave. Either way, I don't think we need another CDM.
  5. James' competition is very high to get into the team. Drinkwater, N'Didi, Iborra, King, Barnes, Amartey and possibly Mendy will possibly all be in front of him at the current time. I say though it is too early to sell. Play him in the friendlies and the early rounds of the cup to see how he is.
  6. Standard four-year contract. Seems to be the only ones we offer nowadays... Besides Cambiasso...😓
  7. Hamer's contract is up in 2018, right?
  8. Knee jerk much 😂 Transfers take a long time behind the scenes, especially one as complicated as this i.e. buy-back clause, image rights...
  9. This thread has given me a headache 😂
  10. Interesting to note that they have the "SCB" sleeve sponsor too.
  11. Why would it be relevant that we're the first? Surely a negative considering the amount of advertising in football now anyway...
  12. Whispers that Reading are now interested in Jakupovic - not sure how accurate they are to be honest.
  13. Just bumped into the club journalist at Fosse Park so doesn't look like anything will be done today.
  14. I have said this since the start, getting rid of Slimani would be a huge, huge, huge mistake. I genuinely cannot understand the amount of abuse he gets. Sure, his contribution for a £30m striker wasn't all that great but I believe there are a few good reasons for this. Firstly, his injury problems greatly disrupted his season. This is something that he'd never encountered throughout his career before. He wasn't able to make an impact because of that. Secondly, going off to AFCON and missing a quarter of the season probably didn't do him any good, how is he meant to get a consistent run of games with those two things going on. Also, he was playing in a team that lets be honest was massively underperforming throughout the majority of ithe season. Remember, we didn't score a goal for love nor money at the start of the year. I know that it is Slim's job to score, however if he is not getting the service from the rest of the team, it is difficult. I remember sitting there and just watching the ball go backwards or sideways against bloody Southampton and Swansea. Also, when he joined, we were already some way through the season, he was chucked straight into the Premier League without a proper pre-season - a difficult task considering he had come from the Portuguese League which let's be honest is less physical and demanding. Having said all of that, his goal and assist record is actually pretty darn respectable. Eight goals and five assists really should not be sniffed at. Without his goals, we would have been a lot closer to relegation than we actually were. Besides from that though, his movement is genuinely world class. If you look closely at the runs that he makes and when he asks for the ball, it is brilliant. But I'm sure they don't get looked at as he doesn't receive the ball. Think of the Burnley, Man City and Porto games, Slimani was brilliant in all three of those. Contrary to belief, I think he does try hard. Let's remember he is a big guy, he isn't going to run around as much as Vardy, it's physically impossible. Sure, some of the time he would run into alleys or out of play but couldn't that have been down to a lack of options and/or confidence? The passion that he shows when he scores does suggest to me that he is a fighter and does want to succeed here. Think about the last minute penalty against Middlesbrough. People praise Ulloa for his penalty vs West Ham, Slimani showed the same nerve in that game just with different stakes - relegation battle as opposed to league. The thing about Slimani is that he is a winning, international striker. Throughout his career, he has scored 93 goals in just 213 club appearances at various levels. That's just under one in two. Keep those numbers up in the Premier League and he would score between 15-20 per season. It's just going to take him time to adapt, like it did at Sporting as others have suggested. He is also lethal for Algeria too having scored 25 in 51 appearances. That's a record not to be ignored either. The thing is teams play to his strengths. We have the perfect combination. Albrighton crossing the ball and Slimani to either head home or either knock it down for others to score which we have seen on numerous occasions (Mahrez vs Copenhagen, Vardy vs Bournemouth). A proper pre-season this year and I believe that we will begin to see the best of Slimani. He certainly represents a better option than Ulloa in my opinion. Having said that, I would certainly not be against keeping them both at all.
  15. Have they ever done something like that though with an academy player getting a professional contract? I can't remember any.