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  1. Agree. But to say we are now financially strong is wrong in my opinion. We needed more than a shirt sponsorship to balance the books.. yes, it’s a great deal but add the £60 from the CL to that and then we would be in a position to dictate things.
  2. How? We lost £60m last season even with selling Maguire. Where’s the extra £100m coming from?
  3. We would possibly drop into the EL anyway after falling out of the CL... with £60m burning a hole in our back pocket!
  4. Some pundit (I think Simon Jordan on Talksport) said it could be a really good thing that a lot of players will go on a free as it will leave plenty of wage budget to remould the squad with a new a manger. With Covid suppressing transfer fees as well it’s all come at a good time for change for them. Their squad was very ageing so with a new manager in along with a relatively high number of ‘his’ new players rather than having to work with another managers squad (like most managers have to for a few years whilst gradually changing it) it could all fall into place.
  5. Err, yes you can. We bought Evans!!
  6. I might be wrong but I believe that Maddison has longer left on his contract. Tielemans has two years which means this summer is a case of him signing a new deal or the club will sell whilst the price is desirable.
  7. If we miss out on top 4, Youri’s probably gone. If that happens it will be a shit window regardless of incomings
  8. He’s been seen around St Matthews a lot.
  9. It won’t just be the the transfer fees that are the problem, it will be the wages. We are already at 105% of turnover and we still need to improve at least 4 current players contracts (Tielemans, Ricardo, Soyuncu and Barnes) or risk losing them for small fees.
  10. Evans was limping and grimacing during the Sheffield United game. Could be his calf again. Ricardo hamstring so can’t see any way he plays. Just hope it’s not too serious and won’t be out for long.
  11. Scottish football... even a pissed up Sunday League lino would raise the flag on that one
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