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  1. Has this been confirmed? I’ve not seen or heard the ore match press conference.. when was it?
  2. Agree, which is why Praet had to start
  3. Really? Did you see him try to defend the cross when Firmino scored?
  4. Evans was pictured training in Athens yesterday. Very odd not to be on bench at least
  5. Everton are a side full of big physical players.. a lot of sides will struggle to defend crosses against them. One of LCFC’s biggest weaknesses. Three of the 4 goals we’ve conceded have come from crosses, the 4th as a result of a headed clearance, again from a cross.
  6. No. His strengths are going forward at pace above his ability to defend.
  7. https://1.ftb.al/QcSVomz5u7 Sorry not sure how to best post links!
  8. Injury worse than first feared. October return at earliest.
  9. All I'm seeing is a blank white screen. Any suggestions?
  10. That’s Vincent Tans son isn’t it?
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