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  1. Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread

    Can anyone please recommend an online bookies with decent odds that I can very quickly register and place a bet before kick-off in an hour?
  2. Chelsea (A) pre-match

    Can anyone recommend an online bookies with decent odds that I can very quickly register and place a bet before kick-off in an hour?
  3. BT Sport Free for Six Months.

    Is Mobdro available in IOS devices yet?
  4. Memberships 2016/17 - Details Announced

    I thought there were more than 4,000 existing Gold and Family members?
  5. In a place where they could go where they were not known. He gave him something that he wouldn't forget too soon.
  6. Players out on loan - 2015/16

    So do we have eight out on loan currently? Moore (Bristol City) Lawrence (Blackburn) Konchesky (QPR) McCourt (Port Vale) Elder (Peterborough) Stankeviicious (Oldham) Blyth (Cambridge) Watson (Northampton)
  7. Arsenal (H) 26/9/15 3pm KO

    I'm after 1 ticket for myself if anyone has a spare please? Please PM me.
  8. No missed it! Thanks for letting me know though. Anyone with a spare Arsenal ticket PM me please.
  9. Hi all, Gold member here who has foolishly missed the deadline for Arsenal Tickets! I'm just after one ticket for myself. If anyone can help please PM me.
  10. Was anybody else signed up to the match alerts SMS service through the club and recently received a text to say the service has come to an end? When you are travelling abroad and have no wifi it's a really useful way to keep in touch with the match and I'll certainly miss it this season. I've looked on the OS and can't find any info about it. Does anyone know if there are any similar services I can sign up to elsewhere? Thanks in advance.
  11. Ticket Exchange Thread 2014/15

    Gold member here with one Everton ticket no longer needed due to work commitments. Happy to sell it to a fellow foxes fan at face value which is £32. Thanks
  12. Everton Season Opener 16th August

    Are you able to return tickets to the club and get a full refund? I need to return one ticket for the Everton game.
  13. Walsall vs. City - Pre match chat

    Several streams flow through the area, and some of them formed the boundaries of the parish. (fn. 11) On the north-west the boundary followed Sneyd Brook, the lower part of which was known as Bentley Brook in the late 14th century and as both Bentley Brook and Park Brook in the 18th century. (fn. 12) It meets a stream flowing from the west in Bentley Mill Lane, and the united stream, known as Bescot Brook in the 18th century, (fn. 13) formed the southwestern boundary down to its confluence with the Tame near Bescot. The Tame and its tributary Full Brook formed the southern boundary and a stream called Scottes Brook the south-eastern boundary. The Holbrook formed the pre-1890 boundary with Rushall in the present Arboretum area. Clock Mill Brook formed the north-eastern boundary at Goscote and Essington Wood Brook the northern boundary by Yieldfields Hall. The Holbrook joins Ford Brook (fn. 14) under the site between Lichfield and Darwall Streets occupied by the central library and the Gala Baths. As Walsall Brook the united stream flows under the centre of the town and joins Bescot Brook close to its confluence with the Tame; a mill fleam runs off it near the Bridge and rejoins it below the site of the New Mills south of Wednesbury Road. (fn. 15) Hope this helps?
  14. Who's in next then ............

    Horst Hrubesch
  15. LCFC RETAINED LIST 2014-2015

    What about Callum Elder and Joe Dodoo?