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  1. Vince Vega

    You Beauts

    But some of us are like a fine wine - we get better with age!
  2. Vince Vega

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    If you are planning to go on a gondola, try the smaller side canals not the larger ones or the Grand Canal (which are very expensive!). You can haggle more easily over prices and / or ask for a shorter ride for a smaller price. Do all the tourist sights - well worth it. We stayed in Treviso and caught the train in to Venice - much cheaper for everything and worth a visit.
  3. Vince Vega

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Yeah - I'm glad that doesn't happen on this forum!
  4. Vince Vega

    The second transfer IN. Who and When?

    Ha ha - I think you are right! I seem to remember him changing them at the side of the pitch. His shorts were massive. Found a bit about him here: https://www.lcfc.com/news/617811/former-player-remembers-jari-rantanen/featured
  5. Vince Vega

    The joke thread

    I remember my dad telling me that joke 40 odd years ago!
  6. Vince Vega

    The second transfer IN. Who and When?

    The Mighty Finn!
  7. Vince Vega

    Quiztacular quiz of quizness

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 130 seconds  
  8. Vince Vega


    Voted for Harry. We'll need an ever-present and I think Harry is the man for this for a long time (as long as we can hold on to him). I'm not a fan of having a striker or goalie as captain.
  9. Vince Vega

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Off to Greece in a few weeks time. The less popular islands of Tinos, Andros and Syros.
  10. Vince Vega

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Went to Lake Como in April. Really enjoyed it.
  11. Vince Vega

    Alan Partridge Finish the Quote Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 144 seconds  
  12. Vince Vega

    Premier League's least boozy fans

    Definitely didn't survey the people I drink with.
  13. Vince Vega

    I've waited 24 years to say this.

    Thought we were class with the Wenger tribute / appreciation tonight. Better than a lot of Arsenal fans recently.
  14. Vince Vega

    Lap of honour

    That's how it should be. Mutual admiration, not staged managed!
  15. Vince Vega

    Robert Huth to Leave at End of Season

    I think its in the other Huth thread.