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  1. Isn't this just reflecting life, politics and everything else ATM? Those in power looking for an angle to take advantage?
  2. Pranny! PMSL! Haven't heard that word used in years. Thank you.
  3. Insurance, financial services and office work. Plenty of experience. Looking for something steady- part time even. Thanks for asking Tiff.
  4. Where abouts? Kardamena? Been to Kos a few times. Lovely island, but it got disadvantaged with the migrant crisis a few years ago. Had some good times there. Enjoy!
  5. Redundant just before Covid. No work since.
  6. Where abouts are you Ronnie? Worth a visit?
  7. If only we were hit by a global pandemic - now that would cut the population down a bit, wouldn't it?
  8. Rogers got it spot on today tactically. That was a major shift from what he would normally do imho. I think we are still where we all know we are - better than when we lose bad and not as good as we think we are when we win big. But - we are good enough to challenge the top 4, but to what extent, who knows.
  9. The comedy Ghosts is back for a second series on BBC tonight.
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