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  1. Obviously too young to remember the 60's and 70's
  2. Compensation for the self-entitled Mardy b@stards. Just s guess.
  3. Great Pretender? Long may it continue then. Talk about short memories? Or maybe you are a youngster?
  4. Wasn't that Maidstone, playing at Dartford's ground? Kitson scored the only goal?
  5. First time in a long time that we saw a team play for the shirt. Felt like a win on the day.
  6. We were so poor when I was young, that my parents gave me an empty box at Christmas and told me it was an Action Man deserter!
  7. If you listen carefully at the end of the 'Stone Him' scene, where the crowd pick up the big boulder and drop it on the halibut guy, a little voice pipes up with "Good shot".
  8. We were supposed to be going to Athens last week but had to cancel the week before due to potential lockdowns here and in Greece (both of which happened). Accommodation cancelled (no deposit involved), but pleasantly surprised that the Ryanair refund went into my account TODAY! Gobsmacked after hearing some if the issues with them.
  9. From a Leic Mercury article: https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/dennis-praet-timothy-castagne-leicester-4692388
  10. I love how Praet has described Castagne as a 'window wiper', for his ability to get up and down the pitch.
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