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  1. We always say that it takes two of you to drive abroad. One to drive, one to navigate and both of you to look both ways and keep you on the right side of the road. I agree with you Buce on the key risk areas. Again, two of you is better than one.
  2. Just been given notice of redundancy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I'm not disagreeing with you, although someone does, else why would he be paid that much? This issue keeps raising it's head, as it was not that long ago that Chris Evans was under the spotlight over pay, which forced him to quit the BBC - both TV and Radio. The reason I commented on your choice of Graham Norton is the fact that it isn't a comparable example, due to the So TV situation. If we could pick through those payments and work our what his share is, and add that to his £600K, we might see that Mr Lineker's slice is not so bad. As the BBC is licence fee funded, I'm sure this will keep cropping up and if Lineker goes, it will be someone else who will be the villain for being grossly overpaid. Of course, this won't happen with commercial TV, as we'll never know what they earn and won't give a monkey's as we're not paying for it.
  4. I may be wrong on this, so feel free to correct me, but i don't think we can compare Gary's £1.75m with Graham Norton's £600k. I understand that Norton's £600k is the amount the BBC is paying him directly (for radio etc.) and it doesn't include the amount he receives from the BBC via his share of the So Television company, who produce his TV show.
  5. That wouldn't be fair to your dogs!
  6. I remember it well.I walked home to Wigston from work in the city centre as there were no buses, only to find out the game was still on. Got changed and walked back to watch the game and walked home again afterwards.
  7. I really enjoyed the first two series. Looking forward to seeing this one. Blessed be the fruit!
  8. Had tickets to the play offs semi-final away game at Portsmouth back in May 1993. Friend's car broke down on the A34 and we had had an enormous what for the AA. It soon became apparent that we were not going to see the match so we went in search of a pub (in our colours of course) to drown our sorrows. Found a lovely pub full of Swindon fans watching their away game at Tranmere. We were greeted with "wrong game guys", but the landlord was sound. Fetched us a radio so we could listed to our game. A few beers and food later and everyone in the pub was happy! Shame about missing the game though - especially when we heard about the lovely send off given to our fans by the wonderful, sporting Portsmouth fans!
  9. I work near there Stix and know what you mean. Most drivers in that area are in some sort of knob head driver twilight zone. It's used as a rat run. Everyone speeds, despite the ramps, they drive up your @rse, cut corners completely when turning right and none of their indicators work (it would appear!). I know there are poor drivers elsewhere but this has to been seen to be believed.
  10. Vince Vega


    Ciggs and Butt!
  11. Especially if you're going for the throat!
  12. Also, if it's in the bathroom and someone has has a really hot shower, if the roll is as in no 2, it sticks to the wall due to the condensation, so you're wiping your bum with soggy paper!
  13. I don't dislike Liverpool. It's their fans I can't stand!
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