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  1. A man was sent to prison for the first time and was terrified about all the things he'd heard about what men do to men during the long, dark nights in lock up. A guard escorted him down the corridor to his cell and all the time he was hoping his cellmate would be as near to normal as could be possible. The guard stopped suddenly and said (with an evil smile on his face) "Here you are - you're in here" and chuckled to himself as he locked the door and walked off. The cell was very dimly lit and it was hard to see who was in there with him, as a shadow was cast over the bottom bunk, where his cellmate was sitting, although he could see that he was a big fella. "The top bunk is yours" said a a gruff voice and so he climbed up and sat under his blanket, hoping the night would be quiet and pass without any trouble. The night slowly passed without a word being said, until a voice from below called out "do you like games? I like games". He thought for a moment and thought it best not to offend and so he said "Yes". The voice said "oh good - we're going to play mummies and daddies. Do you want to be mummy or daddy"? Shit, he thought, as his mind was working in overdrive in search of a response that would a) not offend his new found mate and b) not involve him being buggered. After a few view moments he replied "daddy" - thinking he had dodged that bullet. "Oh, ok then" came the reply, followed by a long period of silence. Thinking that was it, he started to drop off until the voice said "Daddy"? So he said "yes Mummy"? "Get down here and suck Mummy's dick!"
  2. Got woken up in the early hours the other day by a badger on our patio!! We've had the odd fox or two but never expected this. It'd gone by the time I found my phone.
  3. At least you'll be able to see it in the dark!
  4. Sums it up completely. It's not just offshore though - what with theirs trusts and tax avoidance schemes.
  5. Mykonos - too fecking expensive, full of American and Chinese tourists and Love Island wannbees!
  6. You're not Dad enough to appreciate them!
  7. Came across the comedy This Way Up on Channel 4 - box set of 6 episodes. Need to go with the first two and it gets better then. You might need subtitles with the fast pace of the Irish accent sometimes. Good though - at least we thought so.
  8. Just thought I'd chuck this out again in case anyone has been in the meantime. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  9. Absolutely agree with you Deb. My (now grown up) kids hate me for not taking them there. To me Disney = films. I always said to them that you may as well have a McDonalds World.
  10. Love this thread. So much I agree with and others where my experiences differ completely.
  11. Fantastic aren't they? I took this in Corfu Town in May. There were 100s of them!
  12. Went in March this year and really loved the place. Stayed in the old quarter. Really easy to get around - v good public transport. Lots to see. Good food, friendly people etc. I asked a similar question and got loads of good info and advice from this thread, so if you search you'll see for yourself. Let me know though if you want any other info. Enjoy!
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