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  1. I don't think I can watch this one. Think I'll go for a quiet walk without my phone.
  2. I went on a weekender to Barcelona and decided to go to the game. Watched Deportivo beat them 4 - 1. Incredible game.
  3. Just had ST and cup ticket refunded today. Happy with the time taken and how the club have gone about it.
  4. He turned provider though, much more than usual and thank goodness Gray managed to put one of them away.
  5. Sorry - taken already. Hope you get to watch it.
  6. Sorry Stan. Someone was really quick off the mark!
  7. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I've got one of those Now TV codes for this game, but don't need it. Message me if you want it. Note - you do need to sign up to Now TV, bit card details, BUT when you go into to it for a one day pass, you enter the code and don't get charged for it or any other service. Hope it helps someone out there. Sorry - taken already!
  8. Joint blame, along with marches and Bournemouth. Easily the best team in years - other than us of course.
  9. Isn't one link for another game
  10. He wouldn't be the first Everton to play for us. Everton Carr made a few appearances for us not that many years ago.
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