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  1. Mike Stowell

    False News, I have family who know mike and haven't heard of such thing, just rumours Unless he is keeping it under the radar 🤔😭
  2. Huddersfield away match thread

    At the game now, shambles! Can't put a pass together!!!
  3. Drinkwater

    First post in this thread, but my opinions on this are simple. We should not be selling drinkwater at any price (except a stupid bid), he's been off the ball yes... but think about if he goes, Matty James, Iborra, KING, ndidi and that in my opinion will not cut it. why not keep drinky, a player who is moulded into the Leicester way instead of bringing a newbie with our first game on Friday ??? .
  4. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Fully agree, it's now becoming impossible for a team like us, Southampton etc to break into the top 6 and be a consistent force (baring a miracle 😏) . FFP has helped in so many ways, but it's also created a massive gap between the leagues and a massive gap between teams like us and the so called "big six".
  5. Hi Guys, Like A lot I've been lurking for a while and couldn't resist the pull of all the commotion 😂.
  6. Points for promotion

    We need to lose 5 and derby to win 5 for them to catch us! Can't see us losing once yet alone 5 times