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  1. Embarrassing to say the least, losing faith in Brendan now. Edit. Ah maybe not
  2. I’d like to see Perez down the middle today
  3. Any updates on how this is coming along, Any estimate on completion date too?
  4. Understand that, but isn’t it Susan Whelan and John Rundkin who would mostly deal with it all?.
  5. And people said Mourinho was negative ?
  6. But it’s the way they are being set up, we have a great squad albeit a few odd ones out, but it’s a good young squad. I just don’t think he’s the man to take us any further. Thank you for the music
  7. The wins against City and Chelsea have pretty much become irrelevant it feels, had we pushed on, beat Cardiff and Southampton it would feel like progress! But now I don’t know what it feels like
  8. Sending my Prayers Whole world smiles with you!
  9. On the way back from Sheffield Wednesday and Bernie is up on the train giving it “Bend it like beckham!? BEND IT LIKE BERNIE AAAAAHGGHH”. All whilst holding a can Stella in each hand.
  10. Been told by a close friend at the club this guy is untouchable. And they are willing to get rid of any staff in Puels way.
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