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  1. Lcfccon

    Helicopter crash

    Sending my Prayers Whole world smiles with you!
  2. On the way back from Sheffield Wednesday and Bernie is up on the train giving it “Bend it like beckham!? BEND IT LIKE BERNIE AAAAAHGGHH”. All whilst holding a can Stella in each hand.
  3. Lcfccon

    RUDKIN - How Does He Keep His Job?

    Been told by a close friend at the club this guy is untouchable. And they are willing to get rid of any staff in Puels way.
  4. BREAKING: Spain have sacked manager Julen Lopetegui with immediate effect on the eve of the World Cup after the Spaniard apparently made "secret agreements" with Real Madrid to be their new manager!
  5. Let's just go full red and do a Cardiff ...
  6. Would love white shorts, less Chelseaish ?
  7. Lcfccon

    Crystal Palace (a) - Pre match thread

    Actually forgot we was playing with being off work ? Is this the Claude effect??
  8. Lcfccon

    Everton (A) Match Thread

    Matty James again, Very good performance Vs Chelsea so I'd love to see him boss it here. Big Matty James fan, Wonder When or even if silva will implement himself into the starting 11.
  9. Lcfccon

    Slimani to Newcastle

    Fair point, I'm not against Bringing a striker in, if it was me Id be looking at another Target man, but maybe Puel is against that type of player, it certainly seems it with Slim and Leo going out.
  10. Lcfccon

    Slimani to Newcastle

    I don't think we will bring another striker in, I Think Puel is happy Diabate, Iheanacho and Shinjinho as backup for vardy. We are only playing 1 up front recently too so no need for the backup that Shakespeare had when playing a front 2 more often.
  11. Lcfccon

    New Leeds crest

    It's like they've designed it using Microsoft Word Clipart ?? awful
  12. Knockaert vs Forest away. That away end was one of the most crazy I've ever seen when that went in.
  13. Lcfccon

    Favourite Pre/Post match pub.

    Always go the Cricket Club opossite the Ground, Close to the ground, cheap enough and sit outside in the sun when cricket is on pre match in the summer.
  14. Lcfccon

    Fleetwood Town (A) Match Thread

    This is the sort of crap we have to put up with nowadays ?