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  1. Bayern. **** it, why not? They're all big teams at this point. Bring 'em on and play without fear I say. Also, I'm in Berlin. There's not exactly a lot of love for Bayern or Bavaria as a whole in these parts. It'll be nice to watch a game in a bar and it be full of people cheering for Leicester.
  2. Anyone got a link to the full Porto/Copenhagen game? Hard to make a judgement on the short highlights. The Porto goal looked good, like something we'd do.
  3. Spent the afternoon baking a cake for my girlfriend to make up for her missing the great British bake off. Spent the evening stuffing my face with it, guzzling beer and laughing at the wonderful ridiculousness of a world where Leicester city are top of their group in the flipping champions league. Bloody brilliant stuff.
  4. Only losing one of our title winning team was a pretty remarkable achievement in itself before you even consider the acquisitions we've made. Things could always be better of course but I think on balance it's we've been very successful. In a parallel timeline we've been gutted of all our best talent and are heading for relegation and obscurity.
  5. Was Kasper crying or was it just the rain? Hope he's alright.
  6. I wish there was more scope for managers and players to calmly criticise or question the referees without being disciplined. Maintaining this illusion of infallibility is ridiculous. The questions Clattenburg needs to answer are: 'If you believed it wasn't a penalty then why wasn't Musa booked for diving?' and 'You immediately reached for your yellow card and then changed your mind when you realised it was Coquelin. Justify your reasoning for that?'
  7. Really excited about this guy after last night. There was a lovely little shimmy he did as he pushed into the box in particular. I know you can't judge too much from little moments but the kid is 19, his first game is against flipping Barca and he didn't look the slightest bit intimidated. That is very promising.
  8. Place your bets for the 17/18 champions then. Absolutely gutted to see him go but it couldn't diminish everything he's done for the club. All the best to him, I hope he does well there.
  9. I think they'll get another half decent year out of them but then when those young players look around at the teams that Guardiola, Conte, Mourinho (and Ranieri ) are building and realise that they're not going to win stuff with Spurs they'll be off. As irritating as he is, Kane should be playing for major trophies somewhere. If it doesn't happen for Tottenham next year then he'll be off to bigger things.
  10. I have a history of mental health problems. If I went out this afternoon and killed a politician undoubtably, the media would blame it on that. We need to be extremely careful not to reduce this man to a condition and use that as an excuse to not examine the wider motivating factors in this. Obviously we don't often get this kind of crime in the uk but you see this narrative being pushed time and time again in the states. If the shooter is white and it's politically uncomfortable to talk about their motivations, then blaming everything on metal health issues is an easy get out. The question becomes 'how could we have allowed someone like this to get a gun' rather than 'In what way might we have influenced this man in his decision to carry out such an awful crime.' I'm not saying that this guys mental state might not have played a part in this but claiming it as the primary factor is really dangerous and we need to be careful with that kind of rhetoric.
  11. Pretty favourable for us. Nothing there to really make you wince.
  12. Hammering Spurs at WHL would be a lovely start to proceedings
  13. I was just thinking about that yesterday. It was so audacious, really sums up the fearless way we approached this season. We've not done it for a while but I really hope we pull that one at Barcelona next year. It'll scare the pants off them!
  14. Jamie Jackson in the Guardian writers' best and worst list. His biggest gripe... "The view that Leicester City cannot win the Champions League. Really? If a misfiring Manchester City can be a goal away from the final, why the heck not?" https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/may/15/premier-league-2015-16-review-our-writers-best-and-worst
  15. Seems like a good stream is hard to find for this one. I've only got a low quality thai one. I'd appreciate a pm too if anyone has a decent one