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  1. Swansea H match thread

    Who looks most likely to get a winner?
  2. Yeah I basically agree with you and I wasn't suggesting that you specifically were being problematic over this. Just the general chatter once that word was used. And yes, we've not had from any reliable source that he himself is claiming depression. I'm just saying that if that ever is verified then that's absolutely a legitimate reason to miss work. I wouldn't ever go so far as to diagnose him from a distance but I think you're probably right to view this as an ongoing thing. He's wanted his big move for such a long time. It just sucks for all involved how it's been handled and I sincerely hope he can get back into form and get the move that he clearly wants. Unfortunately the only way to convince his suitors that he's worth what our owners are demanding is to play his socks off for the next four months and prove to everyone he's worth it. Based on how he's been in the past I'm not sure he's capable of that.
  3. Your second point may very well be right. It is a word that can be thrown around for sympathy's sake and like I said, if that's the case here then I have very little sympathy for anyone involved and yeah, unfortunately we don't know. All we have is hearsay from probably the most unreliable sectors of press. Nothing would surprise me tbh. It could all be bullshit. Your first point is off though. His wealth and success don't insulate his mind from injury any more than they do his body. I work in mental health and I have a lifetime of experience from both sides. You know there's a healthy debate in the field as to whether depression is even a thing. It's basically just medicalised sadness and there are plenty of very smart people that think we should't be diagnosing it at all. But the fact is that everyone has a point at which something can hit them so hard that they lose the ability to function in life from it. From our point of view as mere mortals not earning 100k a week it can seem ridiculous that anyone so privileged could experience such an event. And it's absolutely true that someone in Riyad's position is certainly better placed to deal with it than the average person. However he's not immune and no event is too small to or too large to spark such a crisis.
  4. Unfortunately we don't really have anyway of know that and you might be right but there isn't really any benchmark for events serious enough to cause depression. Everyone is different; what could be water off a ducks back to one person might drive another to suicide. It's just this immediate ridicule as soon as the word depression was used that it so disturbing.
  5. Seriously some of the responses on here demonstrate an incredible misunderstand of mental health. It might be bullshit or paper talk or games trying to improve his position and if it is the he can go **** himself as far as I'm concerned. BUT if Riyad is having a mental crisis then the amount of money he's being paid and the responsibility he has to the team mean jack shit. If he broke his leg you wouldn't say 'well he's being paid an insane amount, he should pull himself together and get back to training' but because this is potentially psychological then apparently he should just buck up stop sulking. The man has just had a huge part of his life goals danged tantalising within his grasp only to have it torn away at the last second. That's loss on a scale with grief, at least in the short term. He may be a superhuman when it comes to the dexterity of his bloody left foot but he's a man like the rest of us and whether we like it or not we're all susceptible able to mental illness. But like I said, if he's ****ing around then **** him
  6. Spurs (H) 2-1 Post Match Thread

    Oh god I love when spurs lose, ****ing double when it's to us. If Liverpool and Burnley both win they could be down to 7th by Wednesday night!
  7. Next City Manager?

    What's Klinsmann doing these days?
  8. Thomas Tuchel

    Viele Leute sind von ihren Bäume herausgefallen. (or something like that)
  9. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Thank **** de Gea is happy at United. We'd be ****ed without Kasper.
  10. Leicester City vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach

    quatsch scheiße, werde geknallt (or something like that)
  11. MK Dons.. Friendly.. Tonight.

    The last game didn't work for me there so I just assumed this one wouldn't too. Should have checked. Brilliant, thank you!
  12. MK Dons.. Friendly.. Tonight.

    Are there any streams other than the lcfc tv one? For those of us not in the uk
  13. CL Quarter Final Draw

    Bayern. **** it, why not? They're all big teams at this point. Bring 'em on and play without fear I say. Also, I'm in Berlin. There's not exactly a lot of love for Bayern or Bavaria as a whole in these parts. It'll be nice to watch a game in a bar and it be full of people cheering for Leicester.
  14. Champions League 2016/17

    Anyone got a link to the full Porto/Copenhagen game? Hard to make a judgement on the short highlights. The Porto goal looked good, like something we'd do.
  15. Spent the afternoon baking a cake for my girlfriend to make up for her missing the great British bake off. Spent the evening stuffing my face with it, guzzling beer and laughing at the wonderful ridiculousness of a world where Leicester city are top of their group in the flipping champions league. Bloody brilliant stuff.