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  1. So, this weekend: Villa brought back to reality 😉 Everton back to reality 👍 Arsenal?????? 🤞
  2. Really don't know how Neville can manage to sound so sincere, earnest and serious! And so knowledgeable of course. 🙃
  3. Neville: Maguire arm was resting on his shoulder!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  4. The refereeing without var was far superior on Thursday v Zorya.
  5. Three keepers?? Are they all carrying injuries?
  6. If it's Liverpool Arsenal Man City come back in last eight minutes from 3 down all analysis would focus on the comeback team. West Ham will get not much mention because it'll all be about Spurs.
  7. For me Perez has to be one of our worst ever value for money signings perhaps alongside Mills, Beckford, Akinbyi. (I'm sure there are lots more). I really think he offers so very little. He's weak on the ball and so easy to move aside. He's too slow to play wide and doesn't seem to have any of the natural striker's instinct of JV or even dare I say Iheanacho. I'd sooner see Gray on the team sheet. Unfortunately, there's no way we will ever recoup our outlay on him and look like having to take yet another hit.....which brings up two more names to add to my initial poor value for money signings
  8. Keith Weller was my favourite all time player who I thought could never be overshadowed but was displaced a long time ago now. Vardy stayed with us when he could have moved to 'top six' and has gone from strength to strength. He never shirks a challenge, never complains, always absolutely positive and encouraging to others. A real team player and an example to all. Love the guy!
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