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  1. THIS They can all leave the club now as far as I care. Don’t want to see any of them in the team ever again. They have a f...ing party with their mates every day of the week in training when most others are isolated, lonely, struggling. Disgusted.
  2. If grealish moves on this summer, Villa could well be stuffed. Classic example of one man team!
  3. I went to this game. Unbelievable having multiple players from Leicester. And a goal from Frank. Seem to remember the referee was Argentine! A few dodgy decisions and from 2-0 it was 2-2!
  4. I remember when Joe Mercer was questioned on his selections he said Weller plays like a Brazilian.
  5. Like everyone else chipping in here with memories and clips from bygone days, I’ve spent more than a few quiet moments thinking back to the Jimmy Bloomfield era, the part that Frank played in that time, and the amazing talent we were privileged to watch. One of my all time favourite games was a Tuesday night game away at Birmingham, 20th August, 1974. We were in our seats by the players’ tunnel early enough to see the lads wander out in their civvies for a look around. The gasp of amazement from my friend Mick as Wortho walked out in black flares and I think a black tank top with a big r
  6. I’m so happy that ManU funded our move up to the “next level” when they signed Big Harry, released Soyunçu and enabled us to sign our Belgian wizards. I LOVE IT! COYF
  7. That’s me finished for the day 😥
  8. Seventy years old. Lifelong supporter. Was as excited before the game tonight as I was at my first ever visit to Filbert Street, 23rd March 1963 2-2 draw against Spurs. Watched the game tonight - without the sound after about 10 minutes because I was worried for my health and sanity. (Most commentators wind me up.) I enjoyed the rest of the game! (Steered clear of FT!) Was desperate for Hamza to do well after his mistake. Kasper kept us in it. We were a threat throughout (almost). We could have won it. Little Wes looked fantastic when he came on. Amazing strike from Kelechi. Could
  9. Absolute farce. How some referees continue to get games is a joke. The standard of refereeing has to be at an all time low.
  10. Mike Whitlow had a mention yet? He was another who never shirked a tackle, and never complained.
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