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  1. Just read this elsewhere: 3 things are guaranteed in life: 1) you pay taxes 2) you die 3) Spurs bottling it every season.
  2. Halifax Fox

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    We've assembled a group of young players, to the delight of most supporters and the envy of many of the so called bigger clubs, some of which are probably already lining up approaches for those same players. How does Puel think Maguire, Chilwell and others will regard being at LCFC when they hear the man in charge say that we all need a reality check and to be in the top six is impossible? Why would they bother sticking around for any length of time? What was he thinking? When Vichai and Top arrived at our club, their vision/dream was European football within five years. Most of us, if we're honest, probably had a little smile at that, or even felt a little embarrassed or worried that it was setting us up for a fall. But it was also exciting to think we had people looking after our club with a bit of enterprise and ambition. It gave us hope...and then look what happened. Claude Puel comes over as somewhat dull and uninspiring. As does his football. He's not going to transform into a Klopp or Guardiola personality but regretfully I don't see that he's going to change the style of the team either. It's not coincidence that he was slated and sacked at Southampton for producing the first edition of what he's doing at Leicester and I feel, after watching another two abysmal performances in the last week, I've really had enough.
  3. Halifax Fox

    Name this Leicester team

    McCreery Macari Hartford?
  4. Halifax Fox

    Name this Leicester team

    Trevor Sinclair?
  5. Halifax Fox

    Name this Leicester team

    Young Birch Henderson
  6. Halifax Fox

    Name this Leicester team

    I'd better start looking more closely for the predictive! Samuelson!!
  7. Halifax Fox

    Name this Leicester team

    Garland Samuelson Birch
  8. Halifax Fox

    Name this Leicester team

    Wolves keeper Paul Bradshaw
  9. Halifax Fox

    Name this Leicester team

    George Berry? The hair again
  10. Halifax Fox

    Name this Leicester team

    Malcolm Partridge