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  1. Which Mahrez, 2016-17 or 2015-16?!! Last seasons can go, season before would be key to European football in my opinion.
  2. If we play 3-5-2 what's wrong with Albrighton as the RWB, he did a great job in the great escape season, plus if gray has more minutes what's wrong with converting him to a RB with Gray in front, more attack minded with the CDM covering when required.
  3. Chilly was 3 last season too
  4. Noticed Sean St Ledger played against leamington for the under 23's last night. Well he was on the bench
  5. All day long if we think there is room in the midfield. He would easily excel in a Leicester shirt. Great eye for a wonder goal and he can pass. But is he past it at 33? Just reminds me of the Esteban signing, could be good for us.
  6. Noticed this morning this once on the sky sports whispers but from lcfc to West Brom! Hahaha!
  7. Has anybody found out where Huth is?
  8. He was at the euros with chilly and gray so I'd imagine extended break
  9. I just noticed that, was he is the pictures from training back home? Kasper isn't in the photo but he is out there
  10. I saw he was out there just can see all the other players apart from this photo that was taken with the owners and started to worry!
  11. I noticed Kasper wasn't in the team photo with the owners today. Hopefully nothing and just having a piss.
  12. Looks pretty happy in Austria training camp. I still can't see us getting rid, with the right service I think he will score. Just needs the service and a good run in the team. A full preseason with us I think he may surprise you.
  13. Marko Arnautović handed in a transfer request, attitude problem but would be a decent signing! Creative player, prem experience, international, just needs a shakey hug to feel the love!
  14. Huth
  15. Probably never see this guy in the first team but has ambition.