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  1. I our team? Nope. In Barca? Maybe (they're not doing great atm. - Vardy might be the upgrade they need )
  2. Dammit - we've used up our two free trials of Amazon Prime already. Don't say we're going to have to pay for it now?
  3. So I've been sick today and missed the match EDIT: Found the site I needed to rewatch it later - but their highlights missed the last goal
  4. Worst week I ever had was being paid to help a friend of my Dad's move out when I was younger - I worked out I did 76 hours that week! (£200 was still quite a lot of money, then though, considering I was about to start at Rawlins!)
  5. Alas for Diego - another of the worlds top sportsmen/women we've been blessed with, who unfortunately still wasn't above cheating when it really shouldn't have been necessary - it's not like the other goal he scored in the same game wasn't amazing! - and yet also eventually self destructed as have many others of such an ilk, aswell. Shakespearean in his tale?
  6. The only thing I know about Compass, is that I remember applying for a job with them (can't remember any more than that) that I didn't get before I worked for Samworths (@Charnwood Bakery). Sounds like I missed a bad thing
  7. At least he knows where the goal is
  8. I'm not a commentator dammit - (I'm posting here for reaction purposes, not commentary )
  9. Not enough emoticons/exclamation marks for it to mean that
  10. Red card instead of yellow (You are watching the match, right? )
  11. My streams now so far behind Ian Rush just scored
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