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  1. Anyone started a save with Leuven and got any tips of who to sign?
  2. Not sure on their business structure but you trade against other people. Eg. Some people will fancy Salah to score big away at Watford and put in buy orders on him. Others will think he won't do very well and short him in the hope he doesn't reach his price. It works on a game by game basis each week currently but season markets will be released next season I believe.
  3. Alright guys, if any of you want a go at something different betting wise then I have a referral code for SportStack app. It's kind of like FPL but with money. Basically you can buy shares in players and get a payout based on how they perform in the match. You can also sell shares in players if you think their price is high and they won't reach it. I started with £20 a month or so ago and I'm well over £150 now so there is money to be made once you get used to it. The referral code DS112 gets you 6 free shares at sign up stage without making any deposit. If you like it and make a deposit yourself I then get some shares too 😁 If anyone has a go and has any questions re the trading then feel free to DM me although there are some videos on SportStack.com such as beginner guides.
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