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  1. All I ask for is for Newcastle to fall on a Saturday 3pm that I can get to, that end moving to a corner really excites me for a weekend up there
  2. think this thread is very important at the moment, I've seen multiple interviews with children/parents with the children present. It can't help anyone in that situation
  3. Don't know if it's been mentioned but Simpson posted something on Instagram along the lines of 'big season for this lad next year' and I think this is the way the club are dealing with it. I pray Mahrez doesn't leave but if he does I'm confident Gray will do his best to provide us with a bit of magic
  4. Think I'd want Shakespeare despite the last couple of games, think he can build on what we have in the squad. That said if the owners decide he isn't the one for them I have full trust in them, probably wish for Eddie Howe but unlikely
  5. This second half will determine if Shakey gets the job for me. Big task motivating the stadium/players judging by the first half response
  6. Almost glad I can't find a working stream for the life of me
  7. That's the plan!
  8. Got a bet with a mate he'll be at a top 4 club in 2 years time
  9. looks like the crest is on the pitch today, a nice way to show off at the end of the season
  10. On Wednesday nights Under the lights beat Copenhagen Porto and Brugge We beat Sevilla Oh what a ye-ar As we went and followed the blues Feel like with our songbook lacking it would be nice to have a few songs that can be edited/immortalised
  11. Wonder how the away end at Hillsborough would work if they got promoted. Would it be split over the 2 tiers or moved to the corner? With the new rule of needing away fans next to the pitch and looks like they've currently got them in that top tier. Pray they go up over Reading
  12. Tough for Leicester fans to say anything is unrealistic having experienced what we have, and others would laugh at us for not ruling it out but why not. Good team, good manager, good signings and I see no reason for us not to finish in the top 7 (We could come 8th this year after a somewhat abysmal season domestically)
  13. Tottenham are the only one I can't see out of those 5 challenging next year. They're an exciting team and have a very bright future particularly with the new stadium but I think they'll struggle at Wembley (and this year their home form was what propelled them in to a challenge). It will be every visiting team's cup final and they have all the pressure of failing at Wembley. United are bound to sign well and challenge with Mourinho, Chelsea will be up there, Liverpool could be with a defence, Company for a season could really help City/Pep
  14. With the season montage released tonight at these awards I decided to look back at the last 4 years, I love every single player that has been on this journey with us. what a club to support
  15. Schmeichel was rooted to the spot because he was intending on going back on himself where Silva intended to put the ball before a miskick (much like his save at Arsenal last season). Not convinced he would've got there but Serling definitely swings a boot of it which by the laws means offside