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  1. Losing to 10 man, League 1 Millwall with a 90th minute goal as reigning Champions of England
  2. New chants and songs

    Have either of these got going? Remember hearing the top one before but would love to see a drunken rendition of those were the days my friend plastered on the internet so that it could actually get going
  3. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Yet another hilarious tweet by Lineker about a manager being sacked 2 wins in 21, sure there's probably a clip of him joking about how boring West Brom are on MOTD somewhere, but their fans don't deserve to be angry or anything of course
  4. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Can't believe how much our atmosphere (home and away) has died over the last couple of years. Even comparing Arsenal/Sheff Utd away to 3 months later it was like a different set of fans It's a shame because I loved our atmosphere previously, obviously there was the hype around the Prem/success for the last few years but home ends everyone wasn't afraid to get involved and our aways particularly in the championship used to be great. Now all I see (particularly on TV as I don't get to much this year) is large sections of our away ends sitting, nothing beyond standing and clapping for goals, barely any chanting beyond 'Leicester Leicester Leicester' and a muted group singing others Gutted because I've decided against West Ham away mostly based on the reason I don't think our end will be worth the money, when realistically a Friday night in London would've got my money on the table immediately before this year
  5. England squad

    I actually think that side set up in the correct way is quite good, the issue being we'll never set up like that or play to our strengths with it. Cahill will start despite being awful all season, Henderson will start for some unknown reason and Rashford will undoubtedly be the forced in to a system that doesn't suit him because 'he's as good as Owen was at his age' .... Playing that side could provide solidity in tough games with Vardy and Rashford to bring pace off the bench
  6. Seeing people suggesting Gray or Mahrez at wing backs in a 352
  7. Away End Atmospheres

    Can the block you choose try and be the block behind the goal whenever possible - usually makes the end better a la Stoke away last year
  8. Should Chilwell get more game time?

    He might need a while to recover from this before starting too many games
  9. Drinkwater says farewell

    Not mentally prepared to see him and Kante play together again
  10. Here's to you, Danny Drinkwater

    What a day that original post was, memories like that will be what I think of Drinkwater. One of the players that made it all happen
  11. Drinkwater reception next week.

    Sad that his return is so soon as he'll likely get a poor reception from a lot of our fans. Given time for the dust to settle I'm sure 99% would welcome him back for the unbelievable 5 years we've had with him.
  12. Jesse Lingard for both Brighton and United, his goal in the community Shield got under my skin
  13. Manchester Utd (A) Pre-Match Thread

    Been pleasantly surprised with our away ends this year so looking forward to getting to this! United will attack narrow which I think will suit us, but set pieces is my big fear. Pray we can stay in it as long as possible before bringing on Iheanacho late on
  14. Enjoyed our away end, while it wasn't a loud one particularly it had the banter and feel of the good old championship ones. Great scenes for Musa's goal
  15. We said this leaving the game, but that said Iheanacho's sub had no impact on 3 players being left unmarked on the back post (haven't watched back to see who lost them). While it was the wrong sub I don't think it was the cause of the goal that unravelled us. I suggested an alternative where if James couldn't play 90 minutes he brought on King - same goal could easily have happened then Shakespeare would've been ranted at for having Amartey/King in CM, can't win but at least he was positive