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  1. They'll have to try something as I doubt they'll want L1/K block as the unofficial standing section in a new stand
  2. Always find it funny when people say Schmeichel is terrible from free kicks because of one mistake vs Burnley 5 years ago. His positioning from free kicks is now usually spot on and compared to many keepers I cant think of a single time he's been beaten on his post.
  3. If we can keep ourselves in 4 competitions every season there will be an opportunity to sign a lower level gem and ease them in through cup/early Europa League exposure
  4. Matt Hancock making a statement on Leicester lockdown at the same time our team is announced could lead to the biggest meltdown in our history
  5. He's a legend for us and is the best quality keeper we could possibly get (even with our lofty position). Baffling he isn't appreciated more but hopefully his behind closed doors form will make some realise his value to the club
  6. I'd actually say not winning somewhere for 47 years then winning there the one year when fans aren't allowed would be very Leicester
  7. How are some people still trying to claim this team is better hahaha
  8. Does anyone have an image of the 'One King in Leicester' flag?
  9. Definitely going to happen, going to start making burner twitter accounts to abuse him before games to rile him up
  10. No. We scored from 1 of them ever I believe (Huth at Palace)
  11. Going to start mentally preparing myself for Gray to score a winner against us and celebrate infront of our fans. We all know it's going to happen so best to get over that now
  12. Rather than expanding the Kop I just want to see it made in to a double decker with safe-standing at the bottom, after all it was iconic
  13. First time in SK1 today and thought it was really good, will definitely go there again. Really do notice that sound doesn’t travel as I rarely heard the Birmingham end despite them looking to be active
  14. This is the problem. No calls for this yet after years of action on safe standing we're only just now (maybe) seeing a breakthrough. PL Officials couldn't care less about match going fans and until those fans turn their backs on the sport and TV companies get worried about the entertainment it won't matter what we think/want.
  15. If De Bruyne really wanted to protect his face why didn't he get out of the way (like he actually did) and let the ball go through the wall and in to the goal?
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