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  1. Safe standing - time to act

    Not saying Labour would have to win. Having something like safe-standing in one party's manifesto would make it a fairly easy bill to pass should the other party win to show a willingness to cooperate etc provided there was enough public support for the idea shown during the election
  2. Safe standing - time to act

    Getting it in Labour's 2022 manifesto is the only way I can see it happening in the near future
  3. Strange moments yesterday

    Chilwell did this twice yesterday, kicked the ball out himself and then walked over to go and take the throw in. Richie had to stop him from doing it the second time. Proper Jeff Schlupp behaviour
  4. Brighton Away post match 2-0

    Does Ndidi get a 2 match ban with it being his second red of the season? That would rule him out of Burnley away...
  5. Slaven Bilic.....

    Think this is definitely the best way to watch football. Love Gary Neville and have watched some clips with Mike Calvin (on young people in football) and Christian Purslow and Alyson Rudd (on West Ham owners) and have found them excellent watching those with more expertise discuss interesting topics. Until punditry takes a turn to expert analysis rather than throwing more money at awful ex-pro pundits like Henry, Jenas etc only the games interest me
  6. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    I actually disagree with this, we are a side that every kick from the keeper goes to the wingers/full backs rather than the striker - that means if he gets it a yard or two wrong then it goes out and he looks like an idiot. In games where we play Ulloa etc he kicks it centrally and you can get away with it being a few yards off as the player adjusts. Not saying his kicking has been good but there is a reason it looks so bad and that is because of the tactics we employ, most other clubs go centrally - but when we play Okazaki and Vardy that is pointless for us. It is noticeable when he kicks centrally as opposed to trying to get it right on the line for a flick on/win a throw in. Just look at Maguire (who is excellent on the ball) in the 1st minute yesterday. Instructed to ping it out to the wing, gets it wrong straight out for a throw in. Little room for error
  7. New chants and songs

    Bumping this while we still have 2 months of seeing him in our blue
  8. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Can't work out what Mourinho's aim of that 12 minute rant is. Like Pearson I view him as someone smart enough to use those moments with the press to take the pressure off the players, so my only thought is that he is trying to create a siege mentality within his squad before a push for a title next year - but for me that will not happen unless he changes the way they play. They lack width or any forward penetration to be in with a serious chance of winning the league
  9. Bournemouth post match 1-1

    Absolutely awful performance from us - thank god Mahrez is good at football
  10. Atmosphere....

    Realistically our atmosphere will be good in the near future if there is an exciting game and/or a sustained period of success which leads to us having the potential to push for something (whether it is Europe or a trophy) Long term I would say we need a complete reshuffle which I'd like to see SK1 and SK2 taken over by anyone expecting to stand (hopefully with the use of safe standing at some point). Can't see that happening at any time soon though
  11. Least amount of supporters standing?

    Out of interest what was our proportion of standing in the bottom tier at Wembley? Think that is a fair indicator when comparing to other clubs about the % of fans wanting to stand (that may not be able to at home particularly due to others around them) I was in the middle of the bottom tier and couldn't see if the front was stood etc/can't remember it was a long day in the sun at the pub
  12. Safe Standing Survey Results

    I think the structure still needs to change as a result of the increase in numbers of people per square foot in a safe standing section, needs to be solid enough to deal with that extra weight etc
  13. Safe Standing Survey Results

    Still shocks me that the only argument people have against safe standing is a fundamental misunderstanding of what it is. The club may well be opposed at this moment due to financial costs of installing it as I presume that will require expensive changes at our ground to solidify the foundations, but any other argument or mention of Hillsborough is just wrong.
  14. Kasper Schmeichel

    This evening proved for me why first choice keepers outside the top clubs should always be playing cup fixtures with absolutely no exception. Schmeichel makes a good save and hopefully will have removed the Man City game from his head. As much as I agree with a lot of the criticism on here after the weekend we need our best goalkeeper (which he is) to be in the best form possible, I've been annoyed at the fact he hasn't been able to do this earlier this season - playing games and winning with clean sheets helps us Imo.
  15. While I understand some people can't stand for the entire game I'd be on the side of I couldn't sit for 45 minutes, its the way I am. If we got near the goal I'd stand up it's just natural which I'm sure would be even more annoying for those around me. It does build yet another argument for safe standing, allowing away ends to safely segregate in to people who want to sit and those who want to stand. One thing I would say though is how much I hate people that are desperate to cling on to their seats. Millwall away last year our whole end was stood, I was front row of the top tier, didn't intend on sitting but the man behind me (rudely) told me to sit down, at which point I asked if he would like to switch seats as those behind him were stood. Literally one row forward and he refused to do it and threatened to call stewards, luckily for me a group of people a few rows back saw what was going on and called us to join them on their row