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  1. This is the problem. No calls for this yet after years of action on safe standing we're only just now (maybe) seeing a breakthrough. PL Officials couldn't care less about match going fans and until those fans turn their backs on the sport and TV companies get worried about the entertainment it won't matter what we think/want.
  2. If De Bruyne really wanted to protect his face why didn't he get out of the way (like he actually did) and let the ball go through the wall and in to the goal?
  3. The weirdest thing about the Edison decisions (both Barnes and Iheanacho) is how different keepers are treated if the ball is on the ground and a striker gets a touch. Take United's pen yesterday, Foster if anything gets kneed in the head by the already going down Fernandes after taking his arms away. Fernandes could've avoided the collision so it isn't inevitable yet everyone seems convinced its a pen. We've had them over the years with Vardy, any contact = pen (to an extent rightfully so). But as soon as the ball is in the air, or from a collision from a cross it's suddenly a keepers god given right to make contact with a player. This may be because the striker doesn't have an open goal after but people have made the point above, if it's anyone else anywhere else on the pitch its a foul.
  4. People genuinely believe the offside decisions are accurate as well - 13cms margin for error. How people can say that is black and white is beyond me
  5. Take the point. Preempting the usual agenda against Chilwell want to put it in here that he defended very well that last 20 minutes, not just against Traore but on the counter covering Evans and others too
  6. Wonder if Mahrez is going to 'waste 2 years of his career' now..
  7. I imagine this expansion will be big enough to accommodate any demand we will need without having to extend kop or family stands. That said if there ever was further expansion I’d love to see the kop split with safe standing on the bottom and a double decker put above
  8. This was because he wasn't playing RW/RM on Tuesday
  9. Quality today, not to blame. Unlucky not to score. Move on
  10. Couldn’t care less about the stats by the way. We had 2 big chances over the two legs and scored 2 goals, everything else was half chances. Against the same opposition, at the same ground in the league we probably should’ve Scored 8. Only thing that changed was the mentality
  11. Counted 3 times in the second half Schmeichel had the ball down and none of the front 3 (more front 2 of iheanacho and Perez/Vardy) were even looking. Not an option to lump it long when they aren’t even interested - although agree with the point
  12. Rodgers at fault entirely. 4th big game in a row we have not turned up, i’d give Rodgers the benefit of the doubt for the first leg because Ndidi was out but every other game he has got wrong. looked to me like we set up to nullify a relegation fodder team, hardly instilling confidence in our players to go out and perform. Barnes playing practically LWB, Tielemans LCDM with no roaming forward. The fact I wouldn’t say any single player had a bad game says it all. For me the goal is on Rodgers, it’s clear gray got sent on with the instruction of watching Grealish (backs off from danger to Mark Grealish) allowing an easy cross in in the 92nd minute ffs. i love Rodgers and the enjoyment he has pumped back in to watching leicester is incredible but f f s if this is the mentality we take with big games we will be what we have always mocked, serial bottlers
  13. Anyone saying anything negative about Chilwell tonight get in the bin, only finger to point is at Rodgers.
  14. Where will be the best places to drink, New Street or Witton?
  15. What a draw, please please please win Cov
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