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  1. Kelechi Iheanachoooooo Kelechi Iheanachoooooo
  2. Probably true, would frustrate me in a world where Swansea are demanding 50m for a player that flopped at Spurs
  3. Does anyone actually think we should pay £50m for Sigurdsson and are being unreasonable in holding out for the same money for Mahrez? Way too much now, would've taken him at 35m but not now.
  4. Every single player speaking about Morgan as captain has done so in a positive light, why take it off him? Don't need the armband to be a leader, and if he doesn't play he can still have an influence - like Terry last season
  5. Compare a Friday night in London to a Saturday morning in Hull.. know which one I'm happier about
  6. We've only ever finished mid-table once while they've been here, and that included a brief relegation scrap and Champions League. Our owners are ambitious and we're building to get back in to Europe as the next aim, just look at all the interviews from players/staff at the end of last season 'need to get back to Europe asap' etc
  7. Not ideal then, don't think I'll be able to judge this one until I see him play
  8. Anyone know if he played any role in Seville's recent Europa League successes? If he has then I'd be very happy getting another winner integrated in to the squad
  9. Reckon we could build underground to help with entrances/exits if the road being close to the expansion was an issue, as Newcastle have done
  10. Would like to see 10,000 added asap then an extra 2-5k in the kop when safe standing gets introduced, could end up with 45k
  11. In reality it is extremely unlikely City will use the option of buying him back, as they're far more likely to go and buy the best in the world and while I hope he scores 30 a season for us I'm not sure it will get to that. Therefore great business yes please
  12. ah yeah that one was shocking
  13. Saw this, 6 years ago! Been incredible for us, important for the team and ever reliable. The last clear cut mistake I remember him making (correct if wrong) was at Doncaster in our Championship winning season, going over 3 years without one is outrageous for a keeper
  14. Of the current PL sides I reckon my favourite is Palace where our end is usually a good one
  15. For me it would be to do with pre match antics now just as much as increasing standing in the kop/getting like minded fans together. I think a fanzone with restaurants/bars nearer to the ground than town would get more people in early, more pints down the neck, and generally a better buzz before kick off. I love making a day out of games but not sure everyone else does with current set ups.