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  1. I agree, only incorrect call in the game has come from the linesman, and that is a tough call as initially I thought it was out (sorted by video ref though...)
  2. Annoying to throw away the lead but a very good result overall. Providing YB29 only has cramp I'm pleased
  3. Or we're confident Wes will be able to play.. both possibilities
  4. Frustrating time to concede, scrappy goal too. Just about to come on here to credit Vardy with an incredible goal! Such a shame the scenes filmed were awful, every time I've been to Palace it's been carnage odd one.
  5. Sounds like a typical Palace atmosphere with 15 singing over the drum and the mic infront of them turned right the way up zzzz
  6. Knockaert has come on a long way as well, he was good for us in the Championship but taken it do a different level with goals for Brighton. Chuffed for him and look forward to seeing him at the KP again
  7. Penalty is at 7 minutes, look at the keeper charging after the Lino after it's given
  8. Excellent result overall, keeps Tuesday alive and I'm now buzzing for it!! Question though - why is that 5th official not on the opposite side to the linesman? I know the referee is supposed to cover that side but whats the point having 2 officials so close to each other? Feel if we had a stationary ref close to that decision the right call is made
  9. Personally in the future I think the FA should provide security themselves for these 'fanzones' provided for Champions League games, English fans are harmless if policed well and the only reason it kicks off is because of policing from my experience, sometimes even just the presence.
  10. Zero tolerance for what? If stories of police charging innocent fans and beating them up are true (published by BBC) then how can you say that is the way it should be? Police in England do a very good job of allowing football fans to have fun and stopping any violence from coming about
  11. I don't agree, away fans congregate in pubs/squares and drink and sing all the time in England. Feel like the policing is just different
  12. Incredible that at a time where the world is still up in arms about a man getting dragged off a plane that when English fans get beaten up by police for no reason almost everyone (including our own fans!) are saying that it's their own fault..
  13. Said before I think the first step should be adding two/three rows on to the front and moving the advertising boards in for the running track, would take our atmosphere to the next level and it seems like it would be quick and easy
  14. Cutaways of Barcas end looking even more boring than when cameras pinpoint parts of our ends
  15. While not quite as low ours are similar when considering opposition and our form in the last 6 league games, only Sunderland at home was over 50% despite beating Hull and Stoke with ease. Surely they will have more pressure to get the ball and beat us at home, just as Seville did Everton - 44% Sunderland - 53% Stoke - 50% West Ham - 44% Hull - 48% Liverpool - 39%