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  1. Terrible players we've made look good

    Norwich player about 5ft 4 and we let him score from a corner...can't remember his name! Got it! Wes Hoollahan.
  2. Terrible players we've made look good

    To be honest Chalobah's goal for Watford is the only one i have ever applauded ( as well as a few more in the kop)
  3. And that's the reason i don't bet!But i can see a decent side taking shape,even if Drinky goes..... and to be fair i've been following us for 40 odd year's.So i'm easily pleased!
  4. Stranger things have happened!I'm quite confident of a European place!
  5. Sale of training ground

    Not at all in the know ,but i was told a pitch and put and a bit more land in the Whetstone area,going from Blaby.
  6. Ten essential punk albums.

    How did Elastica (a fave band of mine...until now!) get away with that Wire ripoff.To be honest that's the first time i've heard that!
  7. 2017 Deathlist

    RIP Brucey Higher..........now lower and didn't he do well
  8. Letters on kids shirts

    Had 5 on my lads shirt 15/16.
  9. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    If drivers knew how to use them propely,their would be no problem!Time's i've just gone when the gormless one to the right of me fumbles around!Do you want an invitation!
  10. Best holiday beer.

    That's a very good question,as someone who walks from the Narbourough road side to the ground and would be interested in anything a bit different.
  11. Best holiday beer.

    Did you give it ago?
  12. Best holiday beer.

    Tried the Pearl River(china) from morrisons....not a patch on Tsingtao!As you can tell i like chinease food and beer.As an aside i'd really recomend the chinease food shop on Melton St.It's just good to walk around not knowing what thing's are!
  13. Best holiday beer.

    Tsingtao in China.Sell it in a lot of supermarkets over here.Really good with a chinease meal and i'm not really a lager drinker.
  14. A little bit disenchanted

    Carlos You're right Carlos Edwards,funny how things like that stick in you're memory!Also remember being taken to the cleaners against Sheff Utd away first game of the season not long before that!Anyway back on topic.I'm still getting excited for the start of a new season,probably not as much as i used to .....but that's what winning it and age does to you!
  15. A little bit disenchanted

    Was that really 10 years ago.Remember their winger(jodi mcnuff, i think) being brilliant that day.Nice fish and chip shop near the corner of Kenilworth road as i remember!