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  1. That's a point,who's going to look after the corgis,surely she can't do it on her own now?
  2. I'd be mourning as long as i get an extra day off work to do it!
  3. God help us when Lizzie kicks the bucket.
  4. I'm sure he's a very nice lad......but not good enough for what we are aiming for.
  5. Like the look of the new shirt's allthough my kids didn't wear last year's,so i think we'll stick with those!
  6. Yes,went for the Blasts and the weekend days of the cc.Looking forward to getting out of the house!
  7. Sheffield utd in the year we went down....4.1 to them i think....Shoes off if you love Leicester...then Ollie take your shoes off and he did!
  8. Same as me with the series s......Dont'want the kids to get their sticky hands on it!
  9. Funnily enough most of mine were in the L1 season,it was just good to see us wining again Northampton,Orient,Hereford,Southend and chetenham spring to mind.
  10. Don't think any one will be going to the final from Leic/Southampton/Manc or Chelsea this year(fans i mean).
  11. Well done to the women.Just the right time to get into the WSL!
  12. Agree with you,DeBruyne really dosen't need to do things like that.Went down alot in my estimation today.....no David Silva(who begrudingly was the best player i have seen in the PL).
  13. Beaten by the better side.What i took out of the game is that there is a new Space Jam movie coming soon.
  14. I thought De Bruyne deserved the Yellow more than Dan for his holding of his face.
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