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  1. If we can get sigurddson in (which I'm personally doubting), and a pacey winger with half decent delivery, I think we could even be stronger than with mahrez.
  2. Surely points deductions needed for this! Sounds like this is just the tip of the iceberg too!
  3. I'm looking at hiring a function room somewhere for a small family party (about 50 people). I live in thurmaston, majority of family live near Loughborough, anyone got any decent ideas?
  4. I'm really worried that we won't appoint Shakespeare. Has shown motivational skills, tactical nous, ability to handle media scrutiny. He's a good transfer window away from ticking all the boxes.
  5. Thought Ulloa was excellent last night, and arsenal struggle against an aerial threat. Kasper Simpson Benny Huth Fuchs Mahrez Drinkwater Ndidi Albrighton Ulloa Vardy Harsh on Shinji but actually don't feel we need the extra midfielder against Arsenal, fancy us getting a point!
  6. Starting to despise Facebook, makes me realise how dreadful most of the human race is. Had the brothers future mother in law mouth off to me on there, contemplating how to play it, usually hate confrontation but the woman drives me nuts
  7. I'd much rather we bring Gibson in than maguire. I don't think we need to be become possesion but do need to be better at retaining the ball when under pressure.
  8. This will be super tough. Will be happy if we can keep them to 3 at most and nick an away goal.
  9. Serious talent, knows how to score goals, great movement, gerrrimin!
  10. The only player I've ever seen with a better touch with his chest than his feet. Been a superb signing though, can't think of another attacking midfielder/second striker that puts in as much effort.
  11. No where near the standard of most of the dishes on here, but here's pork with roasted butternut squash and parsnips in a honey mustard and orange glaze.
  12. Thanks, I luckily only work about 10 minutes from where I live, so could pop back at lunch. So looking at two 4 hour stints of loneliness.
  13. We are looking at getting a daschaund (sausage dog) but are in two minds as we both work 9-5 so dog would be alone for a fair bit of the day. Anyone with experience of the breed know if this is fair at all?
  14. Don't think many would begrudge him the move, but would be disappointed if we didn't get near 50m for him.
  15. He looks a tidy defender, although at times he strolled out of defence with the ball, but he never actually made a telling pass. All he did was open a space up at the back. I'd take him though, can defend and is comfortable on the ball, decision making will come with time and experience