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  1. Peak Matt Elliott would have every chance of displacing Jonny Evans. Very very similar in terms of defensive ability, both comfortable with ball at feet, but Elliott is more of a goal threat from set pieces.
  2. Brooks got 7 in 30 for Bournemouth the season before his injury. Obviously you never know how a player will respond to serious injury, but the talent is there with him. Agree with Buendia/Cantwell, don't think we should pursue them, but Brooks is a different kind of prospect imo.
  3. Dont think Maddison is at the required level to start in any of the systems England might employ. I'd start with a Liverpool style 4-3-3. Henderson Alexander Arnold Maguire Gomez Chilwell Henderson Winks Foden Sterling Kane Sancho Obvious weaknesses at centre half and lacking a true quality defensively minded midfielder also comfortable in possession. So gone for the most industrious midfield possible whilst also having players comfortable in possession to keep the ball moving. Saka would be a candidate to challenge Chilwell as i thought he looked good as a LB/LWB but it looks like Arsenal will employ him further up the pitch.
  4. A good window. Ins Malang Sarr Lallana Ibrahima Diallo Edouard Bailey/other quality, speedy wide man Brooks, McNeil or Fraser (in that order of preference) Outs (not including potential frees like Mendy) Chilwell Gray Silva & Slimani Hopefully Luke Thomas is good enough to not urgently need a pricey LB replacement for Chilwell. But if Robinson at Wigan is available for <£10m then would also advocate that signing. Possible net spend of up to £0-40m i reckon.
  5. Probably need 1 more win to ensure 5th. Lets hope CAS uphold the Man City ban.
  6. Looks a bit of a carthorse to me. In a team who wants to build from the back and take risks to try and beat the initial press, he also doesnt appear to be particularly comfortable in possession to suit that style. Perhaps suited Wolves who like that long diagonal. Not sure i'd be too keen even at 5m.
  7. If we're sticking with 3 at the back HMS Bennett needs hauling off and Fuchs on at LCB so Soyuncu can shift over. There are spaces to exploit but our quality through midfield hasnt been there to take advantage.
  8. Kagawa's career has fallen big time if he cant get in the starting xi in a spanish 2nd division side.
  9. I couldn't say really. I only use funds now to overweight in certain areas (small cap, tech, green energy), and use Index Trackers for the core of my portfolio. If i was going down an all fund route, I'd probably figure out my preferred asset allocation look for conviction managers like Terry Smith at Fundsmith. else you may as well just go with a tracker imo.
  10. As far as ETF's go, Fundsmith is actually very very concentrated, it only holds 20-30 individual stocks at any one time. Has been a great performer over the years though.
  11. Am i missing something? I thought as it stands 5th will get into the Champions League unless Man City's ban is overturned?
  12. In a hypothetical scenario where us and Leeds were both interested there's every chance he'd choose Leeds, even if we get into Europe. Bit of a difference going to a club where Bamford and not Vardy is the incumbent to displace.
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