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  1. 3atb.

    Sadly we don't have N'Golo Kante anymore, his attributes allowed us to successfully play this way. Notwithstanding Drinkwater was also highly mobile and adept at getting about the pitch. I tend to disagree with the opening post, I think we have the basis of a squad that could adapt to 3 at the back. Mahrez has only tended to play as a #10 in a 4-4-1-1 where it has been essential for our system to work well that the #10 be a high energy/high work rate player to help us win the ball high up the pitch. In a 3-5-2, assuming he has 2 defensively minded/positionally aware players behind him (N'Didi, Iborra, Silva potentially fill this role), I think he'd have a bit more freedom to be effective than he would get as an auxilliary striker in a 4-4-1-1. I don't think we should copy Chelsea's style if we ever moved to a back 3. Their system relies on a mobile front man with the abilty to hold the ball up, flanked by 2 attacking midfielders who can pull wide (which actually can end up being quite close to the wingback/winger situation you mentioned). Us doing that would nullify Vardy.
  2. If we're playing 4-4-2 Shinji has to play - it's that simple.
  3. Our backpasses to Hamer have been top notch 2nd half. Unerringly accurate.
  4. Simple 1-2 took out the whole of our midfield there.
  5. Ndidi loses the ball in dangerous areas far too often.
  6. Formula 1 2017

    Raikkonen wiping everyone out
  7. Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    It's the lack of tempo and intensity that's concerning. We basically sleepwalked through that first half. All good and well talking about missing personnel, but slotting new guys in won't necessarily sort out the attitude. We are lacking an identity.
  8. It'll be a relegation battle with him in charge.
  9. Huddersfield away match thread

    All well and good but SM not open for new subscribers right now. As for this performance, listless would be being kind. Reminiscent of Ranieri last year
  10. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    Got the assist to put Barnsley 1-0 up Edit: has now scored stunning volley to make it 2-0
  11. OneSelect energy company

    If you're using a comparison service (like uswitch), I highly recommend signing up to Top Cashback first as they'll give you around £20-40 for clicking through from there. Cashback sites always worthwhile when it comes to switching utilities, insurance, TV/Internet etc.
  12. Slimani was sensational. Link up play was superb and was razor sharp all night. Looked extremely dangerous going forwards when the game opened up, encouraging.
  13. Boxing

    Mayweather's odds are now as high as 3/10 for the McGregor fight. I'm thinking of piling in massively at that price, but something just doesn't sit right. Ordinarily Mayweather would wipe the floor with him, but can't help feeling that elements of this fight will be contrived, and that he will allow McGregor to have moments of success with a view to a rematch/quieten the narrative that the whole thing was a farce from the get go. There is no business sense in Mayweather making him look like a complete mug which he would in any ordinary circumstance and both Mayweather and McGregor are astute businessmen. But despite that, those odds just look too tempting. Anyone got any thoughts?
  14. Official ticket exchange

    The option was definitely there to sell my season ticket for Brighton, didn't click through to see what the interface was like however. Pretty sure it was in the "Personal Details" - "Welcome" - "Next Game" section of the website, with a checkbox option to sell the ticket. Not there currently for Chelsea however. Hopefully it re-appears as none of us (4) can go to Chelsea as on holiday, so perfect for using this system, should it indeed exist!
  15. Simpson

    Was poor tonight I thought. Was often caught out by crossfield balls and Lacazette peeling off the back of him. Not sure if we need an upgrade necessarily as he has been generally nothing but solid for 2 years now, but competition for his spot is sorely needed.