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  1. We should know soon enough from our own data if that German report has any credence. I'd be surprised if it's deliberate misinformation as a backlash to the supply issues I've seen it mentioned that 8% of the participants in the trial were over 65 and it could just be a ridiculous misunderstanding. But that would be crazy to stake a journalistic reputation on that without triple checking you'd got it right.
  2. That GameStop stuff is wild. I wouldn't be going near it, and that is from someone who holds crypto!
  3. Rodgers had room to run there, even if to set up a 4th and short
  4. Savage said it at half time. And he has seen pretty much every game Nacho has started this year.
  5. Is Allan back from his injury yet? If him and Doucoure are both out that's great news for us.
  6. Was wondering how many Barnes up front shouts there'd be. Still at least nobody has suggested Ricardo or Soyuncu yet in this thread at least. I'd stay with Perez again as a false 9, and try and get Barnes and Maddison closer to him and put onus on the full backs to bomb on.
  7. As well as he filled in earlier in the season, Mendy isn't good enough as the sole protector when we play a back 4.
  8. Ezri Konsa should be in the next England squad. Better than Mings imo.
  9. Watkins was behind the ball when it was crossed. Much like Vardy's goal at home to Brighton. Ahead of the last defender but behind the ball.
  10. Think we might be better off switching up to a 3-5-2 or even a 4-4-2 temporarily. The 3-5-2 looks more tempting now we've got more attacking options at full back again. Neither Perez or Nacho cut it as a lone focal point, and both look miles better when they've got support around them.
  11. Given the position we are in and the opportunity for another memorable season, would the players really be up in arms about his wages? We'll never sign him permanently because of those wages, so it's really just a case of temporarily getting a quality player in to help the top 4 push. Frame as a 2.5m loan fee and £150k per week. I have my doubts about whether he is a good option, but I'd be a bit disappointed if our players had a hissy fit over a player getting wages that Inter deemed he was worth. For Leicester, it's us saying whether an effective £5m loa
  12. I guess the benefit of a lower R number (if vaccines reduce transmissibility) is that it would theoretically take longer for mutations to appear which might evade it.
  13. Unless i've missed something I'm not sure we have any real understanding yet about whether being vaccinated has an effect on being able to transmit the virus. If it transpired that it did, then depending to what degree then that could potentially keep R rates lower.
  14. We're all sick of living like this, but statements such as this don't really make sense to me. Not overwhelming the NHS seems to be the #1 factor behind deciding how and when to implement restrictions. Assuming that remains the plan, restrictions will therefore surely only be lifted at a point where "enough" have been vaccinated, and it's efficacy proved in a big cohort of people to such a point that lifting restrictions doesn't cause such a spread of the virus to push the NHS to breaking point again. The number crunchers will come to the conclusion as to when that shou
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