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  1. Feel a bit for Denly. He clearly isn't of the standard required, but will be the next fall guy in the batting when he has showed no less than Bairstow or Buttler in this series. Writing on wall for him when they pushed him up to open to try and accommodate a hapless Roy.
  2. On TMS they're going on as if the follow on wouldn't be enforced. Seems crazy to me that they wouldn't. If England are 200+ behind, there is no circumstance in which Australia would be in danger of losing the game. Can just have Lyon bowling all day from one end and rotate the seamers if they're worried about fatigue.
  3. I'm sat in that corner and my initial impression in real time was that Wilf was on his heels
  4. Hopefully Tim Cahill doesn't get a regular gig on this.
  5. Fine to go against the grain and not think Barnes has as much potential as many here seem to think. I don't disagree with that. To call his performances "mostly woeful" is disingenuous in the extreme
  6. If everyone is so convinced this is our best 11, we absolutely missed a trick by not buying a genuine quality winger.
  7. The u21 challenge was terrible, but didn't see much wrong with the Ritchie tackle. He will be a marked man by refs now though, especially after Bruce's comments. VAR will probably help him as can see on field refs over reacting and reaching for red cards because of reputation.
  8. Not confident unless these 2 take the score past 280 or so. One good thing is no more left handers until Broad, which should hopefully negate the threat of Lyon a bit.
  9. It's not really a badge of honour to limit Vardy to so few touches, he doesn't really get involved in general play that much. He pretty much exclusively plays off the shoulder now. A bit more quality and he would have been put through at least once more. Think Vardys goal will be the blueprint for a few opposition teams, win it high up pitch with centre halves out of position, then there is a world of space to exploit. Think Sheff Utd will just about be ok, a few teams will struggle to deal with those overloads in wide areas, but once the buzz of bring newly promoted fades a bit, I can see it being a struggle simply due to the lack of individual quality. Wilder is a great manager though, and that'll see you through.
  10. Denly looked all at sea last 20 mins. No surprise.
  11. Sheff Utd will beat many average sides at home. I like how they look to get the ball into quality areas before crossing. Not a team who lumps and hopes. They will however get picked off by the top sides on the break. We weren't great. Needed a calming presence to get hold of the ball in that last 10 minutes but we didn't have it. Having said that, they only really created one chance of note Hamza our MOTM. Tielemans and particularly Perez need to up their games sharpish.
  12. Issue with Tielemans today is dawdling in possession, nothing really to do with trying eye of the needle balls.
  13. Sutton with the classic cliche "He has got to be stronger there" You can win worlds strongest man, if Giroud is barrelling into you from a running start, whilst you are in mid air, it's going to have an impact.
  14. Not sure the Warner/Ponting thing is of any significance in terms of his innings yesterday. Warner was just fortunate enough not to nick any of the millions of balls he played and missed at in the first hour yesterday.
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