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  1. You've mistakenly misspelt "Nine" #welcomemathieu
  2. Anyone know what has happened to MBOX HDTV? Was a paid sports add on which some had discussed here but they look to have disappeared from the face of the earth.
  3. Covenant is the new Exodus.
  4. Kerala - South India. Mix between City, Jungle, Hillside Tea Plantations and Beaches, staying in a mixture of decent hostels and homestays (generally with rich Indian families). 3 weeks Absolutely would recommend it, although September probably not a great time to go weather wise. Was a bit of a cowards introduction to India as the pace of life is so much slower than elsewhere, but a lovely place, and ridiculously cheap.
  5. Murray is a great, the Big 3 are all time greats. Murray should really have more than 3 grand slam titles though. I hope he can add a couple more to his collection before he retires. I know every tournament is won on merit, but really, his career deserves him to be separated from people like Wawrinka who also have 3.
  6. For someone whose serve generally holds up well under pressure, her play when she has break points herself has been utterly abysmal. Just dumping returns into the net or 3 feet long every single time. Will probably cost her a match in which she has generally been the better player.
  7. Think it's 50/50 between Murray and Cilic to make the final from the top half. Murray can hopefully raise his level against Querrey and he should win in 4 sets max. Cilic is playing great and is a danger on grass. Just needs to keep his head together. Difficult to look past Federer for the title. His serve is imperious at the moment.
  8. Got away with that massively
  9. You can win in straight sets without performing particularly well. Murray was underwhelming for much of his natch against John Millman last year for example. Im aware tennis goes on all year. Yes Murray has been off his game this year, understandably given his illness and injury, but he generally tends to bring somewhere near his best at slams, I mean he was a game away from reaching the final at his least favourite slam with poor preparation. I think Nadal beats him, especially as the courts start playing slower in the 2nd weeks, but if be surprised if it's a blowout defeat.
  10. Murray always tends to have a dodgy round or 2 before getting to the business end at Wimbledon. Wouldnt read much into it at all, he will play better next week.
  11. Zanka only cost Huddersfield around £2m apparently. Absolute steal of a signing if he's consistently anywhere near as good as his 2 performances in the Champions League against us. Disappointed we weren't interested at that price.
  12. It is pronounced like Vicent-ay, it's just that the fact his surname begins with an I kind of means he meshes them together a bit.
  13. I wouldn't mind that too much if you replaced DD with a genuinely creative player and we got Iheanacho instead of Deeney (or even Slimani if he gets up to speed). Replace Maguire with Fuchs too.
  14. Obviously we haven't taken one of Sevilla's most talented players, but without exception their fans are absolutely gutted at his departure. Whilst most are alluding to his leadership and being the "soul" of the dressing room, to get such universal praise from a fanbase has to be correlated with actually producing on the pitch consistently as well. I mean, would Andy King get such a grand send off if he were to leave?
  15. Wawrinka in massive trouble here. Having said that Medvedev in R1 is about as hard a draw as it could have been. Definite future top 10 player and clearly already very good on grass.