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  1. Same with someone like Lineker. Comes across as likeable enough on screen, but think it's well documented he's an arse off it.
  2. Hopefully its just something like a tweaked medial ligament. Always worry with knees as even innocuous looking things can be more serious than they first appear.
  3. This is going to be a bizarre season given the short turn around, so its very hard to gauge what anyones true level is right now given that pre season hasnt been a level playing field. Having said that, if we can add a centre half and possibly 1 more attacking player our squad is in a good place and no reason we can't be getting top 6 again.
  4. Brilliant win. Obviously Vardy will be MOTM but Mendy was immense. Tactics absolutely correct, with a clownshoes defence like that there is no need to go chasing it at any stage. Just hope the injuries aren't too bad but might focus the minds to get some deals over the line.
  5. What's the proof that Fergusons model is so far out?
  6. Fulham would be a really good move for Amartey and i think for £5m that'd be good business for both clubs Could see him playing centre half and thriving there.
  7. The messaging from Whitty and Vallance was pretty clear. We're going to be managed through the winter with some more strict restrictions being turned on and off, and then the outlook looks better into Spring given the changes in the seasons, and the likelihood of at least 1 vaccine being available by then. Government have probably got one more crack at not screwing up their messaging to get people to comply.
  8. I'd be massively surprised if we got Jovic. He won't come here to be second fiddle to Vardy, even though he'd play a decent amount. There'll be clubs bigger than us where he'll be the #1 striker.
  9. Jorginho's technique normally gets the keeper moving, he notices then sticks it opposite corner. When that doesn't happen, of course its going to look bad.
  10. Agree. Whilst we dont know exactly what funds are available for transfers, if we have to pay a little bit over the odds a bit to get him then i would in this case, it looks like he is a huge talent. Feels like one where we shouldn't quibble over a few million, especially given his profile is a bit different to the other centre halves we've been linked with.
  11. So Boris has now proclaimed a 2nd wave as "inevitable", yet Dido Harding calls demand for testing as "unforseen".
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