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  1. FT favourite Dan Evans up at a career high ranking of #33. Shame he squandered a big chunk of his career. Undoubtedly has the talent to have been a top 20 player.
  2. Whole team is off tbh. Tone set from the beginning with Evans and Soyuncu just hoofing away everything which came their way. Never allowed us to get a proper foothold in the game. None of our normal combinations whilst in possession are coming off, and we then look 10 times worse because we have an abundance of nice technical players on the pitch, so no-one has the bite/aggression to stop them just passing it through us. Need to go back to basics a bit, and tell Maddison, Chilwell and Perez in particular to protect the ball. Amount of times those 3 have turned it over in dangerous situations has been criminal.
  3. Montage is very well put together. Does baffle me a little bit why they put that Maddison goal against Watford in just before the clip of Wes lifting the trophy however, given the previous 10 or so clips are goals from the great escape season, then from the title winning season. Seems out of context every time i see it.
  4. Hopefully not, Mexico is in North America.
  5. "Hes got to be stronger there" Applies any time someone loses a contested header resulting in a goal or a keeper gets fouled in mid air. "Hes got a lovely / wand of a left foot" No one ever says the equivalent about a right footer
  6. High energy midfield worked beautifully, they never got any time on the ball. West Ham in dire trouble. Justin and Choudhury outstanding.
  7. We played pretty well tbf. Impressed with Justin, Mendy and Hamza. Perez aside from his assist has been terrible. Downside is West Ham can't possibly be as bad 2nd half.
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