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  1. Not particularly impressed with England. Think a decent side will punish the errors.
  2. Only way that isn't a red is if you think the keeper is clearly getting to that ball first. Think it's one of those decisions that VAR wouldn't change irrespective of whether a yellow or red was given.
  3. Solanke is a donkey. Willing runner but severely lacking in quality. Wan Bissaka's distribution has been exposed in this game a bit as well. Tomori looks like he will be a super player. From our perspective Gray and Hamza been decent, Maddison quiet.
  4. martyn


    A significant investment in a quality wide man should be the next priority. Its the one remaining slight weakness to address in the starting XI.
  5. Interesting clue that fin. Sett > Badger > Black and White Enter Paulo Dybala! (or Christian Atsu)..
  6. Shame Derby were terrible until 2-0. Think Lampard will regret his team selection. Villa looked vulnerable when Derby got a focal point on in Marriott and got players buzzing around him. Villa will need strengthening at the back for the prem. Midfield is mostly premier league quality already.
  7. Pretty sure it will have the Adidas logo. The seller just isn't allowed to display it in their images of the shirt.
  8. Have no issue with Maguire being sold for a decent fee as it should enable us to invest in areas we are severely lacking (a winger, number 8 and striker) without ending up with a huge net spend. I would however be a bit concerned if we sold 2 or more quality assets in the off season. Its not football manager and we don't know how good our recruitment is going to be, do I don't subscribe to this "let's get 100m+ then buy x, y and z" . Big upheaval every summer is risky for many reasons.
  9. This is the Tielemans plan B then.
  10. First time I've seen McGinn play tonight, looks a very tidy player
  11. Fortunately the Chelsea fans deflected attention away from it soon after with their apology of a banner for Eden Hazard. Must have spent about £2.50 putting that together.
  12. Yes obviously I'm aware that the whole recruitment process is not under the remit of 1 bloke. However as "Head of recruitment" who will have the responsibility for arranging that chain of command? Of course he needs to be given a chance and not written off immediately but it's perfectly valid to be concerned about Congerton given his track record.
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