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  1. martyn

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Fair play to Moussa Sissoko. He was a laughing stock not long ago, seems to have completely turned it around.
  2. martyn

    Summer rebuilding of the squad

    In order of urgency 1) More progressive Central Midfielder who can play in the 2 to break up the N'Didi/Mendy pivot(can either pass incisively and/or or carry the ball) 2) A starting calibre wide forward/winger (Albrighton has been a great servant, but worries me to see people suggesting he is the first choice wide option - it emphasises the lack of genuine quality we have in this area of the pitch) 3) Striker 4) More attack minded full back to provide cover for both Ricardo and Chilwell Would probably need to sell Maguire at the very least to finance this.
  3. Agree mostly, although I think his attitude is better these days. Certainly his defensive work rate has improved. Sadly, in the areas of the pitch where he actually needs to make an impact, he hasn't improved at all really. He lacks decision making ability, both on and off the ball.
  4. martyn

    Name this Leicester team

    Craig Burley, Eddie Newton?
  5. martyn

    Name this Leicester team

    David Howells and Popescu?
  6. martyn

    Name this Leicester team

    Nicky Summerbee, Mark Kennedy
  7. martyn

    Name this Leicester team

    Steve Clarke, Andy Cole
  8. There was a bunch of time wasted bringing Manquillo on for Perez then a retaken goal kick on 90. No issue with the time. Didn't look like a foul on Dubravka either.
  9. martyn

    The NBA Thread

    Trade deadline has made the East really interesting. Still fancy Toronto (Playoff Kawhi and addition of Gasol), or Bucks (best player, coach + lots of outside shooting to complement) out of the east. Sixers starting 5 is great (although I'm not sold on Simmons come play-off time), but think their bench gets scored on heavily