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  1. Pleased he is doing well, anything that means someone might pay some money for him is good news. It was obvious he had decent technical ability even with us, but the pace and physicality of the league were way too much for him.
  2. We aiming for Van Dijk as our 5th choice centre back and 4th choice right back then?
  3. 1st goal he got skinned by Masuaku for the cross 2nd Evans got distracted by his dangly bit of hair flapping in the breeze causing him to step up too late 3rd goal he sat on the bench just as Nacho got it played into his feet, causing the ground to ripple and the ball to bounce off his foot.
  4. No Ricardo is limited in an attacking sense because he has come back from his injury about 10% of the player we know. He has been as far forward in this game more than any other I can remember since his return
  5. He doesn't make obvious howlers, but his positioning has been questionable countless times this season.
  6. Yeah today they showed their advantage over Fulham. They can generally stay in a game, but with everyone fit they have that slight bit of extra quality up top to make the difference in enough games.
  7. Looks a bit like the guy from Schitts Creek.
  8. The whole West Ham and Slavia love in is just a bit weird generally. Yes, they sold you a couple of good players, big deal.
  9. ITV one was the most dramatic. You'd be wondering what terrible thing had happened for about 15 seconds. https://youtu.be/NdNUe24Retg
  10. It's probably coming our way to some degree eventually in terms of cases if the South African + other variants start making their way over here in greater numbers, which seems inevitable really. I don't see the original strain or the Kent strain posing much danger going forward given antibody levels are so high from vaccines and cases The SA variant is widespread in continental Europe now, and the AZ vaccine, which has been used in more than half of all vaccines to date seems to offer very little to no protection against infection (although the scientists seem to be hopeful it wil
  11. As someone healthy in the 30-40 group there is absolutely no chance I'd have taken the AZ vaccine with a 0.1% chance of a clot. Indeed it wouldn't have got past the trial stage if that were the case. Fortunately its more like 0.0006% (although probably a bit higher in younger age groups)
  12. Think the range is currently 4-16 days after the first dose. Makes sense to cut the under 30's given that at current case levels, the combined risk of catching covid, and then subsequently needing ICU treatment is not too dissimilar to the risk of the vaccine causing "Serious Harm" for that age group. Plus, we're likely to have more vaccines available by the time most under 30's qualify anyway. The biggest issue is communicating it in a way that won't scare people off taking the vaccine.
  13. The difficulty will be in the messaging. If the vaccine is not recommended for under 30's, for example, how many 30-40 year olds are going to be dissuaded from taking it. We could really do with seeing the exact data regarding the demographics suffering the clots, but a high level analysis still seems to suggest that the risk of dying from covid (once caught) is higher in these younger age groups than the risk of clotting. What is harder to factor into the equation however is the risk of catching covid in any interim period between being offered the AZ vaccine, and another vaccine
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