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  1. Hadnt taken into consideration the Arsenal game could get moved if they got through tonight, hotels booked and everything. Typical.
  2. Haller is likely to be in the Champions League with Eintracht so very much doubt he's attainable, especially as he'll be 2nd fiddle to Vardy. They've clearly got something good going there considering Jovic looks like he is happy to stay there rather than going to one of the Spanish Giants. That's not to mention Rodgers has already dismissed the idea of needing a big man plan B. If Che Adams is attainable for a reasonable fee - that would be sensible. Likely happy with limited playing time in the short term, but has the potential to develop into a main striker. If it doesn't work out, he doesn't lose much of his resale value unless he is a complete flop (young, English, goals at Championship level etc)
  3. Arm was by side and seemed to raise after the ball hit it.
  4. Looks like we dodged a bullet missing out on Jahanbaksh.
  5. Pawson is one of the worst going but he was clearly taking instruction from the assistant. Why is Deeney even risking that. No need whatsoever to have has arm around Torreiras face.
  6. Newcastle closed down the passing angles into Maddison and Tielemans very well, especially first half, and meant we couldn't build up any head of steam going forwards. Chilwell was the only outlet and he kept running up blind alleys time and again. Him and Barnes need to work on building up an understanding as they played like strangers. Second half we worked the ball into more dangerous areas and managed to free up Tielemans and Maddison a bit more but execution of the final ball simply wasn't there or the interplay wasn't anywhere near as crisp or precise as it needed to be. Deserved win for Newcastle.
  7. martyn


    Not surprised Man Utd would want him. Herrera and Pogba potentially off, and Fred can barely control a football.
  8. 4 pages and no one has mentioned the abberation that were Eddie Howe's trousers/tights. As for the game, best home performance of the season. Absolutely suffocated them with the intelligent pressing. That's the most noticeable change since Rodgers arrived. N'Didi was sensational, Ricardo and Tielemans not far behind
  9. Chilwell has nothing to worry about from Danny Rose
  10. I'd be surprised if you could even field a side with players in their correct positions. Youd be alright for Goalkeepers though.
  11. I don't think we will have a huge net spend in summer, so if we want a few quality additions we'd probably see Maguire sold at the very least, and possibly Chilwell. In order of importance and preferred signing and assuming a Maguire sale (and Silva p/x) Ball playing midfielder (Tielemans) Striker (Che Adams) Quality wide forward (Lozano/Mendez) Backup full back (?) Then a left back replacement (Tierney) if Chilwell goes.
  12. His performances recently could absolutely have warranted him sitting on the bench for a bit. I hope you afford the same level of patience and understanding to Amartey when he comes back from his injury, rather than immediately judging, but we will see.
  13. Played well for the most part yesterday. Was pleased to see him keep his positional discipline and his pressing was good, hadn't seen that from him before. Seemed he made an effort to move the ball quicker too and some of his interplay with Barnes in the first half was very nice to watch. Obviously the ball through to Vardy was inch perfect too. Still needs to know when to play it safe and not overplay though. Could have cost us twice yesterday in the 2nd half. Once by trying to turn on the edge of our box getting dispossessed, secondly when he got moved back alongside N'Didi (don't want to see that again) he overcommited going to win the ball, then seemingly backed out of the 50/50 resulting in a dangerous Fulham attack. Still, much more encouraging from him overall.
  14. Crossley, Chettle. Not sure on third
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