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  1. Agreed. Just better in general for different teams to win cups.
  2. Just think, a few years ago we were turning out Momo Sylla, now we're tying down players the calibre of Danny Ward to long term contracts. Enjoy these times lads, they may never come again.
  3. If you have to book, it's not a pub.
  4. Geoff Peters and Claudia Webbe is the East Midlands Today political interview we need.
  5. It's because Jeffrey kept trolling people about Queer Farmer.
  6. Shame innit. I wanted to post about how refreshingly intelligent and honest I find Claudia Webbe.
  7. As others have said there are other factors at play. France has one of the lowest levels of obesity in the EU I think. I believe we also have high levels of asthma (but then so does France!). Lots of factors at play but we have been very badly hit whichever way you look at it.
  8. We haven't been wrongly reporting by 23% the entire pandemic. Our worst period seems to have been at the start of the pandemic last year and this winter. Central and Eastern Europe have been really badly hit. People keep mentioning France (part of the weird Brexit obsession with Macron perhaps) but looks like they haven't suffered anywhere near as many deaths as us. I don't know why our case fatality rate is so much higher. We are a much unhealthier nation than France though.
  9. Unlikely, considering our excess deaths are higher than pretty much every other country in Europe. In fact there are some European countries that appear to be overcounting.
  10. I am so sorry. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  11. The Hereford reference was supposed to put things in perspective but I remember listening to it when I lived in Sicily and was going out with a really hot Italian girl so now I'm just depressed honestly.
  12. Such a talented player and was at his peak around 2003/04. I also have some regret at how his career ended.
  13. I feel like sycophantic broadcasting isn't what he would've wanted. Stick some politically-incorrect 1970s comedy on as a homage.
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