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  1. Amazing the difference in attitude towards Millwall and Charlton fans
  2. The great thing is, whoever dicks who, it'll be the UK family that wins in the end. I'm sure come the final whistle we can all agree that's the main thing.
  3. This sounds like what an American thinks is west of Birmingham.
  4. I've driven and been driven a lot in Eastern Europe and getting home safely was a relief. There were maybe two or three times I thought I was going to die. I have experience of Italy too which is significantly better but still insane.
  5. Watching it on video always leaves me strangely unsatisfied. I want to go back and experience it again.
  6. Brought in Pearson, sold us to the Srivaddhanaprabhas. Not bad going really.
  7. USA seems to have hit a bit of a wall with vaccine coverage, as I suspect a lot of countries with higher hesitancy will. Will be interesting when delta takes off there.
  8. Reference to the goalscorer or Scotland's most famous actor?
  9. Please Brentford away near the start or end of the season
  10. Johnson flies to Wuhan to pick up the latest most deadly variant of Covid, comes back and sprays it all over care homes, laughing maniacally. CON: 51% (+8)
  11. I like Wales. I'm all in favour of changing our national language to Cymraeg to help avoid the pernicious effects influence of American media and politics in our country.
  12. Also got a lot of love for Scotland considering of course how supportive they are of their neighbours when they don't qualify.
  13. If not England then Italy because I lived there and love the country, plus they have Mancini. Belgium too, obviously. In fact I will be cheering them on (almost) as much as England. Controversial choice but I like France. Great team, great nation and they have Kante.
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