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  1. That early 90's Ireland squad seemed more like a cultural happening than a football team. One of the greats, and an important figure from when I was growing up and getting into football. He will be missed.
  2. Beers of Europe is Mecca. You should try a few of the local Norfolk beers they stock - Beeston, Grain, Moon Gazer, Fox (Heacham) and 8 Sails are good breweries. Fox do a samphire Stout which thankfully doesn't taste of samphire. Elgoods Black Dog is a great mild, if that's your thing, and is possibly the most emblematic Fenland beer. Norfolk and East Anglia has really taken off in terms of breweries in recent years. Traditionally it was a bit of a wasteland.
  3. Last night was my hashtag first pint back in a pub. Was only a Green King IPA but still, nice to be back in a boozer.
  4. I appreciate the old beef extract more for its historical connotations with 'proper football' than its taste.
  5. I think 'tea' and 'coffee' are too broad. Totally depends on the quality of the tea or coffee and how it's made. I love coffee but I still don't think you can beat a big mug of strong tea first thing in the morning.
  6. It's about sides. People have been shown to change their beliefs to fit their side more than they change sides to fit their beliefs.
  7. Even when there's no crowd noise? Oh, wait....
  8. Positive Prof getting sucked into the dark side. Give it three weeks and he'll be writing 20-tweet threads about colonial oppression after being misgendered.
  9. I'm just glad I grew up in the 90s.
  10. I like the EL, you get good competitive games between teams you don't get to see very often. CL brings more wealth and exposure of course but I'm not that obsessed with us playing in it. As Webbo says, try to finish 3rd for the achievement of finishing 3rd.
  11. If we win this it would guarantee some form of European football next year, no?
  12. Vardy just embodies what the game is about. You love him because you love English football.
  13. Recent referenda have shown that lacking answers to important economic questions doesn't matter to nationalists to whom 'freedom' is the only thing that matters.
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