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  1. Venice is great, it's easy to get away from the tourists and find a beautiful little church or place where the locals eat and drink. Would strongly recommend the area round Bolzano at least for a day trip. Verona's lovely too, and Trento is a little calmer and less touristy. Public transport is all very good, but I don't drive so can't compare.
  2. I lived in Trento and Rovereto for a bit and know the area very well. Get yourself a South Tyrol travel pass and you can travel on all buses and regional trains in Trentino, South Tyrol and parts of Lombardy and Switzerland. There are some absolutely fantastic off-the-beaten-track villages and paths in the mountains around Bolzano which I used to do a lot. I can send you a message nearer to the time to give you some specific recommendations for walks or day trips. I know Venice very well too. Which part of Garda are you staying in by the way?
  3. I think it was said by quite a few people at the time that Brexit and Trump would be the worst things that could possibly happen to the right. It was always stupid of so many of the centre-right to embrace them because they wanted to own the libs on twitter.
  4. Running Ian Nacho close here with the unpopular opinions. How do you know how long someone has to live? Would you apply that to your own family?
  5. Bit harsh on Vardy. Southampton defended him really well.
  6. Been reading bout the Brazilian variant. Sounds... shit.
  7. Norfolk is the last bastion of the cringy real ale names.
  8. For pubs, England. For social drinking, anywhere in the Balkans. It's cheap, involves excellent food and people manage to get hilariously shit faced and stay jovial. Worst would be Italy. I don't know Germany and Central Europe very well.
  9. Got one of those pub ambience videos on the TV, some bar snacks and a keg of local ale. Just like being in a pub but without the annoying stuff like other people.
  10. I've been dreaming about the pub a lot recently.
  11. I think being late / missing stuff is pretty common. Mine often involves pubs. Like wanting to go to the pub before the game but not having time and having to run to the ground.
  12. Very random ex Leicester players pop up in my dreams that I haven't thought about in years. Like Luigi Glombard. Dreamed we still had him on our books and he scored the winner against Liverpool. Proves how much I actually knew about him because in my dream he was white.
  13. I have a lot of dreams about trying to get to the ground for a game but being unable to find the right entrance.
  14. I think a lot of that is Scots typing in lowland Scots, at least from what I've seen on social media. Which is arguably a separate language so fair enough.
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