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  1. Hoping we get CSKA Sofia and I can call in some favours and get in to the away game.
  2. I think in reality there were several times more cases in March and April, combined with the virus picking off the more vulnerable in the spring and perhaps lower viral load in the present cases due to social distancing, mask wearing etc. We're also better at treating it.
  3. I think one thing I love about Leicester is we will forever be unfashionable and we don't suffer from any of these 'this means more' type cliches that always get rolled out for clubs like Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle. We came from League 1 to win the ****ing Premier League and I swear we had about a tenth of the press Leeds and bloody Bielsa have got.
  4. Haven't seen any of the goals, but more than anything I'm looking forward to Passive-Aggressive Pep on MOTD tonight.
  5. 'Learning to live with the virus' doesn't mean getting back to normal though. I don't know if we'll ever totally go back to pre March 2020, especially in terms of hygiene and close contact with people.
  6. Gale's HSB in the Bell and Crown, Chiswick. Absolutely gorgeous drop and a beautifully-sited pub next to the Thames.
  7. I like to see posts like this still floating about. Makes me nostalgic for the summer when Leicester went into the new season as Champions.
  8. I think one of many errors remainers made was really pushing the conspiracy theories about disaster capitalists wanting no deal, both last year with the WA and this year with the trade agreement. Makes it a lot easier for the government to spin capitulation as something positive.
  9. "Prof Sunetra Gupta says allowing young and healthy people to be exposed over the winter will be of benefit in the years to come." Is she going to volunteer? I've seen healthy friends and family members suffer nasty long-term effects of this virus to think it's probably best not to let it pass unchecked through the population.
  10. I was going to come and write the same thing. After the dross we've been served up for most of 2020 it was great to watch this evening.
  11. Jesus the rabbit hole Brexiters find themselves in, praying for a Trump win.
  12. He's got a huge majority and a great deal from the EU. Should be a piece of piss.
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