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  1. You tell Rincewind to cut out the hyperbole (don't disagree) then go on and tell him he would've let the Nazis exterminate the Jews and the Soviets enslave mainland Europe. Which is a touch hyperbolic.
  2. If you're going to tell people to stop the hyperbole, maybe go easy on it yourself, no?
  3. Yeah I remember saying a couple of weeks ago that was the game that got Ranieri sacked. We should've easily beaten them. Would've been 8 points clear I think.
  4. no way 72% Palestinian Liberation Organization and 60% South Tyrolean Autonomous Movement zomg!!
  5. wow so racist
  6. Can't wait to see Morgan and Huth lining up in two years against the best in Europe.
  7. As I said in my previous post, Liverpool FC haven't closed the newspaper down, they've chosen not to engage with their journalists or sell copies of it. I might not agree with that but it's hardly stifling free speech. If Liverpool fans are desparate to read it they still can. Your points are all true, but I see this particular situation as sightly different to simply banning someone for having a different opinion.
  8. There's a big difference between closing down a newspaper (unacceptable) and a company choosing not to engage with that newspaper. If a football club decides not to allow in journalists from a newspaper, or not to sell that newspaper, it's not 'censorship', it's perfectly acceptable imo.
  9. I agree his latest comments have been a bit silly but when we won the league one thing he never did was make it about himself. He always made it about the players and fans, which is one thing I respect him for.
  10. After the last two years I pray to god we don't become another Stoke or WBA. I'd rather go down and then challenge for promotion than finish 11th five years in a row.
  11. Yeah ****ing Shakespeare sounds like a Kenneth Branagh film that never made it.
  12. And that's Ranieri's fault? Some people just like acting like twelve year old girls on the internet. There seem to be a few in this thread.
  13. Think they voted for less Christmas.
  14. You and 5 billion others.
  15. I used to think it must be boring supporting clubs that won trophies and qualified for Europe every season but now I can see the appeal. It's addictive. I want more, goddamit!