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  1. I liked Kosovo. Did some walking in the mountains, went to a couple of very beautiful medieval Serbian monasteries. The towns are a bit messy but generally I thought it was a very interesting place.
  2. Boris isn't bluffing. Forcing through a hard Brexit is akin to enforcing sanctions on yourself. But he would still probably win an election for doing it.
  3. I have to say I love Venice. If you get away from the crowds, which is remarkably simple, you can easily find a beautiful little back street where you see and hear almost nobody apart from people hanging out their washing, or find a small cafe with a couple of locals in where the coffee is still under a euro, or come across a little church full of Tintoretto paintings with nobody in. I'm not sure the man-made landscape has ever got more beautiful than Venice.
  4. And claiming lefties are PC gone mad killjoys.
  5. Agree that Split is much better. I prefer the Greek islands as there are more unspoiled sandy beaches. Agreed - fantastic place. Going there in a couple of weeks to do some walking. Belgrade and Sarajevo are great. Great food in both and Sarajevo is very beautiful in the centre. Bosnian people are incredibly friendly. Try and do the Sarajevo - Mostar route which is really spectacular.
  6. Ibiza is amazing in my humble opinion, if you can avoid the hordes of puking teenage Brits. there is something quite magical about parts of the island. Beautiful city! Great pubs and historic architecture. Like Cambridge but with fewer twats.
  7. Dubrovnik. And Croatia generally. I like it, but I feel like everything about it is better elsewhere. Just my opinion, obviously.
  8. Yes, and Wales will have declared independence by then, so we'll be having piss ups in the squares of Total Network Solutions.
  9. Lots of promise, especially the centre halves. Barnes looked good.
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