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  1. I'd pick Banks (people say Shilton was more talented but Banks won the World Cup and just seems the more legendary) Sjoberg Walsh (not the most talented but was Mr Leicester City) Morgan Fuchs (Strokes is right, honestly can't think of a better left back in my time) Midfield is harder Weller Izzet (or Gibson?) Kante (I loved Lennon but Kante is Kante) Mahrez Vardy Chandler (feels bad leaving out Worthington) 5 from recent years might be recency bias, but they won the league. There's nothing else to say really.
  2. "Lucky" and "Milton Keynes" are not words often used together.
  3. I'm always amazed by just how bad some of the tackling in the NFL looks.
  4. Dolly Parton actually spent the first 11 years of her life in Burnley. Her father turned out for the Clarets in the 50s actually.
  5. Poking my head above the parapet to say I'd sell me Gran for a ticket...
  6. I feel sorry for them, as stupid as their decision was. What's depressing is that British immigrants in Europe are often painted as rich gammons living in the Spanish sun, but actually the majority of them are working-age, often with families, extremely worried about their future.
  7. Humblebrag level: Jon the Hat
  8. Good point, and to be fair I would never vote purely with economic growth in mind.
  9. I hate Paul Scholes so much.
  10. Poorer, but proud. https://www.businessinsider.com/brexit-will-cost-uk-more-than-total-payments-to-eu-2020-1?utm_campaign=sf-insider-politics&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&r=US&IR=T&fbclid=IwAR0n5DEUD1MyaDUkfSS4VukowH5Tyt8CW6EiZ7mipGkhHrMbe1GRbfJyJh0
  11. Yeah people tell me the food and drink are amazing. Would like to get off the beaten track too, maybe up the mountains. People say Asturias is really beautiful too. I prefer travelling by train, and I've never really thought about Spain but Basque is like a 6 hour journey from Paris.
  12. Has anyone been to the Basque Country? Planning to head to San Sebastian in spring.
  13. Players from all around the world come to England, I fail to see why it's so hard for one of ours to play abroad and attempt to learn a few words of another language.
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