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  1. Unpopular opinion - Ed Reed is overrated.
  2. There were flags waving and car horns going off in North London yesterday. The Turkish community in London is mostly very anti-Erdogan, I have a friend who won't even say his name.
  3. I've seen 'Roumania' too. I think maybe Ceausescu changed it towards the end of his reign.
  4. Awesome. Would love to do it. Work and socialise with a few Brazilians in London and I like the culture, food and attitude to life. They show me photos of those beaches and then tell me how happy they are to be living in Peckham.
  5. Via Adriatica looks great. Will put it on my to do list.
  6. Going walking in the South Tyrol for a week in September. Not the most thrilling choice but I'm getting to the point where I prefer mountain serenity and smart hotels to chaotic cities and manky B&B's.
  7. I prefer city life too, but I appreciate being able to escape to Norfolk at the weekends. Mostly being able to find a seat in pubs.
  8. Also based in London if anyone wants to meet for pint / natter / Leicester match...
  9. We jest about the Riley photos but it's not like her husband left his phone lying around on a train, it was violently taken from him in a planned attack. So I'm not sure it's something to celebrate just because we get to see a pixelated photo of her naked. I'm with Mac on this one, it's not something I really find that exciting.
  10. I think London has a lower violent crime rate than Leicester. And plenty of other towns and cities in the UK. In terms of rip-off, yes it's expensive to rent but to visit I think it's quite affordable for a capital city, lots of well-priced good restaurants and pubs if you know where to avoid, cheapish public transport and loads of free things to do.
  11. Are you the poster who lives in Downham? If so that's a pretty popular opinion in West Norfolk.
  12. How can there have been a closet media campaign to make Rory Stewart win it which people are "more wise to" when it's voted on by MP's and members? And why would the media want Rory Stewart to win?
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