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  1. Many times. Great city.
  2. Will message you later.
  3. But will he stay dead?
  4. Jamie O'Hara for 3 million from Billericay.
  5. Crap player in the grand scheme of things. Some fond memories though.
  6. I think it comes down to having sex. Look at the ranty people on facebook and the like. Older, usually fat man. Women with saggy cheeks and essex facelifts. Not getting laid.
  7. The only good signing we made that season ended up having a heart attack in his second game. The whole year was just a nightmare.
  8. Leicester: Fulop, Stearman, McAuley, N'Gotty, Kisnorbo, Sheehan, Newton (Porter 60), Chambers, Kenton, Cort, Fryatt (Campbell 62), Porter (Maybury 80). Subs Not Used: Henderson, Hellings. To think this was the last year I had a season ticket.
  9. Pretty much all of 96 through 2000.
  10. I absolutely love the place. If my partner and I eventually get married (massive if) we plan to on honeymoon to the Peloponnese for two weeks. Another place we thought about was the Outer Hebrides (no joke). We went to Harris last year and fell in love with the place. Stunningly beautiful.
  11. Cumshot selfies are a thing.
  12. Toddybad is Guy Verhofstadt and I claim my five euros.
  13. Personally I like webbos posts. They're short. I don't have time to read long winded posts what with my dynamic online marketing job and having proper ****ing lunches with similarly dynamic individuals.
  14. I honestly think Lennon was one of the best (and probably most underrated) players Leicester have ever had. Who he is as a person seems to tarnish people's memory of him. Muzzy was my favourite player as a kid but Lennon was the most important man in that team. He was the Kante of that team.
  15. 36 year trophy drought in Luxembourg must be like a suicide bomber failing to pull in heaven.