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  1. Money helps, along with a decent command of punctuation.
  2. It's their decision of course. But they have decided to be in the EU, receive large amounts of funding, and get the chance to live and work visa free in 27 other EU countries. So you take it or leave it, as you say. I lived in E. Europe for 5 years. People there complain about 'the West' telling them what to do but their countries' infrastructure is built using EU funds. Orban's never going to leave the EU, he gets too much out of it.
  3. The foreign-born population of Hungary is pretty tiny, and mostly from nearby countries. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Hungary#Foreign-born_population
  4. bovril

    Corona Virus

    Not great that he has a fever after 10 days.
  5. bovril

    Corona Virus

    I tried watching the Crown but gave up. The Queen I really respect but the others seem total willy pullers.
  6. He wanted to play for an Italian club like Barcelona, not Bayern.
  7. 3) Frank Sinclair. Always amazes me how many of our own fans think he was bad, probably because of the infamous own goals. But he was a brilliantly committed defender.
  8. bovril

    Corona Virus

    I love how Gove keeps using Easter as an example of a fixed date.
  9. Yeah I was going to ask the same question. Thread title is guilty food pleasures not what 1967 US Marines food do you keep in your garage in case of coming nuclear apocalypse.
  10. Oh yes. Donner meat and chips from the Devonshire Chippy in Sheffield was a post pub snack straight from Heaven. Served by a constantly pissed-off teenage girl with an Essex face-lift and probably 3 children.
  11. Processed cheese Tinned curry
  12. bovril

    Corona Virus

    I am sure over 50% of people in the UK still want to be able to travel and work in Europe easily. If things get bad here, we may see more British workers moving to mainland European countries as we have done before. Also we will need to be able to bring in foreign workers as easily as possible. The spread of corona wasn't caused by free movement of labour in the EU. We have seen that European nations are sovereign when it comes to controlling their borders, they just took their eyes off the ball. And apparently a lot of cases were spread by people skiing in North Italy or attending football matches, it wasn't Romanian fruit pickers that were taking it across borders. You could I suppose blame the Schengen agreement to a certain extent but we're not in that anyway.
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