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  1. bovril

    Also in the news

    Bland, cookie-cutter centrists have never seemed so appealing.
  2. bovril

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    I like Milos and its two little neighbours very much. Do the Balkans tour.
  3. bovril

    How Was Your Day?

    Just hopefully not Gary Megson / Gary Megsona
  4. That was the away game. I think home was 0-0.
  5. bovril

    Your last Pint?

    I do like the Jerusalem Tavern. When they pour the St Peter's Best Bitter from the cask it's like I can see the face of God.
  6. bovril

    NYT's British-Irish Dialect Quiz

    I got East Anglia or the south coast, so pretty accurate.
  7. bovril

    How Was Your Day?

    Doesn't want his elk there?
  8. bovril


    Did you notice the colours changing from grey to blue on the tiles in the tunnel?
  9. bovril


    How about Greenwich? I remember when I was 7 or 8 how much I enjoyed going on the DLR through Canary Wharf then getting off and seeing the Cutty Sark and the meridian line.
  10. bovril


    Take them to the National Portrait Gallery to pay tribute to Richard III. I often pop in and say a few words of thanks by his portrait.
  11. bovril

    Also in the news

    Tell me more about this rogue masturbatory state.
  12. bovril

    Also in the news

    I realise this is an over-simplification but why should Syria have to look after our extremists?
  13. bovril

    What floats my boat.....

    Honestly can't imagine a young left-wing intellectual like Carl the Lama in a supermarket-korma stained vest.
  14. bovril

    Also in the news

    Going to down the pub in my hoodie tonight in defiance.
  15. bovril

    Also in the news

    Hoodies are great.