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  1. I play a lot online if anyone fancies a game.
  2. I don't know what you're basing that on to be honest. I would guess with some confidence that Europeans would choose Turkey over the US as the greater threat to stability in the region.
  3. bovril


    Keep hold of it... https://news.sky.com/story/brexit-bums-rush-no-deal-could-wipe-out-toilet-paper-stocks-11831093
  4. Bell-end fans. I don't know why association football fans out of all sports find it the hardest to create a raucous atmosphere without aggro.
  5. Germans bombed me Gran's chippy.
  6. bovril


    I think we'll end up with a Brexit that leaves NI in the EU economic sphere. Will be interesting to see if Brexit voters accept this after all their talk of 'no surrender'.
  7. bovril


    The government have published assessments stating there may be disruption to food supplies and increase in tensions in N. Ireland, so then campaigning that that is bullshit would be odd. But we live in interesting times.
  8. bovril


    So we've got to the point where the Conservatives will be campaigning on food shortages and the breakup of the union.
  9. bovril


    Er, they negotiated a treaty for the withdrawal of the UK from the EU and our parliament rejected it. It was kind of big news like 9 months ago.
  10. bovril


    And this time with added turbo-charged nationalism and a sense of national betrayal and humiliation. Fun times await.
  11. bovril


    Classy people, Leave.EU
  12. bovril


    They have responded apparently, point by point. The WA was agreed by the UK government and the EU but that seems to be completely dead.
  13. I suppose their point would be it's average Joe that can bring about what they believe are the political changes needed to do something about it, and that cleaning up parks is scratching the surface. Generally I agree with what you say about their tactics potentially alienating people. But I think in the last few years awareness of environmental issues has been raised greatly and it's now something that is starting to come in to the political mainstream. I do think that groups like ER have partially helped this to happen.
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