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  1. VAR is here to stay.... Hallelujah Goals that aren't goals, turned away.... Hallelujah Spurs look on in sad dismay....Hallelujah But that's the way it's going to stay....Hallelujah !
  2. Ric Flair said Rogers could turn this guy into a world beater in 3 months. Well call it 6 months, but i agree 100% Ric, i really like this lad.
  3. Do you know the punishment for Bigamy ? Two mother in laws !
  4. I love travelling on trains.. don't you. I love the Eurostar it's so friendly, so comfortable. But it's murder on the Orient Express !
  5. Quite a few years back when Leicester were in financial trouble, a supporter threw a pound coin onto the pitch. The police didn't know if it was a dangerous missile or a take over bid.
  6. A daughter returned home to her parents house in Ireland after spending 5 years in New York. She hugged her mum and dad, then turned to her dad and said "I have something to tell you dad, i'm a prostitute" her dad flew into a rage and said "get out of this house and don't darken these walls again" The daughter said "okay dad but first can I give mum £2 million pounds and these keys to a new mansion down the road" and she added "can I also give you these car keys to the new Tesla parked outside" The Father said ah sure I thought you said Protestant !
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