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  1. More chance of Champions League through the Europa then the league, think we should go all out in this and the FA Cup.
  2. Forfana looked decent. Need to take our chances. Villa are playing well at the moment, just need to avoid another slump
  3. Love it when Spurs mess things up...not even sure why
  4. That didn't look offside to me.
  5. Wait till black Friday and and get them to at least match the best offer on at that time or move to sky then.
  6. Wow, £15 to watch a game on TV. I actually understand the need to generate revenue having lost the spectators but 100% should have set it at a £5 and would have quadrupled there sales. Ironically not sure this makes the most commercial sense for the Premier league either. Time will tell
  7. Speedball 2 (This needs to appear on the PlayStation upgraded with a better career mode) Masters of Orion (love a proper mobile version of this game)
  8. Thanks to Utd and Liverpool we ain't no longer going to be the talk of radio tomorrow, but hope we don't let it slip under the radar, that display was pitiful.
  9. Hold it there, Knocky is a legend, those 2 goals at Huddersfield were legendaryon their own, he just lacked that bit of pace. Thankfully Under is on loan, got time to decide if he will make it still.
  10. West Ham had a midweek game. We had a full week to prepare for this. Just shocking....in pretty much every position
  11. Honestly had a full week to be ready for this game....how can we get this so wrong
  12. We don't come with a label....we are simply the amazing LEICESTER CITY!
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