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  1. Thought we played well against a team setup to stop us playing. Defensively we generally played well, worryingly we had our most attacking team out and failed to break them down.
  2. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    Out for me at the end of the season. Thought he had us playing some good stuff at the start of the season. But that has slowly disappeared. The strengths he inherited are fading away and the urgency from our play only appears once we have slip back.
  3. Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    Good player, helps team spirit and get him in the cheap.
  4. Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    Anyone say Ostrich?
  5. Puel

    Puels career next season is fully dependent on how well he replaces Mahrez in the winter. He manages that well, we will have a good season, if not he will be gone before the next January window.
  6. Gutted, good performances all round from the team. Dominated a lot of the game. 1 error from Kasper and game over. Gutted.
  7. Betting Thread

    Mahrez FGS, Leicester 2-1 75/1, free £20 bet on it. Chances are slim as possible, but what a boom if it comes off!
  8. Cheltenham 2018

    Bad day....struggled the whole day. Breakeven for the week, but have a couple of free £20 bets to still spend! Back to football!
  9. Cheltenham 2018

    Great tip! Got me back to breakeven for the day! Thank you.
  10. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    How can we be so bad at defending corners and attacking them too! 8 corners without a chance is criminal.
  11. Vardy determination dictates our style and tempo of play. Plus we actually have a forward that can score 20+ goals a season....which is a challenge in its own right.
  12. Man City 2 - 3 Leicester (Mahrez Hatrick). If he doesn't play we get smashed 3-1
  13. Ex-Leicester City player news

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42995145 Fryatt retires...
  14. PS Plus Games

    My 7 year old likes Knack, and even he thinks it's repetitive.
  15. Just over 24 hours to get a replacement

    This will be the hardest player from our premier league winning team to replace. Ziyech or Ben Afra for me, and even then not sure either will fill the gap.