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  1. Worried we have turned into Spurs! Bottlers!
  2. Shows that Wilf is probably are most important player.
  3. Should have given them your notice to leave. That's when they will email you with personal offers to stay. Well at least that's what happened for me, but that was a couple of years ago.
  4. Ndidi reminds me of Lennon. Everyone thought Izzet was the main reason we were good back then just like Maddison is rated today. However without a player like Ndidi then we will always struggle. Need him back asap, cos without him we look we will struggle.
  5. Only positive I can see is we found a a buy for the summer in Ings.
  6. Perez needs to be off at half-time.
  7. Wow, win tomorrow and we are 6 points clear of Man City.
  8. Mourinho named as replacement, this should be interesting.
  9. Think I am the only 1 who thought he did a half decent job. His focus on youth and passing has definitely helped us in the long run.
  10. Let's be honest if that was ruled offside against us we would have gone crazy
  11. Just piled in on leicester at 19/20 having seen that lineup. Hope we absolutely smash them and get some confidence running through the team.
  12. Maddison better be 10, just had the kids shirt numbered.
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