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  1. Maddison better be 10, just had the kids shirt numbered.
  2. I honestly dont see it happening now. Not whilst we have Nacho and Slim on the books. Plus both Perez and Gray can support the odd game in that role.
  3. AS78UK


    Wow! Love this guy, reminds me a little of Shinji, cos he plays with a smile. Dont think I can recall being more excited about a start of a season then this one. Our league winning season had little expectation in it, but genuinely think we could now have a team capable of competing for the top six. Top it off, possibly one of the best set of young players of most teams in the league, the future bright the futures blue!
  4. Or we have decided to do Tottenham and not sign anyone.
  5. Cant get my head round Sansa telling her own brother, also a Stark that the North wont follow him, yet the other six realms would.
  6. AS78UK

    Jordon Ibe

    Anyone else getting worried by the quality of players we are being linked too? Beyond Youri and Ziyech (pipe dream i know), I am not seeing quality above what we already have.
  7. Just stuck some money on Tierney joining us next season, following Chilly and Pep.
  8. Can see us somehow breaking Man C 12 win run, for Wolves to then do the same to Liverpool next weekend. Has been a great battle between the two teams, but it would be fun too see the faces on all my Liverpool supporting mates especially if they mess it up on the final day.
  9. Linked with some of the big 6 today, will make this even more difficult, if it wasn't already. Was the Mahrez replacement we never got.
  10. If I was working at Game, I would seriously start looking for a new job soon. Going to be the next Blockbuster in 5 years time unfortunately. Be interesting to see what Nitendo, Microsoft and Sony do next.
  11. Ronaldo edges it for me, proved himself in different teams and across different leagues. He is an arrogant twat though.
  12. Steve Walsh for me still edges Vardy. Dictated the attitude of the team, scored some crucial goals, tough in the tackle and a tough S of a B. He also did it for longer then Vardy. I expect Vardy will surpass him soon in my mind too, as he already has in others already.
  13. AS78UK

    Hakim Ziyech

    Dreamed of this move for too long. Cant see it happening now, so want this to be true...
  14. 40m is about right, if nacho and slim cost c25m and Wilson is a proven premier league striker. Would love to see Che Adam's in addition too. Sadly Vardy will need replacing soon, and Nacho has struggled.
  15. Proper mixed feelings on this one. He had the right ideas with youth development, and refreshed the squad. Just lost our style of play and think not replacing mahrez with someone who an unlock defences was a costly mistake.
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