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  1. Man City (H) League Cup match thread

    Was thinking the same thing
  2. PALACE (H)..up next.. Thoughts?

    Benetake to score first, and finish 1-1. Hope I am wrong and we run up a cricket score.
  3. WWE

    Going to minehead tomorrow to watch them live on Saturday night with my kids....fingers cross for a good night!
  4. Everton 2-0 (H) Post Match Thread

    Thought it was a very good performance all round. The first goal was epic, just what I want to see our side doing. Puel deserves credit for giving Gray and Chillwell a chance and giving Mahrez some more freedom to play. It all worked well out this time, will see what type of manager he is after a few more games. Only depressing thing for me was that Gray didn't seem to join in the celebrations with Mahrez and Vardy for the first goal and they kept there distance when Gray was celebrating his goal. Hopefully I am just reading more into it then what it is there.
  5. Come Home Nigel

    Can see us going elsewhere and then when the fresh approach fails miserably and sadly it reminds us all what our recent history with managers, we will all be calling to have Pearson back hopefully with Shakespeare and Walsh in tow.
  6. Are we content to be Chelsea's feeder club?

    Oops wrong thread....lol
  7. Are we content to be Chelsea's feeder club?

    His 2 big seasons for us coincided with us withing the Championship and Premiership. He also appears to have been a key cog in team morale. Will be fondly remembered after the dust has settled. Good luck on your new endeavour.
  8. Gray - considering future

    That wasn't my point, from Gray's personal perspective he has been proper screwed over, transfer to move away to get first team rejected and now is main obstacle in the first team here doesn't appear to be leaving either.
  9. Gray - considering future

    Feel sorry for Gray if Mahrez doesn't end up leaving now.....going to be warming the bench for another year.
  10. Adrien Silva

    This would be epic....
  11. Drinkwater

  12. Who is our.....

    No contest ...Guppy all day long if my memory serves me correct.
  13. BHA pre match

    The one bet i said I would do this season was knocky scoring against us..... Sadly still think this will happen just hope we outscored them. Hope he gets a good welcome...
  14. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Wow over £50m strikeforce on the bench.