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  1. Come Home Nigel

    Can see us going elsewhere and then when the fresh approach fails miserably and sadly it reminds us all what our recent history with managers, we will all be calling to have Pearson back hopefully with Shakespeare and Walsh in tow.
  2. Are we content to be Chelsea's feeder club?

    Oops wrong thread....lol
  3. Are we content to be Chelsea's feeder club?

    His 2 big seasons for us coincided with us withing the Championship and Premiership. He also appears to have been a key cog in team morale. Will be fondly remembered after the dust has settled. Good luck on your new endeavour.
  4. Who is our.....

    No contest ...Guppy all day long if my memory serves me correct.
  5. BHA pre match

    The one bet i said I would do this season was knocky scoring against us..... Sadly still think this will happen just hope we outscored them. Hope he gets a good welcome...
  6. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Wow over £50m strikeforce on the bench.
  7. Welcome Kelechi

    Glad we got him, 2 class strikers upfront now. Need to ensure we still have some creativity in our team or having Iheanacho and Vardy upfront will be pointless.
  8. If we get Iheanacho, Ziyech and Gibson/Evans, I would be 100% be happy. So will hold judgement as we are working on at least 2 of those.
  9. Potential starting XI - 2017/18

    Kasper Maguire. Huth. Fuchs Albrighton. Chillwell. Drinkwater. Ndidi. Iborra. Iheanacho Vardy Quite defensive against Arsenal until we unleash Gray or/and Mahrez later in the match and switch to 4-4-2 Kasper Simpson. Maguire. Huth. Chillwell/Fuchs Ndidi. Iborra Mahrez Gray Iheanacho. Vardy
  10. Etched onto the teamsheet

    Certs are Kasper Ndidi Vardy Expect to play are Simpson Maguire Drinkwater Albrighton Competition Huth v Morgan Fuchs v Chillwell Gray v Mahrez replacement Okazaki v Slimani v New Forward Bench 4/5 from competition Barnes v New CDM Reserve keeper
  11. Gray taking a dig at Claudio and Shakey?

    The boy needs a run of games and he will learn to play less selfishly. Ronaldo (and I am not saying anything about there abilities being comparable) in his early days at Utd was similarly selfish. He needs to feel confident that he hasn't got to beat three players or score a worldy or he will be dropped and then i think we will then see the best of him start to come through.
  12. Harvey Barnes

    Keep saying it, but we need to start bringing these players through, with Ndidi, Barnes, Chillwell and Gray we could have the foundation of a premiership team for years ahead. Add to them Lawrence, Amartey and Kapuska..... and other youngsters such as Musake, Choudray, Moore and Nduku (can't spell any of them), the futures bright, the futures blue!
  13. We ain't going to replace Mahrez, like no one will be able to replace Kante or Vardy. Some players are unique and can't be replaced. We need to focus on bringing through and building a team around some of the best young talent I have ever seen accumulated at LCFC and that's includes Gray.
  14. Prize Money

    The fact it cost us a top 10 place and cost me money is the grounds for a replay!