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  1. Give that man a round of a applause....great interception Gray!
  2. 7 years! Longest player contract i can remember.
  3. AS78UK

    Mame Biram Diouf

    Thank you, think i needed that!
  4. AS78UK

    Mame Biram Diouf

    With gazelle and now this in the cards.....anyone else worried we are looking at the start of the Peter Taylor era all over again?
  5. AS78UK


    If he does go we are 100% going to need one if there centre backs and money. Can only think we let the chance to sign Mawson n Gibson go because we ain't selling.
  6. AS78UK

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Well at least he can only exceed expectation or at worse match it.
  7. Have we still got the young Danish keeper too?
  8. AS78UK

    Danny Drinkwater

    His form for us got him into the England Squad, if he can get anywhere close to that it will have played well. Just need to know if his this is one of his good seasons or one of his off ones.
  9. AS78UK

    Mahrez replacements

    Even Haten Ben Afra been linked to West Ham now. Pity Ziyech news is fake.
  10. Opposite Subway on the parade...the former cocktail bar.
  11. Also not in the city, and very new is Maasti in Oadby town.
  12. AS78UK

    George Hirst

    So was he any good?
  13. AS78UK

    Ahmed Musa

    If Mahrez is worth £60m, Musa is at least double, made it to the world cup and shone like a star! Think we are getting ripped off big time! ?
  14. AS78UK

    Riyad finally gone

    The boy is going to play out of skin to stay in the Man City team. Won't surprise me if he goes close to being player of the year again.....watch him go! Great player, gutted to see him leave, just a pity his sulking tainted our memories of him.