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  1. If I was working at Game, I would seriously start looking for a new job soon. Going to be the next Blockbuster in 5 years time unfortunately. Be interesting to see what Nitendo, Microsoft and Sony do next.
  2. Ronaldo edges it for me, proved himself in different teams and across different leagues. He is an arrogant twat though.
  3. Steve Walsh for me still edges Vardy. Dictated the attitude of the team, scored some crucial goals, tough in the tackle and a tough S of a B. He also did it for longer then Vardy. I expect Vardy will surpass him soon in my mind too, as he already has in others already.
  4. AS78UK

    Hakim Ziyech

    Dreamed of this move for too long. Cant see it happening now, so want this to be true...
  5. 40m is about right, if nacho and slim cost c25m and Wilson is a proven premier league striker. Would love to see Che Adam's in addition too. Sadly Vardy will need replacing soon, and Nacho has struggled.
  6. Proper mixed feelings on this one. He had the right ideas with youth development, and refreshed the squad. Just lost our style of play and think not replacing mahrez with someone who an unlock defences was a costly mistake.
  7. AS78UK


    Thank mate. Will check it out. Much appreciated.
  8. AS78UK


    Anyone know how much an architect charges for a small double storey side extension and a loft conversion. Also if anyone knows tlany good builders would be great too.
  9. Wow, what a reaction to a game I didn't think we played to badly in. Their second goal after having a player sent off killed it for us, as we aren't a team that can break down a team set out to play defensively. We had some good chances, and I still cant believe the Morgan shot didn't go in. But actually cant blame Puel, he went out with a strong lineup and made some changes to try and break them down but we lack a Mahrez esque player that can score out of nothing. Gutted we lost but it just wasn't our day today.
  10. I think we need a change, but honestly can't see it happening this year. With everythings that's happened, I dont think it will be high in Tops list of things to worry about unless we are genuinely threatened with relegation. As it stands today I dont think that its an immediate concern.
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