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  1. Punditry becoming embarrassing. Just shouting matches about nonsense every week. If I wanted that I'd watch Made In Chelsea.
  2. I don't think the referees themselves are shrinking violets. In fact by all accounts their language can be as bad as the players. Agree with your final point. Why would anybody want to be a referee? Answer, you'd have to be the kind of person who relishes getting abuse, relishes being centre of attention, etc etc. Doesn't offend me to see players having a go at them. In fact I'd have loved it if Henderson lost his mind and nutted the cvnt.
  3. Ah yeah the good ol' days when top 10 was as good as it got? Lumping it up top against Burnley would be stupid.
  4. You can't knock a keeper mid air. Not the same as two outfielders challenging for a header. Almost impossible to catch a ball when you're knocked off balance
  5. Not read this but it's not surprising to see you again now that we're losing again.
  6. Yep. A lot of would-be chances that didn't happen because of his sloppy touches as well. Our worst player today.
  7. Remember being surprised at Schmeichel's defiant response in the post match interview when asked about our title chances after the Liverpool loss. I think to most fans the title was never on. To the players it probably was. They're competitive sportsmen. Similar to our form the season after winning the league, it feels like we're struggling to motivate ourselves with 'nothing' to play for. In terms of today, if Vardy was on form we'd have won. In his pre Christmas form he'd have scored a hat trick there. Sloppy touches, poor penalty and just all round loose play. Obviously a hero for us but I don't like the timing. I don't give a fvck if your wife has popped out a screaming, sh*tting child. Concentrate on your football.
  8. Can't believe what I'm watching. Why is everyone shooting from 30 yards out?
  9. Everything about this is horrible. Long balls and corners. Their players kicking our players at every opportunity. The ref not showing cards to stop it. The commentary. Sky's mention of the next game every 10 minutes. The peasant fans losing their sh*t at their team not losing a game for once. Vardy being awful. The opportunity for the 'ever obliging' thread to resurface. I can't remember the last time I wanted a winner more.
  10. Apologies. I took Pope out of my FPL this week. In other news is this Vardy's worst Prem performance for us?
  11. You don't have much choice when they have a corner
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