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  1. He's fvcking garbage
  2. Nod.E

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    Crosses? Yes at times. Freekicks? Absolutely. Distribution? NO! Complete myth. The odd one will go out of play but that's true of any keeper, even Ederson. (Who, for what it's worth, I think is overrated. 10/10 for distribution but not got anything on Kasper when it comes to shot stopping.) Kasper's distribution is one of his best qualities. Yours, A goalkeeper
  3. Nod.E

    Big Club!

    In fairness, though: London - countless clubs Manchester - 2 (+ Bury, Stockport, Bolton, Wigan, Oldham, Rochdale all in Greater Manc) Birmingham - 4 (+ Walsall & Coventry) Leeds - 2 (Although the other is only Bradford) Glasgow - 2 Southampton and Portsmouth are 2 Liverpool - 2 (+ Tranmere) Sheffield - 2 Bristol - 2 Nottingham - 2 So you only really have Leicester and Newcastle on that list in which there is only one team. I'll give you Leeds and Nottingham as well because Notts County and Bradford barely register. My point is that our population is up there when you consider most other big cities have their footballing population divided by multiple clubs. So I don't think it's the size of the City holding us back. Old data but I thought this was really interesting. I think it supports my previous points in that we have the benefit of comparatively undivided attention to the one local team in our City. Probably shows that to become truly big you just have to appeal to the neutral. That comes with history and United, Liverpool and Arsenal will always be the big 3. Then you have Chelsea, Man City, and Spurs. There's no reason why the 'big 6' can't become the 'big 7'.
  4. Nod.E

    Post Match - England 1 - Croatia 2 (AET)

    We just need a midfield. Modric and Rakitic Kante and Pogba De Bruyne and Dembele All far superior. There's only so much you can expect Henderson to cover. Difficult to blame Southgate, he's got us to the semis with a one man midfield. Lingard and Alli are luxury players. That's fine but if you're going to have even one luxury player, they need to provide a real threat. Neither did. Football is dictated by momentum and pressure, which by and large comes from the centre of midfield. The simple fact of the matter is that we are crying out for an engine with an eye for a pass. Hopefully one of those springs up from nowhere in the next few years. If Rashford can become world class in that time as well, we'll have a decent side. Difficult to take in, all the same. When you get this far you always have a chance.
  5. Nod.E

    How much is Maguire worth?

    I've heard £58M to United. This summer. Chinese whispers from someone who knows the odd person, so could just as easily be b*llocks.
  6. Nod.E

    Poor TV pundits with sh#te opinions

    Rio Ferdinand for the BBC on Harry Maguire You'd think a 'leading pundit' would do his research and not just spout the first random thought that comes to mind, wouldn't you?
  7. Nod.E

    Riyad finally gone

    My point being that even the cleaners contributed more than a mythical being.
  8. Nod.E

    Riyad finally gone

    What does irritate me, however, is his thanking God on Instagram. No mention of the fans. No mention of the cleaners. No mention of the physios. No mention of the coaches. No mention of the managers. No mention of the memories. No mention of the teammates. But God? Thanks to God. Come on, mate.
  9. Nod.E

    Riyad finally gone

    Let's not be bitter about it. Was class for us and Manchester City are obviously a far more attractive proposition, not least for a player of his mould. If he starts for them he'll post Salah numbers.
  10. Nod.E

    The Heat

    Global warming will make the UK cooler.
  11. Need to make changes now. Lads are flagging and it slows the game down.
  12. All of our space is out wide. Alli is doing nothing. So bring Rashford on for Alli and put Sterling wide in a 3. Hendo, Lingard, RLC midfield 3. (RLC on for Walker to adapt formation)
  13. Nod.E

    Uruguay v France Quarter Final match thread

    Commentators do say "no chance" way too often, though. Sometimes incredible saves do happen. As a goalkeeper, it does my head in. "No chance" should be reserved for the literal instance of a shot being impossible to save. Sorry, I'm a pedant and a goalkeeper. Bound to get my goat, that one.
  14. I really don't think an armband makes a jot of a difference. If he's 'captain material', he'll already be a leader. Giving him fabric would have no impact.
  15. Nod.E

    England v Belgium

    Surprised to see a lot of Rashford criticism. Missed a big chance, granted. But that aside I thought he showed a lot of nice touches and seemed a class act. Horrible game to watch but all things considered this side of the draw gives us our best chance of bringing it home. If we can't beat Columbia we were never going to win it anyway.