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  1. Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    Didn't lose against any of them. I'm not saying we can call not losing successful, and yeah performances weren't exactly stellar, but it's 3 (THREE) games. Really becoming disillusioned with the game.
  2. Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    All this 'Shakey is negative' nonsense is complete b*llox. How can you play progressive football with 5 CDMs to choose from in the middle? The Silva debacle is shafting us. Even then we've only really played big teams. STOP PANICKING
  3. Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    I find the hostility towards the bloke genuinely puzzling. When's the last time we had a manager for longer than a 2 year period without a witch hunt? We're a horrid set of fans. Or at least on here we are. I need to keep telling myself those that want to moan are more likely to post. The reaction on here surely is not representative. And yes I did watch tonight, and no it was not enjoyable viewing. I just don't think there is enough evidence either way that Shakespeare is the best man for the job. No matter who we have in charge we'll still have nothing in centre mid.
  4. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    Shooooooooooooott!!! They barely have a standing keeper.
  5. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    N'didi has been woeful tonight.
  6. Alien game

    The overreactions on here are embarrassing, but then I suppose those of an unstable persuasion are more likely to shout louder. Yes it is a little disappointing that we haven't faired better in the games against big teams, but give it time. We have a decent run ahead and can build some momentum. Panic if we're still struggling come Christmas. That said Silva would help no end.
  7. Never realised how much Dragovic looked like Tom Lawrence
  8. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Oh, good. Another reason to hate FIFA. 14 seconds is a joke.
  9. FIFA 17

    Goes in waves doesn't it! I ended up with 19 from 39 which I'll take. Could have had a final game play-off for gold2. Losing 3-1 on 78 mins. Pulled it back to 3-3 then in the last minute a bs corner. I have Neuer in net and the header literally hit the chalk in the middle of the goal. IRL the keep gets down and collects. Not on FUT! Always seems to happen when you're playing the mental teams. It almost feels as though the game helps out the good teams beyond just having better players, to justify the time/money etc.
  10. FIFA 17

    Don't know how anyone has the patience with SBCs. Bore fest. Wish they'd make it more about ability and less about how many hours you're willing to put into it somehow.
  11. FIFA 17

    I meant easier in the second batch of games I played yesterday. First 5 games felt like it was impossible to score. £3k is ridiculous money to spend on FIFA
  12. FIFA 17

    Yeah I think I may have just joined the party a bit late. Wasn't aware of the monthly rewards. I was in the weekend league once before in Nov and only played about 20 odd games and won 11. Probably should have made more of an effort to get to gold3 and persevered. It's a lot of time though isn't it to play that many game every weekend? Record this weekend in order is now: LLLLLWWWW For some reason now seems much easier. I'm not really doing anything differently.
  13. FIFA 17

    How does every person in the weekend league have teams full of TOTS etc? I don't understand how so many people manage to make such good teams? Do people really just plough hundreds of their own money into it? I'm putting their superior teams down as the reason that every shot I face seems to squirm past my keeper somehow. Every shot I take (which is usually 10 more than whoever I'm playing) is blocked or saved. Just feels impossible.
  14. Jakupovic Signs!

    Hold on a minute. When did we make the unanimous decision that Hamer was an awful goalkeeper? Being behind Schmeichel in the pecking order would be no reflection on any keeper's ability, and to my mind whenever Hamer has played he has been solid enough.
  15. Marc Albrighton

    Ah, I didn't watch MOTD. My comment was based on the match day coverage.