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  1. The implication was that there is a government motive for acting in a totalitarian way, though. Pick your battles!
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/apr/14/brain-fog-how-trauma-uncertainty-and-isolation-have-affected-our-minds-and-memory I've definitely experienced this 'brain fog'. And for all of you about to respond, "yeah, we could tell, mate", I'll save you a job
  3. Nope, sold at $0.047. Can't believe it's still going. Can't complain too much. I shifted everything into Litecoin which has been going strong vs. BTC.
  4. Can't get on board with this thinking. He had a goal gifted to him vs. Liverpool and it has made no difference. He's either done, or he needs a genuinely well taken goal to get his confidence back.
  5. Not that you need to like the players' personality, but 'Madders' strikes me as exactly the type of person I would avoid. Publicly keen to show he's all for COVID restrictions by being the first to refuse a goal celebration with players, and lapping up the praise for doing so post-match. Privately attending parties in breach of the rules and then apparently playing golf as his teammates suffer. He'll leave us in a heartbeat. Weapon.
  6. Well it's not 'regardless', is it? In my last post I acknowledge the crumbling health service of Brazil. We had the same issue here and lockdown was as much of a necessity for us then as it is for Brazil now. I think most accept that. I've accepted as much previously in this thread. Yes there are some crazies that are anti-lockdown at all cost, but that's not me. Apologies, I didn't realise your original comment was addressed at what I'll call 'anti lockdowners'. I thought you were addressing what I'll call 'lockdown sceptics', which is the bucket I'd use to summarise
  7. You know what really disappoints me? The tendancy for people to read a big number and panic. 4,000 would be a much bigger number here than it is in Brazil. By my calculations it equates to 1.89 deaths per 100k per day vs. the 2 per 100k we had at our peak of 1,360 deaths. So they don't even have it as bad as we did (yet). And that's with a scary variant. And that's without lockdown. Now that's not to say Brazil doesn't have a big problem. They do, because their health service is crumbling. However in terms purely of COVID deaths and applyin
  8. I'm not arguing against following the rules. I myself follow them. But it becomes tiresome to see people shouting about them from the rooftops, focusing on the negatives etc. Even though I follow the rules, I'm more annoyed at doom spreaders than I am people meeting up in groups of more than 6 outdoors, for instance. Realistically it shouldn't slow our route out of lockdown. Constant negative pressure however might. As we've seen, even the biggest gambler we've had in number 10 has to opt for the most cautious route. Cautiousness isn't always the right approach. Data, n
  9. Looking at the numbers, it's only the difference of 4 people. 4 people who probably only ever vote to vent. Wouldn't read anything into it.
  10. Can't believe Albrighton has a higher rating than Vardy. Vardy wasn't great, but much of that is because the vast majority of the game was played in our half. He at least closed the ball down and won it a couple of times. I can't think of a positive contribution from Albrighton, who was awful until he was rightly dragged. Unfortunately I don't think our Marc has the concentration levels required for a game of park the bus. Not all his fault, it's not really his position. His good defensive work rate from RM at times can falsely instil faith that he's a good
  11. And therefore apportioning blame. Put the bong down pal. Give your head a wobble. Maybe go for a late night walk.
  12. You can if you have a Trump-like ability to bypass the facts to emphasise a point. I don't even rate Amartey myself, but to blame him for that is misguided, toxic, weird. I could go on.
  13. Confirmation bias. You're embarrassing yourself. Again.
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