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  1. Fear not, halfwits of Foxestalk, for you are not alone.
  2. Same. I'm just getting a bit sick of all this 'bloody old Leicester, eh' nonsense. Sometimes teams have bad runs of form. Or lose. Or don't achieve their target. We're not special in facing hard times sometimes. Get over it and snap out of this loser's, small club mentality. It's not helping anybody.
  3. Pretty easy in 2016. And 2014. And 2009.
  4. You're way too kind. People do believe it.
  5. Nowhere near as much as you'd lose. It's called confirmation bias.
  6. We're not getting much from Sheff U, Spurs and United. Happy to be proven wrong of course, but a clutch turn around at the death from the biggest bottle jobs I've ever known would be a turn up for the books, to put it mildly.
  7. I don't think I'll rate the players today. Too hard. First half was actually very good. Only criticism is that we didn't have the killer instinct or urgency to finish the game off while we were on top. It's what all the top teams do and at the moment we're guilty of scoring 1 or 0 goals in our good periods of games. That must change. Then first half of the second half I can't even remember anything about it. We just sleep walked it. Felt like we were waiting for the game to end. A lot of that is down to the system change, but also you feel the players were mentally frail. It seemed like they didn't want to be out there, couldn't wait for it to just be over. After that it was just car crash stuff. Compounded our errors by losing our heads, embodied by Soyuncu in his reaction to the second goal going in. We're too nice as a team. We need to get more nasty. Liverpool have been so successful because Klopp accepts nothing short of 100%. Go and get a goal. Don't stop til you get the next. And the next. Go on, get more. If it doesn't work out like that you've got nasty fvckers like Fabino to take the sting out of the game with clever fouls, and can you imagine Van Dijk or Henderson getting nervous? Of course not. That's the difference. Hate to say it but that comes from the manager. Can't see it changing.
  8. I will be utterly amazed if we win this. Toothless bottle jobs vs. possibly the grittiest, most determined side in the division. After the Manchester clubs I couldn't think of a worse team for us to face next.
  9. It was the first time he's started and scored in 2020 in the Prem. I can't believe I'm actually having to argue that there isn't a mystical curse against Leicester City. Use your common sense, if of course you have it.
  10. Yeah, but why make a nervous 45 minutes out of it trying to grind it out 1-0, when it was abundantly clear we had goals in us today?
  11. Spare a thought for Palace who conceded a double against Vardy after he looked like he couldn't hit a barn door. Only Palace, eh? Only Palace.
  12. No they don't you absolute pillock
  13. Fvck off. We bottled it and he was playing up front. Fvck off. I hate the fact he scored to give this stupid fvkcing thread an opportunity to pipe up. Fvck off.
  14. Something's not right. Mentally we're all over the shop. Get a shrink in or something. Fvck knows.
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