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  1. Some save from Schmeichel. You categorically don't get that save with someone like Ederson.
  2. There is a rise in excess deaths, I don't think that can be argued. And NHS is clearly at breaking point, though had we have funded the NHS effectively it wouldn't be crumbling quite to this extent. The media is definitely obsessed, though. And will be until the next major news series breaks. We need another Brexit! Never thought I'd say that.
  3. Case in point, you're trying to find outrage in my comments. I'm not talking about now, am I? I'm looking to the future. It was all over the news in summer when we had single figure deaths.
  4. You're not reading my posts so there's no point me bothering to reply. Good day, sir.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-b6360f40-84f9-469b-b6a3-a4568e161c4f "This is why scientists are pointing out that until we have enough vaccine to go beyond vaccinating at risk groups against Covid-19 and reach a large proportion of the population, we won't see an end to social distancing. "If you just protect the vulnerable, you will stop deaths that are happening in the vulnerable and you will reduce the burden of hospital cases, but it won't stop transmission," says Prof Salisbury. Transmission will continue between people who haven't been vaccin
  6. You're arguing a point I'm not even making.
  7. I know all of that. My post was purely arguing against a point made which was comparing the devastation of WW2 with what has actually happened. What has actually happened is a lot of old people have had years taken from them. I'm not arguing that that isn't tragic, only that it's much less tragic than children, men and women of all ages dying in the war in huge numbers across the board. Not what might or could have happened, what has happened. I'm all for this lockdown. Having said that I do think some people would find logic in locking down for 10 years to
  8. I didn't say it 'only' kills people that age. It's the bulk of it, though. On the link you've provided, far and away the biggest groups for deaths are 75+ and 65-74. Yes there are deaths younger than that but you start to get into negligible numbers. It's not quite that they 'would have died anyway', more that what COVID is doing is ending lives by a number of years you can count on one, maybe two hands. That's why I'm quantifying by age. So it's not comparable to war, which was my only point here.
  9. Spot on. I have countless arguments with my Dad on this. I've a working class background, he's always worked as a tradesman. I went to university, have never lived in the area I grew up in since, and have thankfully been one of a small few in this country that can legitimately claim they've achieved social mobility. So it's an interesting perspective that I have on these things, I think. Don't get me wrong, some people love their work as a tradesman. Weirdly he's probably one of those people in a way, but he retired at the first opportunity, which I think speaks volumes
  10. This is an unpopular opinions thread.
  11. When people refer to mobile phones as iPhones when the context of the conversation, comment or meme didn't require the brand to be specified. Other phones do exist. Some are even better.
  12. As much as I'm on board with the need to lockdown this time around, this is a silly comparison. 80 year olds succumbing to a virus, while still tragic, is not the same thing as people any age being bombed. If you tallied up the years of expected lost years of life, it'd be a different picture.
  13. Our options at the back are incredible. Could play Justin at CB in a 5 against teams we needed to play more counter attacking football. Yet even in doing that you'd have to drop one of Evans, Soyuncu and Fofana if all fit. It's not fair, but as others have said you can't not play one of the best full backs in the world. And for me you can't not play Castagne either, his engine opens up so much space for us. Obviously an exaggeration but imagine we had Messi. Imagine Barnes played on the right. His good season doesn't mean you'd play Barnes over
  14. Not everyone lives within a stones throw of parks and woods.
  15. Outdoor mask wearing has never been mandatory. Only indoors. Very few people do it. EDIT: I'm assuming you're UK based?
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