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  1. Okay, but don't all defenders have shaky moments? Isn't that just what happens when a defender is put under pressure? I think that by anybody's standards he's incredibly composed under pressure, so I'm not really sure what it is that he's supposed to be learning from? I don't know if it's a British thing but we seem to have such an obsession with talking about young players' requirement to learn. He's already better than most defenders, young or not. I know you already know that but I just find it irritating that a good young player can't just be a good young player. Why the insistence on the assertion that 'well he's young so he'll need to learn'. It's a wider football thing that just grates on me a bit, case in point being Michael Owen. He was never as good as when he was 18 years old, but people seem to think that a player doesn't hit his peak til his late 20's. I don't buy it, personally.
  2. This is like commenting that Usain Bolt's teeth were too yellow when he set the 100M record. The bloke has been outstanding, beyond any reasonable and unreasonable expectation. It's not a stretch to call him the best defender in the league at the moment.
  3. Personally would prefer Liverpool to win it than Arsenal or Spurs. But equally would prefer Man City to Liverpool or United. Ideally we'll just win it though
  4. Only annoyance is I thought about having a flutter before the game on half time draw, full time Leicester! Anyone any idea of the odds I'd have got?
  5. Why are they calling it a scalp? We're considerably better; - Squad - Management - Set up - Form Leicester are a top 6 team, and the rest. Get used to it.
  6. Bring Praet on now. Need some more control of this game to see it out
  7. Got to be making that pass Demarai
  8. Come on Gray. Do something. Prove me wrong.
  9. Alan Smith has to be one of the densest commentators going. He didn't give a foul on Ozil because the advantage had gone you thick prat.
  10. It's difficult to compare, I understand the comparisons but their styles are very different, and have/had different roles at Leicester. Kante in a 2 was responsible for getting the ball back and, crucially, starting attacks, which he was very good at. N'didi struggled last season when his role was closer to that. N'didi this season sits behind two creative powerhouses in Tielemans and Maddison, allowing him to focus primarily on ball winning, which he is ridiculously good at. I think you could probably make a good case for saying N'didi is more effective in his role than Kante was. That's not to discredit Kante, N'didi at present is just a joke. The way we press teams means that they are usually in such a rush to get the ball from defence in to midfield, that it really highlights the impact of N'didi. They finally break out from our front line and he's just there, every single time. It must be so demoralising to play against. Ultimately Kante is the better footballer of the two in terms of all round ability, but I don't think there is a better player in the world right now at doing what N'didi does for us.
  11. Cags and Wilf unbelievably good. Slightly disappointing game for our full backs. Everyone else solid performances.
  12. Imagine being a Forest or Derby fan and seeing that score tonight. That's a nice thought isn't it
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