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  1. Full backs who can pass and cross?

    Would love Swansea and Southampton to go down and go in for Naughton and Bertrand. Simpson genuinely can't kick a ball. I don't know if it's hilarious or frustrating. Both, really.
  2. Vardy's Volleys

    'Better' is such a subjective term. WBA and Spurs were by far and away more technically difficult than the Liverpool goal. If he'd have tried each of those 3 shots 100 times, he'd have pulled off less of the WBA and Spurs strikes than the Liverpool one by some stretch. But then the Liverpool one looked quite spectacular due to distance from goal, and then there's the context of the season to take into account. Personally my perception of 'better' is which one required the most skill. For me that's WBA, closely followed by Spurs.
  3. Bournemouth post match 1-1

    Agree it was pretty bad but come on. Ridiculous statement.
  4. Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    Questionable. Sure most of our fans only have an average of about 5 fingers in total. Close call Vs brain cells.
  5. God I miss Shinji. Feels like his absence has gone a bit under the radar. Our form without him tells you what many already knew; he is critical to our game. I think when I look back at this era in 10+ years time I'll recall Shinji right up there with the likes of Vardy, Mahrez and Kanté as the most notable (and effective) players.
  6. ------------KS -----AD--WM--HM MA------WN--------BC ---------VI-----AS ------------RM ------------JV
  7. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Very casual. Turn up second half and we win, simple.
  8. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Gray 🤔
  9. LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    Didn't watch. Can't complain at quarters!
  10. New training ground announced

    Weird. Used to work there.
  11. Probably its proximity to and visibility from the A50.
  12. Kasper: 2 - One of his biggest fans but that was abysmal. Kicking all over the shop and at fault for 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Chilwell: 5 - Looked good on the ball but leaves too much space in behind. Albrighton: 5 - Looked sharp early on, but by no fault of his own was moved around and was then unable to influence the game. Maguire: 5 - Some good tackles. Still needs to do more in the air for me. Dragovic: 6 - Thought he was incredible in the first half. You can't concede 5 and get much higher than 6 though. MOTM Fuchs: 4 - Not as good on the ball as he usually is and he's just so easy to beat one on one now. Winger's dream. N'didi: 6 - Was chasing and doing all he could to paper over the cracks in our midfield. Broke up a lot of attacks, but when it just keeps coming back there's only so much one man can do. James: 4 - Game just seemed to bypass him. Silva: 5 - Similar to James but got taken off when it was still competitive. Diabete: 5 - Some nice flashes. He'll be a player for us. Just wasn't able to have much influence on the game given the one way traffic. Vardy: 6 - Tried. Good finish. Looked dangerous on the rare occasion we got the ball near him. Simpson: 3 - Still hasn't learnt how to kick a football. Mahrez: 5 - Couple of good runs. Iheanacho: 5 - Mission impossible for him. Tried to press as much as is possible against that defence in all the space they create.
  13. Kasper Schmeichel

    I usually disagree on the kicking point, but today his kicking really was terrible.
  14. Yeah, they should just be 'proper' men and get on with it.
  15. Is Demarai Gray an enigma?

    I agree with you in principle but when you consider his attitude off the pitch and look at his lack of development on it, you start to see things stacking up. It takes a certain type of person to be able to take criticism and advice on board. Kid thinks he's Ronaldo already and he isn't even Maxi bloody Gradel.