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  1. What???? The ball was behind him. It was genius, absolutely not showboating.
  2. Disagree. I literally brushed shoulders with Kasper coming out the bogs in a Manchester bar and left him to it.
  3. How entitled and narcissistic do you have to be to believe a photo for you and your kids is more important than another family's meal/evening? So glad I'm not famous, I would hate dealing with sh*t like that.
  4. This is beautiful. Thank you, kind sir.
  5. Gray actually seems to have gotten even worse.
  6. The curious case of London supports this theory. Epicentre of cases at the height of it and since then London has not been a problem area. Which also puts paid to the theory that it's 'selfish bast*rds' to blame. Are selfish b*stards not present in London?
  7. By that logic all of our heads are on the block to an extent. Just ask the other 59 million that will have died this year.
  8. Nobody's head is on the block.
  9. One of the most encouraging things for me was that at two points in the game (Going 1-0 down and being pegged back to 3-2), we could have panicked. Both times we just carried on doing what we're good at without panicking. Vast improvement on last season in terms of performing at times of adversity.
  10. Well that's a legitimate excuse but his performance is his performance, reasonable excuse or not. Sure he'll be fine but yeah, think his rating is a bit high tonight. He's one of those players who can do no wrong.
  11. Agree with every single rating except Caglar. Love the man but he was shaky tonight.
  12. Nitpicking maybe but Soyuncu looks to be below his high standards.
  13. Their policy is to shift blame on to the population. One look at Twitter and it's working. Most used phrase must be 'selfish b*stards'. Policy isn't about doing what's best, it's about what absolves blame. They want the conclusion of the whole thing to be that they tried to do the right thing, but people didn't follow the guidelines and so they are to blame. I'm the first to criticise, but I think one massive thing to learn from this is that (and maybe I'm giving them too much credit here), if there was genuinely a huge threat to the population, the government might strategise their moves based on what the population needs. I think privately their stance is still to continue as normal as there's little threat, but they know that won't wash at this point. Everything they do now is with public perception firmly in mind. If that means locking down because demand dictates, so be it. So be it, even if it causes more long term harm.
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