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  1. Nod.E

    Corona Virus

    Oh absolutely. I'm in agreement that measures need to be taken. Just not really healthy that the average guy on the street thinks he or she is genuinely under threat from dying from this. Personally my diet has gone to sh*t during all this. The biggest threat to me right now is dramatic weight gain and the diseases that come part and parcel with that!
  2. Nod.E

    Corona Virus

    I'm not in disagreement with any of that. I've myself been following the guidelines.
  3. Nod.E

    Corona Virus

    It's newsworthy because it's notable. It's notable because it's unusual.
  4. Nod.E

    Corona Virus

    Thing is, we're in the midst of this thing now and it's still 'only' 40,000 deaths. What's the total going to be in 2 years? Maybe given the measures being taken now, a few hundred thousand. Maybe a couple of million. I understand that sounds scary but people have to remember how small that number is as a proportion of the population. I realise how cynical that sounds when talking about hundreds of thousands of people dying, and yes it is awful that we have another big killer on our hands. Add it to the list: Ischaemic heart disease: 3,512,000 Cerebrovascular disease: 3,346,000 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: 1,829,000 Lower respiratory infections: 1,180,000 Lung cancer: 938,000 Car crash: 669,000 Stomach cancer: 657,000 Hypertensive heart disease: 635,000 Tuberculosis: 571,000 Suicide: 499,000 People die. It's a fact of life. We'll get through this. Just feel like the outlook is way too bleak and people are disproportionately panicked.
  5. Nod.E

    Corona Virus

    Oh leave off. Even our own government weren't taking it seriously when I posted that. We didn't know enough information and perhaps I shouldn't have been so sure. To be honest, though, I still have a similar view as I did back then. Hundreds of deaths per day is obviously shocking, and I do now fully support drastic actions being taken. However on a personal level I have no worries about dying from the virus. Neither should anybody else below 60. To clarify, I'm not saying that makes this okay. Rather that while it's devastating that people will lose lives, healthy people need not panic (though, they are doing.) And yes there have been exceptions to that rule, with the odd report of young, healthy people catching it and dying. Again, exceptions.
  6. Nod.E

    Corona Virus

    I understood your post, buddy. You just seem to be getting very catty. Chill out.
  7. Nod.E

    Corona Virus

    You don't have to be a know it all to have a basic understanding of data. The edit was because I missed the word 'of' between 'realisation' and 'just'. That okay with you?
  8. Nod.E

    Corona Virus

    Glad to see someone is switched on! One thing to come out of this outbreak is the realisation of just how poor the nation's grip is on data interpretation. Not all that surprising, mind.
  9. Nod.E

    Corona Virus

    Desperate point scoring, I guess. It has been difficult to score points, difficult to argue against nonsense for so long. I'm not condoning it but I can understand why it's happened. For the record I was also wrong on this. Thought it was just another example of the media scaremongering. Difficult to sort the truth from the crap at the moment.
  10. Nod.E

    Corona Virus

    Wish we could do that here, but the reality is we couldn't possibly. On one side you've got idiots still hosting gatherings/parties. On the other you've got doomsayers telling people not to set foot outside even if just for a walk. We're very reactionary and extreme in this country. Polarised. Sweden are using common sense. Good luck to them.
  11. Nod.E

    Corona Virus

    Sorry, missed this. Are we assuming now that the most likely scenario is a lockdown at the current level will continue for 3 months? Back end of June? And then July onwards cautiously lift some measures and maintain distancing and keep things like large gatherings banned? People have it much worse than me, I don't have kids to worry about and I can work from home. But even I can't see how I'm going to cope mentally with 3 months of basically working from home and watching Netflix.
  12. Nod.E

    Corona Virus

    No matter how much older we all become, a level of petulance will always remain. I think of that hypocrisy and immaturity as a sort of flailing of arms that you'd see from an 8 year old. Replace not being allowed to go to that sleepover with not knowing how to react to the clusterfvck that is the right and its growing popularity. Post-factualism is impossible to argue against, and so it's hard not to feel powerless to what's going on, and difficult to maintain a dignified and measured response. What you end up with is an angry response. While it may not be the time for point scoring now, we must make a concerted effort to highlight the brutal marginalisation of our health service that this government has enforced, when this is all over. Perhaps people will begin to realise that their actions will have led to actual deaths of actual people. That's a very tangible thing, which can very well be opposed and argued against. Perhaps then we may start to turn the tide. For now, let's just get through this grim time.
  13. What would happen if you just went out on to a course? Is it better or worse if it's your own? Would you get caught? What would the punishment be? Assume there wouldn't be pins/holes on the greens but could still knock it about. Nobody's going to be there so it's not as though it's unsafe.
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