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  1. No doubt rashford will come on for Sterling about 60/65 mins in Calvert Lewin for Kane in injury time and greilish may get a few seconds to eat up time at the end.
  2. Same best one was muller from a 50 k pack. Goes for about 20 k 🤣
  3. Packed Sanchez path to glory last night from the 83 plus pack. Been playing this less recently pretty much just waiting for the new one now 🤣
  4. Played a few games on rivals last night after a few days of not playing and got a fair few high scoring losses 🙈
  5. Coatia haven’t really looked that bothered have they
  6. 2 big sbc to do for country’s if you have any stock of the European teams
  7. My lad is 11 and him and all his mates are into it still and he plays against his cousin and his mates a lot to. New update today which he has just been on not actually sure what it has done though 🙈
  8. Ugh moreno and Gomis yikes
  9. Stupid game. 1-0 down go clean through someone playing with 5 defenders anyway fouls me red card then just counter attacked me with mbappe and then was just doing skill unnecessary p**** 🙈 anyway not bitter about losing 🤣
  10. Youri trending on Twitter Liverpool and Utd fans 🤣 1 Liverpool fan suggested a straight swap for Kieta as it would suit all parties and a Utd fan said 30 mil plus Fred 🤣 if he leaves I hope it’s to Real Madrid or someone like that not any prem team
  11. About the 5th time fine up to div 5 and then just got relegated straight away 🤦‍♂️
  12. 88plus got Romero 😩
  13. Just packed oblak from the 90+tots pack 🙈 prob won’t use him
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