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  1. Md9

    How Was Your Day?

    Ridiculously busy day at work today always seems more busy when I have a day off coming up. Also have a stomach bug again which is the 3rd time since the kids have been on there school holidays so can’t even blame them for bringing it home 😂 hopefully clears up by Friday as we are off twin lakes for the day never been so hope it’s fun
  2. Not a big fan of Wembley and unhappy at being sold the tickets thinking they where suppose to be in the new ground. Personally if I could afford a season ticket and could make the games wouldn’t mind where they are played
  3. The wife’s brother is s spurs fan and him and his dad have a season ticket but now a majority of the games look like being at Wembley they are thinking about getting a refund if they can. If Erikson left for Barca now they would be right In the shit
  4. Md9

    What's the worst fart you have ever done

    In our old flat when my lad was about 6 months old I let one go and it must have been a bad one because my son was asleep in his pushchair she went over to him to smell him to see if he had done a pooh while sleeping 😂
  5. 7th seems like a good target this season. If we had been a bit more consistent last season we could have been in Burnley’s position this season getting ready for a second leg of a European game. I think teams like Everton and West Ham may struggle even tho the money they have spent. And I think Burnley may struggle a bit. 6 points from the next 2 games would set us in the right direction.
  6. Md9

    Mirror madness?

    I don’t see the point of sacking him after 4 games unless we lose all 4 if they wanted him out they had long enough to do it in ore season. I think we played well Friday night and if we play like that we will win a lot of games this season, utd where poor but they always scrape a result when playing poor like a lot of the top teams do. Not sure how much better we would be with Martinez and Henry would rather see benitez come in. But I think we should stick until at least 10 games in to see where we are. 1 or 2 changes to the starting line up from Friday we will be ok. With vardy off the mark already and Maddison looking promising we should cause wolves a lot of problems on Saturday as by what I have heard they was not great yesterday
  7. Spurs are probably 2 injuries away from being a mid table team this season. I have a feeling that Arsenal will finish about them no idea why.
  8. From what I seen pogba was nothing special but seems to be getting a lot of praise for last night. Like someone mentioned already would be happy to slip under the radar again I think we could have a good season again this year.
  9. Reading bbc sport and mourinho going on about how they played well against a team that invested more than they did. And that he needed 6 subs not 3. We may have invested more than them but not through lack of then trying also needs to realise he spent 90 mil or what ever it was on one player. The Guy is crazy
  10. Play like that every week I think we will have a good season just need to create a little more but first game of the season and looked good. Hope one of the new cbs are gonna come in for Morgan. Madders and vardy together on Saturday get a few goals.
  11. Md9

    Transfer Window Poll

    Could have been a lot worse if the new cbs didn’t sign and we got an injury leaving Benny as first choice . Great to keep maguire and it’s good to see the owners sticking to what they say. The big teams can no longer buy us or other teams into selling our best players with the amount of money you get from being in the prem. nice to see that utd could just throw money at us or anyone to get what they want. Think we will finish 8th this season Man City it Liverpool to win it close finish
  12. Md9


    It is ridiculous how other fans think we should just sell because the big teams want our players. I havent seen anything from maguire him self to say he wants to leave now or has had his head turned. Suppose sky have to build up there big transfer deadline day to try keep people interested.
  13. Md9

    Lucas Perez

    There fans will be horrible if they don’t win a few games early on could go very wrong if they don’t click, which I hope it does 😬
  14. Md9

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Should have had a cheeky bid for Lucas Perez I’m sure he could have done well here. I think if he goes West Ham he will do worse than he did at Arsenal. Wouldn’t be so bad to try a loan for welbeck. He is someone that seems to grab a few goals when needed think he just needs to move from Arsenal.