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  1. Get into them early get a goal or 2 in the first 30 mins they will lose their heads and will leave plenty of space for us to run into. If no vardy I’m confident that nacho man will step up. Give Barnes a run at them see how he gets on after the West Ham game he will be up for it. Think might turn my phone off and check the result at full time 😂😂
  2. Md9

    FIFA 20

    Might give weekend league ago this weekend don’t fancy I’ll get many wins tho.
  3. Think I would much rather play arsenal or Utd away now days instead of wolves crazy how times change
  4. Love how good nacho man is at the min and nice to see barnes playing well. Good win. Hope we never have to play Against Antonio again 😂 if he wasn’t always injured he would be in a better team than West Ham
  5. Don’t know why they are moaning the my finished 6th last season if they finish 5th they have made some progress 😂😂
  6. I know 🙁 would be nice but Utd are poor now with rashford out they will struggle even more. Be interesting to see if they throw some money at buying s new striker or not
  7. Beat Chelsea next week wolves v Man Utd draw and Man City beat spurs would be a lovely weekend
  8. Shame norwhich couldn’t get anything tonight but Utd losing would be great
  9. I think utd will go for greilish instead of madders in the summer would cost less especially if villa go down.
  10. Really wouldn’t like us to drop to many more points in the next few weeks 5th downward is crazy tight wouldn’t like to be the team challenging for 5th place. Wouldn’t mind Burnley picking up a draw tomorrow as disgusting as that sounds 🙈😂. Also norwhich but don’t see them getting anything.
  11. How have Everton messed that up 😂 what a shame. Ah would have liked villa to lose don’t want them having to much to be happy about before we play them need a big win tomorrow about 5 or 6 nil 😂😂
  12. Md9

    FIFA 20

    Would have liked to do the sane sbc but have nowhere near enough coins or high cards to do it 😂
  13. I know it may have been mentioned but can their new striker play in this and can Reina?
  14. Really hope villas new striker is worse than Wesley and they get relegated still along with Burnley. Would love for norwhich to some now stay up. Can’t see them getting anything at spurs in the week tho
  15. Really want to like Perez but he is so light weight we really need another winger ASAP. I am more worried about villa than West Ham as I think if we lose that it could mess the heads for the rest of the season. Luckily today no one made points up on us this weekend but won’t be like that every week so need to pull their fingers out
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