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  1. Added Vardy and wilf now hopefully Vardy can help with the lack of pace going forward. Still don’t expect to win many but may be a bit more fun now 😂
  2. Just switched to use this.not the best team to be fair. I am think I am also going to try buy Vardy today as Calvert lewin is good but to slow and every one that has had him to Werner seem to fly past everyone. Yeah fridays are hard just needed to get some games in as won’t get a chance to complete it over sat and Sunday.
  3. Ffs lost second game 9-0 😂 then winning comfortable then ended up losing 6-5
  4. Giving weekend league a go this weekend as only just qualified can see it being a long stressful weekend with no reward 😂😂getting a few games out the way today as wont get a chance all weekend just lost first game 7-1 🤦‍♂️ Any one ever not won a game on the weekend league yet ? 😂
  5. I am playing using 5 defenders and 1 through ball still goes through all of them 🤦‍♂️
  6. Seen all these pop up on Twitter not sure what any of it means but a few of you might 😂
  7. So this did go down as a loss for ea server not working how crap is tht
  8. Koln players going for a bit more than usual due to sbc
  9. Ah it just kicked me off my game was doing a draft as got a free token and I had 2 mins left on the game 🤦‍♂️ Wasn’t even an online one either hope it doesn’t put that down as a loss though I am sure it probably will
  10. Just got a good pasting on squad battles thought would play on legendary as it was only 69 rated then ended up playing against prime ronaldo and Zidane as well as Aguero 🙈
  11. I know they won’t but they should do. Enough schools are having to close or close year bubbles now before everyone wants do what they want over Xmas
  12. If they are planning on letting people mix then surely they should keep the schools and stuff closed for an extra 2-3 weeks after or it will end up being crazy again
  13. Base icon sbc out now
  14. Nagasawa again next pack 🤦‍♂️ That’s me done for that sbc
  15. Even better the second time round 🙈
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