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  1. Yeah I just seen that he will be to 🙈 hopefully he will be slightly injured and won’t play against us as well as Ali, erikson, lamela, and any one else that is likely to score past us 😂
  2. Kane maybe out for a month and no son either, when do they play Dortmund? Hopefully drop enough points to be taken over by Utd then there nice new stadium won’t have any champs league next season 😁
  3. Is this sons last game for spurs for a few weeks? Hope Utd win by 3 or 4 but can’t see anything than a spurs win and Kane goal
  4. Md9

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    Exactly. Isn’t great now but could be a lot worse
  5. Md9

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    We need to be careful what we wish for. We do not want to go the way of stoke and villa etc by thinking we are better than we are then getting relegated. Get rid of puel then end up with Hughes big Sam or pardew then we will be even worse of than now. I am not saying keep him or get rid we just need to have some one lined up that will be better than him in the long run if he is to get sacked
  6. Hope hamza has a good game today think he will score and assist a few for vardy 🙂
  7. Md9

    FIFA 19

    Managed to get 2 team of the week players in 2 days only need another 12 to get close to completing the van dijk sbc 😂. Ryan Fraser was one he isn’t to bad but not worth much.
  8. I thought arsenal would be top 4 his season ahead of Chelsea with emery taking over thought they might have pushed on. Looks like Utd can take over them tomorrow if they beat spurs.
  9. Md9

    “Nothing to play for now”

    I think if we qualify we will take Europe seriously none of the players will want to sit out so the rest of the squad can get a game most might not get a chance again so I think if we can get there we will give it a good go even if it meant finishing a bit lower in the league next season. The owners what Europe so also don’t think they will be happy to not take it serious either. Win tomorrow and spurs beat Utd it’s down to 4 points for 6th place and even now Jose has gone they won’t go the rest of the season unbeaten so there will be a chance or 2 go close the gap. Looking forward to the game tomorrow 3 points and a vardy hat trick incoming 😬
  10. Md9

    FIFA 19

    Riduculous that is isn’t it why so many. I have 2 and not many coins as don’t play everyday so that won’t happen
  11. Md9

    FIFA 19

    Got a few packs to open after doing the sbc would love someone at least get 100k for to use to get a decent team or a player pack. Likely hood is I’ll get a load of lower rated prem players like normal 😂
  12. Md9

    FIFA 19

    Might use my 25k to buy a player promo pack later. No doubt it will be full of crap players tho 😂 also can you find out in advance what the marquee match up sbc will be ?
  13. Md9

    Who do you want January 2019

    I think every manager will want to add to there squad every window I know we haven’t heard anything but no point telling the world who we want if we are interested in any one as it will put the price up more. Maybe we have to move some on maybe they just don’t want to back him his window. Plenty of time in the window left to make a few signings if that’s the plan