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  1. Did the LRRL virtual 5 miler - I’m over 3 mintues off my PB at moment 🤦🏼‍♀️ Mixed things up a bit and took the good old road bike on a spin yesterday - 100 miles of Leicester and surrounding countryside completed 💪🏻 Does anyone know of any independent cycle shops in Leicester. We have one near where I live however I need to look at an alternative to my Liv bike as she’s murder on climbs.
  2. This was me yesterday 😂 Both season tickets refund hit my bank today
  3. Is that the one in Burbage?
  4. And breathe! So pleased for Vardy - hoping that this takes that frustration away for him
  5. Did a 24 hour event nearly 2 weeks ago which has helped to shift the mindset a little bit. I realised a few weeks ago that I’m sick of chasing times and now just go out to enjoy it. Keeping my mileage sensible and having more fun strength training which is something I’ve really ignored. 2 virtuals this weekend - Lutterworth 5 (May run the actual course as it’s a good one) and the LRRL 5k.
  6. And if I'm a little bit deranged would you not estrange me or change me And if I can write your name can I be angry and nasty And if nothing else can change me and I am just this way then Would you love me? I’m a fantastic wreck by Montaigne.
  7. This is my beautiful beast I’ve only had her since October 2019 as I was all signed up for Ride 100 to complete my London Classics but the universe had other ideas. She’s a decent entry level bike and has been a great introduction to cycling. Will look to upgrade her this winter and keep her as my winter bike as I need a lighter bike for duathlons and possibly triathlons. She’s a bit heavy on climbs but apart from that she’s a really enjoyable ride. Took her over to Bosworth Battlefields which was a 50 odd mile round trip. The advantage of where I live is so many decent routes right on my doorstep. Padded shorts and no pants are the way forward! I also use a Assos Chamois Cream and I’ve had no soreness or pain whatsoever.
  8. On the list of stupid things I have done, I think this may be the winner. One mile every hour - sounds simple right? Except it’s for 24 hours. If you live in or around Burbage, keep an eye out for 2 people who should really have thought about this a bit more 😂 https://www.phoenixrunning.co.uk/events/virtual-p24-the-longest-day
  9. The standard times are go for are set by my club. If you want to have a look at county standards, this will give you an idea. I have to admit that went it comes to county and club standards, I’m glad female! https://lran.org.uk/county-standards
  10. This is why I love being old!! I’m in the 40-44 category and only need a 7:44 mile for my bronze which I know I can do easy. I’m actually quite enjoying not chasing times at the moment but equally annoyed that I won’t get anywhere near my targets for this year.
  11. @Xen what will a sub 20 give you county Standards wise? I’m going to be stuck at copper again this year as I’ve got not motivation to train properly. I won’t even get my silver club standard this year as they changed the times 😭
  12. I have a Garmin 735XT primarily for, once this lockdown shizzle is over, duathlons as it records my transitions as well. As I’m also doing at some point Swim Serpentine, I need the option of open water swimming. Eventually I’d like to give a triathlon a whirl and again, the 735XT gives me the option to track this. Garmins are a brilliant piece of kit. I add my club training sessions on as workouts plus the Garmin training plans are handy. Picking up on a point made above - running slows can actually be harder on your muscles. Run/Walk is frowned upon by some of the more ‘elite’ runners amongst us. If used correctly, the renown Jeff Galloway technique of Jeffing is an incredibly efficient way of running. My running partner is returning from 7 months out with a nasty injury so we set the run/walk ratio to 60:30 and bashed out a sub 30 5k today. Our fastest split was 7:35 and we averaged 9:29 mm which for someone who has had to literally start from scratch after bashing out silver standard times last year, it’s pretty good going. People have run sub 3 marathons using this technique which again shows when executed correctly, it’s a brilliant way to run and reduces injury. I help at sessions with a group that is a feeder group to my club and find that W hen I run slower, I use a different technique and notice the fatigue in my muscles more so when I run at my normal pace, I pick up niggles. As for knees, when you run downhill, the tendency is to lean back. This will kill your knees and back. You should lean forwards and create more of a bicycle motion with your legs. Arms should be relaxed. It’s a very different technique to running uphill.
  13. The blue one on the left is my all time favourite. Belonged to my dad and gets its yearly outing every last home game of the season.
  14. I like the thought of Equinox but laps make me want to poke myself in the eye (with the exception of HOTH because I love the Humber Bridge). West End 8 came up on my FB memories this week as well photos from Bosworth Half. Never thought I’d say it but I’m missing the LRRL! I’m also missing my weekly parkrun blast and considering I’m not a fan of parkrun, that is saying something!
  15. I’m thinking of adding the Thames Path Challenge alongside London to Brighton next year. I’m bored at the moment so really want to see as to how far I can push my body. One of my close friends did Escape From Meriden last year and clocked up insane mileage. WhiteStar running and How Hard Can It Be look like some good events. My favourite is Hell On The Humber and may go 12 hours next time instead of just the 6 and pray bridge sickness doesn’t kick in again. I tend to be a solo runner and living in the middle of nowhere I rarely see anyone so joining a club has helped for motivation and decent training sessions - virtual ones aren’t as much fun.
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